BlackBerry Smartphones locate my address book

OK, I have synced my device on my computer and now how do I find the address book on my computer? Thank you!

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  • Address book of BB to sync blackBerry Smartphones with the address book of MS Outlook 2007

    I want my blackberry contacts to sync with outlook.

    My email is with more than yahoo and my account is configured for messages forward both my blackberry and my outlook on my PC at home.

    When I sync my bb my bb and yahoo address book syncs, but outlook does not work.

    I have the new storm and outlook 07.  Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Thank you.  I had been in the Office Manager several times try to configure how to synchronize my contacts.  I didn't know you could actaully highlight the address Word Book 1) checkboxes because, then 2) when you run the mouse over your cursor - it is not previously put in highlight letting you know that you can select.  So, long story short once I understood actually clicking on the word would choose what I wanted to change, which would activate the button below.

    Yay.  This works.  Thanks again.


  • Failure of blackBerry Smartphones BB 8900 address book

    Untrapped exception: application net_rim_bb_addressbook_app (232) does not

    I can't add contacts in my address book, nor can I change the existing one.  When I try, the phone freezes and I have to do a reboot.  After restarting the phone, display the above error message.

    Remove Windows Live Messenger and restarted.  Now, everything works normally.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB 8130 address book and Office Mgr. problems.

    I have a BB 8130 with V. software and use BB Desktop Manager V. 4.6. I have been using this combination for several weeks now.

    A couple of days, I tried to access my address book and all of a sudden it says it's empty. If I try to use Desktop Manager, it never sees the phone even if my computer knows it's there as soon as I plug in the cable.

    If I try to send a text I have to enter the number manually, but as soon as I do and it goes to the screen where I can enter the text, it shows the name of the person that I enter the number.

    If I type a 'B' of the main homepage it evokes all the ads of 'B', and I can dial any number in the list of names and numbers. It's as if the info is there in the address book and yet it still says it's empty when I try to open the address book.

    I pulled the battery 2 times or 3 and nothing changes when it starts up.

    Can someone help me with this problem?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    On your BB, open the address book > Menu > filter and uncheck the boxes checked.

    Now, check the address book again. A little luck?

  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager Blackberry Smartphones: Microsoft Outlook address book Sync

    Hi all

    I just fixed my computer after a vista fail and have installed microsoft office 2007 with microsoft outlook connector for my hotmail.  I also installed the latest version of BB Desktop Manager, however when I try to set up my address book synchronization with outlook (configure > synchronization > sync 'Configure sync to my desktop computer settings'), I get the error Microsoft Outlook Connector, "a default profile is not found."

    I'm not sure what it means, and I'd appreciate any help you can offer!

    Thank you very much.


    So that the BB to sync with email, it uses the MAPI profile to connect.

    It seems that you do not have a MAPI profile configuration - probably because the Hotmail connector uses a special profile and not a standard MAPI profile...

    You have a hotmail Pop3 account?

    Can you implement a MAPI profile french: Control Panel - Mail

    That should make it work.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones lost in address book contacts, can anyone help!

    All my contacts disappeared from my address book.  I created a group and transferred a contact into this group.  I then deleted the contact of the main address book (a mistake, I know) and all my contacts disappeared.

    Also, my address book will save is no contact!

    I can view, edit & save my contacts of messages and emails I received.

    Thank you


    It is a common problem when playing with the address book options and noting is not how they were originally before you changed them.  Here's how to retrieve your contact

    1. open your address book

    2. tap on menu

    3. Select the filter option

    4. you will see business and personal

    5. make sure that they are both unverified

    6 escape to return to the main menu

    7. Select address book


  • Hello from blackBerry Smartphones and SOS: address book cannot be restored via BB Desktop Manager

    I am an absolute techtard who was simply trying to free up memory card space so I can transfer songs on my BB to my iTunes on my Mac and of course fixing a problem leads to another and it really starts to avalanche.

    Would be very grateful if anyone can help, here goes:

    Technical specification:

    Unlocked Pearl 8120, v4.5.0.55 (Platform software, I don't know if this is relevant, but I'm using this in Hong Kong.

    How I messed up:

    1 tried to format media card, but he refuses to let me do if BB is hooked to the Mac or offshore. Also only went the battery.

    2. media checked card: total space is 970 MB and I only left 144KO. Weird because I have a few pictures and notes other than the email service and I just cleaned my cache of box and the browser of sms.

    3. delete unnecessary files: a few photos and memos remain, but they cannot take that much space I think

    4. search through forum discussions: decided to try cleaning the memory.

    5 save address book and address book - all (no idea what the difference is, but all the two doing anyway) on the BB Desktop Manager, saved memos upward as well.

    6. permit the garbage collection. Map of recorded media. Status quo.

    7 checked another forum thread that says I can, and that you should remove "Address book" of garbage collection service.

    8. panic and I tried to remove the 'address book' but it wasn't an option. Decided to clean all other components one by one in the hope to make more room, chose 'Search certificate' and he cleaned my complete address book.

    9 returned to BB Desktop Manager, Contact selected and clicked "restore." At both options i.e. full and partial restoration for the address book and address book - all.

    My directory is always empty.

    Tried to restore my memos too but BB Desktop Manager doesn't show me how do or no results under the help section of return. Mode techtard true, then check my memos - always there. Phew. These are emails and sms - are.

    Since I am a techtard, I didn't save my address book on my Mac (which would be the next big leap after I synced my BB with my Mac tonight).

    So it was back to discussions of the forum again and I saw one that said "uninstall the RIM DTM software, then reinstall it" of sdgardne. I do not have this stuck under his wire because I'm dead desperate for some attention, so I thought I would start a fresh appeal for help instead.

    My fear is that if I uninstall the software RIM DTM, then I'll lose all my addresses and memos. Isn't it based? Are there other solutions at all?

    I apologize for this long a spiel but I hope that the information could be useful to anyone who is kind enough to accumulate his brain to help out me here.

    Thanks heaps!

    Hi JSanders,

    Obstacles such as a switch office of personnel IT delayed my thanks for your advice... I didn't have any backup and has been quietly sad / happy for a few days for the sudden wipeout so miraculously reappeared all addresses.

    My outgoing HE said guy thanks to my Mac office and Outlook software - it was not very useful and does not specify because it was really flooded in his last days at work. New this GUY was looking to highlight a little so it took me a while to understand how save my address book (BB Gmail and Apple address book) and empty the memory card (multimedia card somehow reformatting tried-tested-guaranteed solution) escaped me.

    So everything is in working order, very much appreciate your advice and IrwinII too! Keep well!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Multiple Calendar/Address Book Synch problems

    New torch, using 1 month.

    Well At & T. works usage provider. Former user of Windows mobile. New to blackberry.

    Had already existing Outlook calendar and list of Outlook contacts.

    Using the email four accounts on phone ( (Outlook), Gmail x 2 and

    Trying to avoid having to restart the phone back to the factory setting and try again.

    My Outlook to synchronize to my gmail on phone contacts list which in turn double my contacts list because has already synched to my list of contacts from at & t on the phone. The software does not recognize the list of contacts of at & t on the phone, wants only sych to gmail one.

    My calendar wants to sync to all Calenders and in turn have multiple copies of the appointments for the same day/month/year.

    I don't have a wireless sync to one of the accounts.

    Can I delete certain contact and/or calendar on the phone to prevent multiple synchronization to all accounts on the phone?

    Tried default calendar (doesn't), unable to the list of default contacts (no option for this).

    Have deleted all the emails, accounts, but their corresponding list of contacts and calendars will not disappear, even after re-booting.

    Is there any resolution? Or do I just start and resume phone to the factory settings and sych from scratch? I have all the necessary data on my PC.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Smartphones blackBerry RE Newbie question: address book/Sim Card

    I have a BB 8820 Smartphone & my carrier is AT & T. I previously had an LG view & upgraded yesterday to my BB (which I LOVE BTW!) I copied my contacts from my SIM card and managed to transfer all my existing addresses to the new BB. However, for some reason-all addresses see contact phone numbers in the field 'Work' rather than 'Mobile' or 'Home' "They were not show them that way on reading my previous phone screen - so my question is that I have to go in every & each entry address to re - enter the number in the 'Mobile' field & then disable it ' work ' field in order so that it appears as"Sue Mobile"or even just"Sue"when she calls instead of display"Work of Sue"there are entires that are numbers of work , but the majority are not & it gets confusing... make sense? Laughing out loud

    Not to be confused... Yes you have to it manually.

    And you need to transfer all the numbers from your SIM card to your BlackBerry address book, too.

    Then, you can synchronize the BlackBerry to Outlook or Outlook Express and do the editing there. Much easier.

  • Lack of Smartphones blackBerry and eception exception address book...

    Hi all

    My wife just bought a "BOLD" and we have some questions. The first came as "eception exception - java.lang.NullPointerException" and the second was a missing address book.

    Here's a little background. My wife uses a MAC and we were able to get contacts to synchronize using PocketMAC. However, after the power off after normal use and backup starts, we have received two errors. Under contact options, it says there are 68 contacts, but none show. I tried to re-synchronization, but nothing. I checked the device using my PC and the office for the address book Manager and it does not show under backup/restore, advanced, database of the device.

    Someone has an idea what is the deal?

    Thank you in advance.

    Thanks to everyone who responded and saw the post. Late last night, after having talked to a few people and read all the posts, I thought it would be best to wipe the device and start again from factory settings. So far, wipe the device seems to have solved the problem.

    My best guess for the cause of the problem was a defective popular third-party application. I came to this conclusion because I have not tried to download or load this application since the wiping device.

    Thanks again for all the advice.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones location of saved Text messages and downloads please as a desire to update the device software

    I have a Blackberry 9300. I noticed while testing option 'restore' in Blackberry Desktop Software 'Saved messages' is grey so not able to restore and downloaded programs were not included in the backup course so I'm delaying the update of the OS 6 bundle OS 6 bundle 1879 2949 until I can get these issues resolved. First of all, where are my saved text messages would be they located on the SD card? Secondly, where are the downloaded applications and how would bring him back, I should reinstall individually or is there a better method I guess updating the software of the device would eliminate any reference to them? Thanks in advance, Marcia

    willismc wrote:
    My problem, I think that will be most of the downloads and installations have been from the Blackberry web, although "My World" lists apps, I have only the option to remove and reinstall yet if I so choose. That's why I need to dig a little deeper on the aspect of the place here.

    To reinstall your applications, see this KB:

    • KB17625 How to install or transfer has already purchased apps from BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry smartphone

    You may also need to clear the cache of application AppWorld:

    1. open the App World

    2. go to my world

    3. follow one (and only one!) of these steps:

    3. for the BB keyboard-oriented - hold down the ALT key and press on, in the sequence R, then S, then T

    3B. for touch screen only BBs - hold the num-lock (! 123 button) so that it hangs and then press on, in the sequence 3, then 4, then)

    3 c for the most recent (e, g., OS6 and 7) BB s, see this KB:

    • KB24714 How to clear the cache of BlackBerry App World

    4 AppWorld must close

    5. If your BB locks after issuing clear cache, do a battery pull reboot

    6. return to AppWorld/MyWorld (it can be slow, while it re - sync).

    If (4) stage arrives not as described, then the empty the cache failed.

    willismc wrote:
    I was also interested to read your information on the primary database of smartphone that made me wonder if it was at this location that the saved text messages were built. I mention this as I save some of my text messages I can consult at any time by selecting 'View the Messages stored' in the menu messages text, which lists the emails and text messages, that you saved.

    The Interface of Messages is against the databases on the BB... Watch a saved messages can be as simple as a filter that is applied to display only those, but always from the same database. Also understand that the 'Messages' is a term Super set, with "email", "SMS", and other types of messages into subsets.

    willismc wrote:
    Saving messages electronic elsewhere are not a problem but saved SMS backup does not seem to be an option, why would I need to check this feature before upgrading the device software. Appreciate your answer to that one.

    As I said, I suspect saved SMS Messages to be a subset of the base of great set 'SMS Messages"together with the message 'saved' being a subset within this database.

    I can't answer definitively for you because I've never had the problem you are experiencing. You may need to test to know for sure.

    Good luck!

  • HELP blackBerry Smartphones all my addresses are gone.

    My BB Pearl tells me that I have 306 in the newspaper but when I opened the book says it's empty

    Open your address book > Menu > filters and make sure that all filters are not checked and SAVE.

    What do have?

  • 'No match' blackBerry smartphones in the address search

    Thanks in advance for the help. I was on a corporate server to my former employer before losing my job. They took me off the coast, but since then have had this problem with the address book.  I can find them by scrolling through all the 600 + but not easily. Also not looking for e-mail addresses or the other. Thanks, Phiphirn

    The "search" can be used only if the device is connected to the server of the company, and it is used only to search for the addresses of people who do not exist in the address book of your device.

    When you go to your address book from devices, you should be able to simply start typing a first or last name and device should begin to filter addresses based on what you type.  So if you type J then O then H, it must find all the names who JOH themselves (John Smith, Mike Johnson, etc.).

  • BlackBerry 8100 smartphones - UK - Vodafone - address book question

    G ' Day.

    A 8100 phones, large, etc, etc.  However...  If I register a mobile number with the prefix of the country (that is to say + 44XXXX), when they call me, I don't get to see a name, just a number (99% of which I do not recognize), but all the SMS that I have the name of who sent them.

    However if I recorded with 07XXXX, then I can see their name when they call, but just their + 44 number when they send a text Message.   The only solution I can think of is to save each number twice, once with the + 44XXX and once with the 07XXX.  This does not appeal to me also as much as there is a lot of work and makes calling someone a little more.

    Is there a setting somewhere that I can change will fix this?  I hope that the foregoing is consistent and you understand my problem...

    Any help appreciated...

    on the small chance that someone else has had this problem, I received an answer from our IT Department.   If you go to the log option and click the menu black-berry, then go on smart dial there is an option for "country code."  Turn, mine has been set to + 1, instead of + 44.  Quick scroll down and change of option corrects this problem.

    I feel so stupid...

  • Problems of browser to blackBerry Smartphones. Missing service book.


    I have a blackberry storm 9500 from the Germany. I am located in Yerevan (Armenia). It seems that there are several problems with my smartphone:

    1. when I try to connect to the browser, the following message appears: «your device has no currently all entries in book of Service Configuration Browser.» Please contact your service provider to enable the browser on the device"or next:"It seems that your device does not have an installed service WAP2.0 book."

    2. I can't find the networks without wire in my phone.

    3. I can send info via bluetooth, but it cannot receive (after the coupling with other phones of course).

    4. can I transfer my messages in the "SMS SIM Card Inbox" folder in the folder "Inbox SMS"?

    Thank you in advance!

    No problem!  I'm just sorry I can't do more to help!  If you explain in detail the situation of your carrier, I hope they can get you operational.  You may also call Vodafone in Germany to see if they will release your phone IMEI # and PIN # in order to work with your network.  Unfortunately I don't know a lot about this fact (just what I've seen here on the forums), but maybe someone else who has done this before will see this and can help more!

    If you do not hear anything someone else on this, try to start a new thread with the following title: "need help with get data service on a Storm 9500 unlocked from a different network."

    This should be able to get more attention to others who have experienced similar problems and managed to solve it.

Maybe you are looking for

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