BlackBerry Smartphones to listen to classical music

I just got my Blackberry curve and it's great - except for the issues I'm having with music downloads.  I bought two albums of music on iTunes.  I have not had any problems of synchronization of the current music, I bought through iTunes.  But, when I tried to synchronize of classical music, I bought using the Synch Media app, they will not synch - Proteched (Digital Rights Management).

I am very confused.  I don't understand how to determine things in iTunes so go to sync or not synch (protected or not).  Also, I could care less where I buy my music.  Is there a better place to buy pieces to avoid this problem?  I assumed that because blackberry referenced iTunes software, it is fully compatible.  Of course, this isn't.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.  I need to learn this music for my church choir and I bought this blackberry to replace my phone AND my ipod - so the aspect of music is a priority for me!

Thank you!


The problem lies in the files of the songs themselves.  Partly to blame is also Apple and iTunes.  When you say 'current' and 'classical' music, are you talking about the time they were purchased through iTunes?  That's probably why your current songs are able to sync and not adults.

Basically what it comes down to tell the difference in the types of files that you have purchased.  iTunes until recently incorporated a form of "copy protection" called management of digital rights (DRM) in the songs you purchase/download that you would only play/sync these songs on matched Apple software and devices, keeps you simply copy the file and give it to a friend for free to play on their iPod or other player without having to pay for it is marked.  It's a bit like how you can't all just pop a DVD in your computer and copy it to another drive.  You never, through legal means, will be able to play files protected against copying on your BlackBerry.

The way to tell if an iTunes song is protected against copying is to watch the song info/properties option in iTunes, or check the file extension.  If the extension is ".m4p" it is protected

To avoid this problem in the future you can either illegally remove the DRM of the song files by using the decryption software, buy single songs in iTunes that are designated "iTunes more" (who are not protected against copying and is supposed to be the new standard for store from now all the songs in iTunes and can cost very) , or use another store digital music such as Amazon, eMusic, Napster, etc. - where they do not apply copy protection to any of their files (although sometimes sacrificing sound quality just perceptible).  Personally, I recommend Amazon because quality is superior to the standard, and the songs are generally a full 10 cents less than the iTunes store.  The only obstacle that you run sometimes is that the selection on these sites are perhaps not as large as iTunes.

DRM and iTunes is seen by some consumers as a marketing scheme and the violation of property rights - software iTunes is free, but if you want to listen to the music purchased outside of this program, you are forced to use/buy an iPod.  When you buy a CD, it's phsically as your own and you can do whatever you want with it - play on any CD player, sell, lend it to someone listening, etc.  With DRM encrypted music which is not the case and you can't do any of those things, but you're still paying the same amount of money for it, as if you were buying a CD, feel so much, you should have the same capacity/rights.

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    If your music is on a media card, use Windows Explorer to view its contents and to view system and hidden files.

    In each case, you will see a file named BBThumbs.dat. It's the indexing file, which contains information about the deleted files still. Just delete all the BBThumbs.dat files.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums!

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    the 8707 can play mp3. The problem is that there is only 64 MB of memory onboard and:

    • a large part of it is used by the operating system
    • You cannot install a memory card on your device

    I know, it sucks. Maybe it's time to buy another device if you intend to use it as a Portable Media Player.

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    Because I had the same problems with MM and MS, I tried the solution that I've seen several people post here and have done the following:

    On my BB Pearl

    Options > media card

    media card support: on

    encryption mode: no

    mass storage mode: on

    auto enable mass storage mode when connected: Yes

    Connected the phone to the pc using cable then slipped and dropped music to music for drive E: folder.

    Phone removed from the pc but the music, files are not always displayed to the top.

    If you have your connected device and browser, you can with Windows Explorer,
    Remove all bbthumb.dat files in the folder Music\.

    Unplug, then open the media application. And wait.

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    Yes, you can see the contents of the folder video, photos, music etc...

    you will have access only to your articles, not those preinstalled on the phone

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    Am I missing something?  Thank you.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Using a memory card?

    There is not a definitive length listed, maximum or ideal length for a song. Most of the courses are not

    take 28 mg. If you save the map of support, it should appear, as long as you have the

    free space on the card.

    Thank you


  • Photos of synchronization to blackBerry Smartphones and other media (Besides music) with my Blackberry.

    Info on the device

    AT & T

    Phone smart BlackBerry 8900 (EDGE, Wi - Fi)

    v4.6.1.319 (Platform

    The kernel v3.8.5.50a encryption

    Brand version:

    The micro Edition configuration: CLDC-1. 1

    Micro Edition profile: MIDP-2. 0

    etc. (tell me if you need more information)

    Free space

    Signal:-85 dBm

    Battery: 100%

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