BlackBerry Smartphones voice SMS icon went into hiding


When I got my new camera "BOLD", it came with an icon for e-mail messages and one for voice sms messages and indicated SMS messages in the form of a separate icon, then I transferred my old info for the new device and this feature suddenly dessapered; is there some way to this came as initially? Should what steps I take to get two separate icons for email and sms messages?

Hi lourdesa and welcome to the Forums of BlackBerry,.

To have a separate icon for SMS go to the menu, main folder message, press new menu options, General options, change the SMS and email inboxes to separate.

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    I just received my pearl (8130) a few days ago. I have what seems to be a voicemail icon. It has 2 black arrows pointing to the left and a yellow telephone with a 1 next to it. Any ideas. I have not checked my voicemail, one no new messages...

    Its a log of the phone icon. I think that based on the description you gave.

  • Icon email blackBerry Smartphones voice don't quit


    For some reason, my phone made a bad (IN MY BLUETOOTH) headset of razzing sound and then restarted there.  Not knowing what had happened, I removed the battery and rebooted, it me.

    I saw that I had missed a call, so I checked and deleted all my messages.  For some reason any now the Voice Message icon will go away/clear.

    Is there a way to reset this?



    Hey, all!

    Got smart and found the right research and responses to the corect this.

    Called a left a message on my service from another phone.

    Called and visited the message and the symbol disappeared.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones 9320 SMS is not received

    Recently (for the last month or almost) my curve blackberry 9320 received no texts, I do not think a lot that I use my BBM more than I text so I just thought that people were not to contact me, but then I asked someone text me, I saw that they sent and he had delivered, but my phone has never notified me of the received message I went into the folder of text messages, and nothing is found, the text I had just been sent, I can send text easily and they are delivered successfully to others but I can not just receive texts, I even texted me (Sad I know), but the phone said they had delivered but I never received them I tried battery pull, pull out my card sim for a while (30 minutes) and then to restart my phone, nothing... It's weird because I've never had this problem before.

    I contacted my service provider and this has baffled them also because they could not help and did not know what it is, has anyone here ever had this problem?

    Hey Curt7946,

    Welcome to BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

    You can either the firewall is enabled on the BlackBerry smartphone, click the Options icon > click Security > firewall > is selected text Messages?

    Thank you.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones restart clock icon popping up and battery drain

    My BOLD 9650 seems to be constantly rebooting. I'll see the clock icon running (same as on reboot) pop up randomly and the dough runs very quickly. This could be the cause and what can I do to prevent it. I'm on OS6.

    You may installed applications?

    Back up and conduct security wipe. Does not restore your installed applications. See the following articles.

    See if there still exists. Otherwise, let us know.

    Thank you.

    Good luck!

  • Problem blackBerry Smartphones with SMS notification on my 9780

    My Bold 9780 has started reading my SMS messages aloud. It's very irritating, especially if I'm sitting in a meeting!

    He only reads TEXT messages and emails not.

    I know I must have changed a parameter by mistake, I can't find this function in the menus to turn it off.

    Can anyone help please?

    Spin the

    Thank you

    Hello becon1417

    To clarify, when you receive a new text message he read your text message, to the right!

    If it is then can you confirm if you have installed any 3rd party app that does this, you Homescreen go to Options > device > application > locate and delete such a request.

    KB10040 : How to view or delete the application installed on a blackberry smartphone


    Or let us know if I misunderstood your message.

  • Thing Snape blackBerry Smartphones weird SMS message.

    Ok.  After an exhaustive search here I can't find the answer.  This is my problem: I have a rogue SMS message which means this:

    1. it indicates a person in my contact list, but the conversation in the mssage has nothing to do with this person.  It's actually a combination of about 3 different conversations, which is not a person in my contact list.

    2. I try to delete the message and nothing.  It is not in one of the recorded files, it is nowhere to be seen other than in the Messages folder.

    3. I try to delete several messages out of the TEXT Message folder and a window pops up saying "Delete" with a stationary clock, but then it just sits there, nothing happens.  Nothing clears.  I do a hard reset and this window disappears, but the message is still there.

    3. I can delete all messages but this one.

    I tried to use my Hardpull app, nothing.  I removed my Otterbox cover and did a hard pull, nothing.  I looked in all my files message, nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Solved.  Don't know how, I had already done the steps, but now it worked.

    Went into SMS/MMS > BB Btn > sending SMS > BB Btn > Shift, all the messages, BB Btn > Delete Messages? > Remove.

    It seemed to separate all the contacts that have been mixed in a single message, then I was able to remove them.  Weird, but it worked.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones Voice Mail password

    You want to add the voicemail password.  How do you do that?  I read to go to the phone icon, then voice mail icon.  Could not find either.  Have VZW 8130

    I found this one on my own.  The icon on the phone's call log icon.  Open the call log.  Open the menu, and then click options.  In the line options is the voicemail.  Click on the voicemail and must be the voicemail phone number. There is another line for the password.  Insert the password.  Save and close.  When you dial the voice mail, hold 1, pauses for 3 seconds and insert the password.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone keyboard lock icon disappeared (curve 8520)


    I have recently supported a Blackberry Curve 8520 - I noticed that, once I had connected to my PC via Blackberry Desktop Manager, the icon for the keyboard lock has been removed from the menu.  I looked in the obvious places in the Options to try to restore the icon but can't see anywhere that allow me to ths.  I was also looking for hidden objects, but nothing seems more to be hidden.

    Is it possible to restore the icon?

    Thank you all.

    You may update the software? The lock has changed in the latest versions of the software in all areas for the devices.

  • Went blackBerry Smartphones text Message icon

    Device: Blackberry Style 9670 (6.0 bundle 864 v6. platform

    Carrier: Telus Mobility

    My 'text' icon disappeared recently in the menu "All".  Apparently, it was replaced by a second 'contacts' icon  Fortunately I got it in the "Favorites" menu as well, so I can still access them.  However, it is annoying to have to return to the Favorites menu just to read a text message.

    I have since put it so text messages go to the Inbox of General messages, but I would have preferred to return the icon.  I tried to pull the battery nothing works.  Any suggestions?

    OK, do a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart. A reboot in this manner is prescribed for most defects and errors of operating system, and you will lose any data on the device doing so.

    Now see if this icon corrects itself, since you think it could have "transformed into" bad one.

  • Bbm blackBerry Smartphones voice icon is missing

    BBM voice icon is missing after upgrading OS my Blackberry 9860 (Monza) version voice for the bbm icon chat was missing after restarting my device. Please help, y at - it bugs in BBM version I can't set conection WiFi for cat vocal bbm.

    a big thank you to everyone can help.

    Why are you unable to configure the WiFi connection?

    Do you find the WIFi router to connect?

  • Help blackBerry Smartphones! sms Missin icon

    since doing a battery pull on my camera a week ago, my 8900 has been missin the sms in my menu icon. any suggestions?

    Try to make selective backup and data backup only you must register.

    Visit this link for instructions:

    After that on your device, go to Options - Security Options - General settings

    Press menu on the device and select 'Clear pocket' in the menu.

    And after that check the situation.

    If problem missing restore saved information on device.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones My SMS & MMS icon has disappeared!

    Hi again,

    A minute, that's where the other that it is gone! Icons mysteriously disappear from my homepage. My worldmate icon dating back to the downloads, the calculator keeps going back to applications etc..

    All have been found except SMS MMS? Help, please! Where can I locate and replace them in their original place?

    Thank you

    Problem solved!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones transmit and receive went faulty but phone calls will be text. Clicking on the loudspeaker sound

    A sudden power outage hit my Curve 8900

    When answering an incoming call or outgoing call is made the exit turns into a clicking noise that is regular and breaks the sound out and the transmission of the caller's voice in.

    They cannot hear me and hear clicks and my broken voice

    I do not have them and all I hear is the click and their voice broken up.

    The strange thing is the phone sends and receives SMS text perfectly.

    I checked this point with my service proivder o2 and they recommended an update of firmware

    So I did and updated all the software and the fault remains.

    I have a lot of mp3 music on the phone and everything is working as is the camera and video.

    Pulling the battery is not a cure.  Remove the SIM card has no cure.

    Free space is 134 MB

    Media card has 2.7 GB of free

    I have only 9 applications on the phone. Ordinary things like voice transmitter calculator

    There is one strange notification slightly to the right of where a text message is waiting for my reading, but there are no messages in folders.  Saved messages are empty, but I can't read the message and the icon will not go away.

    O2 said that I might have to send it back for repair if the stuff I try do not heal.

    I have not dropped the phone or had of infiltration water etc.  He just started to do this when the fault I

    accidentally pressed a button which started an activation of voice command and he left while I don't use voice dialing of activation.   There is no mms on hold or waiting for reading or sending sms.

    A total mystery.  Anyone got any ideas as to what might be causing this interruption of strange regular beats of the transmission of two ways?



    This is usually caused by a defective headphone plug or dirty. Inserting and removing the card several times can repair but also could reproduce. He can't. If it happens again try plugging it disconnected again and again. If that doesn't fix it, you need to repair/replace.

  • BlackBerry smartphone Email VS icon Messages

    OK I'm confused a little. I have two icons on my blackberry, they say the Messages and the other has a custom name for my email. When I receive by email, it shows two boxes to the letters. The personalized e-mail box (lloks like Earth w / a yellow envelope) appeared when I set up my pop3 account. I want to receive my emails in a box and nothing else. I know that I can separate messages SMS/MMS from the box "Messages". Is it possible to disable the e-mail for messages box and simply allow the history of calls and messages SMS/MMS only and leave email on the only custom icon? ... or I'm looking into this way too and there is a simpler way to do it.

    Thank you

    I simpy hide the specific e-mail icon. There is no real need for it, but it is created with the account.

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