Bluetooth file transfer has a limit of file?


Whenever I want trabsfer any file via Bluetooth, I right click on the Bluetooth in the notification area icon and select 'receive a file '.

Can I send a file from my Bluetooth enabled mobile.

Small files (less then 300 KB) are transferred, but for files over large (more than 300 KB approximately) it is said that:

"Windows was unable to transfer files.

The transfer was cancelled by the Bluetooth device or a Bluetooth compatible computer. »

The transfer of files through Bluetooth has a limit of size of file in Windows 7, because on Windows XP, there is no problems.

Help, please...


Hi Afonso,

Here is some information on Bluetooth stacks:

I suggest testing the phone with another computer to make sure that it is not causing a conflict.

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  • Smartphones blackBerry Bluetooth file transfer.

    Hello guys,.

    I have a computer running Mac OS x 10.5.7. I can send files to the phone via Bluetooth. I have a D-Link USB Bluetooth dongle which has been plugged since I bought the adapter.

    I can send everything on the phone and receive, I've been to a show today and I want to transfer the photos I've taken of Blackberry, to the computer.

    I tried to send it to the computer, and said he failed to find the Service. If I try to navigate to the phone it says that the phone does not support the necessary services or something to that effect.

    Is it at all possible to send files to my computer from my phone? Sorta this is the whole reason I spend $40 on this USB Bluetooth thing. I hate using the USB cord.

    I have a Telus 8330.

    Could not find Service error when transferring media files using Bluetooth technology

  • Bluetooth file transfer applescript auto

    Hello. I met a problem when I try to run this applescript.

    The purpose of this applescript is when you single click on any file and run this script, it will be automatically transferred this file to a device on the bluetooth named 'david '. But I have encourtered a problem in the underdashed line. The output shows:

    "error " events system has had an error: can not get scroll area "of the window process \"Bluetooth File Exchange\ 1' \"Bluetooth Devices\. ' number-1728 box scroll "Bluetooth devices" of window 1 of process "Bluetooth File Exchange"" "

    and I don't know why. I'm totally a noob to applescript, it is a part of the script written by someone else, and I just changed and add a little bit.

    Can anyone help please?

    device property : 'david '.

    say application "Finder" to the value of selection as alias fileAlias

    the value fileToSend to the fileAlias

    say application "Finder" Open fileToSend using the application file id "".

    Activate application "Bluetooth File Exchange.

    say application "System events".

    say process of "Bluetooth File Exchange.

    Repeat until there are 1 window

    end Repeat

    Select (1st row from the table of area scroll "Bluetooth devices" of window 1 whose value of the text field 1 is peripheral)

    click on button 'Send' of the window 1

    end say

    end say

    Try this instead:

    Select ((line 1 of table 1 1 for window scrolling area 1) whose value of UI element 2 to 1 is the device UI element )


    Select ((line 1 of table 1 1 for window scrolling area 1) whose value of static text 1 of UI element 1 is the device)

  • Droid: Bluetooth file transfer

    I have a USB Bluetooth adapter for my computer at home and I would like to know if it is possible to use it for the transfer of files between the Droid and your computer.  The first tests seem to indicate that there is no way to mount the SD card via the Bluetooth connection.

    I would like to know if you have any experience with this topic.

    Not natively. But there is a demand for it, called Bluetooth file transfer.

  • WUT-121: the file transfer has been banned by the administrator

    Hi all
    I use * "Forms [32 bit] Version (Production)" * & I'm trying to transfer a file from my application server on the client computer using webutil.

    Here is my procedure

    l_success: webutil_file_transfer.AS_to_Client_with_progress =+.
    * (clientFile = > ' C:\'|| fname |'. txt'*)
    *, serverFile = > ' D:\ebiz1\home\pivot\'|| fname |'. txt'*.
    *, progressTitle = > 'download of current Server Application. "
    (*, progressSubTitle = > 'Please wait'); *

    "but it gives this error continually *'WUT-121: the file transfer has been banned by the administrator."

    Help, please

    According to your code example, it seems you are trying to transfer a file to a drive of your computer to another drive on your computer.

    (clientFile => 'C:\'||fname||'.txt'

    , serverFile => ' D:\ebiz1\home\pivot\'|| fname |'. txt'

    Either that or your application server is a WinTel computer.

    As for your webutil.cfg there are a number of things that I noticed:
    First of all, you specified: transfer.appsrv.write.1=C:\ebiz1\Home\Pivot under the directory of the writing, but your code even attempts to write to D:\ebiz1\home\pivot. What is the right directory? You can write to the directory specified in the webutil.cfg. That being the case, replace drive "D" drive "c".

    Also, again depending on your webutil.cfg it seems that your application server is a WinTel box; can you confirm this? This webutil.cfg came your desktop or the application server?

    Hope this helps,
    Craig B-)

    If someone useful or appropriate, please mark accordingly.

  • Cannot reduce the width of the window of Bluetooth File Exchange

    The width of the window of the Bluetooth File Exchange application can not narrowed, has increased. How can I reduce the width of the window or reset default window width?

    I use the Bluetooth File Exchange to browse files on a device (in my case, a Windows laptop). The application works normally, but I can't reduce the width of the window. The resizing handles only the increase in bandwidth. The height can be increased or decreased as you would expect.

    This image shows the width handles can only increase the width. Now, after playing with resizing, the window is wider than my iMac 27 "screen. I see no way to reduce the width of the window. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Wow, good question...

  • Bluetooth file in the computer folder

    I have a problem with Windows 7. In my 'Computer' folder, I have one strange group called 'Other' with some Bluetooth files. And when I delete or cut, it is still there. I can't even go into this file or even see its properties. I know it started showing when I plugged a phone via bluetooth, and perhaps that has gone wrong somewhere. I tried to go to Device Manager and disable something, but it didn't work. Here is a link how it shows: so, could someone help me with this problem?

    A is not a file. It's a Bluetooth device paired with your PC. So be sure that it is present in the devices section in devices and printers.

    If it is found, right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray (or notification area) of the bar of tasks-> click Show Bluetooth devices. It will display a list of devices paired with the PC Bluetooth. Make sure that a figure in the list.
  • RALink Bluetooth PCIe Adapter has a driver problem Windows 8.1 - code 39

    RALink Bluetooth PCIe Adapter has a bus PCI driver 2 problem. device 0. function 1 Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. the driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39)
    Unable to load device driver}
    HS device driver could not be loaded.
    Error status is 0 x %x

    HP ENVY desktop PC 700-050
    Serial number: MXX32503WL
    Product number: H5P83AA


    Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39). There are many causes of Code 39 errors:

    • A required device driver is missing.
    • A required binary file is corrupted.
    • There is a problem with the file I/O process.
    • A driver that refers to an entry point in another binary file cannot load.

    Follow the steps under Code 39 of this Microsoft article:

    Error codes in the Device Manager in Windows

    Uninstall and reinstall the network driver to recreate a link from this link:

    I hope this helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

  • Message error "jpg has the limit of 500K.

    Recently, I bought a 36 mp Nikon 810. Today, I treated my first images and I'm not able to export them.  Error message States "jpg has the limit of 500K." Suggestions as to what I can do to save my raw to jpg files?

    Make sure that the limit of the file size is disabled.

  • Satellite L300-1AQ - Bluetooth tray application has stopped working

    When I put my laptop it comes up with an error that says:

    * bluetooth tray application has stopped working *.

    A problem has caused the problem to stop working correctly.
    Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    Anyone who has a solution?

    The laptop is a Satellite L300 - 1AQ
    Didn't it monthly!

    Please help, thanks



    Have you tried to reinstall the battery Toshiba BT?

    Usually, this will help you get rid of this error message.
    Here you can download the new BT stack:

    First remove the old BT of the system software and after restarting again install the BT downloaded from the Toshiba BT page.

    Good bye

  • Impossible to add more rules to sort e-mail messages; Hotmail has a limit?

    Accessing Options, under customize Hotmail, select rules to sort messages, however, when I select New, nothing happens, usually I'm prompted to update a new rule.

    Hotmail has a limit to the number of rules that can be updated?

    Is it possible for Microsoft to consider adding regex filters, so that the rules can be grouped by the end-user if possible?  For example, I want to sort the emails from a particular area (regardless of the sender) to a folder if I want to read it, or re - direct to the Junk folder automatically.

    Hotmail, according to the support forum, recognizes a problem there and are apparently working on a fix.

  • W7 Dell Inspiron N5050, disorder of generic Bluetooth adapter; "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code43).

    I'm getting generic Bluetooth adapter, "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code 43)." It shows at the beginning > Device Manager > portable computer icon, like a yellow! -in the icon of the computer. I have and you use a wireless mouse and I don't know if that is considered to be "Bluetooth" or not. I don't have any other element without wire/Bluetooth that I use. I connect to wireless internet. When I delete the device, after a reboot it comes back with the same problem. Troubleshooting found nothing to help. I did a restore to windows from the hard drive partition, (turns out was unnecessary, problem turned have been bad screen I should have caught before to do reinstall). Month? After that this problem started. I mention this to try to be through details. I would like to remove the adapter - or - change something - or - what ever? to stop it. Thanks in advance.

    Thanks, I went to the start menu > type devmgmt.msc > left click on the result > right-click on Bluetooth radio > click left adapter > click on disable /OK. Restart and the warning went and did not return. It's not all "deleted", BUT if the warning is under control, be it. Out of sight now so happy, happy, it is me. Thank you

  • I get an error message, 'Bluetooth support service' has stopped working.

    Everything worked fine and then suddenly today, my Bluetooth headset icon has disappeared, there is a yellow exclamation mark for an unknown device in Device Manager and I look under the System Configuration and he said that Microsoft Bluetooth Support Service stopped.

    Original title: Microsoft Bluetooth Support Service stopped.

    Hi Cheddar cheese,


    Thanks for maintaining this post and share this information with us.


    I would have you do the rest of the steps suggested by me in previous post.

    Hope this helps!

  • WS Pro 12 has a limit of 5 comments?

    working with the new v12 1 pro and guest gets suspension turn off when comments 6 is online.

    WS Pro 12 has a limit of 5 comments?

    Thanks, Jeff

    Confirmed - the weight of the sixth Win7 64 bit guest causes the problem.

    I have rebuilt six guests Win7 Pro 32 - bit, 100g preallocated with 4G ram, disks and all are running court press complete with barely a noticeable lag everywhere.

    I'll still go and buy the license for the Pro workstation product v12, it comes with a lot of good improvements that are well worth the price.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB Bold 9000 Bluetooth file transfer problem

    I use 9000 "BOLD" and it's my first BB device. I don't have the card memory, and I want to transfer media files like songs and video from another mobile device to mine. I want to transfer these files to the internal memory of 1 GB that has "BOLD". But when I try to transfer the file 'File too large' error message. I managed to transfer photo about 200 KB by Bluetooth, but I don't know what the problem with larger files. Is there a fix to this problem

    I have momory card and I have no intention of buying one because that 1 GB of storage in the camera is a good enough space for me.

    Thanks for the help.


    According to this KB, the file size limit is 2.86 MB upwards through devices OS 4.7. I don't know what level you have or if it changes for the higher levels of OS.

    Hope that helps!

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