BlackBerry Smartphones stuck on 'low battery' with a fully charged battery

I have a Blackberry Curve 8330, I have had for years and never had any problems with it.

But today, the battery is dead even if I loaded last night, I thought a little weird.  Came home, plugged into the wall, but although it recognizes to be connected with the little zig - zag, he is not required to load.

I think that "grateful" is a better way to phrase it.  I put the phone battery from a friend, who fortunately has the same model as me, and his recognized the same battery as being almost fully charged phone and had no problem, but when put back in my phone, it says "low battery", guard the radio is off, and as soon as I unplug the wall adapter, the phone stops due to low battery.

Tried with its battery too, recognized both as low battery.  She apparently is not the batteries or the charger or the actual usb port, and I am at a loss what to do.

I have not downloaded applications, or updated the operating system during the weeks, so I don't know why you would choose now to start doing this.  Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong, and what I can do about it? Or is my blackberry doomed?

Well, after the one on the desktop without the battery in it, it started fine this morning with a fully charged battery and is fine.  Hoping that he'll be fine next time I try to load it.

Problem is at least temporarily resolved, thanks for the suggestions of things to try.  At least she stopped me from throwing my phone something = P

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