Blocked or delete Wifi Mac address & change to the original iPhone address Wifi 6 more

Please change address of Mac Wifi on my iPhone camera Plus 6 and secure it will solve.

someone hack my connection to internet initial IP address.

I want to know what the actual address iPhone wifi 6 Plus.

Thank you.


The address real wifi to your phone depends on the address given by your router, unless you tell us what it is that we cannot know the answer to the question.

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  • possible to retrieve the deleted vNIC MAC address


    I deleted a vNIC and added a new vNIC in a troubleshooting session. The problem is that the server is picky about the MAC address due to licensing and now I would like to know if there is a way to recover the deleted vNIC mac address.

    Welcome to the communities.  I responded to this post in the AM, but it seems to have disappeared (back to maybe instant)

    1. identify the ESXi host the virtual machine in question feeds

    2. enable SSH on the host computer and the PuTTY as root

    3. navigate to the directory where the virtual machine is saved

    # cd/vmfs/volumes/path/to/vm
    Note: To determine the path your life of the virtual machine, you can watch the disc through the settings (vSphere Client), or run the following command:

    # vim - cmd vmsvc/getallvms | grep-i MyVMname

    4. to find the current and previous MAC addresses, run the following command:

    # cat./vmware*.log | grep MAC

    The output displays the date and time (in UTC) that each MAC address showed in the newspapers.

  • Cannot update Acrobat Pro because the contents have been changed since the original installation

    My system tells me it's time to update to Acrobat. It allows me to go through the download process, but then I get a message saying...

    «The update could not be applied because the Adobe Acrobat application contents have changed since the original installation.» If please reinstall Adobe Acrobat and look for updates again.

    What I have to download all of the Suite to reinstall Acrobat?

    I use Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard v 6.0

    Yes, you must use the installation files immediately if your acrobat was part of this suite.  That is to say, your serial number work with the purchased product.

    Available downloadable Setup files:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

  • Create a model that can be replicated, but will not show changes in the original model, which occurs in any comps duplicated from it?

    I imported a doc I - 4 layers. Then I dragged these 4 layers in a new comp - comp1. I would like to reproduce this model so that I can try different things using these same 4 layers. But when I duplicate the comp I did - comp 2 - any change I make appear in comp1. How can I create a model that can be duplicated - but will not show changes in the original model, which occurs in any comps duplicated from it? Thank you very much!


    It is a common misunderstanding when you start working in Ae. It takes time to get used to, and even veterans are still this error from time to time. Here's the thing, you have to get in your head: your project Panel is where your source material is, and the timeline is the place where there is a representation of this source. This means that if you duplicate an item in your timeline (particularly relevant for the precomps) it will duplicate a copy, not the source. so, if change you it - it will change all instances of this copy. If you want to duplicate a precomp and create another source, you will need to do it in a 4 step operation:

    1. duplicate your precomp in the timeline (you got that day)
    2. Select the source of this copy in the project Panel (currently the same precomp)-right click on the-> precomp 'reveal the source layer project.
    3. duplicate the precomp selected in the project Panel
    4. replace the copy in your panel mounting with the duplicate of the Source Panel (shortcut - Ctrl + alt + / when both are selected, or drag it to double with pressing Alt)

    what you are really duplicate the precomp twice - once in the project window and once in the timeline, and then one link to the other.

  • Imported sequence does not pick up changes to the Original

    When I use sequences nested with a project, any changes made to the original sequence is automatically reflected where it is embedded/included.

    For example, within a project, I have a sequence called "soccer". I understand not (NEST) this sequence in another sequence called "seq1".

    If I make changes to the "soccer", "seq1" automatically resumes to these changes (even if changes in the duration of "soccer" are NOT automatically picked up by "seq1", which is really annoying, but that's a topic for another day).

    Then, I created a new project and imported the sequences. This new project was "soccer" and "seq1" and everything worked very well.

    However, when I made changes to the "soccer", I was surprised to learn that although these changes was taken over by "seq1" in the original draft, they were NOT taken over by "seq1" in the new draft.

    In other words, it seemed that the import function makes a copy of the sequences from other projects, but this is a read-only snapshot... future changes to the original sequence are not reflected in the project in which they were imported. Which seems strange since it kind of goes against the idea of sequences. At the very least, it seems inconsistent.

    I do something wrong, or is that just how things work? Is it possible to obtain sequences imported to update without re - import?

    Heya Ed:

    When importing, the sequences of a project become sequences of project B (as if they had always been part of the project B initially).  So, project B is never look at a project for changes.

    This seems like a good feature request (feature request/Bug Report Form).  It could be 'Live nesting' or 'Live project Liaison.  I guess that's something that Adobe could be implemented via dynamic links.

    Or, if nothing else, a "sequence with other project sequence replace" type feature to speed up the process.

    Although, for example, it could become difficult.  Expect changes in project B is displayed in the project (in other words, be a reciprocity)?

    It might be more efficient to have the behavior of Final Cut Pro 1.25 7.0.3 was: open several project files at once and copy / paste sequences between projects (as well as bins, Master Clips, Clips of affiliation, subclips, titles, markers, etc.).


  • Can I use my file of smart noticed lrdata on another Mac and then takes over the changes to the original?

    LR5 CC user. I tried to use Smart saw for the first time. I followed what appeared to be the best advice but now not sure since most of the functionality of guides working with a single computer and offline files. I'm travelling away from more than a month. I have a Mac Pro with thousands of images. I exported my 'best' 5000 smart insights in a lrdata file to use with my macbook pro laptop on a trip. I took the file lrdata with me on a hard drive. Not the file catalog. Now it seems that I can import these files (by double-clicking the lrdata file) but I'm afraid that if I change them editing will be lost when I return to the original. They have different file names. I'm basically losing the chance to do a touch up? Or is it possible to edit and send them to the original catalogue?

    10greenmen wrote:

    import these files (by double-clicking the lrdata file) but I'm afraid that if I change them editing will be lost when I return to the original.

    We should not import & edit the preview files smart (the DNG with loss with names like 7/7FB5/7FB580F4-00BB-4C39-8DE5-C09490BA6CB8.dng), instead of the photos they "represent."

    But if you do, here's how to transfer settings and/or metadata to preview files smart imported/released to the original photos which you have edited in the first place:

    o NOTE: you must import smart previews published directly in your main catalog when you get home (travel catalog import, or save first and just import files xmp - two works in a way).

    * Download and install RelativeAntics (free by me) plugin.

    To choose "Any Smart Previews" pre-set (in the plugin Manager).

    * Select the imported smart preview files.

    * Run 'Relative Antics"(menu file-> Plugin Extras).

    * Unselect all items of ' Define 'Related' section, * except * "Custom Relative."

    * Select whether you want to transfer cause adjustment or metadata...

    * and do - this will copy the metadata and settings of the selected imported/edition-smart-preview to the photo that should be edited in the first place (the "related" photo).




  • Why not to record my audio changes of the original item

    I have several clips in first pro I want to change in hearing. After applying my favorite preset to one of them and save, I went back to preview to see that he has created ANOTHER audio file just for that I changed the audio connected to the video is completely intact. How can I just change the audio directly from the item, instead of making a new audio file?

    How can I just change the audio directly from the item, instead of making a new audio file?

    You can not.  Premiere Pro is a non-destructive Editor, which means it is play your media files and all changes must be exported outside as a new media file.

    Unfortunately, hearing does not work like that.  It's a destructive Editor, which means that any changes made to your audio files will permanently change the original.  Because of this design (flaw), PP will create copies of your audio files to Audition to work on.

  • Change to the original onion skin

    Ive been using flash for a couple of years now and upgraded for ANIMER CC. Personally, I prefer the original skin effect onion in flash, that the layer color cartoons, how can I change the old?


    I want to just inform you that animate CC 2015.2 released a few days back allows you to change the colors of onion skins of your choice. In addition, this version includes the following

    Please update your copy of CC animate to the latest ( using your Creative Cloud Desktop application. Logout & Sign - in in case you don't see Animate CC 2015.2 in your creative cloud application.

    Animation of the happy!

    Thank you!


  • 3.6 LR is more external changes with the original stacking.

    I don't know if it's the result of a recent update, but when I send a file to the PS to edit and save, it not is therefore more superimposed with the original RAW file.

    Previously, I would hit CMD + E, a tiff file would open in PS and after saving the new file itnthe appears in LR, stacked with the original. This is not the case more and I can't understand why.

    Any ideas?

    Yes, it is a small annoyance in LR3. LR3 remembers the photos has changed since the last edition of the battery or not a non-Raw photo as a copy. When you edit a Raw, it uses the last used choice.

    The solution is to select an arbitrary non - Raw (JPEG, TIFF) photo and choose «Edit in PS...» ». When the dialog box appears, set the option of stacking downstairs as you like (in your case: activate) and simply dismiss the dialog without actually loading a copy in PS - LR will remember the setting you did. The next time you edit a raw in PS, who remembered setting will take effect (so the new image is superimposed with the original Raw once again in your case).

    P.S. in LR4, this has been fixed: the decision whether or not the battery is more made in the dialog box "Edit in..." for no-Raws, but is a fixed configuration in the preferences that apply to the Raws and no-Raws. See also here: _the_stack_with_original_option_available (the issue has been resolved differently from what I proposed, probably because that "Edit in PS...) (' is supposed never to show the dialogs for the Raws, so it was resolved as a preferences option instead).

  • How can I edit and save changes to the original video footage?

    I have a lot of video files requiring a slight cropping due to my former web site logo appears.  I want to edit/crop the original videos and record the video in its original format and quality with the changes of crops included. Is this possible with Prpro CS5? When I click with the right button on a clip in the timeline panel or resources and select 'original edition' it opens it upward in the Windows drive. Thanks, Brum

    Export your clips

    You have lost quality during culture because you you be upscaling I guess.

  • delete "Desktop Search" and replace with the original Windows search utility

    Under XP, (files and folders) Windows search has been replaced by "Desktop Search", which doesn't help.  How can I get the search utility original back?

    You can't do that.  There may be 3rd party applications that will do something similar.

    The search in XP has also been replaced in win 7 and win 8.

  • form but need to make changes to the original, can I save my fields?

    I created my page layout in InDesign and added the form with Acrobat Pro capabilities... There are a LOT of things on it!  Well the person Im do for forgotten something and must be placed on the layout.  IM REALLY trying to rebuild all the capabilities of a new PDF form.  I tried to copy all the stuff from the form which he seems to do, but when I go to another PDF, it won't let me paste.  Also tried to move a PDF in the other PDF pages back to back and it wont even let me go the PDF (Yes im using Pro).  Is it possible to do without recreating forms from scratch?

    Pretty easy. Create your PDF improved ID, save with a different name.

    Open the old PDF file and use the Document > replace pages. He will replace pages but leave the fields of the form intact.

  • How to block a MAC address on my router?

    I need to know to block a MAC address on my router

    You must open in a browser (such as Internet Explorer) [usually the user name and password are admin]. Then go to security settings (depending on the manufacturer, the user interface varies) where block you a particular MAC address, or allow only a specific MAC address (options vary for the manufacturer).

    If any additional support is required, you can contact the support of manufacturer of router for assistance.

  • How to display the table HP V1900 - 8G switch MAC address


    Someone probably knows...

    Is it possible to display the MAC addresses of computers connected to the switch HP V1900 - 8G (ditch the WEB or CLI). All managed switches, I worked with had something like "MAC address Table" or more to display the MAC address of the switch table.

    I found it by myself. There is a function under Tools/system that allows to download MAC table as a txt file.

    Manual switch, you can see only screenshot that there are these functions, but no description on it at all. You must pass your manual!

  • Is it possible to make a reflection of the image that will change with the image? [was: reflection]

    Is it possible to make a reflection of the image that will change with the image?

    I believe that a dynamic object will solve your problem.

    Place your original image to a new file as a smart object and do the same for reflection (made by processing, reducing the opacity and introduce a slight blur horizontal) on its own layer, then:

    by double clicking on the smart object in the layers panel and return to the original image, any change in the original and save, automatically update the vertical image and its reflection.

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