BlackBerry Z10 camera in use, can't use the camera

I have 4 programs that use the camera and now nothing works as it says that the device is used with another program.  I've deleted all the programs, but still couldn't use my camera phone.  I have given all the programs I deleted and still no change.  Any thoughts?

Programs that use the camera are Panorama 360, waze, flashlight and Skype.  I kept offshore for contact problems associated with Skype Skype


jefferyh wrote:

I have 4 programs that use the camera and now nothing works as it says that the device is used with another program.  I've deleted all the programs, but still couldn't use my camera phone.  I have given all the programs I deleted and still no change.  Any thoughts?

Programs that use the camera are Panorama 360, waze, flashlight and Skype.  I kept offshore for contact problems associated with Skype Skype

What operating system do you use? Have you tried to re - start the phone after removing the above programs?

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  • BlackBerry Z10 well defined, I can't get the phone to ring and vibrate as the default value for all calls. I can put individual contacts, but I want to ring and vibrate for all.

    Although the value, I can not phone ring and vibrate as the default value for all calls. I can put individual to vibrate and ring contacts and it works but I want as the default for all incoming calls. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

    Sorry, I found the answer in the manual

    "Change your ringtone, sounds or alerts.

    GoTo settings\notifications to the bottom of the screen select application\phone

    You can activate vibrate out there, put the ringer default etc.

  • Fault of blackBerry Z10 camera

    My camera showing z10 livelihoods cannot start after the software update 10.3

    I suggest you do the hard reset first: connect your phone to wall charger and when turned on, remove the battery and leave it for 10 minutes. Reinsert the battery, switch on and check if you can use the camera now. In some cases, the media card is the cause. So you want to remove your media card to see if it has the camera effect.

    You can check the status of the camera using BlackBerry Expert virtual: choose a test > front and rear camera test.

    Note: you provide your phone number in your profile, which is not recommended because it's public forums and that there might be someone send you spam messages. Changing Menu settings on the top left of this page.

  • BlackBerry smartphones - tried to use the synchronization of media for itunes says I need a "microSD".

    do I have to buy separately or is it in my phone?  I'm naïve - thank you!

    Hello, a microsd card is a memory card. It is used by the blackberry to receive multimedia such as photos, video files, mp3.
    Based on the offer of the seller, you may or may not have one.

    To find out if you have one, you can just goto the home screen.
    then Options
    then the multimedia card.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones inability to use the browser

    Hi, this is my first thread and I have a big problem with my curve.

    About 5 days ago I couldn't access my browser anymore. The same message is displayed every time that I have enter a URL or try to look for something. He said: "this is a problem when trying to render the page. The strange thing is my email and facebook still work. I have no problem receiving or sending emails, and my facebook app still works fine. I tried to link my WiFi to my home router, but who has not yet solved the problem. I put it on T-Mobile internet standard service, but still nothing. Is my phone broken or is it something else?

    NOTE - I have no other problems with the phone. Send and receive texts still working and still takes work.

    Will try "manage connections" and disable "mobile network"... wait a few minutes... turn it back on. Also do a battery Pull:
    1. remove the battery while the phone is turned on
    2. wait a few seconds before inserting it again
    3. wait for the long end of the boot process (takes a few minutes usually)

    This clears most of the software problems that occur on the BlackBerry from time to time. You can also use Quickpull, a free application that simulates a battery pull without removing the battery:
    A battery pull gets lost when using the applications memory and clears minor software errors that creep over time. The blackberry is running an operating system just like your PC is running windows and battery pull is the equivalent of a reboot / restart your computer.

  • Smartphones blackBerry 8320 T-Mobile using the curve with AT & T Service


    I have a Curve 8320 which was initially branded as a T-Mobile phone.  It is unlocked, and I use it with AT & T service.

    Phone works fine, just like internet and Messaging.  However, I can't set up email and cannot set up on the Blackberry Internet Service web page as he says he is not registered with my provider of wireless.  I followed the steps on the phone to save, no luck.

    Support technical at & T said that they cannot set up a profile on the Blackberry page for me, as long as T-Mobile removes the old profile for this phone.  T-Mobile tech service dept basically said that they have no idea what talking about AT & T & suggested that contact Blackberry directly to get the deleted profile.  Tech AT & T once said that it's done, I can set up a new profile page and everything will be good.

    So, how can I get the blackberry web page deleted profile of T-Mobile, as AT & T rep service tech says needs to be done? Or is this info correct that AT & T provided?  Or is this phone locked for always in service of T-Mobile for e-mail and I have to buy an AT & T branded Blackberry?

    Yes, a BB data plan is a must.  I assumed that since you were talking about registering the device and had talked to a representative already you probably had the current plan.

    The question of the spindle is a question that often comes up when you try to set up email on the appliances.

    Glad that your question was just the data plan.  The pin version number can be much more difficult to solve.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how to use the calculator to divide the numbers

    How can I use the calculator to divide a number?

    RamsesVI wrote:

    How can I use the calculator to divide a number?

    Hi RamsesVI

    Open the calculator application and use the / symbol of division.

  • BlackBerry 10 camera settings advanced BlackBerry Z10 camera

    When I see apps like ProShot and Nokia camera and features they provide on Windows phones, I really feel that a lot could be done with the camera of 10 of BlackBerry. BB10 camera still missing features like the definition of ISO and speed of stutter like we do in manual mode in not even expensive phones Nokia Lumia.

    Is there by any chance possible for BlackBerry to introduce these advanced features to BlackBerry 10 camera in future updates?

    Give your comments or suggestion here could help speed things up.

  • BlackBerry Z10 GMAIL account only for access to the calendar creation

    I wanted to ask you members of the jury if they had experience with this, before I ruin my Z10.

    I need to access a Google Calendar and pour the contents in my calendar on the Z10 constantly updated. Otherwise, I use the software Link with USB with Outlook 10 and use the account of BBLink calendar on my device. Right now I do not link Gmail with my Z10 and I do not want.

    As I tried to put in place, it seems that Google wants to access my camera, put in place an e-mail account, synchronize my contacts. I stopped the installation program and do not advance.

    I have the leaked OS, which is awesome, BTW and I add option subscribed calendar in add them new account settings, but I have been unable to do so after I tried a as the server address or the google link provides the option of setting the calendar...

    Is it possible to add a GMAIL account with messaging, contacts, just get a 1-way synchronization schedule synchronization?


    During the installation process, you can be (depends on your level of operating system) presented with several different screens, some will be pretending come from GMail and other BlackBerry. One of those who may make statements want to allow setting up the agenda, your contacts and emails... but this screen will not provide any options but to accept or cancel. This screen is actually just informative... saying you have to accept if you want to be able to use an ANY of these, but that screen does not actually set any of them. When you accept this first screen, it will proceed to the other screens, which is where you choose actually the functions you want to integrate (calendar, contacts, or email)... simply because of the slide for OFF those you don't want to not activate.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Z10 impossible access contacts or messages and the non-existent hub

    I got a Z10 now and during the installation I noticed that if I clicked on the "contacts" or "text messages'icons are not." I thought when I transferred all the data from my old divide that would correct itself, but it does not.

    None of my contacts or forwarded messages, and I Redid the transfer twice. My call log was transferred, but all entries are number only, no names. And I can't seem to be able to add these numbers to my contacts. I can't even enter the contacts and enter all my previous Info manually.

    I have no hub blackberry either and I asked the people who are in the same room to send me messages but I don't get them. I tried to reboot the device several times but nothing moves. I seem to be able to BBM surveys send, but not receive them.

    Seems that the only thing I can do is to make and receive calls and use the internet browser.

    Can any ideas on how I fix? I will go back to the store I had the phone of the future, but really looking for some information at this time if possible.

    Thank you.


    Hi G and welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums!

    Have you made software updates on your BlackBerry Z10? If this is not the case, there may be one available. You can do the update through the BlackBerry Link with your device, or by going to settings > software updates on the device itself.

    Thank you.

  • BlackBerry Z10 how to configure gmail so all the messages in the mailbox appears in the BB?

    I'm having a problem with my gmail sync on BB Z10. For some reason, only two or three last messages as shown in the hub-> Email.

    Is anyone know where should I look for to fix and to see all my gmail messages volume?

    Thanks in advance

    Strange indeed. So now, I would say that you remove then re-add, but remember to use the advanced configuration screen. During the process of account add, where it offers 'Add account' with 2 (maybe it can vary depending on the carrier) selections, the first being "Email, calendar and Contacts", instead of what to choose, tap the screen of the low 'Advanced' button and then click on the button to GMail. Be sure to use "" for the "server address", '443' to the 'Port', ON SSL, VPN OFF and PUSH next. "Synchronize the calendar", you can choose (30 days maximum).

  • Z3 blackBerry how my z3 bb can connect to the bb on my pc link? Help!

    Just, I can't connect my bb to bb link z3 in my pc. It says my installation is incomplete. I have to disconnect the device n when it is finished, I try to plug my camera in return. I did everything in the Configuration option and also configure configuration once you are guided when you have a new z3 of bb. But the thing is, my device has OS upgrade available. I want to upgrade, but I have not enough free space even if I deleted some apps. The upgrade of OS has something to do to finish the configuration setting, so I could connect to my pc with bb link via a usb cable? Or you guys have no idea how my z3 bb can connect to the bb link? Or how can I upgrade my memory spacr dealing with BONES? Help, please
    THX. My os is 10.2.0



    I hope that these help!

    Good luck and let us know.

  • BlackBerry Z10 Facebook presents more than once in the HUB!

    Dear all,

    I noticed that my Facebook showed more than once in the HUB! and all instance displays something different from each other. Past instances show old notifications that I deleted a long time ago!

    Whenever a connection and disconnection of the Facebook application, a new instance is created inside the HUB! It seems that there is a serious bug in the HUB or Facebook!

    How can I fix?

    found the solution here:

    Thanks to the FB developers!

  • Locked blackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphones and can't find the mute button to unlock

    Hello.  I have a BB Curve 8520.  I was looking for just the page options and then I think I clicked on the speed dial option.  The keyguard option has 'a' and I clicked it and it locked the keyboard.  I didn't realize there was a lock for my keyboard (and had been in charge of looking for one).  However, I can't get it unlocked.  When I press the menu button, it appears that the keyboard is locked.  Press the button Mute to unlock. »

    However, I don't know where is the Mute button, nor can I get it to unlock.

    My theme is precision zen (I think) if that makes a difference.

    Does anyone know how can I unlock my keyboard?  And then how to lock successfully in the future?  I guess I don't understand the aspect of the phone speed dial.

    Thanks for any help!

    Never mind.  I used the tutorial to find the button mute.

  • BlackBerry Z10 removal of hundreds of Messages in the hub to a single click of 1 button?


    I have a Z10 and love the phone.

    I have all my 10 email accounts hung in the HUB which is absolutely awesome!

    What I want to know, is there an easier way to remove hundreds of emails from the HUB, once I do a specific search instead of clicking the button 'SELECT PLUS' and individually by selecting one at a time...

    I wonder if as in Outlook, you can click on the email at the top of the page and then shift and click on the email from the bottom to select as many messages as you like and delete them all at once?

    If this isn't the case, I hope that someone will add it to the list of the already excellent features, the phone has.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you


    I don't know if you are aware of the function delete prior. It allows you to delete all messages prior to a given date. The only thing with this function, it is that you cannot select individual messages to maintain, but if you want all went to a date selected and previously, press on and keep the date in question in the menu that opens you just tap on the icon to the trash with the arrow pointing down on this issue.

    I hope that helps you.

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