BlackBerry Smartphones turn off phone but still use other applications?

Hi, I would like to know how to turn off the phone on the storm, but still be able to use the games, etc.  Is this possible?  Thank you!


Hello! Yes. The icon on the main screen, titled 'Manage connections' will allow you to turn on the phone and bluetooth radios and switch off.

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones turning off phone - Message says "next time: August 8, 2009 10:00 ' why?


    When I use the red button to turn off the phone, it displays a message that says "next time: August 8, 2009 10:00.

    My phone is not set to automatic start/stop, and even if he was, he has no date option in this environment.  So why is this message, and why he chose this particular date?  I have a reocurring (per year), appointments in the calendar that day and at that time, the birthday of my girlfriend, but I have other appointments before this date, the days also.

    Urgh... hate replying to my own messages...

    Only, I went to the calendar, selected alarm application 'new' and added an alarm for tomorrow at 0600 h.  I keep the phone, and it displays a message saying "next to the time: 26 May 2009 06:00", so it is the function of alarm in the calendar application.

    Thanks for your help.

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off at & t Internet so that it uses only Wifi

    I have a data limit on my plan and I was under the impression when I got access to a wifi network, say to my apartment, that my phone will automatically use the wifi instead of the information At & t network.  Is it possible to disable data At & t on my phone?  I know that I need, whether through the company, but if I could turn it on and off my phone so I can control when he access internet, I want to do.  Still receive phone calls and texts but only use internet when I chose to use it.


    I think that Jsanders has reason, but if you want to be sure, you can go into 'mobile network options' and disable data services.  This way you can still receive phone calls but it access data via AT & T until what you turn off Won't back on.

  • My blackberry curve blackBerry smartphones turns off while I use it

    OK, I was on my phone and I had a question about something so I went to the browser and typed in and then it started to load and then just turned off and returned. I thought that it was just this site but I have tried other sites and it does the same thing. Help, please!

    Batteries can fail in different ways, with different symptoms. Must show a load, but not be able to provide the necessary power under load. This is what I suspect in your case - battery is simply respond to demand for the phone, but the extra power needed for browser, screen and so on cannot be provided and unit turns off.

    Also, execution of the lithium batteries at the bottom constantly is hard on them. They do better when they are upgraded frequently.

    I think you need a new battery. Try to load before he gets to 20% and recharged during the night when you sleep.

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off delivery of e-mail to the phone

    I'll be traveling abroad and I don't want my email automatically sent to my phone because I think I'm going to incurr expenses. Anyway to turn off the automatic email on phone delivery other than to put it to sleep?

    Figured it out!

    To disable email and web in roaming:



    * SAVE

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off the Blackberry "BOLD"

    OK, I know this sounds stupid, but what is the correct procedure to turn off and restart the Blackberry "BOLD"? I hav tried holding in the key power, I get the stop message, press any key to cancel, I leave it alone and the backlight turns off, left alone for 10 minutes and then press the Power button again and the phone comes to life instantly, with the phone in the same position as when I wanted it off, i.e. it looks like it's just in mode 'sleep' as it is consumed in less than a second. I resorted to the battery, but it becomes laborious. And I cannot locate the info in the manual, it says just press the switch! I have also tried holding down until it seems to power off, but alas he always goes in mode 'sleep', please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Please mark the thread solved.

  • 'Data Connection Refused' blackBerry smartphones turn off the notification!

    Hello, I'm on sick leave for the next three months and my work doesn't pay for my phone, and I really didn't want to know how many emails are piling up in my Inbox, while I'm away, so I called AT & T today and cancelled my internet package.  So, right now, I'm only using my blackberry as a phone and calendar, tasks, etc.  There is a notification that appears on top of my phone that says 'Data Connection Refused'.  I looked through the options and I can't understand how to transform that turned off, any suggestions?

    Thank you!!!

    This means that your SIM is not provisioned for BlackBerry services... which is obvious as your request to cancel your BlackBerry data plan. To delete "Data Connection Refused' on top of your device go Options -> Mobile network -> Data Service: Off.

  • BlackBerry smartphone connected to wifi but still get loaded. Help please

    I have the blackberry bold 9900. . I am unable to use internet, my device is connected to the wifi properly... I set the services data "off" so that I can 'get' charged for my internet... I have a lot of trouble... will someone help me please...

    How are you still fresh for data? If your data services are turn off & also your wifi on? Also another question, you should ask your self when your not on wifi is your data services turning on? You have apps in the freshness of the bottom?

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off GPS.

    I'm new to BlackBerry.

    I turned on the GPS to try it out and it works fine.  I then return to the E911.  I expected that GPS would not work then, but it also proved that the browser does not work either.  I activated the GPS back but the browser worked fine.

    If I leave the GPS on:

    Drain the battery even if I don't use this feature?

    Is there a way to autmatically turn it on when the browser is open and turn it off when it closes?

    Thank you.

    I just turned off the GPS on my lap and was able to use the BlackBerry browser with no problems. You don't need GPS to use the BlackBerry browser.

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off WiFi on Pearl 8120 on Orange

    I want to be able to turn on and turn off the WiFi on my pearl. I am new to blackberry so I am struggling to find how to turn it off. I have worked on how to disable the Bluetooth, but not WiFi.

    I want to turn it off, because I'm not a big user of access to the internet and I am trying to improve the life of the battery. Also, I guess I don't need WiFi to receive regular emails.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you for that.

    He has been to find the connection management option that has been the hardest part. There is an icon go on the home screen which then brings you to the display of connection management. Once I found it was easy!

    The screens on the Pearl Orange network supplied appear to be different from the standard.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones turn off voice commands

    I recently bought a Blackberry Bold with Rogers Mobile.  When to put the "BOLD" in his case (or remove it), I seem to accidentally hit the button for voice commands on a regular basis.  I do not currently use voice commands.  Is it possible to disable this button or change so that double clicking is necessary to activate voice commands?

    Thank you for any advice.  I love the phone, but it becomes a real nuisance!

    On your BB, go to Options > keyboard/screen, scroll down to the RIGHT and to the LEFT the convenience keys and put the one that is currently set for your voice dialing, none, or another application.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones turn off the wireless feature

    Is there a way to quickly turn off the features "BOLD" wireless, so I can not transmit or receive?  I would use it in the aircraft on a trip, but I can't find a way to quickly turn off the transmission and receive the device characteristics.  Thank you.


    Or if you go in manage connections, choose the first choice disable all connections, or just uncheck the Mobile network.

  • My bb blackBerry smartphones turn off automaticlly

    Why my bb torch turn off automaticlly

    In this case, try to back up your device using the BlackBerry Desktop Software and perform a cleanup of recharging your device software.

    Do a restore selective as shown here: , making sure to restore critical data only, such as contacts and calendar.

    I hope this helps.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones turn off an option

    I don't want to get confirmation on my Blackberry, every time I have send an email from my Outlook to my laptop.  How to turn off this option?

    gdimond wrote:

    Is it a problem that I can do on the phone or should I load the program of Blackberry Desktop on my computer for a fix?

    You should

    1. Go to your Messages folder > press the Menu key > Options > General Options > scroll down for > hide sent Messages = Yes. And save.
    2. Or, Alternatively, contact your BES administrator and ask it to disable the synchronization of your Outlook, messages sent to your device. Sorta, I doubt they make for it, so stick to #1.
  • BlackBerry Smartphones turn off the light in night mode


    Night light of my BB 9700 (OS 6) turns off when it is in mode.

    How can you do with the BB Curve 9380 (OS 7.1)?

    Thank you for your attention.

    Kind regards

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    In fact, the judgment was, I recall, a bug. It was supposed to work in the screen remained mode bedside... otherwise, it is not useful as a bedside clock. Therefore, I would say that your 9700 has a level of operating system with the bug, and your 9380 is WAD - works as expected.

    Good luck!

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