BlackBerry Twitter on BB Z10 Z10

Profile picture while typing on the profile picture on my flllowers & result, profile image, it cannot be zoomed, why? ,,


I'm sure it will be added in a future release. The Twitter app needs a lotof love...!

It would be super cool if the image would jump down from the top as do the app World icons when you touch! To see that go to the world of the app, select an application, and then press its icon in the upper left corner. Useless here... but cool!

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  • Z10 blackBerry how do you remove BlackBerry Maps of the Z10

    Maps does not work so I would remove and reinstall from BlackBerry World.

    How do you remove BlackBerry Maps of the Z10?

    Try this

  • BlackBerry Twitter App - tweet quote function

    Y at - it an option to quote Tweet on Z10? All I can see is RT. cite Tweet was available on my old BlackBerry.

    My Z10 is at home at the moment, but if I remember correctly, when you click on the retweet button, a popup opens and asks if you want to retweet or mention.

  • BlackBerry software problems sync Z10 and new computer.

    My BB Z10 has many contacts, none of them in the «Local Contacts» account This is to avoid duplicates, I only have my contacts on the BB link account that I use to synchronize with my desktop Outlook. Now, I have replaced the computer and only have contacts on my device.

    When I tried to sync with my new computer, it is what is happening. BB link creates a new account link (named after my computer) BB for synchronization. And because there is nothing in this new account and nothing on the computer, no contacts Sync. Apparently the BB link synchronize another account, only local Contacts or the account that he created the first time that you sign in with your new computer.

    I tried to put a contact on the Group of local Contacts, and then Resync. This contact was Sync and placed on the computer (Outlook) and on a new account link my device BB.

    So I thought that I could just walk-around her by placing all my contacts in my group of local Contacts. I could not find a way to 'select all' and don't feel like using the function "selection much" click on my 900 contacts.

    Is there an easy way to solve this problem? Course, the ideal solution would be to synchronize the account I choose. I'm not sure that this is a reasonable request, however. So, I would be happy with the market "copy of local Contacts.

    Thank you very much!!


    Unfortunately, there is no way that you can select all contacts with just a tap. You should choose the option "Select more" and to highlight the contacts one by one.

    Also he by design this Blackberry link will only synchronize the device data associated with the link BB for this computer account.

    That means, 1 BB PC link data on the device will not sync with 2 PCs.

  • How downgrade the operating system BlackBerry 10.3.3 z10?

    I recently got updated to beta 10.3.3 my z10 with automatic charger BlackBerry, I jot m satisfied with this is there is no music, Manager of gallery files all, how downgrade to 10.3.2? or must I wait for the alpha upgrade?

    Sorry, as you have been informed with the 10.3.3 upgrade developer OS, it is not possible to downgrade. You have an OS developer for the test, with some modules disabled.

    You will have to wait for the full upgrade.

  • Contacts transfer blackBerry BB 9800 to Z10 Z10


    I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and I would like to transfer all contacts to my new Z10 BB

    How can I do it without recording all my contacts on my SIM card

    Thanks for your help



    Hello gillesg


    Transferring content to your new Z10 BlackBerry is easy


    Bring your contacts, video, photos, apps and more from your old phone to your new BlackBerry 10 device can be fast and hassle-free, especially if you already have a BlackBerry ID.

    But before you start, download BlackBerry link of Click on a link below to navigate to the desired section.

    • BlackBerry link to download on your computer.
    • Connect your old device to your computer via a USB cable.
    • Follow the steps on the BlackBerry link screen.

    What will be transferred?


    With link to BlackBerry, you can transfer data that has been saved in the memory on your old device, including:

    • Contacts
    • Files (documents, photos, music)
    • Calendar items
    • Tasks and memos
    • BBM contacts
    • Folders and bookmarks in the browser
    • Alarm clock/settings
    • Text, SMS, MMS, PIN messages
    • Phone call logs
    • WLAN profiles (for networks of SMEs)
    • Entries in password Keeper

    If you have anything that is saved on your SIM card, such as address book contacts, be sure to first save these things to your device memory or media card. Who will follow they are transferred over the switch of the device

    Switching using a media card devices


    For users of smartphones BlackBerry with BlackBerry OS 7 and later versions, you can switch devices using your card.

    • On your old device, tap search and type switch of the device in the field.
    • If you are running BlackBerry 7.0 or later, the installer appears in outcomes research.
    • Click Setup > Switch Device > using a multimedia card > Save data and select continue.
    • When all of your content is saved in a backup file, remove the media card and insert it into your new BlackBerry 10 device.
    • When the screen appears on your BlackBerry device 10, type your password for the backup file and elements will begin to transfer to your new device.
  • BlackBerry made to dissociate Z10 Contacts ALWAYS... Now with the missing numbers!

    This is third this time I had to go back to the forum to talk about how my (insert expletive) Z10 BB can't seem to find a way to keep my related contacts.

    Unfortunately, I don't me even that it was my third post this topic until the Forum and realize that none of my previous posts never had any sort of answer (insert expletive)!

    This company (insert expletive) is beyond salvageable, and I will be forced into the new combined very market soon.

    I only wish there was a way to inflict pain... physical pain on all those responsible for this problem and more so on those in the forum that do not react with a fix.

    BB... G.F.Y.

    That's what I needed to know. suffered a problem with synchronization of Contact. Contacts disappear from the device... This is the case on all platforms, not only of BlackBerry. It happened to my devices as well as devices of my wife (Z10, Z30, iPad 2, iPad 2 Air, Playbook, etc..)

    So, before you go out with condescending insults to me (and BlackBerry) perhaps you should get the answer first. If the contacts are lost and then have to resynchronize, they must be related. Maybe you did not notice your contacts disappear, but I assure you that they did, for a certain period of time. If you haven't noticed, you're in luck. I lost them for nearly 24 hours. Nothing to do with BlackBerry.

  • BlackBerry with some apps z10 Z10 problems

    Pls can someone help me with this problem?

    Some of the apps in my Z10 has refused to respond or open, I tried restarting several times and also remove the battery and sim card toseee if it will work still does not... these problems are limited to the apps that I downloaded world blackberry, once that came with the device (bbm, facebook, etc.) work except youtube which opens but does not play. other applications like viber, tango, bitcoin etc. will not yet open, 1, I thought it was the virus so I haven't bought an antivirus of max course still no solution. Please I need help on how to get this problem is solved. THX

    It might be one of the applications that you have downloaded the source of the problem, remove all the, Power off and then on and download that one, if that one will not work remove power market again and try another, if the problem persists then it is something else.

    You can think of this:

  • BlackBerry smartphones save my Z10 for DTEK50 files

    Hello community!

    Need your support against my concern.

    My old Z10 Blackberry stolen, I already made a backup link to BlackBerry.

    I need information of contacts of this backup files transfer to my new DTEK50.

    Please help me.

    Thank you very much

    The above is false. You cannot restore a backup of a device BB10 to Priv or DTEK50. You must have two devices and you must have installed on both to transfer data from the content transfer application.

    The only way to do it would be to restore the backup to another BB10 device, then the content transfer application allows to transfer this unit.

  • How can Z10 blackBerry I switch the Z10 to BB9900 device?

    I need to move from a Z10 to a BB9900!

    Looks like there is no way to do it?

    The Blackberry Desktop software can't hired the Z10 .bbb backup file or the Z10 itself...?

    and the Blackberry link does not work with the BB9900... ?

    Help, please.

    task514 wrote:

    What is the alternative?

    There are other applications such as the ContactX that backup manually, extract and restore to a CSV or XLS file.

    You can use it to downgrade to the 9900.

  • BlackBerry battery problem new Z10 Z10

    Hi all

    I bought a new Z10 BB a month back & last few days her having problems with the battery, if I load the full bttry after 30 min it start showing fees battry 0% in RED. But the phone works with all the problems (dnt phone will turn off). When I check the battry health in virtual Blackberry Expert, it shows the battery in RED.

    Can someone tell me what to do? Is this a problem with the operating system or the battery it self?

    Thanks in advance.



    Please try this sequence... Note that, throughout the entire 4h15m process, your BB must be directly connected to a charger checked (not PC USB, not a docking station):

    1. With battery, connect your BB to the wall charger
    2. Leave it alone for 2 hours, no matter what the LED or the screen not
    3. Remove the battery
    4. Wait 15 minutes
    5. Insert the battery
    6. Wait another 2 hours, no matter what the LED or the screen not

    This has been known to "revive" some BBs. If it fails, increase the waiting time at step 2 upwards to 2 hours and maybe more than 5 hours. This has been known, in some cases, to realign the calibration of the battery with the battery meter.

    It is also possible that your battery or BB has encountered a problem... to test, this sequence is necessary:

    1. Get a known good and already fully charged battery... use it in your BB and see what happens
    2. Get access to a BB good and the same known... use your battery in there and see what happens

    The results of this will show if your BB or your battery that has the problem. Carefully note please that 'new' and 'know' are not necessarily the same things. Although rare, a 'new' battery could certainly be defective. On the contrary, the easiest (and cheapest, btw) method to perform this test is to find someone with an identical BB which has no problem... trade in batteries and see what happens.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Update blackBerry BB 10.2 Z10 puts my phone in balancing mode

    Updated my Z10 (on a BES in single mode of work) to 10.2 this morning and now the phone has been lacking in mode balance with all my photos end up on a personal level?

    My BES reported the phone is at version but my phone displays version, I do not have the 'new' versions on my phone and I've tried a soft and hard reboot.

    No matter who else running a Z10 works only mode?

    Sorry to hear that, look here for a fix

    How to manually re-enable to the workspace only on BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.1 and 10.2

  • BlackBerry App Skype for Z10

    How can I load into Skype on my Z10? is supposed to go to the Blackberry World and down load the application. I searched and found nothing other than an application that wants me to pay.

    Hello appearance.

    the link above is a link to a non-secure application.
    Install an insecure application is possible on the Z10, but application to behave "as a developer" on your Z10. This manipulation is called "side loading" as opposed to the installation of an application from BlackBerry World.

    I advise to not make sideloading if you are not comfortable with your new Z10, and of course I recommend of not not sideload any application from a source you do not trust 100%.

  • BlackBerry BIS for BB Z10 Z10


    I'm going to buy a BB Z10 as a gift, but it's going to serve in Kosovo, where network operators do not support the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). I said to carphone warehouse could not get connected to the mobile internet because of this.

    Can someone tell me if this phone may or may not connect to the mobile internet, cos if not then there is no point buying a.

    Hello lulichaki

    BB 10 devices use generic data plan. Not need BIS or Blackberry data plan that which provides for BB OS 7 or earlier models.

    With generic data in Z10 plan, you can browse Internet, email, bbm, whatsapp and others.

    See you soon.

  • BlackBerry 10 on bb Z10

    Why should I get for bb bbZ10 9810. What is the difference in navigation is the Z10 has more 9810. It supports browsing web addresses with flash player content?

    The Z10 BlackBerry has an excellent browser with the highest compatibility of any mobile HTML5: (as of this post, the first current place is 10 BlackBerry with a score of 485).

    It also supports flash (you must activate it in the settings menu) and even a desktop mode if you want to display the non-mobile version of a Web site.

Maybe you are looking for