BlackBerry sudden Z10 and serious problem with Z10 NEED HELP Please

I have a z10, one of the first who came out in Toronto (if it is one)
(difference), a few hours ago, I fell into a serious and sudden

I was able to swipe left and right between the pages of apps, even fall down
Since the Summit, but I cannot open anything, not even not making a call or settings

Any time I try, for a fraction of a second, it looks like its about load
something then nothing. (image slides to the right quickly and goes back
each attempt)

So I first did a reset, same problem, so I did a battery pull (15 minutes) and the problem is.

I tried via USB to do a backup on blackberry Manager and maybe do a
Re - install everything, but when I was invited to the password
my camera on my PC, it told me that it was (I use a wrong password
This blackberry on my computer 4-7 days a week, twice a day sometimes for an
year and I have never miss typed my password, nor have I changed it)

After trying everything to make sure that the first letter was maybe upper/lower
cases, even my other possible phone password, nothing worked...

On the 5th unsuccessful attempt my phone prompted me to type "blackberry", which
I did, then I typed my password on my phone that I type in about 15 times
one day because I put my phone in a lock in 5 minutes and has always said that he was wrong... I'm no attempt of 9/10 on and lost
for options.

Please if anyone can give me any suggestions, or even how do I back up my phone
and now, or I have a previous backup of whipe form 4 months ago that I
I wouldn't come back in the worst cases.

Thanks in advance for your help


Well... If you are in 9 out of 10 here and you don't mind not to restore your device, then enter the password again once and then the device should enter the device wipe mode. That will reset your device to factory setting and then you can start fresh by reloading your backup made the earlier

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    Guten Tag,

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    Hello! Welcome to the forums here at Adobe!

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    Also make sure that you're using Adobe PrPro 5.5 and that you have all the updates correct, including the RED importer, as the new RED files do not work in older versions of first. If files were shot on the RED Epic, sound doesn't work at all in native file (known bug) first and so you will have to use program Cine - X RED to export audio files to make separately and synchronize with your video. However, you would never get audio in your timeline at all, and so I think you would have noticed this problem before that you have to export, so I think that's not your problem.

    Good luck and report what you find with your export settings!

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    For more information, see:
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    I just got a phone call from + 011 indicating that I have serious problems with my computer and they provide a Microsoft service problems. It sounds like a crowded call center and they can tell me their name and they tried to set up a remote entry on my computer. That's when I hung up. Is - this legitimate because what it really looked like a trick.

    Not legitimate... do not answer the call... Mike Hall MVP - Windows Expert: consumer

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    Recently, I have a serious problem with LR6 and photos of my imports of. After I imported my photos, they disappear... say they become all black.

    Hi thomasp175720,

    Please follow the steps if you see black pictures after importation into Lightroom below:

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    Kind regards


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    Hi Nicola

    Try restarting your watch force: press and hold the side button and the digital Crown for about 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo, then release them and expect the watch again.

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    1. what anti-virus software you have installed in the computer?

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    Windows Update can occur if one or more of the following conditions are met:

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    Please follow the steps described in the methods to solve the problem:

    Method 1: We will try the steps from the following link and check the result:

    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following article:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Method 2:

    To correct the errors that occur when you use Windows Update, install, and run the system update readiness tool. The tool analyzes inconsistencies on your computer and fixes as its current installation.

    You can view the following link to download the system update readiness tool and check:

    System tool update that corrects problems of Windows Update is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008

    Details of the event log to find what caused the Antivirus and Java to fail:

    What are the information contained in the logs of the event (Event Viewer)?

    Hope that the information provided is useful.

    For any help related to this problem or any question of Windows, you can still display in the Microsoft Community Forum!

  • Wireless and LAN problem with Thinkpad

    Im having serious problems with my Thinkpad T61p on my wireless and LAN drivers (at least I think it is the drivers, could be something else). This can be a long explanation, but please bear with me.

    Yesterday, after seeing an example on the net, I tried to connect my xbox 360 to my laptop. I thought I'd be able to play on the xbox wireless using the laptop as a gateway to my router. I never had any problems before with logins, and had the wireless on my home network.

    After plugging in an Ethernet cable into the laptop and xbox (following the instructions, I had online), I became "Network connections", (start-> Control Panel-> network connections). I had used a cable to connect your desktop to my laptop before and normally when you go to network connections, the connection between them appears as an icon. This time, has no icon.

    I decided to try and create a connection. At this point my wireless was still working because I was always browsing the net. On the left sidebar, I clicked on "create a new connection". Hit next, and then click the radio button "set up an advanced connection." "Accept inbound connections" option box pressed, the next button. Finally, a link has been created, but when I went to go again my wireless connection dropped. I went back and removed the link to "network connections".

    I opened "Logins" and tried to connect to my home profile. No results. I tried clicking on 'Search' to see were there any other networks available and all I kept getting was: "the wireless radio is turned off. You want to turn on? ". Press 'Yes', landmark of waiting a few seconds, click on 'Search' again, same message. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the wireless to turn on. So I found this thread:

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    I updated my drivers and countless other things without success. I've updated wireless drivers from this page and dial-up connections to:

    Another strange thing I see is that when I try to 'Create a new connection' 'Network connections', select 'Create a home or small business network', keep the progression through each other, it is to choose connections it is said that both my wireless and LAN are disconnected.

    Wireless that I use is: Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AG

    LAN: Intel 82566MM Gigabit Network Connection

    It is not to have problems in Device Manager and that these two are enabled.

    Does anyone have an idea of what is after occurrence and how I could fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated, because I need it for work soon.

    It sets obtained.

    Essentially had to uninstall the network drivers (not enough I know) from Device Manager and reboot. After the wireless and LAN is back!

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    I am a student of digital media MY about to rehabilitate major work for the design of the internet, the part of my course. I sent my site to my tutor, and she wrote telling me there are major problems with the site, she sent me the following

    There are serious problems with your site.

    Two minimum criteria are missing.

    The first file should be called index.html, check on a mac, pc does not display extensions.

    The names of the html files cannot contain any space, capital letters and characters

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    The text is not readable.

    The content has not been sufficiently developed.

    Also, your file must contain only your index.html, your html pages, your images, your css and js script.

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    Thank you


    As seen from the Panel files of DW (F8), a typical site of 4 pages can contain the following basic structure:

    Local files

    SiteName - (C:\sitename)


    index.html - default home page






    menu. CSS










    Nancy O.

  • My customer is having a serious problem with the Contact form Widget

    My Client is to have a serious problem with the Contact form Widget that I can't seem to figure out how to fix.

    I created a website for a client and inserted a widget of Contact form on the "Contact us" page Whenever someone uses the form, e-mail receive my client shows my e-mail address as the sender. So when they "meet" the email, the response is sent to me and not the person who sent the original message. This creates a major problem in that I get flooded with answers e-mail while my client's potential customers go without a response.

    When I look at ' Site Manager > email system > Workflow information > e-mail address on the site administration Console, it displays my e-mail information. This is what needs to be changed?  If this is the case, what needs to be placed in this field for the email address of my client receives presents information email senders in the field "from".  My client wants to be able to click on reply and the message sent to the right side. They would be very angry if should be cut and past shippers Correo electronico of the body text on all the contacts they receive.

    Their feeling is that if I can't find a way to make the contact form works as it should, then there is no need for them.

    Can someone help me understand this? I really don't want to disappoint my first client.

    Congratulations for your first customer! =>

    Looks like you can have your email in places where your customers email should be.

    Here are the places you need to change your e-mail address.

    First adjust the answering of your web form is your customer email. Screenshot: and

    Second set Emails to come your clients e-mail system. Site management > system email > set default "from" e-mail. Screenshot:

    I always go through each email system and check the e-mail address after you set the default value. I found that it doesn't always change them for some reason any. Note: If you are on a lower to webCommerce plan your list can be shorter than what is shown.

    Make sure that the email you the list of customers is also an email they want in public.

    Also provide information on the TSA that thetrickster888 is good information.

    I hope this helps.


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