BlackBerry smartphones why is my internet so slow? How can I do it fast again?

Okay, so I have a curve 8520... My used internet download speed to be around 30 kb/s, but since a few months I just can't download anything at all because I'm lucky if my speed has now reached 1 KB/s.

I didn't do anything to my phone, have not changed the settings...

I don't think App World verson 3. What could be the problem? I don't know, may be just a coincidence, but since I upgraded who * bleep * what happened.

Anyone with the same problem who managed to solve their internet? I need help before I break this phone. I mean, blackberry makes me pay for internet service every month, but what good is it if I don't get all the possibilities of the internet?


Thus, unless RIM releases a few statements to the press (as they did last year), official information available comes from your carrier.

Good luck!

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