Bluetooth software / driver for DV6-2066dx?

Is it possible for me to download a driver or software for my Pavilion DV6-2066DX, so that I can pair bluetooth devices?

I don't see in my feature list I have bluetooth.

Thank you in advance!


Here is the link to the page of product for your PC specifications:

It does not come with built-in bluetooth or this feature would have been listed with the 802. 11b / g wireless WLAN connectivity specifications.

You need hardware bluetooth as well as software for bluetooth connectivity.

Your laptop does not have the material.

I recommend that you get an external USB bluetooth adapter.

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    By using this link, you can go to the page of the driver for your computer model. Just select the operating system you want (Winodws 10 in this case) and it will give you a list with all available drivers

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    Hi JohnRios,

    ·         Did you receive a CD of the software as well as the device?

    ·         What operating system is installed on your computer?

    Unfortunately, the product is not listed on the site of Meade Instruments. You can contact Meade support for assistance on the issue.

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    Hope this information helps.

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    Norton is known to cause slow downs and other issues. Uninstall and then running
    the Norton Removal Tool to stop the remains (even those will interrupt the strange) to load.
    Use the recommendations below when testing, even better would be permanently.

    Norton Removal Tool

    List of tools to clean/uninstall anti-malware programs


    Here's what I use and recommend: (these are all free and very effective versions.)

    Avast and Prevx proved extremely reliable and compatible with all I have
    launched on them. Microsoft Security Essentials and Prevx have also proven to be very
    reliable and compatible. Use MSE or Avast and Prevx, Prevx 3 but not all.

    Avast Home free - stop any shields is not necessary except leaving Standard, Web, and
    Operation of the network.

    Prevx - Home - free

    Windows Firewall

    Windows Defender (is not necessary if you use MSE)

    Protected IE - mode

    IE 8 - SmartScreen filter WE (IE 7 phishing filter)

    I also IE always start with asset if filter InPrivate IE 8.
    (It may temporarily turn off with the little icon to the left of the + bottom
    right of IE)

    Two versions of Avast are available 5.x and 4.8 x

    Avast - home - free - 5.x stop shields you do not use (except files, Web, network, &)
    Shields of behavior) - double click on the icon in the Notification area - real time Orange - click on the
    Shield that you want to stop - STOP. To stop the Orange icon to show an error indicator-
    Click on the Orange icon - top right - settings - click on the status bar - uncheck shields you
    disabled - click OK

    Avast 4.8 x - home - free - stop shields, you don't need except leaving Standard, Web,.
    and the network running. (Double-click the blue icon - look OK. - upper left - Shields details
    Finish those you don't use).

    Or use Microsoft Security Essentials - free

    Prevx works well alongside MSE or Avast

    Prevx - home - free small, fast, exceptional protection CLOUD, working with other security
    programs. It is a single scanner, VERY EFFICIENT, if it finds something come back here
    or use Google to see how to remove.   <-->  <-->

    PCmag - Prevx - Editor's choice, 2817,2346862,00.asp

    Also get Malwarebytes - free - use as scanner only. If you ever think malware and that
    would be unusual with Avast and occasional Prevx running with the exception of a low level cookie
    (not much), to UPDATE and then run it as a scanner. I have a lot of scanners and they
    never find anything of note that I started to use this configuration.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • cannot not to download the software driver for USB connected HP Officejet pro 8500 A909a

    My HP Officejet pro 8500 A909a is NOT a wireless printer.  It is connected via a USB port.

    I tried both find and download the drivers for this printer and also using the wizard to download and installation of HP (hppiw.exe).  The download was interrupted just by using the method and when you use the wizard it correctly identified the printer, but then I get the message

    "the download was cancelled.  You can click the "start over" button to try again. »

    the retry button just returns the same message after a short.

    I'm using a windows 7 PC.

    Thanks for any help

    Hi @Lesly01,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed that you are having problems downloading the software driver for your HP Officejet pro 8500 A909a. I'm happy to help you!

    Here is the direct website for the drivers and full software features. Driver and software of HP Officejet Pro full of features for Windows 7. I would try downloading the software with any other browser. Such as Firefox or Google Chrome, etc.

    I hope this helps!

  • Software driver for Epson printer 777 model?

    How or where can I download a software driver for printer Epson Color 777?

    Read the link above.

    Click on your model number > follow the prompts through by download.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Lack of availability of software driver for ScanJet 3300, WHY?

    Why Microsoft has not published software driver for Win 7 compatible with the ScanJet 3300 being...?
    Is this a ploy to force consumers to the perfectly material trash to work for love to upgrade your operating system or what...? Please, can someone there answer for me...? I'm stumped...

    Very simple to answer:
    Microsoft does not support your Hewlett Packard ScanJet 3300 C.  The fact of Hewlett Packard.  If Hewlett-Packard does not release a driver for one of their products for a given operating system (or even a level of service pack of the operating system) is the choice of their (Hewlett).

    Microsoft does not have the drivers for * any * Unit of material that they do not manufacture.  It is in the millions of devices and not a very wise decision from ANY point of view.  Support for your hardware devices in * any * widely used operating system is the manufacturer of the material - they are the only ones with a vested interest in your use of their product over another happens to support the operating system, you have chosen to run.

    Just to make sure that the lack of support in Windows 7 is interpreted as a problem of "lack of support from hardware manufacturer" as opposed to something else... I decided to quickly do a simple search for your product in reference to Windows 7:
    "Windows 7" ScanJet 3300

    And the first thing I found was the following:
    Report of the Compatibility Center Windows 7 for HP ScanJet 3300
    (You can also see the 32-bit version by clicking on the web page tab).

    Who says exactly what I have:
    "The device manufacturer stated that this product is not compatible.

    If you go to the HP web page for the product: Driver & Software Downloads - HP Scanjet 3300 c Scanner
    .. the first thing you see is that HP did not provide drivers beyond Windows XP (click on the drop down menu to select your operating system), nor for Macintosh or * nix.  There is a link on the page we can fly over who asks, "I don't see my operating system?" and answers, "If your operating system is not listed, HP has no software or driver downloads available for this product in that operating system."

    You can also see the queries on the HP ScanJet 3300 in the Microsoft Answers forum which shows the circumvention of some people in an attempt to stretch the life of this product (the State that and support which is something that Hewlett Packard decided to their product).

    Yep - that's the way it has always been.  You buy something and sooner or later, if this product works in conjunction with other products, that you upgrade one or more tof products to work with you will need to upgrade the original product too * if * you want to keep the functionality of this product gives you.

    This product (the HP ScanJet 3300) is old and outdated technology.  Quality, it can give you compares even with cheap (and I mean cheap - cheap) scanners that can be built in the more generic off-brand inkjet all-in-one on the market today (where ink will cost you more than a month given 6 period that initially the printer.)

    Looking at the Specifications for the HP ScanJet 3300 it is obvious that there are much better products out there in a size of comapact more and more features.  It is time to replace this equipment.

  • Error "Windows has encountered a problem installing the software driver for your device." Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error trying to install it.

    So I got a wireless mouse for my first time and it won't even install on my computer. It isn't the mouse because I tried other wireless mice and none of them work. In my device under other devices Manager there are only 2 USB receivers listed with question marks next to them. It is said that they can not find the drivers for the device. Then under my HIDDEN I tried to update the HID-compliant device and the USB input device, nor able to update. This is the message I get.  Windows encountered a problem installing the software driver for your device. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error trying to install it. Peripheral HID-compliant, the system cannot find the specified file. I already contacted EVGA about the issue, because there is where I got my motherboard, but they said to contact Microsoft and I didn't really want to pay 50 dollars to send them an email. That's all just ridiculous.

    Well, I found the solution, just in case anyone has the same problem.  Apparently some day caused Wireless does not work on several computers. So you go into Manager for all of these research and device drivers manually. Then, you look for in C/windows/winsxs. Then the wireless mouse/keyboard should work.

  • software driver for multimedia audio controller

    I need software driver for my multimedia audio controller

    When I try to install the driver it says that there is no software available

    1. have you downloaded the driver to install?
    2. who is the manufacturer of the system?
    Many users corrected this problem by downloading the Windows 7 compatible audio driver on the computer. We recommend to visit the Web site of the manufacturer of the system, downloading the audio driver and install it.
    If you do not find the Windows 7 compatible driver, and then download the Vista compatible driver and install it in Vista compatibility mode. To do this, try the following steps.
    1. open the program compatibility problems by clicking on the Start button, then Control Panel.
    2. in the search box, type troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Under programs, click on run programs for previous versions of Windows.
    3. Select Windows Vista and follow the instructions on the resolution of the problems to install the game.
    For more information about executing a program in compatibility mode, see the following links.
    You can also search the optional updates in Windows check if there is an update available for the audio controller multimedia.
    1. open Windows Update (click the Start button, click all programs and then click Windows Update).
    2. in the left pane, click search for updates, and then wait while Windows searches the latest updates for your PC.
    3. If updates are found, click on view available updates.
    4. Select the optional updates that you want, and then click on install. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Answers from Microsoft supports the engineer.
  • Cannot install install software & driver for Webcam integrated.

    Original title: WIN 7 64-BIT OS cannot install the software & driver for Webcam integrated

    I can't install the software for the webcam on my Dell Inspiron N7010 laptop properly. I have WIN7 64 - bit OS.  I was on the phone with Support Dell technique for almost 2 hours. yesterday & their final solution (as always) was to uninstall my operating system and start all over again.  According to them, that missed me a file operating system which maintained the software Dell WebCam Central download successfully.  Can I install another software that would work with built-in camera?  Can I identify the missing OS file and reload?

    These third party maintenance utilities can cause many problems, if you have used any registry cleaning module, if you can undo/redo changes he can do before you uninstall this program.

    Then run the System File Checker

    Deleting the files manually, when an uninstall fails, can also cause unexpected problems, namely that a reinstallation of the program says can fail because the origonal registry entries remain

  • Pavilion dv6 - dv6-6b69el: Wiriless driver for dv6-6b69el

    Successfully, I have formatted and reinstalled 64 W7 on my PC.
    Right now, I need to reinstall the drivers, in particular, I need the driver for wiriless and bluethoot, but there is more than one driver that I can download on this Web site. What is the good?


    You need these drivers for the wireless, ethernet and bluetooth:

    This package contains drivers for the Broadcom Wireless LAN Server supported in models cards mobile supported and operating systems.

    File name: sp57965.exe

    This package contains the Realtek driver local area network (LAN) that allows the NIC (NIC) Realtek chip in the notebook models that are running an operating system supported.

    File name: sp56167.exe

    This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver and software for models supported that are running a supported operating system. Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 driver is required to enable the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 devices and is compatible with Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 and earlier versions.

    File name: sp61617.exe

  • Bluetooth/Modem driver for Windows 8.1 &amp; G505

    I've updated / improved my G505 to 8.1 Windows this morning and now it seems that Bluetooth does not work. I downloaded the driver for the Atheros/Broadcom device listed, but when the installation is running it says that there is nothing to install. Manually executed two pilot facilities get anywhere.

    Is this a known issue with Win 8.1? I tried the Win 8, the same driver.

    Yep, that's all, I just updated to v2.2, v2.3 software and it reports is no longer the issue of Device Manager.

  • Fujitsu FI-6110 software driver for mac?


    Can someone tell where I can download a free driver for scanner fujitsu fi-6110?

    Fujitsu do not provide a version compatible mac for this model.

    Thank you very much


    of course, Mr. James, I can help... Let me see... Yes, it doesn't have the Mac drivers, so I would say VueScan by Hamrick software, not free, but it seems to be your best optiion now

    Good luck

    John B

  • HP G62-149WM/updated software driver for card MicroSoft Virt.WiFi Miniport


    The Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport is a driver built into Windows 7 and should not need to be updated. The correct version of the pilot was installed when Windows 7 was installed and no new updates of this driver is necessary. If and only if, Microsoft has released the update of the driver, you are trying to install, you should install it. Please check the source of the driver before installing this doubtful driver.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Software driver for Acer ES1-511-C1UU for Windows 7 64 bit


    I bought an Acer Aspire E 15, ES1-511-C1UU a few weeks before with version 8.1 of Windows authentic. Now that I'm not very comfortable with this version of the OS, I want to convert my lpatop in the version of operating system Windows 7. So please inform me if there is a website to download the software driver Windows 7.

    Thank you.


    Windows 7 drivers are not available for this phone, because it was delivered with Windows 8.1.

    In this case, you can install the drivers from the website of the manufacturers as Intel, Atheros etc. for each of the components as the video card, wireless card etc...

    Find provided below for information about the hardware on the laptop:

    Chipset: Intel Bay Trail-M SoC BGA1170

    VGA: Intel (R) Graphics HD

    Audio codec: Realtek ALC283

    LAN Chipset: Realtek RTL8111GUS


    If it is Atheros,

    Wireless card: Atheros WB335

    Chipset: QCA9565

    If it's Broadcom,

    Wireless card: Broadcom 43142

    Chipset: BCM943142

    Before you install the driver, you can download and run the hardware detection utility on your laptop that will identify the name of the provider of the VGA, WiFi, LAN etc. on the laptop.

    Once you have this information, you can go to the respective manufacturer (for example: VGA, go to Intel, for audio go to Realtek etc.) and install the compatible driver for Windows 7.

    I hope this helps.

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