Bloggie Sony MHS - PM5 camera

Salvo ogni volta che connect the bloggie al pc the riconosce come e virus don't blocca lo unloading dati

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  • How to retrieve deleted files from sony cyber shot camera without having to download any software

    I accidentally deleted my pictures of sony cyber shot camera... I want to restore their back, it's my favorite holiday photos, how to get hide them without downloading any software, can help anyone

    Windows and MacOS don't come with the ability to restore deleted files. If you want to restore deleted files, you need to suppliment your computer with software that can do this. To get this kind of software on your computer, the simplest method is to download it. If you don't want to download it, perhaps you could ask a friend to download it for you and give it to you on a flash drive.

  • Sony Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC4 does not work at all.

    I have an internal webcam on my laptop.  I reinstalled the driver: Sony Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC4.  The camera does not connect.  There is a small exclamation mark next to the driver in the menu devices on my computer.  I tried updates of Windows and it did not help.

    Anyone know how do I get the webcam to work again?

    Do a right click on the driver 'line' in the Device Manager, choose to update the driver manually and that it points to the driver package that you downloaded from the Sony website.

  • Sony Alpha DSLR camera without mirror works with 700si Minolta lenses?

    I'm in the market for the mirrorless alpha DSLR series. I have my minolta maxxum 700si minolta lenses. I heard that sony purchased Minolta camera technology and used the same mounts of lens for the new sony cameras. Is this true? I really don't want to buy the unit to see if the lenses to adapt and villages do not work.

    Thank you.

    Your Minolta lenses works perfectly on any of the SLR from Sony (three digits model) and boxes (two model numbers) I AM as is. Sony mirrorless cameras (a digit and four-digit numbers model) can be used with an adapter. Sony sells two adapters, THE-EA3 ($200) that takes in charge THE-EA4 ($350) , which supports the AE and AF (although slowly.) but not AF and AE

    Sony mirrorless body are nice, but adding the adapter makes bigger, heavier and more expensive than the SLT/SLR bodies, and they do not work as well.

    I suggest that you take a look at Sony A99 ($ 2,000), A77 II ($900) or A58 ($450).

  • Laptop Sony vaio computer camera works does not after having tried most of the things!

    have a computer laptop vaio from Sony and the camera does not work. I did most of the things apart to take apart!

    It has the standard driver that I uninstalled and reinstalled again.

    I don't have a arcsoft webcam program that many people say is contributing to this problem.

    Operating system is Windows 7.

    You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for the webcam in compatibility mode, if you have not already done.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Download the latest drivers from the site of VIOS of technical support.
    2. Press the Windows key + R, then on "devmgmt.msc".
    3. Go to webcam driver, then right-click on it.
    4. Click Properties and click the Uninstall tab.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Re install the latest driver in compatibility mode.
    • Right-click on the downloaded driver.
    • Click Properties , and then select the compatibility tab.
    • Click the check box next to "run this program in compatibility mode for: '.
    • Choose the option of Windows 7 on the menu drop-down.
    • Click "Run this program as an administrator".
    • Click apply and then click OK.

    If it persists, you may need to contact your computer manufacturer for help with your concern.

    Thank you.

  • Sony motion eye cam on my sony vaio vgn-fe48g has stopped working after installing win7

    Please could someone help me to set up the Board Sony motion eye cam and FN keys that don't work after upgrading from Vista to Win7, Sony are no help at all.

    Device Manager can't even see the cam. I tried to install it manually and the nearest me am added the cam, I was able to start.

    Maybe you are missing the drivers. Are there drivers available for this W7?

    You should check with Sony for your specific model and area/region Web site to see if they provide any W7 drivers at all. If Yes, have you installed them for the web cam?

    EXAMPLE - this site is for the India, they have a few drivers for Vista HP 32 bit, but none that seems for W7 HP 32-bit. -

    This is a missing driver for W7 then issue you might try to install drivers vista in compatibility mode, but this is not guaranteed and can cause other problems. Back up your data first to be safe. See and you need the correct version of the pilot 32 or 64 bits depending on the case.

  • Unable to connect Sony DSC-W650 camera to the computer

    original title: Sony DSC-W650 camera woes

    Anyone had problems connecting camera Sony DSC-W650 to pc via the USB with Windows 7 OS?  Very frustrating.  Beautiful pictures, just can't get off the bloody camera em.  Chat with rep online, no help to Sony since.  Downloaded software (since the plug & play does not work) without help.  Tried multiple USB ports with the same results.  Device Manager indicates I need to troubleshoot the device (appears on device like DSC-W650 Manager so it must be to see something), but zero.  Currently re-download software (PlayMemories) but I'm not going to hold my breath.  Help!


    Thanks for posting the query on Microsoft Community and we are pleased to help you.

    The description of this request, it seems that you are having problems connecting camera Sony DSC-W650, prosecute the USB ports on the computer.

    I would like to gather more information on this problem:

    (1) that you get any notification on the screen after connecting the camera to the computer?
    (2) do you receive an error message after you connect the device camera to the computer?
    (3) don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    Perhaps, the hardware and devices troubleshooter can only solve the problem.

    You can track upward with the following methods:

    Method 1:

    Please see the link to open and run the hardware and peripheral troubleshooting tool on the computer:

    Method 2:

    If the troubleshooter doesn't help, maybe, update the drivers for the USB can solve this problem.

    You can follow the link to update the drivers for hardware that does not work correctly: ' t-work correctly

    Please let us know if the problem still persists.

  • Can I import data Sony PDW700 XD cam in first cc MXF?

    Can I import data Sony PDW700 XD cam in first cc MXF?


  • I use LR 4.4.  Just picked up a Sony RX100 M3 cam. Its RAW files are not supported in my version. Y at - it a free upgrade always available for my version, or what I have to buy an upgrade to LR5?

    I use LR 4.4.  Just picked up a Sony RX100 M3 cam. Its RAW files are not supported in my version. Y at - it a free upgrade always available for my version, or what I have to buy an upgrade to LR 5?

    Camera Raw plugin | Supported devices

    The Sony RX100 III was first supported by Lightroom 5.5.

    There will be no updates for older versions.

    If your choice:

    1. Update to Lightroom 5, or
    2. Download the free Adobe DNG converter, convert all the RX100 III Raw files to DNG, and then edit the DNG in Lightroom 4.4
      Using Photoshop | Digital Negative (DNG)
  • How to sort the videos Sony's AVCHD cam by DATE.

    How to sort the videos Sony's AVCHD cam by DATE.  500 clips in media browser PP are not ordained.  A little more of the FCP where appears the ingestation list, you check what you want and import.  It looks different in PP.  I dragged all the AVCHD folder on the camera (via the copy on the desktop Mac) media victory on PP.  He broke them in 500. Video clips of MTS which cannot be classified by date.  What should do?

    Hi Pup8888,

    pup8888 wrote:

    Here is what I could not say.  He pulls of a Sony 520 in ACVHD and somehow that the data CLEARLY arranged the clips in FCP do not appear in PP.  Maybe it's the issue.

    If you do not ingest the files through their structure to map intact complete with media browser and makes your entire organization in another application, Yes, I can see why some of the metadata is missing.

    pup8888 wrote:

    I also get a DEVICE NOT DETECTED in PP when the camera is clearly working in the new IMAC.

    The remote control is not available for file based devices, so I don't think you need to worry about this.

    pup8888 wrote:

    So I do drag the AVCHD HD folder and import all in PP and yes it in busts. MTS files and works very well but unsortable by date.  They are randomly dumped inn the media browser.  Thoughts?

    Can arrange you by date when they are ingested and in the project Panel? Arrange by date in the media browser would be a feature request. What to do here:

    Thank you

  • I can't get CS6 to recognize my Sony DCR-TRV340 camera to capture video from this camera.  CS6 C

    I can't get CS6 to recognize my Sony DCR-TRV340 camera to capture video from this camera.  The CS6 capture Tin can, set up a message that a capture device is offline.  Camera Sony DCR-TRV340 is not listed in the CS6 device Type list in the CS6-DV/HDV cameras Sony device control settings box.  I downloaded what I believe are the right drivers for the TRV340 and when I connect the camera to the computer, the computer shows it is in the box devices and printers, but CS6 do not recognize.  Do I need to install these drivers in a specific CS6 program folder?  If Yes, where can I find these drivers in the Professional operating system of windows 7, and in which folder CS6 would copy their?

    Thanks John,

    The controller IEEE 1394 of switching for the Legacy driver did the trick.  CS6 now recognizes my camera.  Thank YOU MUCH for the help!


  • How can I get the time and date appears on a sony cyber-shot camera

    How can I get the time and date appears on a sony cyber-shot camera

    Hi terpmarty,

    What is the model number of the Sony Cybershot camera?
    Instructions for superimposing the date and time are model specific. Some models do not have the ability to superimpose the date and time too. In such a case, you can use the supplied software Picture Motion Browser (PMB) or PlayMemories home (WPH) (Compatible with the Windows operating system) to print the date and time on pictures.

  • Bloggie 3D MHS - FS3

    I'm bad image quality and no 3D images when shooting in 3D mode. Any tips or suggestions?

    Welcome to the Forums of Discussion of the user
    For top tips when shooting 3D.
    Keep the appliance in a horizontal position.
    Position the subject and background in the context of the LCD.

    NOTE: For best results, it is advisable to position a scene that was both near and far objects.

    Move the camera to the left or right slowly, while confirming the 3D effect displayed on the LCD.

    NOTE: The Zoom and SteadyShot features are not available during the recording of the 3D images.

    and finally, enjoy! and do not get too close to your subject (about 4 feet is optimal).

    Here are a few good tips 3D Sony-Europe 3D/bloggie

    Or this one from the Sony Asia.

    I hope these tips and guides to help you enjoy your Bloggie in all its fullness! don't forget to bring and share new ideas or techniques with the community.

  • Sony Action live Cam A / V Out?

    Can someone tell me if the new model of Sony Action Cam HDR-AS10/B has the ability to give a live out any video/audio at the same time save the video to the memory card?

    Thanks in advance

    Are you sure? I think the AS10/15 give live video via HDMI in REC mode?

  • Test Sony Action Surf cam!

    It was the first test of strong surf with the camera. perfect with foot 2 chunky swell morning!

    Had a few questions misting and editing for Bodyboarding! but was perfect otherwise,

    Let me know if you have techniques and other editing improvements

    I hope you enjoy!

    Hello Lindsay,.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with shooting Action cam.

    If moisture was trapped inside the airtight box before or while you insert the Action Cam in it, it can cause condensation inside the housing. The solution can be the anti-fog AKA - AF1 sheet that can be used to reduce the formation of condensation that could find themselves trapped in the case. Anti-fog sheets and price information can be found on the Sony Online store.

    Another suggestion about how to avoid fogging is to insert the unit in the box sealed in a dry place with low humidity and where change little, if any, difference of temperature occurs.

    Fix the adhesive mount for a surfboard wax can be difficult for the grip is perhaps not strong enough. To mount the cam of the Action for a surfboard, we recommend that you attach a floating strap in to the mounting hole of cable on the water-resistant case to prevent the camera to lose while surfing.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as an "accepted Solution".

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