BlackBerry Smartphones new icon on the screen

Hi all

recently, I noticed a new icon/symbol on my screen when I have a call in progress. I have never seen this.  He appears in the upper right of the current call screen and looks like a rectangle with 5 points of diagnal inside the rectangle.  any ideas?  I tried to understand.  I'm stuck. Help!


Looks like you have the opportunity to improve call lit. Check that, by going to your phone icon, click the menu button and go in the Options. From there, go to the General Options. See if you have the choice, called "enhance call Audio ' or ' enhance headset call Audio. If so, change the settings to normal.

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon on the screen circle - yellow with white lines with a 1 next to it - what is it please?


    News to hear so please bear with me...

    I had my blackberry for about a month and a new icon has appeared (alongside the message icon where normally). It shows a '1' next to a yellow circle with white lines through it... I have the feeling that it's to do with e-mail, but don't know what it is or how to get rid of it... I have no new messages to read...

    your help would be much appreicated.


    Check your browser or WAP push messages.

    Messages folder > Options > folders, and then search for in your WAP push and push browser files.

    Read and erase the message.

  • Email for blackBerry Smartphones new icon still no new emails!


    First time easy post so go on me!

    I have 5 E-mail unopened icon on the screen again no no open icons.

    I checked, e-mail, office, text, messages, etc and nothing seems left to open.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    Thank you

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    You can try a search:

    • Home screen > Messages > > search

    Set as follows (may vary depending on your operating system device):

    • Search type: Local
    • Name: any address field
    • Subject of Message:
    • Include encrypted Messages: Yes
    • Service: All Services
    • Folder: All files
    • Living room: Open only
    • Type: all the

    Who should get back to you all unopened messages of all message lines.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones small icon on the home screen

    recently received a blackberry bold 9700 as a gift. noticed that a very small icon appears near the upper left-hand corner of the screen. looks like a box or a Briefcase with a red circle on the upper right corner of the icon, with a White Star or an arrow inside. its too small to say with certainty. Unable to find answers in books or online.

    Help, please

    Open discussion group, chat, photos, list, calendar, etc., or something has been updated with a new message or such.

    The icon should then clear. This icon that has the form of a suitcase is a discussion group icon.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB icon in the upper right corner of the home screen

    Hi, I have a Blackberry Bold 9780 and yesterday I tried to connect to a WiFi network at home. I was able to connect to the WiFi network with success but it appeared a BB icon on the upper right corner of the home next to the WiFi icon screen. It isn't there always even when Wifi is on, he sometimes appears and goes off and then comes back. This is the first time I see this icon, can someone let me know what it is.

    Also, when my Wifi is active, how can I make sure that everything I'm sailing is done using WiFi and not the data service.

    Please specify. Appreciate your time and your help.

    Kind regards


    The BlackBerry icon next to your mobile network signal indicates that you are connected to the BlackBerry Internet Service.

    Whenever you are connected to WiFi, all the data is routed via WiFi.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones unknown icon on the main screen - looks like an emoticon

    I came across a strange icon.  It's on the screen main (I use the theme today) and it is just above the Messages, at the same level than where it shows the icon of unread messages, but it is more toward the Center, while the icon of unread messages is left a little.

    It is a number (1), and next to it is a thing to emoticon smiley face with a red star, replacing one of his eyes. It's almost as if he said to me an I a something (so the number one next to him), but I don't know what 'it' is, and it's as if there's a chance that I'll have more of them.

    Anyone know what it is?

    BlackBerry Messenger?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bb9900 - icons for the native tasks and memopad apps can be moved to the home screen

    I want the icons for the native "tasks" and "Notepad" apps in OS7 appears on the home screen of my BB9900.  The icons currently on the "common" screen only and the apps work from there.

    I've tried holding down the button menu until a menu jump to the top, but the menu does not include the options of 'move' or 'move to folder '.  In fact, the options of 'move' do not seem to appear for all elements of the 'common' screen

    Someone knows what to do?  FYI, I use the version of the b-berry for Mac desktop software.



    "Frequent" is a dynamic screen; your BB automatically there are some things that you use frequently. There is therefore, no manual way to move that you describe (since its automatic and dynamic, based on your usage). On the contrary, what you find is the master for these applications... icon probably they are inside your "Applications" folder, normally visible on the screen "All".

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Re icon at the top of the screen message then all deleted messages

    Please help, not too clever technology so simplistic terms would help! Envelope message icon shows 1 at the top of my screen and message icons and email at the bottom of the screen when I put the cursor over them see (1), which denotes a message but when I open the boxes of mail message message and e, in that there is no message. Thanks a lot if you can help.

    Try resetting the device with the phone, turn on remove the battery for 30 seconds and install the battery again once, let me know if it solves your problem.

  • BlackBerry smartphones small icon on the home screen of browser? How can I get rid of it and what it means?

    Hey guys,.

    New to the forum, but I would like to know how to remove it and what it means? It's the same when you receive a message or a sms for example at the top of the screen.

    Thank you


    It is a push browser message.  Go to the main Messages folder, and then press the BB menu key.  Select view folders and check in the folder browser Messages.  The message should be there.  You can see it, and then delete it.

    I hope that helps!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon - what does that mean?

    A new icon has appeared under the time / date on my 9550 (Verizon): No. 5 next to a circle with a diagonal arrow, from the top right of the circle pointing downwards to the lower left of the circle.  There is a small red circle with a white X in it covering the place from the arrow.  I think that the red circle with the White x means an update is available, and I thought that the circle with the arrow means Blackberry App World, but there seems to be some updates for the app world, and it does not appear that any of my downloaded apps have any update available either so maybe I'm wrong.  I did a hard reboot, but it's still there.  Any ideas?

    It's the AppWorld.

    The notice says you have an application that you previously downloaded or purchased in App World > My World, which is ready for an upgrade on your device. Look there for the upgrade.

    To clear the notification on the screen, find the alert message in your main folder, read or delete it.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Hidding icons in the panels.

    I have a BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS7 running. I tried hidding icons in the different panels, but as soon as I reset the phone by removing the battery and insterting again, they appear again and I have to hide them all again.

    Tips to keep hidden?

    Make a folder on your home screen and name it something like 'Hidden' or 'Junk '.

    Now to move these icons IN this folder (hover over the icon > Menu button > move to folder)

    You can choose to hide this folder as well. Now, all of your 'hidden' icons are in the same place.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon/Logo

    I just checked my phone and there is an icon at the top of the screen where any other view would be i.e. text, email, facebook, etc, but I have not seen this one before. It is a small black circle with an arrow pointing down and to the left, with a small red circle, which I think is the same when an email is unchecked. I went to the application Center and downloaded updates for google talk and number 4 is still there, as it was before the upgrade. I am running execution.151

    Thanks in advance

    Reportedly, this icon is the icon of upgrade to BlackBerry App World.  This icon indicates essentially that there are updates for the applications that you have downloaded to your phone.  Try going into App World and My World.  I think you should see what needs to be updated there.

  • New icon on the screen of the rocket

    This weekend, I downloaded a Rhapsody playlist and now just left of the battery indicator, there is a new icon. It looks a bit like a record any. Anyone know what this could be?

    Thanks for the help!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones recording stops when the screen fades

    My 9300 will stop recording when the time-out of the screen is reached. It is not by chance it is occurring because the software has been installed to prevent me from recording. Someone at - it a fix for this problem? It can be corrected by reinstalling the operating system and when I installed last Absolute radio I noticed the problem.

    The answer is an application called "Brampton Guardian" by Metrolan Media Group Ltd which, once installed (and not run) will disable your speech recorder, after that the screen saver is activated (default is 30 seconds) I placed a review noteing the same on Blackberry Apps but ithas no appearred.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon unidentified

    When you make a call, a new icon has developed.  It looks like a rectangular flag.  Has a diagonal line of the cross from the top left to the bottom right.  Half lower is blue and half top is black.  This mean?


    Phone/Call Log - Options - Enhanced Audio Boost

    Change to normal and the icon disappears.

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