BlackBerry switch 10 of Nokia

Hi, I have just bought a passport and updated the device and the PC software to the latest versions.

I pass a Nokia phone that is synchronized with the Suite Nokia / OVI on my Windows 7 PC.

How to import my address book?

Link to Blackberry and mix offer all the options exchange to date with OVI Suite.

A post mentioned using Yahoo or Hotmail, but I don't have webmail accounts.

What is the standard procedure for switching from Nokia to Blackberry?

Thank you!


The standard method for your situation (no OTA service) is to enter your data into a compatible PIM application and then to establish synchronization of your device via the LINK. To my knowledge, the only compatible PIM is currently Outlook:

It is up to you to determine how to migrate your data to Outlook. In general, it is export from another PIM (for example, a CSV file) and then import that into Outlook. But I don't know the features of the PIM you use now, and none who are products of BB.

Good luck!

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones Exchange Bluetooth Nokia for Blackberry

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem to transfer files via bluetooth from my previous nokia to my new blackberry curve 8520, I have two devices paired and also changed the parameters of 'trust' in my blackberry but am still not able to receive files from my BB.

    "There is always the same"Unable to connect"error even if I go on the media menu I select: receive files of blutooth.

    could someone please help

    Thank you

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    See this KB:

    • KB05409 Transfer a file using Bluetooth technology between two BlackBerry smartphones

    Replace the instructions appropriate for your other device instead of the transmitter unit KB section in the KB. Do not jump 'BT help to receive' step on the BB receiver... nothing will transfer if you do.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry switching - what the hell is happening?

    So, here's the deal, I have recently updated my personal curve to a "BOLD". I gave my wife the curve and took its Pearl like my work Berry. Here's the question - our lists of contacts on my "BOLD" and its curve seem to interbreed. If I delete a contact from his curve, it removes also on my "BOLD". Anyone got any ideas? My wife is a little upset that she must go through all my work and personal contacts to join his stuff. Any help would be appreciated. To make the passage, I saved two phones with Desktop Manager, responsible for its backup to the curve and my staff for the "BOLD" and the backup job on the Pearl. Help!

    A personal account of BIS will NOT sync your contacts... it must be wired via USB > Desktop Manager.

    Thus, each device of the three has their own account BIS with your operator?

    There must be another thing you say here...

    Now, you use an address book from Google?

  • Help BlackBerry Z10 mobile Nokia z10 please.

    not quite sure what happened to the title... just went like this while typing of my pb.

    in any case, I switch from classic nokia to z10. I have hundreds of contacts, some of whom many numbers of emails, etc.. There are too many to fit on one sim card and they would also all be shortened to 14 characters.

    However, I can export my contacts into a CSV file nbu GOLD. A way to get this info on my z10 easily?

    Be very useful if there was a FAQ to help users of each of the other brands move with ease to the new blackberry.

    Thank you?

    Thanks for the quick response.

    You can remove contacts from Hotmail, once the synchronization is complete, make sure that you disable sync contacts in the account settings.

    It is just a workaround, so you can get all the contacts on the BlackBerry Z10

  • BlackBerry Smartphones 10 problems and issues for the 8220


    I got to a point where I'm a little more frustrated on my new phone that actually enjoy it, my previous phone was a XDA Orbit running on WM5, as such, I guess I've come to expect much more than phone that's good for me...

    I just got an upgrade of the O2, and since the "BOLD" was not in stock, I was sent this one.

    Anyway, here goes:

    1 SMS Message-files: is there a way I can create folders for my messages? Say, for example: "SAVED-Bob", "SAVED-Steve", etc.? At the moment I don't have a main folder of the SMS display everything and really, I don't want to save the messages in the folder "Saved messages" under "Applications".

    2 deleting multiple messages: according to the help by pressing alt while rolling on the messages of selects messages that I want to, then pressing the menu key, I would need to select 'delete selected messages '. Well, this doesn't seem to work. If I press the alt key everything I have will achieve is the trackball goes to the top or the bottom of the messages. Could someone point me in the right direction?

    3 emails sent: why are there no 'sent' folder? I expect that, with a blackberry (which is supposed to be an office-e-mail-phone), I have a kind of box to send and sent?

    memory card 4: How can I use it? The only reasonable explanation I got the phone I got a memory card has been when I took a picture and he told me that they would be stored on the MicroSD card. But how can I as a user accessing it? How can I create folders there? How can I save items such as notes out there? And if I set up a folder on the memory card with a number of word documents, PDF files and text notes, how do I access them?

    5. Security: how lock folders such as messages or send an email (let's say for the sake of the argument I want to use the same password for each of them) so that whenever I want to access my SMS messages, I need to enter a code?

    6 editing: how can I change an image after I took it to a smaller size? I used TwitterBerry to upload a picture, I just took my twitter account, but it's just sitting there, download the image (which was a 1600 x 1200 image) for about 10 minutes (with connected WiFi) and did nothing.

    7 overview of the message: I don't want to see the message on my phone! There is no way I can just display the "New Message" icon with the sender, but not preview of the message on the screen when the phone is closed?

    8 Trackball problems: the trackball does not seem to be sitting at 100% in the middle of the cavity, instead of this he is squinted slightly to the right. It is not a huge problem, but if I see a white light shining through on the left, not the right I don't really think that it is a "function". It works and everything, but it does not appear correctly / right

    9 hinge a little wobbly? The hinge has a little movement when closed (not opening), is a movement of 2mm normal?

    10 backup complete phone: can I perform a full backup of my 8220 using any piece of software (the software that comes with it has not yet touched) completely back up my phone and contacts for a simple import into another Blackberry should I need to come back to this one for ad #8 #9?

    Thank you all so much for your time and your help on this, I would really appreciate the phone, but for now I can't and I have already spent so much time import my contacts correctly I don't really want to consider changing phones...


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    (1) Sms messages. You can go to the queue, options, General, options scroll down

    SMS AND email inboxes: Select distinct. You will have a record for you SMS messages.

    There is not a way to save the user, I know.

    (2) for 'gang' remove hold down SHIFT and defiler scroll messages, and then press DELETE.

    You can also scroll to the date line, select menu deletes before. This will remove all messages before

    on the date indicated.

    (3) Please indicate if you are setting up that BES (server) or BIS (telephone).

    (4) memory card. The media files that you can put on the media card will save the memory of your device. Most

    the device memory smooth your BB will run. The easiest way to manage files and data on the media

    card is to use the USB cable to access the PC and BB. Open windows 'MY Computer', will come the media card

    like a flash drive. You can then load the files in the directories right through the 'drag and drop '.  If you have a software for device OS 4.5 you have docs to go. This contains word and excel and powerpoint. For a good answer on how to use it, check out this link to read the Post of JERRYD:

    (5) you cannot lock individual records. Password, you can protect the unit.

    (6) in the camera go to options, select photo size: large, medium, small selection.

    (7) to change the external display options:

    8 + 9) you would have to compare with the other 8220 to see if this is a normal phenomenon, I have no access to

    a 8220.

    (10) Yes, use desktop software manager to create a backup of your phone. You can either restore

    the backup on the new phone, or use the wizard to transfer between two Blackberry switch device

    phones. This should be in the user manual.

    User Manual:

    Thank you

    Don't forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

  • Internal error 4238 blackBerry Smartphones, exchange 2007

    BlackBerry 8320, Outlook 2007, Windows XP, Exchange 2007 and Blackberry Desktop Manager, extreme frustration.

    Try to get the Exchange calendar to sync to the blackberry.  Outlook is configured to deliver mail to the mailbox on the server.  AFAIK synch is set up correctly, synchronization begins, ends with the error message "failed to get an Outlook or Exchange.  Lack of network access to the server Exchange can cause this problem ' Journal lists 'Read '' ' to the list of items, so connection to the server at a certain level is assumed, but ends with:


    Total of the second system entries: 1063

    Used for the translation field mapping:
    Feature of Microsoft Outlook
    -Title Description
    Start date - Date of start
    Start - Start time
    End date - End Date
    End time - end time
    Alarm Date - Date alarm
    Time alarm - the alarm time
    Reminder flag Set - alarm indicator
    Body - Notes
    Show Time as - free busy
    Private - private
    Participants in the meeting - participants

    #4238 internal error.
    Cancelled translation!


    It is one of the only two blackberrys in the Agency (and likely to stay at this rate), so BES installation is not an option.  Outlook works fine, we deleted then recreated the Outlook profile and the sync folder in the folder settings for the application - no luck.

    Is there something in particular that must be set on the server Exchange to enable the Blackberry communicate with her?  The specific services that should be running?  The Blackberry is replacing a Nokia that synchronized without problems on the same Exchange Server.

    Thanks for your responses and suggestions.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Here are a few KB dealing with this message:

    • KB11951 Unable to get data from a Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Record. Lack of access to the network for MS Exchange Server can cause this problem.
    • KB01172 Error 'Unable to get a folder Outlook or Microsoft Exchange' when syncing with BlackBerry Desktop Manager
    • KB03339 'Unable to get data from an Outlook or Microsoft Exchange' when syncing with Microsoft Outlook calendar
    • KB16222 Cannot synchronize smart phone BlackBerry using Microsoft Outlook 2000

    jgallott wrote:

    Is there something in particular that must be set on the server Exchange to enable the Blackberry communicate with her?  The specific services that should be running?  The Blackberry is replacing a Nokia that synchronized without problems on the same Exchange Server.

    Just a small clarification here - there is never any direct communication between a BB and the Exchange Server. All require ducts (BIS/OWA, BES, Desktop Redirector).

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Tunnel Timed out received


    We have developed a Java ME application that has been evaluated for fine fonctinner on Blackberry 9000 using the Wifi Interface. Downloaded the application on our server and the application installed on the device using OTA. The cod was signed through Blackberry. Application installs correctly and when it is launched, he's trying to connect to our server by using the HTTP connection. We use the direct TCP with Vodafone (India) APN setting (I tried www, portalnmms and but with all 3 APNs, the error is the same: Tunnel Timed Out

    With the URL '; deviceside = true' is specified for a direct TCP connection. Default browser to HTTP is configured for the Internet browser.

    HTTPDemo installed JDE, device samples and it also gives the same error.

    Tried to contact the service provider for the mistake of tunnel... but no help.

    Can someone help pls on this issue? Are there network tools to diagnose problems of tunnel on blackberry?

    Model: Blackberry 8310

    Version: (Platform

    Thank you


    Try the NetworkDiagnostics tool of the RIM. In addition, look at the log of events to see if the right NPP (those that you set in the Options-> advanced-> TCP) is actually used by the operating system - sometimes WAP 2.0 TCP is used instead.

    Another thing you could try is to take the this BlackBerry SIM card and insert it in a non-BlackBerry phone, say, a Nokia. Then you can check if this unit can connect to the Internet and you might also find what NPC he uses.

  • Synchronize with Nokia N95 or Outlook blackBerry Smartphones

    I just bought a BB bold and now I want to transfer data from my old phone (a nokia 95) to my BB... I tried the wizard of device - switch switch to another device to a blackberry device and two options are displayed (1 palm, 2 software windows mobile). The two are not clickable even if both the BB as the Nokia n95 are connected to the computer. I know that my N95 is not running on palm or windows mobile, but there must be a way to transfer the date even when...

    I also tried to use Outlook, but my BB does not synchronize... I clicked on the contacts and told him to sync it, but there is no forthcoming contacts... The order of the day is a still bigger problem because I can not choose outlook windows, only offerd options are yahoo and ASCII importer/exporter...

    I really need a help cause I'm here getting desperate...

    Thanks in advance!

    In your previous post you said you use Outlook. You are using Windows Mail or Outlook on the computer? I don't think the Desktop Manager can synchronize with Windows Calendar.

    See this link for programs that the Desktop Manager can synchronize with. It is in section "organizing Support.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones copy contacts from Nokia 6500 to bb 8220 pearl flip

    I need to move/copy contacts from my Nokia 6500 to bb 8220 pearl, I already downloaded the bb desktop software... ideas pls?

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    RIM provides a device switch Wizard to migrate from another SmartPhone to a BB... but only for compatible devices. See this KB:

    • KB05459 How to use the switch device Wizard to switch to another smartphone to a BlackBerry smartphone

    If your old phone is not compatible with the wizard, then RIM more offers the possibility to import ASCII and CSV files. See this KB:

    • KB04312 Create and synchronize with an ASCII export file
      KB11194 How to import contacts from a CSV file to the BlackBerry
    • Sorry, but RIM does no research on how to get your data from your old device and in ASCII format or CSV... it is a function of your old device.

    In addition, you could (I think should) use a desktop PIM for your data (and you should, IMO). You must choose a compatible PIM of this KB. Then download your data from your old device and the PIM Office. Next, configure the BB to sync with the PIM:

    • KB17022 How to configure applications to Organizer for synchronization using BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry smartphones move contacts from a nokia, the BOLD 9700 phone

    Dear Sir.

    How can I move the contacts of your Nokia for the Bold9700

    Best regards

    Thanks in advance.

    It all depends on WHERE the nokia phone contacts are located in the phone's memory?

    So, if Nokia phone has a micro usb port (does?) use Desktop Manager > switch device Wizard.

    If this isn't the case, then you might need to find the forum a users Nokia to determine how you can export contacts from nokia on your computer in the form of an ASCII text file so that you can import this file into Outlook via BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    Still another way would be to use > download your contacts from phone nokia on this site, and then install miQlive on your BlackBerry and restore this site to your BlackBerry contacts.

    Good luck.

  • Is it possible to Port existing Nokia Java app for Blackberry 10 OS

    Hi all

    I did Java application for Nokia, which is available in the My question is, is it poosible to port this application for Blackberry OS 10.

    Bascially not...

    See this similar question:

  • BlackBerry Z30 switch from Iphone to Blackberry Z30

    I had an iPhone to the Blackberry Z30.

    Has anyone kept Blackberry management track or even interested in those of us who made the switch?

    You would think that when a Blackberry smart phone is sold to a customer from a competitor Blackberry will consider that as a very positive indicator. I got the new device for 2 months without no one asks the question.

    If nothing else in the customer satisfaction survey!

    JSanders wrote:

    95% satisfaction of the clientele at this place.

    .. who's on what other sites are showing, as well.

    What about... the Z30 is a phone!

  • BlackBerry Z30 don't switch call to the speaker using the navigation. Screen went black accept after phone call.

    I have this problem no need of me.

    While driving and use any software of navigation, such as:

    1. built in maps

    2 Waze

    3 NavFree

    If someone calls me, I can take the call. But immediately, the screen went black.

    I can't switch the call to the speakerphone. After random seconds, to switch screen might look for a second glance, and then the entire screen turned black.

    Although it is black screen, I can't do anything, including trying to drag up to close current app/call.

    Maybe it's something to do with the Navigation periodly software disables screen timeout?

    Hello, Yes,.

    Is this the same problem as described here:

    Discussion on how the screen turns black during a regular call, it is impossible, for example, to listen to a call and to have the keypad remains lit, so you can press the right numbers while dealing with an automated reception, was doing phone banking, or using any other system that relies on automated messages.

    The problem came down to how some people take their phone (especially when trying to listen to the guests and press the right button at the same time).  The solution has been to hold the phone differently.  So my question would be whether the phone is blacking out because of the very special combination of things happening in your scenario, or is it blacking out because you're online and proximity sensor of the phone thinks you're holding it to your ear (and think that when you do this, you want to have blackened keypad).

  • Switching blackBerry Z10 devices

    I have a new Blackberry Z10, and I want to transfer data/applications etc. of my old Z10.  The problem is when I try and switch them via Blackberry bind said OSs are incomplatible.

    The OS on my old camera is SR - OS - and my new camera SR - OS -

    I tried to update the software on both devices via Blackberry link and say that the device incorporates the latest version of the software.

    I tried to make a backup on the old device and restore it on the new device.

    I'd appreciate if anyone has any suggestions about how I can get the devices.

    OS is no longer available for the Z10. You'll want to use the instructions in the link posted BillJ and instead of codes which post, use the post codes below to install I'll assume that you have a STL100-2 or - 3 and you can use the codes for the-2 or - 3.

  • BlackBerry Z30 Q10 Link Switch Z30 question

    Hello world

    I recently took my Z30 currently Q10 so basically I crossed link blackberry and used the feature of switching device, I fly over all fine except the apps that flies over does not have the entire screen of the Z30, alone takes up the same space as he did on my Q10 and I can't move applications into the empty space at the bottom of the screen. How can I fix it? I tried hard reset and factory wipe too then redid everything and no change. Also, I can't hear the noise when you type on the virtual keys now :/

    Help please!

    Remove applications from the device is App World or by pressing the app (s) in question to see the icon small basket... click on the trash to delete.

    Back to Appworld to download and install fresh for the Z30.

    For the return of keyboard, go into your settings > language and input > Feedback and the volume of your keyboard.

    If you have the main volume control to MUTE or silent profile, the sound will be silent.

Maybe you are looking for

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