Blue screen of death after running the update from microsoft.

Stop: 0x0000007e (0xFFFFF800010305C3, 0xFFFFFADEC2E08150, 0xFFFFFFFFC00000005, 0xFFFFFADEC2E07B60)
It is the only information I get the blue screen. It is a new workstation 7500 Dell with Windows 7, downgraded to Win XP Pro (because of the requirements of software). I have two more 7500 workstations that are exactly as this one do not experience this problem. I was pulled to microsoft update and expressed option, begun to load all the necessary updated (27) and one failed. The Net.Framework 1 after install, I was asked to reboot. When it came, it stopped support windows with the blue screen. This system is as follows:

Dell Precision T7500 workstation

1 CPU X 5570 Quad Core 317-0277 2.93GHz,8M,6.4GT/s,Dell Precision T7500

1 317 - 0333 12 GB DDR3 SDRAM ECC 3x4Go, 1066 MHz, Dell Precision TX500

1-320-7900 dual 1 GB PCIe x 16 NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800, Quad-Monitor, DVI + 2DP, Dell Precision TX500

1 341-9040 450 GB 3Gbps SAS, 15 K RPM Hard Drive, 3.5-inch, Dell Precision TX500

1 341-8835 C25, all SAS, RAID 10 hard drives for 4 hard drives, Dell Precision T7500

1-468-4322 Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Downgrade to XP Pro 64 - bit SP2, media, English, fixed precision

1 421-1993 Windows 7 Downgrade RLOB

1 430-3434 PCIe 10/100/1000 NETWORK CARD precision

1-313-7458 data DVD 16 x - ROM only Dell Precision TX500

1 421-0536 Cyberlink Power DVD 8.3, with the media, Dell relationship LOB

1 313-7774 Dell AX210 two piece stereo speakers (black) to the precision of the Optiplex and Latitude

1 power supply 330-3555 Precision T7500

1 330-3156 documentation, English, Dell Precision

1 power cord 330-3157, 125V, 2 M, C13, Dell Precision

1 341-9042 450 GB 3Gbps SAS, 15 K RPM Hard Drive, 3.5-inch, Dell Precision TX500

1 341-9032 PERC6 / i SAS/SATA hardware RAIDCard - for the connection of InternalHard readers, Dell Precision T7500

1-330-3571 Resource DVD contains Diagnostics and drivers for Dell Precision T7500

1 shipping material of 330-3569 for system Dell Precision T7500

1 410-1862 adobe Acrobat 9.0 English and French, BND, precision Dell OptiPlex and Latitude

1 420-6712 Microsoft Office Professional for Latitude, OptiPlex, Precision

1 341-9042 450 GB 3Gbps SAS, 15 K RPM Hard Drive, 3.5-inch, Dell Precision TX500

1 341-9042 450 GB 3Gbps SAS, 15 K RPM Hard Drive, 3.5-inch, Dell Precision TX500

Thanks Swahti. My resolution is to return the manufacturer since it's brand new and make an Exchange.

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    My computer got up until I get the blue screen whenever I try to install a Windows Update automatically downloaded.  The list of updates pending installation are KB978207, KB974470, KB971644, KB972270, KB905866, KB960362 and KB890830.  The first time that I have updated I just had the system install 7 all at the same time.  I got the blue screen and the computer may not restart normally.  Made the system restore and I tried to install each update one at a time.  7 all finished by gives me the blue screen with no reboot successfully after one of them.  I don't know what to do next.

    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

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    There are hundreds of these sites to scam out there. Nothing has been installed on your Mac, or even downloaded to. The goal of each of them should Miller get so much money that you're ready to spit. Good thing you cut them and not give them access to your Mac.

    The usual simple solution is Force Quit Safari. Hold down the SHIFT key, and then restart it. The SHIFT key tells Safari don't not to load the previous sites.

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    Why do I get the blue screen of DEATH most of the time when I try to print on my HP Office Jet printer?  Almost everytime I try to print to the printer HP Office Jet m I get the Blue Screen of Death in the middle of printing or shortly after that my document is printed.  I then have to shut down my computer and restart it.  I am running Windows 7.

    We need the log files themselves (called a DMP files) because they contain the only record of the sequence of events that led to the accident, what drivers have been loaded, and what has been loaded.

    Please follow our instructions to find and download the files, we need to help you fix your computer. They can be found at here

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  • Qosmio F20 blue screen of death after stop


    I get the blue screen of death after a stop on my laptop Qosmio F20.

    The error is IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

    I guess that's somehow connected to the tv tuner card.

    I tried to restore the system - not good. After the restoration for some time, it was OK. But then again appeared BSOD.

    Sometimes, it also appears when I connect USB hard drives or even when I insert the DVD disc.
    And for shure every time I stop to laptop.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    This is my personal opinion;
    I think it's a memory problem!

    Why, because it of very difficult to reproduce this error message and it looks like this BSOD happens without the use of hardware or special software

    I have gogoled for this error message and I had a lot of success!
    I read in various forums on this issue, and especially a fault memory has been one reason why the BSOD appeared.

    But someone suggested to disabled the pagefile... Probably, you should check out these tips:

    Good luck

  • Blue Screen of Death After adjusting TCP/IPv4-adapter error "STOP: 0x0000007E"

    Original title: Blue Screen of Death After adjusting TCP/IPv4-adapter

    Hi all

    I bought a new USB wireless internet and after installing it, it automatically connects to our network, but fails to connect to the internet. (Local access only)
    A roommate told me that it was something to do with my IPv4 settings. However, after trying to change these settings several times, it always freezes when I push the "close" - button. It is followed by a Blue Screen of Death with the following codes:
    STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0X92C1B7D1, 0X8C1CBC0C, 0X8C1CB908)
    AFD.sys - address 92C1B7D1 base at 92C0F000, DateStamp 4db03801
    I couldn't find anyone with the same problems. Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance,
    We need the DMP file because it contains the single record of the sequence of events that led to the accident, what drivers have been loaded, and what has been loaded.
    We prefer at least 2 DMP files to track trends and to confirm the cause.

    Please follow our instructions to find and download the files, we need to help you fix your computer. They can be found at here

    If you have any questions regarding the procedure, please ask

  • Blue screen of death after the update installed at startup upward.

    I have windows xp sp3 after installed updates don't know which ones, because the installed when I stop and 52 of them there I now get a blue screen of death which says:

    Stop: c000007b {bad image}

    The application or DLL? \c:\windows\system32\winsrv.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.

    I can't go to the safe mode get the same error and same with the last known good configuration. I can't even to safe mode command prompt, system, or debug mode recovery still giving me the same error. I repaired windows 3 times already and the same thing happens each time after that some update that I don't know he messes all this. Give me advice. I have antivirus Iola system mechanic. I think just to wipe the entire disk and do a clean install if you do not have anything else to tell me I'll do it, but I don't know if that even the problem will be solved because there seems to be a problem of windows software update. I also notice from the internet explorer 7 installed it stops working a few flashes upwards on you whenever you try to open it up if it's maybe part of the problem too. I do not plan to let internet 7 install go into all this time.

    Install the updates one at a time or 5 at the time may not be a bad idea.  Then when it breaks watch you and see if one of those is eager to replace your winsrv.dll file.

    You said you DO or DO NOT have to System Mechanic configured to run at startup?  Sometimes after installation of the updates, who see the new files (and if they are obsolete), can interpret the new legitimate files to be a threat.  If you could get started and uninstall that (at least temporarily) that would eliminate this possibility of this equation of many variables.

    The Dell has a number of service tag sticker and if so what does it say?  You can search for things by service number

    You should make a bootable CD of XP (no XP media required) Recovery Console.

    You see, Microsoft support engineers won't tell you how to do this either - since there is not an article of KB Microsoft Bing and link to.

    If you have a SATA drive, which will give you another challenge because you need to maybe get into BIOS and temporarily change the disk other than SATA configuration mode so the Recovery Console will be able to see, replace the suspicious winsrv.dll file, change the SATA drive and reboot...

    First, do the XP Recovery CD of Console and if you are able to use a system of work to ensure that the CD you made at least boots (you don't have to "do" something with it), which would be a good thing.

    Here's how:

    If you have no XP bootable media (or aren't sure you have) create a bootable XP Recovery CD of Console and do not forget.

    This is not the same as recovery disks that might have come with the acquisition of the system store.

    You can make a bootable Recovery Console CD by downloading an ISO file and burn it to a CD.

    The ISO bootable image file you need to download is called:

    xp_rec_con. ISO

    Download the ISO from here:

    Use a new CD and this simple and free program to burn your ISO file and create your bootable CD:

    When you install ImgBurn, DO NOT install the Ask toolbar.

    Here are some instructions for ImgBurn:

    It would be a good idea to test your bootable CD on a computer running.

    You may need to adjust the computer BIOS settings to use the CD-ROM drive as the first device to boot instead of the hard drive.  These adjustments are made before Windows tries to load.  If you miss it, you will need to restart the system again.

    When you start on the CD, follow the instructions:

    Press any key to boot from CD...

    Installing Windows... going to pronounce.

    Press 'R' to enter the Recovery Console.

    Select the installation that you want to access (usually 1: C:\WINDOWS)

    You may be asked to enter the password (usually empty).

    You should be in the folder C:\WINDOWS.  It's the same as the

    C:\Windows folder that you see in Solution Explorer.

    The Recovery Console allows base as file commands: copy, rename, replace, delete, chkdsk, fixboot, fixmbr, cd, etc.

    For a list of the commands in the Recovery Console, type help at the prompt of commands or read on here XP Recovery Console:

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    I was out of the House one night and while outside, my cell phone went through a routine Windows Update and restarted (what he did specifically I'm not aware of). Unfortunately, when I came back, I met a blue screen of death. I tried a system repair and restoration of the system, and none of them worked. I'm typing this from my wife's computer as we speak. I am very anxious, and I would like to use my laptop again. If anyone can help, please reply as soon as possible.

    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Windows 7 Blue Screen Of Death after HDD Turnt off automatically. ;-; Help?

    So, I had a break from my computer for 30 minutes and then I went back and when I moved my mouse to wake it up. He did all the normal sounds and I was about to click on Cinema 4 d but then the blue screen of death that happened. This isn't the first time. The last time I lost some of my files :(

    Help, please.


    These accidents were related to the corruption of memory (probably caused by a driver).

    Run these two tests to check your memory and find which driver is causing the problem.  Launch auditor.  You don't need to run memtest again unless the auditor is not the cause, or you want to.

    If you are overclocking anything reset by default before running these tests.
    In other words STOP! If you don't know what it means that you're probably not  

    1-Driver Verifier (for full instructions, see our wiki here)

    2-Memtest. (You can learn more about running memtest here)
  • Change the path to the updates from microsoft updates vs. windows

    Fully updated, xp pro, ie8

    When you click Start, all programs, windows update, go to the updates of microsoft with the compatibility view

    which connection online for microsoft updates gets updates microsoft without compatibility view

    can I change the path for my start, all programs, windows updates to be updated from microsoft without view compatibiliy?

    Edit: have reinstalled os with a sp3 slipstreamed cd.

    Edit2: no sites are not listed in my compatibility view settings.

    There is no need to uninstall/reinstall MSE.

    1. open IE (only!) to Microsoft Update . Click change settings in the left pane. Scroll to the bottom of the page. To stop using Microsoft Update. Disable the Microsoft Update software and let me use Windows Update only (check).

    1B. Reboot for good measure.

    2. your shortcut on the start menu should now be updated to Windows . [1] use it (not the Tools menu pull-down option) to go to Assuming that it does NOT open in compatibility mode...

    3. "Flip" your source of default update appropriate Microsoft update by clicking on the option / link on the main page of Windows Update (IIRC).

    3B. reboot for good measure & test to see if the Microsoft Update shortcut on your Start menu will however open IE8 in compatibility view.

    PS: I don't have a WinXP box handy to test myself, but the last time I used the Microsoft Update shortcut on one of my client computers, it has not opened in compatibility view. As far as I know, MS may have changed something since then so YMMV.

    [1] If you persevere with Windows Update as a source of update by default, MSE will always be 'auto-update' [even thought that Windows Update will offer more optional updates Defs] but will offer no updates to the ESM (e.g. new versions MSE) program or updates for MS Office, Silverlight, or Skype .

  • Black screen of death after allowing the download of Windows updates

    If I turn off the Windows Update (never check the updates), everything works fine. If I put "Download updates but let me choose whether to install" I have problems. The PC continuously restarts itself just as the Windows password box appears.
    I find that even if I said not to install updates, it does not account for this and will forward any how. The stop button indicates that the fixes will be installed (kb973923, kb973525, kb936514 & kb956828) after some difficulties, I can get it to boot. And then, during the stop, it install another patch kb960003. Then again, at shutdown, it install another patch. I can't tell which one is installed at this stage because it is impossible to get it working again. Safe mode does not help. I have to go back to a restore point before I set windows update to download the patches use the ERD.
    Why it installs fixes when I told explicitly not to do so?
    How will I know what is\are the origin of the problem patches?
    I have to run my PC without updates, which is obviously not a good idea
    The problem began in late December, front, then it worked OK.

    Hi Mike,.
    Thanks for the reply
    I tried your suggestion without success
    But I think that I managed to solve the problem by updating the BIOS of the motherboard - it has not occurred since.
    Very strange, I would not have thought there could be something in the BIOS that could cause this
    Thanks a lot for your help

  • HP Pavilion ze4900: blue screen of death after trying to install Windows on Pavilion ze4900?

    After the death of my hard drive in my Pavilion ze4900, I replaced it with another hard drive for laptop, I had laying around.

    I also tried to install Windows XP Home from a Windows installation CD, the same OS, the laptop had before the hard drive died.

    Everything is going well until the laptop has been made all the installation files, instead of giving me the opportunity to install Windows or repair Windows, the laptop will eventually show me a blue screen with the message:

    "A problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    What can I do to fix this? I installed Windows XP on another computer using the same CD, so the CD disappeared not corrupted and replacing the hard drive is hardly used.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Hello and thanks for the display on the HP support forums.  The first thing you want to check is if there are any problems with the hard drive that you put in.  Run BIOS diagnostics for the drive and the equipment to make sure that there is no problem.

    Laptops HP - diagnostic system (F2)


    HP Notebook PC - test a hard drive from BIOS

    Please let me know how things are going.

    Thanks again for posting and have a great day.

  • Blue screen on startup after obtaining the updatesfor windows registry.

    Windows 7 installs updates automatically and then the computer will not restart without a system crash and dump (blue screen).  I can go to a restore point and get the sysstem of work, but apparentoly updates are at the origin of the problem.  What can I do?

    Hi j3cub,

    There are several reasons to make the computer hang after installing Windows update which can be as conflict third party program during the installation of the update or security software or device driver.

    So I would say that you disable the security software and third party software on the computer and install later update check if it works.

    You can place the computer in a clean boot state and subsequently install updates.

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows Vista by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    See the link below to learn more about how to clean boot.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Reset the computer to start as usual

    When you are finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:

    (a) click Start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER.

    (b) If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password or click on continue.

    (c) under the general tab, click the Normal startup option, and then click OK.

    (d) when you are prompted to restart the computer, click on restart.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • 'blue screen of death' after installation


    I reccently purchased the photosmart HP 5520 all-in-one, and the installation was fine on my Dell Inspiron 1564 (Windows 7).  However the next day when I took it to the University, the computer began to 'blue screen' and closes.  The error code was 'no thread"and since I install wireless printing the previous night, I can assume that the printer Wireless Setup or my computer is the problem.

    I took it to a technician, and the problem is not moved on its network, but always happens on the University network.

    I have updated what Dell drivers I believe relevant and cannot see any wireless driver that could fix the HP printer.  Can someone help me with this? The printer is fantastic, but just need to use my computer to College!

    Thank you, James

    Here's a thread from Windows that you can do to solve this problem. Probably, from what I can tell, your BIOS may need to be updated or you won't have enough memory to run the task: (v = vs. 85) .aspx

    Let me know if it helps!

  • PC crashes and a blue screen on startup after installation of updates

    My pc stops and restarts a blue screen when there is an update to download and install. It is well after I installed the update. Is there an automatic Start Up in the "Local View" app that I can start

    [Original title: updates Crash]

    Hi William,.

    If the PC crashes and displays a blue screen whenever you try to install an update, then it could indicate some other underlying problems in the computer. What was the error message displayed when the computer has started a bluescreen?

    Alternatively, you can refer to this article for more information on blue screen errors:

    Get back to us with the exact error message with any error code displayed in the blue screen, so that we can understand what caused this problem and help you accordingly.

Maybe you are looking for