BlackBerry Smartphones put wifi in place.

I got a torch 9800 (new), and I'll have hard set up any Wi Fi connection.

I'm a noob to Blackberry, and as I'm used to Nokia phones I'm starting to feel like a Board.

My problem is when I go into the networks and connections I find only Mobile network and Bluetooth and no WI FI, so I am unable to access my WiFi with my phone at home, or anywhere else for that matter.

However, when I go into the device and status information, it shows WiFi as being power off.

If someone has encountered this problem, and if so how to solve?


Are you sure this device is ' new? It is possible that there was a COMPUTER policy on restricting access wifi. Follow instructions on the link below to reset the unit to factory settings.

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    I have an 8700 and a Samsung WEP200 bluetooth.  I can not configure the bluetooth and now wonder if it's even compatible.  I followed every suggestion of troubleshooting.  It shows that the BB is activated but when I go into the Bluetooth Set Up, he asks if the Bluetooth device is in pairing mode.  When I say OK, it looks for devices and comes up with a message, 'no new devices found. Try again? "There's an easy solution, but even by IS support for the work could not go... Help!

    Yes, this helmet must be compatible. Seems that the headset is not implemented properly pairing mode. If the headset is not in pairing mode BlackBerry cant find it.

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    I can't send emails... maybe I has not properly implemented the enamel, cause the implementation of Wizard only displays bb enterprise server as an e-mail put in place option. need help

    problem of sorting... thnx!

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    I went from Curve 8520 to torch.

    do you have a device Exchange but e-mail has not then I ignored and thought it might just set it manually. (if I went to wipe the curve!)

    so I'll put up and it automatically detects my email addy and forced me to 'move' the e-mail account to the new device, so I click on 'move', valid my e-mail with password etc and said it's over.

    but when I try to compose an email it says that I don't have an e-mail account set up. or if I try to sync from the email account set up screen it says "transmission of activation has failed."

    I try to remove what it does successfully, then he reappears just in my email accounts management! ?

    any ideas? would be well appreciated. feel free to PIN me or BBM me with ideas.

    thanking in advance.

    James Hottinger



    It is a facility of BIS.

    think I just fixed it well. I found an option by chance to send service books then I went through the same process and hey presto, that it activated successfully.

    One to remember for next time!

    see you soon,


  • BlackBerry® Smartphones put E-mail in place

    I'm trying to set up email on my phone accounts.  I can go as far as the additional settings page where you enter the user name and the e-mail server.  After completing what I click Next, but rather if an icon of finishing the software goes back to the page to add a new account.  If I then click on set up a new email account screen is empty apart from the word "login" at the top of page.

    I managed to set up an email address, but there is no need of additional parameters.

    Advice please.

    Phone is curve 8900.

    On a related note, is there way to temporarily suspend the email on the phone with out actually delete the account.

    Thank you.


    I have now resolved the issue.  This was due in part by using incorrect credentials for my email accounts!  Also, I found that the removal of the battery and replacement of soft reset which seems to solve the problem of not being able to access the correct page set up accounts.

    Thank you for your advice.


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  • BlackBerry® Smartphones put E-mail in place the problem

    I have a Curve 8520.  Currently, it is configured to receive e-mail messages from a Hotmail account and a gmail work account and these work very well.

    Got rid of my Hotmail account and have opened a personal gmail account, so I migrated my Hotmail mail on Gmail.

    However, when I went to set up my new personal gmail on my BB account, I get the following error:

    "Your device has encountered a problem with the application server.

    I tried to restart.  Then, I turned off the unit and removed the battery and the sim.  I then tried to remove the battery and sim with the appliance.  None of this has worked.

    It's so frustrating!  Any ideas?

    You can access your e-mail BIS established accout from your PC too.

  • BlackBerry smartphones no wifi reception

    Hi, I just got a Torch 9800 used. When I turn on the wifi, there's no signal one of my local networks. Here at work I should be able to pick up at least 2 networks, but it isn't everything.

    I'm not under a data plan on my BB. My old phones (pre & iphone) I just use wifi for my mails and surf plan with no data. Does make a difference with a BB?

    Thank you

    Ah! Yes, it's important. What I had first suspected, is that your BB doesn't have the Service books required to enable the WiFi feature... but, with this result, it is not the case. Therefore, what can be assumed is a hardware problem, which no amount of effort can overcome. Only a technician with the BB in their hands can make a proper diagnosis. If you stay under warranty, you're looking for that take charge of your place of origin of the purchase, your mobile service provider or your authorized service center - it varies by region, but you should have received the documentation, purchase, explaining your warranty rights and methods.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry smartphones where wifi-call as a bundle version 7.1 1149

    WARNING: all terms translated in freestyle from German to English

    Since I've updated my bb bold 9900 bundle of version 7.1 os 1149 I wonder where it is here:

    of docs.blackberry... Change_your_Wi-Fi_calling_preferences_

    or simply: where are these parameters that I can't find as described?

    I'm at orange Switzerland... is because of the provider, that he is not displayed?

    WiFi calling, also known as the "UMA" for some, is turned on or off by the mobile operator. Not all carriers provide this function.

  • Access to corporate blackBerry Smartphones via wifi if e-mail isn't on a support

    I have a torch 9810 via AT & T. If I turn the cell off the signal and just use wifi, I get all my emails professional very well. Don't need a cellular signal.

    What happens if I cancel AT & T altogether and do not replace it with any carrier. Then I connect my blackberry via wifi to internet. Will I always have the corporate e-mail?

    Part of me said 'Yes', because there is no reason not to. I can turn on the Bberry, connect it via wifi and get email. AT & T is superfluous.

    Part of me said: 'No,' because I don't know, maybe that when I cancel AT & T, Blackberry (the company) "disqualify" me their server (or something) and therefore the phone is a brick.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    BBs legacy (pre-BB10), all BB exclusive services, including e-mail, depended on an active account to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). The device itself does not have an email client full... depends on BIS in order to provide messaging functionality. And BIS infrastructure is hosted at carriers and BlackBerry - and is used for your email at any time, regardless of the channel (carrier or WiFi data network) that you have active on your BB.

    So the long and short of it is that if you cancel your BIS account (due to the cancellation of AT & T), your email will stop working (because your BB will no longer be able to communicate with BIS), even if you only use WiFi.

    The BB10 BIS is removed, replaced by a full e-mail on the device... so client, BB10 device can work perfectly for send only via WiFi, because there is no need to talk to BIS. But legacy devices must speak BIS.

    Good luck!

    Edit... I just noticed the use of the word "business". If by that, you mean BES, then the same situation applies always... it is just a story of BES-level (from your carrier) instead of a BIS account which is required for features.

    See you soon!

  • HELP blackBerry Smartphones: 9320 - Wifi connected but no internet

    Could someone help me solve this problem? Thank you


    When you say that your WiFi is connected, I assume you mean that the WiFi symbol is white, correct? If so, there are a number of things to try. First of all, I would like to start by rebooting your device. To do this, remove the battery for 15-30 seconds, reinsert and wait for the device to reboot.

    Once you have done this, if it still doesn't work, go to your options of WiFi and remove the connection from your phone. Reboot the phone by using a battery pull and then reconnect to the WiFi network. If it still does not respond, you may need to check your router settings to make sure that your router is to give access to your BlackBerry. If you need assistance with this, please post back with the brand and the model number of your router.

    I hope this info helps!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones using wifi instead of internet through your operator?

    Hi I recently bought a blackberry 9000 "BOLD" and I have a service plan that does not include the internet. is there a way I can use my wireless internet and have the internet carrier off so I won't have the opportunity to use the internet carrier so I don't get charged?

    Options > Advanced > browser, Hotspot browser =, can be used on WiFi without a data plan.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones, Facebook - Application of places

    I just downloaded the upgrade for my 8900 facebook app & it works perfectly. My wife did the same on the 8520 but it does not provide an option to check-in: he simply advises where her friends.

    Anyone know if this can be fixed or what is the model?

    Thank you.

    The model of BlackBerry 8520 doesn't have a GPS unit.

    The fact of your 8900.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones via WiFi without BIS email?

    I am considering buying a Blackberry and I want to know if it is possible to use e-mails via the WiFi functionality in some Blackberry phones without having to subscribe to the Blackberry Internet Service. I use Outlook for work and would like to be able to send/receive when in a WiFi area. Is this possible?

    I can't use WiFi to access my Outlook mail without subscribing to BIS?

    OK, you need the BIS account to access Outlook

    The only way to check this e-mail is to use some kind of portal through the Navig while on WiFi?

    Fix them too.

  • So sad blackBerry smartphones not WiFi on Blackberry storm 9500

    So sad to know that there is no WiFi in my blackberry 9500 sotrm, it's so boring and UN acceptable than in the last storm model, there is no Wifi, it's so weird the world is moving on the internet and WLAN is so common, and everyone wants to stay connected to his network LAN or WAN , through its accesspoints and I can not find WIFI (Wireless LAN) in the blackberry storm 9500. I can't believe this

    If you are still in the first trial of 30 days, return the phone and one to two months of waiting for the Storm 2.  This should have WiFI.  At least it's a poe of world with GSM compared to most Verizon is CDMA one is not compatible with anything else in the world.

    See you soon


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