BlackBerry smartphones why small clock face pop up?

All of a sudden, I get a small dial that opens with the hands of the clock turns. When it pops up, I can't do anything until he disappears. There I slowed down a lot and just started doing this after having my "BOLD" for more than four months. What this means and how do I get rid of him?

Thank you... Texmainer

Thank you! Small clock face problem solved in memory of compensation.

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    Hi @erik1991

    To bookmark this KB

    Updated software, not received the AT & T unlocked brand PRIVATE when you use a non - AT & T SIM card

    You can eventually reload manually as a workaround using the steps described here.

    How do I reload the BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android OS

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    Skype out for 9900?

    Is there any other way to download Skype?

    Waiting for relief...

    You cannot call of IM, there is no way to download Skype by one of my call provider. I mean it is a good smartphone bold 9900 should be Celsius to have Skype, I just hope that Skype comes out.

  • BlackBerry smartphones why MAC different BT with MAC?

    Hi, I was wondering my "BOLD" has the same IMEI and PIN code as that printed on the box, but the MAC does not match the MAC(which also provide on the box right side) BT. What is the difference between BT MAC and MAC? or how to sound different with my "BOLD", if they are the same?

    Thank you!!

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    I think BT (Bluetooth) MAC and the MAC (WIFI) to make the difference. The BlackBerry smartphone is not a

    real MAC identifier.

    Thank you

    Don't forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

  • BlackBerry smartphones, WHY do all these weird stuff when I turn it on?


    Right, I'm DESPERATELY need your help with my BB Bold 9800, because it's just the engine me bananas... so I BEG someone to help me

    SO, here's the problem... every time it turns on it will continuously play an alert ring tone, vibrate and flash (sorry, I don't remember what it's called, but it is the small point on the phone itself which you can Set up for flash in color).  If I leave it alone, it stops eventually after having to put up with it sounds & vibrant 10 times (except for the light from the flash), UNLESS I have just to click on the 'Messages' - even though I have no texts - and he will then just stop all together.

    It also does not matter if it is set to Silent, ring only, vibrate only etc.  I really don't want to re - start because it means having to re - load all over it again, which is just a pain in the back! Can someone tell me PLEASE how to stop doing all these weird things?

    You v much


    Just do a battery pull. While the unit is turned on, remove the battery for 15-30 seconds, then reinsert the battery and wait for the device to reboot. It will wipe all the data of the device and is basically the same idea as your computer restarts. Once you're phone has rebooted, you'll be back running.

    When you say re - start, I think that you need to refer to the upgrade or reload the operating system as a regular battery reboot to shoot a smartphone BlackBerry does not affect the data stored on the device.

    If this does not help, check if you have a program installed as BeBuzz.  Some programs will allow you to customize your phone notifications, and that could be the culprit if the battery pull does not solve the problem.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones why is "BOLD" intermittently reboot?

    Can someone help me to identify the reason why my "BOLD" will restart during the call? I already traded on the telephone once for another brand new and the problem persists. It seems that the phone is heating up during calls and then restarts, but that might be a psychological thing.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    (1) make sure that you are on the latest firmware approved by your carrier:

    (2) perform a hard reboot:

    Whenever random strange behaviors creep, the best thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, this one suffers memory leaks and other... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    (3) make sure that you do not have a ton of applications running in the background. Always close apps when you don't need them - not the back key or the red button, but rather the BBKey and selecting "close" or "exit".

    (4) see if you have memory problems:

    (5) the problems of insufficient memory:

    OK - that's enough for now...

    I hope that something is useful!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones why my livelihood of the home screen messages in the process of disappearance (SMS, missed calls, etc.)?

    My messages, all other next to the e-mail, because I have not yet implemented, just keep disappearing.  I have the theme of the home screen that displays messages, calendar, call log, and applications.  The messages section shows me when I have a missed call or text or something like that... but for some reason, I go back to my phone and I do not see who called or texted.  The messages section of the home screen is blank and if I select and go to my App messages, there are only 3 registered and 2 are BlackBerry April 25 and July 30, only appears from my boss on 5 August.  The only reason why I can not even imagine still appears so is because she too has a blackberry.  I don't know, but it really starts to aggravate the crap out of me.  Someone knows how to help?

    I went to the General Options messages and ensures that all calls are sent to messages and call log.

    Oh yes!  The call log does not nothing either.  It's ridiculous!

    To please help because I love this phone, it does not work to the maximum but it's disappointing.

    This has been asked before and solved... you have a problem of memory... you must have at least 12 MB of free space for the phone works smothly. If you have not yet get a memory card and move your photos and videos on memory card. and ringtones downloaded... to find out what the status of your file is click on options of--> the situation and see what your file free it is another thing that could help is to do a battery pull, then do step above... Also make sure you have all internet programs running in the background IE: weatherbug... it causes continually downloads of data... clear your browsing history by going to a browser opened by clicking on menu, then options and then cache and clear your history... There are other measures to help, but I don't see any at the present time...

  • BlackBerry smartphones, why I can't use my world asks? It is said that it requires the latest version of blackberry id.

    What should I do? why I can't use my world asks? It is said that it requires the latest version of blackberry id.

    Use your browser to go to and download the latest version of AppWorld.

    who should also update your BlackBerryID.

  • My BlackBerry Bold 9900 questions blackBerry smartphones! Bluetooth, clock, battery, security

    I just bought my BB Bold 9900 last Friday (January 6) and my provider is MTS. I have problems with my phone.

    But first, let me say that I am a TIME BlackBerry user FIRST and I could do something wrong or I didn't have the correct settings. But I'd appreciate any help!

    First, the battery life is much too short! After the initial charge (charged from one day to the next), the battery did not last me until noon the next day. I pay it full once I got home, and then I noticed that the battery life was longer now. I guess that it would improve after a little cooler. I think that the battery needed a kind of start-ups before it becomes fully functional. In any case, this problem seems to be resolved, for now.

    Second, my phone has problems with the security lock code / password. I have install a locking password to prevent someone from simply to check the contents of my phone. It's OK at first, but after a while, the phone seems to be "forget" to ask for my password. I just press the lock/release button and I have access to my home page without entering the password. I kept checking security settings to see if the password is "on", it is. For me, it's a major security problem!

    Thirdly, the zone time/clock settings seems to be incorrect. I'm from Winnipeg, MB, Canada and I use Central time, but the time that the phone is displaying is incorrect. Like the weather here in Winnipeg is 10:00, but in the phone, it's 04:00! Even if I fixed my phone and set up the time manually, the time that appears on my emails is always incorrect and inaccurate. And I couldn't find my clock anywhere icon. I looked in the applications folder, and it isn't here!

    Finally (I hope this is the last problem with my phone), I have problems of bluetooth. I tried to send a picture from my Mac to my BB via bluetooth, and it worked fine. But when I tried to send a picture that I took the camera from my BB to my Mac, it wouldn't send! I checked the blutooth connection many times (Mac to BB, BB to Mac, they are fine) I have and found that the settings are correct and devices are discoverable and connected, so I don't really know what to do. This phone is really frustrating.

    I have an urgent plan to unlock my phone for use on a different network, but I can't do it now because of these problems. I really want to have a Blackberry (before I bought and did not yet know the problems) I want a RELIABLE PHONE, rather than choosing an iPhone which for me is a TOY. But I am really disappointed with this phone. I begin to fear that this would be as reliable as I expected it would be, and he'd let me down just when I needed it most!

    I'd appreciate it really all the help I could get and tips for the first time BB users. Thank you!

    My phone works OK now. I guess I could remedy all by myself! What a relief.

  • BlackBerry smartphones why my BB "BOLD" can not read Chinese characters?

    Need help on this. Thanks before. I was wondering why my "BOLD" can not read Chinese, while my mom can. Should I download or something?

    Try this link:

    Substitute instead of thai Chinese.  I hope this helps.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones why does want to shoot me?

    A few apps have had the hand dandy little red asterisk indicating a new message / whatever. But when I click it, the message is that I'm going to be without decommissioning. Why would I do that?

    Facebook app has been like that and still indicates an available downgrade.

    I just attached my Storm to my PC and lo-and-behold, I had many, many updates to do. Like 20... "Wow, I thought... '. I immediately here half an hour ago and he had nothing! "But when I clicked it, it said I could be downgrading I'm sure I want to do as he asks.

    Is this common? Any thoughts?

    Moreover, it seems really bad oversight I can not copy and paste the text from my Blackberry Destop Manager text box.

    or go to control panel, add/remove programs and remove the BlackBerry Device Software... NOT the desktop software

  • BlackBerry Smartphones icon flashing clock-thought (?) and lack of email

    A flashing icon clocklike/thinking has developed and I can't stop it. It is centered in the middle of my screen and flashes across all applications. It is also draining my battery and since it appeared, no new emails have been downloaded, but I still can't browse the web, read old emails off my "BOLD", etc. The error icon is black, with a white clock as weapons ranging from 1-11 on "the clock".

    Just an update on my problem. After that has occurred continuously for a week, it seems to have fixed itself. It resets an hour before it was fixed, but during this time after reset it still showed the clock/thought icon blinking, so I don't know if the second zero is what fixed it or just the blackberry fairy who did, but at least it's working now.

  • BlackBerry smartphones why "BOLD" have several browsers?

    Hello world

    I read the user manual, but I still wonder why the bold has Internet / Hotspot / Planet 3 (I'm on 3 Australia) browsers.

    The manual gives situations for each of them, but surely, it would be enough. In addition to being unable to change the Planey 3 browser home page, I see no difference.

    Also, what is the use of the browser identification option (IE, Firefox, etc.). I couldn't find it in the manual.

    Thank you


    Paul, different browsers to connect in different ways to the internet. For example, the Hotspot browser connects via WiFi.

    And, the emulations of Firefox and IE 'say' the site you visit what type of browser you are using, which means that you emulate, to allow the site appear on your screen. For example, I keep mine set to "BlackBerry", which tells the site that I visit from a mobile device and some sites will appear in a mobile format version. Using FF or IE, the site should display everything like you would see on a PC.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones why can't save new memos in Notepad?

    I recently switched from a Treo 755 p for Blackberry Tour 9630 when the Treo crashed. I was unable to transfer contacts, etc. of my Treo since he died, however, I synced my turn with BB Desktop Manager and got my Outlook comes into contact with back. My old memo categories Treo also got transferred even if I don't know how, since they are not in Outlook. When I try to add a new note that they do not appear in the list even if I clicked on save. I can add categories, but still cannot create the (save new memos). I can create new tasks. No idea why the new memos will not save?

    Open your Memo on the BlackBerry App.

    Press the Menu key > filters and uncheck those which may be checked.

    Now you see the ones you saved and did not appear in the list?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones external (outdoor clock) are not displayed

    I upgrade my operating system on Now the external screen on the flip is the t-mobile logo. I tried to fix in the "clock settings" under "dial", but he did not. Someone has ideas how to get back to the clock?

    You forgot home BB services when you installed the high grade, using Fund Manager to install it and the clock will return.

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