BlackBerry Smartphones not all embedded images are displayed in the email

Hello, I have faced this problem in my Blackberry 9900 where I can see only one image in the body of the email (embedded). The original e-mail that was sent to me has two JPEG images embedded, but in my email of BB, I see one. However, if I check the same e-mail in Outlook, I can see two images. I have activated following things: 1) Enable HTML email) 2 Download Images automatically as I tried to get pictures, but it won't help. Please advice that I use my BB for my business purpose, and this is the cause of the pain. Appreciate the help! Version information: BlackBerry brand & model: 9900 7.1 Bundle Network Mobile 1149 ( platform v7.1.0.342): 1010 G next


The first step in troubleshooting is almost always a hard reset. If you are unsure, remove the battery while the device is turned on. Wait at least 30 seconds. Place the battery back in and then check back the e-mail.

If the hard reset solves the problem, then you have a job to do to try to find correlations of detective.

What is happening on an e-mail account and not others?

Is there something different about the images that don't charge against images that do?

Can you reproduce the problem when sending messages with attachments picture of yourself?

A few possibilities,... I wonder...

The problem could be just some temporary problem with the software of the device that will be corrected with a hard reset. I have

You use a legacy BlackBerry. Old software. BIS no doubt. Be prepared for the result that there is no solution.

The issue could be a problem between BIS and the personal account. Maybe it is intermittent, maybe not.

If the problem is specific to an account, the solution could be to use a different account.

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    In the export dialog box, go to the metadata section and make sure that you have disabled "remove location information.

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    Best regards.

    Down below is a screenshot showing the problem.


    Hi goekhane95112936,

    You may need to click on tab of Adobe PDF in Outlook and choose "change Conversion settings.

    Now, uncheck the box 'Download external content block' option on the settings tab and see if that helps.

    If this is the case, then remember to turn it back on again once you have finished.

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

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    Perhaps, do a system restore may solve it. Choose the date before your yr.old 2 messed with your computer autour. Use this date or a date, you know that there is no problem as long as your restore point.

    Start button > Search box, type system restore > press the Enter key > uac prompt > click on choose a different restore point > next > select dates as your restore point, until the click > next > finish
    To sit and wait. The machine restarts when it's done.

    Note: In most cases, do it in safe mode system restore is more preferable.
    Here's how to get safe mode:

    Shut down your computer > turn it back on and immediately and repeatedly tab key F8 until you see a black and white screen. The top/down arrow and select Safe Mode.
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    Hello and welcome!

    Depending on how you did the update, it may have created a backup file on your PC. If you did the update via attached USB on your PC (for example, no OTA), search your hard drive for a file with an extension of the RPI (*.ipd). Inspect the results (date/time of the file) and choose the one to use in the restore. Then, run the DTM software and perform a selective restore:

    • KB10339 How to restore data from a backup file to the BlackBerry smartphone

    If you update OTA or skipped the backup office during the update, then I'm sorry for your loss, but there is nothing to do.


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    Please follow the steps below.

    > Launch Lightroom

    > Click Edit > Preferences (Windows)

    Lightroom > Preferences (Mac)

    > Click on the performance tab

    > Uncheck display CPU usage

    > Click OK

    > Quit Lightroom

    > Restart Lightroom and look for the question.

    Let me know if it helps.

    ~ UL

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    All my photos are displayed such as BW because somehow I saved a preset to quickly develop and it records in BW.  This is for all of my photos.  Individually, I can cancel their but need help how to get rid of the preset then all photos of goes to Default or in the shot. Thank you

    Go to the develop module and highlight all the images in the film at the bottom of the screen. Enable automatic synchronization, and then click the reset button. To reset all the images in your camera default settings.

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    Why doesn't the copyright metadata show when images are displayed on facebook? I use an IPTC preset with my info, and it does not show automatically as it was in previous versions of LR. Any help?

    Maybe it's Facebook that has changed something?

    You can delete your other post. No sense in having two identical messages scrub of the forum.

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    Lightroom installs smart collections of 4 or 5 samples as part of the default installation.

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