BlackBerry smartphones, which is the OS for the Curve 8320 lates?

What is the OS for the Curve 8320 lates?

Thank you, mimi

It is 4.6 for my bb pearl flip

I just got my curve yesterday and it's 4.5?

It must be also 4.6?

Thank you again...

No, 4.6 is not an OS for the 8320.

The latest OS for the 8320 is

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    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    From what I've read, it's a cord hole and some ports "his escape."

    Try these photos from Crackberry: preview Tour photos

    Thank you


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    Thank you

    Hi and welcome to the forums,

    Although the installation is quite simple, if you are installing on a PC in a network,

    It is a good idea to have your IT Department to install. They can determine the best installation

    with regard to their specific network installation.

    I left the links to download the software and USB drivers correct as well as the manual

    and the installation procedure.


    Please do not forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

    Install the correct USB drivers:

    BlackBerry USB and Modem ENG pilots (DM4.6 B13)

    • File size: 16,988 MB
    • Date published: 15 August 08
    • Download Software

    Download 4.6 without the Media manager here:

    Download the manual here:

    Installation procedure:

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Internet publishes the Curve 9300 3 Please HELP

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    Once again, if its only some websites that will slow down it would lead me to think its end a problem the site rather than your phone.

    If all Web sites were slow, it would be referring to your phone or your carrier.

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    I discovered that my APN is, I should change?

    Thank you

    Hey klo - bb,.

    Your APN is your "Access Point name" you need the right pair of your current provider to connect to a data session.

    You will also need to ensure that your current provider sent you the correct service books.

    Here is a page that should give you the information you need, vodafone has a few success stories:

    Hope you find an answer,


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    Hi all

    Earlier this week, I made the change to a BB and overall I am very happy with it, but there is a thing that is annoying on the phone and despite my efforts and a lot of tinkering, I was not able to solve this problem, I'm looking for help.

    I try to send files to other Bluetooth devices to my BB 8900 and I can't do work of t. strangely, I can send my BB files to other Bluetooth devices with no problems but I can't send things on my device.

    I lived the articles (e.g. )

    but in vain.

    In a nut shell, I enabled bluetooth on my camera, I made detectable and combined with other devices that I am trying to transfer files from, I went into options of the terminal for these devices and their confidence, and then I tried to send files.

    If I send from another phone (LG viewty) or Nokia E61i, I get an error message indicating that "send failed".

    If I send a computer that was paired, I select the file I want to send > right click > sent to > Bluetooth > other and select my BB8900 in the list of paired devices. At this point, the computer appears to try to send the file, but I am presented with an error message indicating "file transfer Service is not found on device BB8900."

    Why is this? How do I am able to send files to my BB 8900 but not sent to it, and what can I do to solve this problem?

    This problem is causing me a lot of grief that I have given on other phones, I need to transfer to my new BB, unfortunately I do not have a USB cable to one of the phones, so Bluetooth is the best alternative.

    Please can someone help!

    Thanks in advance,


    OK, so after re-reading of this last KB article, I realized that I was a complete dunce!

    I have now managed to successfullty receive pictures and audio files on my BB.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Update blackBerry Smartphones BB SW BRICKED my daughter is curved!


    I'm new to these forums and the BlackBerry, having had my 8310 for a few months only (by my company). However, my daughter had her Curve 8310 since last March, and she has had intermittent problems with it. It was replaced under warranty by AT & T twice.

    This last time, she discovered that the sounds had ceased - his alarm did nothing when it exploded. The sounds later mysteriously returned, but she decided that it was the last straw. She wanted to bring her back to the AT & T warranty Center to replace again, but I suggested that she first attempts to put his system. My theory was, since the new software has been released, it would be wise to upgrade. My phone company has been upgraded (OTA) without any problem, so I thought (silly me) it would be just as easy to make the curve of my daughter.

    The first thing I did was to go to his screen Options Options / Advanced to make a wireless upgrade. However, this option was not available on this screen. Weird, I thought - his phone and mine are the same, and mine had the option of upgrade wireless. So I'm on these forums and sought assistance and find the sticky at the top of the forum on the upgrade of the 4.5 software. I followed the link to the BlackBerry page which contained the AT & T software download (ensuring that I chose the multilingual version of AT & T in I downloaded this version, but before he wanted to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager instead. It has dutifully reported that his curve needed a software upgrade to, so I decided to try the upgrade via the USB connection. When he got to the point where he had saved his phone and was willing to make the backup of the system before wiping, the connection broke. Don't know why - I used the USB cable provided by BB. Thus, the upgrade didn't happen like that.

    The next thing I did was to launch the download of AT & T that I had recovered from the BB link. He dutifully installed the last BB Desktop Manager (5.0.1, I think), then when I hung his curve up to the computer it once more pointed out that she needed a software upgrade. I chose to do the upgrade, and it went through the process again, save the curve on my computer and is about to wipe. This time, he was once again broken the connection, but when I selected 'Retry' he seemed to proceed as usual, erasing the device to upgrade.

    The fun starts now. When the real upgrade began, that the unit broke out to establish the connection. Again, I got the dialog with the boxes 'Retry' and 'Cancel' box and click 'Retry '. But when I did the screen on the curve went blank and revealed an icon that I can only assume means, "No operating system only," as well as the small number of '507' below. The BB Desktop Manager seemed to be to attempt to upgrade the software, but after leaving it setting like that all night there is no change in the status. So it's well and truly bricked.

    Now, my question is, what is my recourse? Is there a possible way to recover this device (because the computer does not recognize it via USB connection)? Should I just take it back to AT & T and have them replaced (again)? And the backup I did last night will be restorable at the new BB (assuming they give her another curve)?

    I hope to have answers quickly enough, because I'll be able to hear the rash of here when she discovers that his curve is a paperweight. Thanks in advance for your help and your availability for BlackBerry users.

    Don't worry, it's not a paperweight. MOST likely, the previous upgrade process constituted a return of the device before the upgrade failed. It's probably, there are some third party faulty or theme application that "perhaps" do the upgrade fails.

    Well, error 507 means simply that no operating system is found.

    First of all, you have the full OS file downloaded on your PC?

    Do that first.

    Second, make sure that your USB cable is connected to the main REAR usb port. No USB hub port or before.

    At the present time, unplug the USB from the BlackBerry, power down to turn off and restart your PC.

    Meanwhile, do a reset on the BlackBerry > with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    Once the two are back running, confirm that Desktop Manager is NOT loaded or running on your PC.

    Follow these instructions below:

    1. download the OS files to the PC then install on the PC by running (double click) the downloaded file.
    2. go in c:\program files Research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml."
    3. plug in the BB and double-click on "Loader.exe." It is located in the same place as the above vendor.xml file.

    IF you succeed step by step: you will not need to use JL_Cmder to wipe the device and then load the operating system on the device. Follow the instructions here:

  • BlackBerry smartphones which version is the most up-to-date?

    I'm shopping for a memory card for my BB8300 I read the version of the software 4.5.081 and upwards can manage a card 16 GB my version of phones (I have updated last week) is 4.5.0127. I'm not sure of the convention of numbering which is the latest version? ( or me 127 seems to be superior to 81, but I read that correctly?

    Yes, as I thought, you have a 8330 model, not an 8300.

    Yes, you can use a SDHC 16 GB card.

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