Blank Page for people with disabilities and additional installers

Hello friends,

First of all, I would like to thank NOR & veterans on the maintenance of this vast and useful forum where we can find solutions to almost all of our problems.

I recently faced a problem when creating Setup program for my application (first time use). I found that page additional installers required to add the runtime and Daqmx drivers was empty and even the disabled (see the image attached). I tried to repair my Installation of Labview 8.2.1 (I also have Labview 8.0 installed on the system) but cannot correct the problem.

Can someone offer please soultions or advice for my problem?

Thank you


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  • Blank Page for APEX on ADR and Tomcat 5.0

    Hi all

    I finally complete the installation in the environment of Production of DURATION; but when I call APEX of EBS link, it showed the white page

    I use APEX 5.0 with ADR 2.0 set up with Tomcat.

    What source of the page view, it showed no error, when I look at localhost_access_log.2015 - 10 - 30.txt

    [30/Oct / 2015:15:48:14 + 0800] "GET/apex/f? p = 103::7562978440464
    : 103:1:7562978440464: HTTP/1.1 "302 -

    [30/Oct / 2015:15:48:16 + 0800] "GET/apex/f? p = 103:1:756297844046

    4: HTTP/1.1 "200 18116

    [30/Oct / 2015:15:48:16 + 0800] 'GET /i/themes/theme_42/1.0/css/V '.

    ITA.min.CSS? v = HTTP/1.1 "404 1027

    As long as the calling program is there HTTP 404

    I copied apex/images in Tomcat webapps / I, all users can open account status.  Restart Tomcat and it shows blank page

    As the production server, I can not activate debugging ADR, how check the configuration files that specify the directories to load images is?

    How can I find out, he calls apex.war correctly?

    Thank you, Dorothy

    Hi Kiran,

    Thanks for your help.

    I found the cause; It's me and my fingers that itches.  I copy the images / *. * instead of image / *;  caused with extension computer files have been copied.

    All are deployed successfully.

    Thank you, Dorothy

  • eyeball and eyeblink controlled robot with prevention system of barriers for people with disabilities

    I'm working on this project bt I am unable to detect the eye ball


    a few tips:

    Hope you find it useful.

    Best regards


  • Options registration and preferences for people with disabilities

    Help. I recently started using Captivate 3 again after a break of a few months. I need to save a simulation software project. When I select the type of Simulation software (Application or custom size) and click OK, I have the dialog box to select the window and start recording.

    On this dialog, I can choose the Manual Mode or full-motion recording. However, the check boxes to select demonstration, assessment Simulation, training Simulation, or Custom are all grayed out. Also, if I choose settings... here I can't select the general or the project settings in the tree view. They are disabled.

    Something is futzed upward in my configuration. Someone knows how to fix this? Thank you!


    Oops. Too bad. I clicked around in the settings and it reset and works now. Probably my own stupidity. Please ignore...

  • Laptop has Options of food (lid closed) for people with disabilities


    I use a monitor external when using my laptop Samsung QX410 and want to keep the computer when I close the lid.

    When you try to change the settings in the Control Panel/change Advanced Power/power buttons and lid, I have only one option, 'Sleep', which is disabled (i.e., grayed out). I checked that I have administrator rights and tried to change other settings of the power plan, etc., but can not set my laptop / privileges to activate the other options.

    The laptop computer was purchased with Windows 7 pre-loaded, and I contacted the support of Samsung. They tried to help me but eventually determined that it is a matter of Windows 7.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    ebaltazar - I set myself. This is the Samsung Fast Start program which causes the options disabled.

    To fix:

    Go to start programs/Samsung/Fast Start, which will open and you will see that the default setting is 'On '. Select 'off '.

    Return to the option of power control and the option to do nothing for lid close Action will be there.

    Pretty quick fix. Samsung surprised don't know when I talked to them.

  • HPWA_Main.exe people with disabilities and HP Support Assistant Application stop working

    First of all Hello! I have some problem in my HP G62 - a32EE Notebook PC windows 7 homebased. First of all my HPWA_Main.exe has been disabled. Even if my bluetooth and WLAN is disabled. I tried to unplug the adapter and I also uninstall my wireless HP support, but still I can activate it. I tried to click on the F12 key, but even my f12 key didn't work. My system BIOS has been updated already last January 13, 2012.

    Second, my HP support Assistant application stops working 5 days ago. I received a notification on my hp support assistant that needs to install the update. So, I installed it but I can't install itself because of serious problem. So, I was advised to close the application, and I did. Yet, I can not use my hp support assistance so far.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    What was the status message for the card wireless in Device Manager?

    My previous post should be the steps listed.

  • Is there a discount for people with disabilities?

    Hello, I think to buy Pre Pro.  In my view, there are discounts for students, but not for 100% disability.

    I am currently using Final Cut Pro X to create videos.  I hear that the Pr is a video editing software better.  Being that I'm self-taught and I really

    NO real experience, it would be just to learn something new and interesting.

    I know more than I need, but why not?

    Can someone help me, thanks Angela

    For legal reasons, it is impossible to offer price variations based on factors of discrimination such as age, ability, religion or sex. The specific case of the educational editions is allowed because in theory, anyone can choose to become a student.

  • How do for people with disabilities has commandToolbarButton by other commandToolbarButton

    How disabled a commandToolbarButton by other commandToolbarButton using javascript?


  • How to remove society and ease or do the research-people with disabilities

    Hi support them.

    How to remove the information society and the ease or make this information search-people with disabilities?

    Thank you.


    There is no way to do this currently without direct intervention of the database.   Here are a few options:

    1. create a social movement archived old facilities below with the role of facility Relocator

    2. turn on the SCRM BU security and "deleted" company/resources associated with a bushel, no one has access to.

    3. remove the company and the installation of the database.   Support or a Dev in Dev session may be able to help with a script.

    We plan to address this in a future release.  Please submit a request for improvement around the needs of your business to ensure we cover your use with improving case.

    Thank you


  • Message: "the Security Center service cannot be started. I am running Vista, fully up to date with AntiVirus & Anti Malware, & others. Unable to change the center of security of people with DISABILITIES.

    Message: "the Security Center service cannot be started. I am running Vista, completely up-to-date with Avira AntiVirus, Malwarebytes - Anti-Malware, MS/scans of Windows Security Center (for example MS Fix It programs Center), etc. No Malware has been found. Despite me trying to re - set the Security Center using start > Services > SecurityCenter > change to "Automatic (delayed start)" people with disabilities > start > output the re-creation is not the owner and I'm back with no security - with the same message as the original. I spent hours trying to deal with this. There is no known new applications/programs, and the problem started about 3 days ago. Help requested - thanks. JohnG - Sydney


    ·         Are you can change the Security Center service parameter by using a different user account on the computer?

    I suggest you to make sure that Windows Defender is running. Follow the below mentioned articles and check.

    Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1: I suggest you perform the clean boot and check.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    Note: After troubleshooting, be sure to configure the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

    Method 2: If the method above is not enough, then I suggest refer you the link try the steps and check if that helps:

    How to perform an upgrade on the spot on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2



    You can back up data to an external hard drive and no CD. It is essential to back up data even if you do an upgrade on the spot.

    If you are using the original computer and the new laptop image, you will need to purchase a product key to activate the copy of windows installed on the laptop.

    Hope the information is useful.

  • After updating FF later, all the names of people with disabilities & messed usr

    After update of FF to the most recent (FF21-> FF49.0.2), all the names of people with disabilities & messed usr. So when I go to any login page, ago selected from various usernames, but disabled people come. Therefore, total hassles & no use. There is no other Q & A, this could be an isolated problem. Should a safer update in the steps as 21 to 28 to 43 to 49 or what is recommended to avoid this problem?

    Firefox 21-31 to memorize the connections a database file named signons.sqlite in coordination with signons3.txt . Firefox 32-49 now use logins.json in coordination with signons3.txt to store connections.

    What version do you have now? If you use a newer version than Firefox 31 - Firefox 32-49 - you can try to configure Firefox to redo the conversion of signons.sqlite in logins.json as follows:


    Step 1 is to change a preference, step 2 is at the exit of Firefox and hide logins.json step 3 is to try a new conversion

    Toggle a preference

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press enter/return. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste the access code and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double click on the preference signon.importedFromSqlite to switch the value from true to false (after Firefox performs the conversion once again, this will be true in itself)

    Hide the messed up the file logins.json

    Open the settings folder (AKA Firefox profile) current Firefox help

    • button '3-bar' menu > '? ' button > Troubleshooting Information
    • (menu bar) Help > troubleshooting information
    • type or paste everything: in the address bar and press Enter

    In the first table of the page, click on the view file"" button. This should launch a new window that lists the various files and folders in Windows Explorer.

    Leave this window open, switch back to Firefox and output, either:

    • "3-bar" menu button > button "power".
    • (menu bar) File > Exit

    Break while Firefox finishing his cleaning, then rename logins.json to something like logins.old, or I guess you could remove it if it is really unnecessary.

    Launch Firefox to trigger a new conversion

    Launch Firefox back up again. The transformed logins with success this time?

  • Problems with accessibility for people with low vision problems

    The company I work, developing courses that are often made for people with a Visual acuity greater than 20/70. Thus, the requested solution was that courses should have a button that changes the size of the text, and the user can choose what size is better for him. The problem is that you can call a javascript function that makes Web sites, but the same features that make it, does nothing inside a captivate course. Due to the size of the land, there a lot of hard work to do 5 States of the text of a legend to each of these texts, because javascript are much more quickly and dynamically.

    Someone at - he has worked with such a prior problem, which has a better solution?

    No I have not met this particular query before.  But I think it probably means using Captivate would work in this case too.  With the exception of the course adapted and dynamic text that is generated from the inserted variables, most of the text within an release of Captivate gets transformed into images.  That is why the javascript function you mentioned earlier does not work.  There is no text to expand, only the images.

  • I bought ipad air 1 after that 2013 but can not get the pages for free. Numbers and imovie I can. IOS9 running at the moment. I have pages when I connect on icloud on my pc. Can I transfer iPad app, because it is not in the ILO purchased in itunes.

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, also help on the post would be appreciated.

    I bought ipad air 1 after that 2013 but can not get the pages for free. Numbers and imovie I can. IOS9 running at the moment. I have pages when I connect on icloud on my pc. Can I transfer iPad app, because it is not in the ILO purchased in itunes.

    Thanks in advance


    The only way to install an ipad app is through the app store.  PC or Mac software does not run on the ipad.  Search in the contacts link at the bottom right of this page.  Give apple a call.

    I guess is the icon for pages in icloud for storing documents pages.  At the same time, apple had a cloud based pages.  Not sure what happened to her.


  • The latest update of firefox is not compatible with trend micro security and people with disabilities, it's when I clicked on install. How to bring back my trend micro?

    I downloaded a firefox security update. When I clicked on install (or apply), I was told it disabled my security from trend micro, and there is no version compatible with trend micro. He told me they keep control and let me know what is available. NOT GOOD. I paid a lot of money for my trend micro and want it to be functional. Help! I didn't click on finish. Does that mean the upgrade is not installed and that trend micro still works?

    I seem to have fixed that by going to the site of Trend Micro and upgrade to the latest version of Trend Micro Titanium 2012 V5.0. It uninstalled the previous version on my computer and then install the latest version. Trend Micro is working now and I can browse with Firefox. The upgrade was free.

  • Blank thumbnails for people under macOS Sierra

    Hi all! I use an iMac 21.5 ' (end 2013) with the latest Mac OS update of the Sierra (10.12 for the moment).

    I found a strange behavior of the Photos app, using the people album.

    With the help of pictures under Mac OS X El Capitan, I crossed the long process to define all the faces of my friends for each image of my iCloud photo library; I also removed all faces unwanted by pressing the x key.

    Under the Sierra, the Photos app crossed another analysis of the faces still: all the faces I confirmed under El Capitan are still there, but in addition there are plenty of new tiles white in the section "add people" that I can't delete or use.

    I thought something during the scan of people was wrong, so I rebuilt the library of photos, but nothing has changed.

    It turned out that the blank tiles are people I removed (under El Capitan) by pressing the x key. In fact, if you duplicate one of the images affected by this issue, you will find that it recognizes the new faces and the application lists correctly under the section "add people". If you open the image and remove the circles of those faces, you will find that the section "add people" now have black thumbnails.

    I think it is a bug. Next week, I'll call Apple support report.

    In my opinion, the good feature should be the following:

    • If people are recognized on a new photos, these are listed under the heading "add people";
    • If you want to hide them, faces are still recognized by the software, but they do not appear in the list of people;
    • If you want to remove them (by pressing the x on the circle button), the must go to the section "add people" or the "hidden people" section You should be able to rescan single image, image group or the entire library, if you want to return to the previous state.

    I have the same problem, but no solution.

    And I think that the screen "add people" is not very useful, just what is actually more complicated (Photos hiding in Sierra Photos)

    All photos should go the list of 'People' where I can either name or delete (I like your proposal of new analysis to recover).

    I would use 'Hide' for the less well-known people on the main list. But according to leonie it also excludes their pictures of memories.

Maybe you are looking for