Blur and expanded text and icons after the connection with Windows vista

I have windows vista and when I turn on the laptop, the text and icons on the Welcome screen are normal, but after registration on the text and icons become slightly enlarged and fuzzy.  How can I get it back to normal?



There are a number of things to try:

try going to your graphic card manufacturers site or computer and are looking for the driver download section

Search your computer or graphics card model number based on what you have and download and install the latest graphics drivers for vista

then try to make the screen of solution of problems

Change the screen resolution


or try a restore of the system before this happened

If necessary do in safe mode

Windows Vista

Using the F8 method:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap theF8 key repeatedly until you are presented with theBoot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
  3. Select the Safe Mode option with the arrow keys.
  4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
  5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
  6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.

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    The remote computer is a Server Terminal server where at least 240 users are connected.

    The fonts and icons of the remote desktop window are so small, all other users who are connected to the same server have no problem with the font size or the size of the window. everything seems normal

    But when I connect remotely, the size of the window and the police are so small. I can't use any application on remote because of the size of the font.

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    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

  • screen resolution of the remote desktop: fonts and icons of the remote desktop window are so small they can barely read.

    Remote Desktop screen resolution

    I've recently upgraded to a Windows 7 laptop from a computer in Office XP.

    On my old machine, I use a VPN clent and Remote Desktop connection to use my work computer (my company uses XP on their machines).  If I try to connect from my computer Windows 7, fonts and icons of the remote desktop window are so small they can barely read.  Change display options in the settings of remote desktop doesn't affect the size of the window, not the resolution.

    It is a problem because I am stuck using my old system to work remotely.

    Any ideas?

    All you have to do is to reduce the resolution of the screen that you use to connect to your Remote Desktop Session.  More the higher resolution and the characters will be on your screen, and when you connect to Remote Desktop.  In my case, I lowered the resolution of my screen to the House for the resolution of the screen in my office.  It works perfectly.  To reduce the resolution follow these steps:

    1. click on start

    2. click on Control Panel

    3. under appearance & personalization - click on adjust screen resolution.  You may get a message indicating that your resolution is not at the optimum, but don't worry you will still be able to see the letters on your screen.

  • I lost my msn icon after the upgrade to windows 7. How I connect msn plsu? What is the web address?

    I lost my msn icon after the upgrade to windows 7. How I connect msn plsu? What is the web address?


    I suggest you to contact MSN customer support for assistance.

    Here is the link for "how to contact MSN Support.

    I hope that helps!

  • Outlook express hangs after the connection with the mail server

    OE6 hangs after the connection with the mail server?

    Make sure that the other machine is not check that the server so often a machine is not problems because it cannot be verified.

    Try to delete the account, compact the folders and close OE and reopen it and add the account back again.  Also make sure that the antivirus software is not interfere (see

    You can also telnet to the server directly from this computer to see if it works (see

    Sometimes it gets stuck in a message on the server and it can not get downloaded by OE, so it may be necessary to remove the message from the server, but if the other machine got, maybe it's not the question.


  • can I recover the files and settings after you have reinstalled windows vista

    Hello, I just reinstalled vista on computer laptop lm to correct some problems there at - it a way to recover my files from my old windows vista formatting hope that makes sence lol thanks of ;)

    You can retrieve your personal files, but not the settings, even if you could look under AppData in the Windows.old and copy them to their respective directory in the installation of Windows Vista work.

    You can then retrieve your personal files from the Windows.old folder and reinstall all of your applications and drivers.

  • T42 - stop and restart after the connection

    My T42, running on Windows XP, suddenly stops right after the connection and while the hotkeys on the loading screen.

    A message in white letters on a blue screen starts like this:

    "A problem has been detected and windows has been suthdown to prvent from damage to your computer.


    If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. "If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    And the product message points to check any new hardware or software installation. I have not recently installed a software or hardware, so I'm a little lost on how to proceed from here.

    No clue on what could be the problem or any recommendation, short doing a full recovery from a recent backup?

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thenks.

    = UPDATE =.

    After running a few tests using the blue Access IBM button and PC Doctor 2.0 running, memory tests have shown the following results:

    Fast memory - all sockets - failed

    Fast memory - Support 1 - spent

    Fast memory - take 2 - failed

    This seems to indicate that one of the two memory is faulty. This hypothesis is correct?

    If so, what should be the next step? My laptop is out of warranty. I should bring it to a repair shop, or could I order the replacement and install it myself easily?

    I am not versed in repairs to equipment and feel a bit discouraged to start to mess with storage media...

    Any advice, please?

    Thank you

    It is probably a faulty stick of RAM in the second location rather than the power socket. Best bet is to remove the module RAM then see how it goes.

    Second is really easy to access. It is under the laptop - there is a small door in the middle of the base set with a single screw. Remove the screws and remove the door to expose the RAM module. Pull the wire staples on the outside of the restraint SODIMM socket and the RAM module should appear and then remove. Replace the cover and try the laptop again.

    IF you must replace the T42 uses to off the shelf of a DDR SO-DIMM, PC2700 speed RAM - needs. Will take up to a 1 GB module in each socket. First is harder to do because he must remove the keyboard to get home. It is only 4 screws but can be a bit tedious for a novice.

    Edit: The instructions for IBM appropriate here:

  • Bluetooth doesn't work does not correctly after the installation of Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 (SP2) on Dell laptop

    I searched this forum and almost all resources on the net for days now nothing works.  Give the message to a thread more appropriate that I couldn't find one that is truly representative and am a newb at this.

    Summary of the problem: Bluetooth connectivity does not work properly after the window Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 and 2 installation (SP 1 and 2).

    My system:

    Laptop Dell Inspiron E1705, 32-bit Winows Vista Home Premium SP2, Dell Wireless Bluetooth 355 Module + EDR 2.0

    * My system was purchased in 2006 with Windows XP, but was not entitled to a free Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade I did. I installed Windows Service Pack 1 and 2 about a week ago.

    Problem: After downloading and installing the Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 and 2 (SP 1 and 2), my system does not recognize my Bluetooth (a touch of Sprint also) device known as the HTC Vogue.  I stress that I have not had any problems with this device before downloads.  I can't revert to the pre - SP State 1 and 2 because my system restore does not have these points more.

    I have read several posts on various sites about people having similar problems with Bluetooth connectivity after the Vista SP 1 and 2 facilities.  The problem is obviously the need for an updated driver.  I went to the site to download driver Dell and the Blueooth only updates available are the following. (Note: these drivers all date from 2006 and 2007).

    I had these installed before the SP 1 and 2 have been installed and they worked very well. After the upgrade, these drivers do not work.  They won't recognise BT devices.  I tried to upgrade the drivers by using update Broadcom suggested below it, but an error of following installation to contact Dell.

    I contacted Dell via e-mail and on the phone, but they want to charge me $60 for a one time service call just to talk about the problem because my warranty has expired. Provide updated drivers is not a problem of security in my opinion.  Even after explaining the situation, their continuous support to just send me the link to download Driver Dell above with out-of-date drivers.  I guess that's what they are charged to do, they do not have to admit a problem of compatibility.  This obviously the same link they would charge $60 to send.  I explained that I need just a Bluetooth Driver from Dell to at least version 6.3.   Needless to say, I will never buy another Dell product.

    On my end, I tried to uninstall my current drivers and then by installing a newer driver to support Gateway (Version for and Acer).  This allows me to install some parts of this update and the update Broadcom. However, it is not a perfect installation and expires after about 90% saying "this update is not for this system" because it is the gateway not Dell to be provided.  Displays the version of the driver on my computer is Version after doing this, but it is not a complete installation and some features are not available.

    Does anyone have experience with this issue? I would like to have a link with some bluetooth drivers generic Version 6.3 type which will allow me to use the Broadcom link to upgrade to the last version that works with Vista SP 1 and 2.

    Thank you for your help.

    Support FREE from Microsoft for SP2:

    Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 2 (SP2). This support for SP2 is valid until August 30, 2010.

    Microsoft free support for Vista SP2 at the link above.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Getting the 80070005 error during the backup with windows vista home premium then closes backup

    When I use backup in windows I get errors then backup closes. the errors were 0x800700AA and now 0x80070005. I'm not familiar with what they mean but have tried Fixit without success.

    Hi Brian,.

    This error code means that the file or folder you want to backup does not have the necessary permissions.

    Method 1:

    If you need to make a backup of any file or folder, please ensure that give you all the permissions for that particular file or folder.

    To set the permissions of files, see the procedure below:

    a. right click on the file or folder and then click Properties.

    b. click the Security tab.

    c. under group or user names, click your name to see the permissions you have.

    d. If they don't get permission, click on change and give the full control.

    e. then check if you are able to backup.

    What are the permissions?

    Method 2: Check if you are able to backup by following these steps:

    Try to temporarily disable your anti-virus and malware during execution of the backup. If the backup works fine, then you have to search for updates and firewall settings in the security software.

    Note: Make sure that you enable the antivirus software, other security and firewall after the test programs.

    Method 3:

    Disable UAC during backup control.

    Enable or disable the User Account Control

    Note: Make sure that you enable user account control and the back of the antivirus on the computer after you complete these steps. It is not recommended to disable these settings on the computer. It's just to solve the problem.

  • I have two Toshiba laptops, and both died after the installation of Windows Vista SP2

    I have two Toshiba laptops, and both died after the installation of the Windows Vista SP2 (home edition).
    Now, it does not... even not start BIOS... Try to boot from the CD, no luck. When WVista SP2 installed and restarted, after a while, he came to the flashing message: 0xC0190036 1183/62494...

    I can't help that if it does not start even. I don't have a CD WVista. Both laptop came pre-installed. In addition, no rescue CD.

    Any help will be appreciated. I really need help.
    Thank you.

    Well, try this:

    1. If the power is off.
    2. Start the laptop and keep press F8
    3. then select restore.

    And? :)

  • After the release of windows vista service Pack 2 and flash 10 my system continues to blue screen

    After the last update of windows vista service Pack 2 and flash 10 that my system continues to blue screen, the solution has advised windows that will fix it is to uninstall flash and reinstal, it dosent solution work any ideas? I tried to roll back to Flash 9 and it's less, but happens again... someone has any ideas?

    First, uninstall Flash to make sure that's not the problem.  If the problem persists and if the problem is related to the installation of Vista SP2 (as seems to be the case), then Support Microsoft offers free technical support for installation of Vista SP2 issues at:  They are experts on these issues and you should take advantage of the offer, although it is still free.  I'm sure they will be able to help you.  Minimize (but do not deny) the update of Flash and to focus on the installation of SP2 when you explain the problem.

    I hope this helps.  If this isn't the case, after return and we'll see what we can do.

    Good luck!

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  • Can not see faxes sent in Windows Fax and Scan after the migration of Windows XP

    I have recently updated from Windows XP to Windows 7. After the upgrade, I don't see my faxes from Windows XP. I used to have a few of them, but now it is empty after the upgrade. I was able to find the actual files of the NT\MSFax\SentItems C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows but it does not appear when you open the program. Does anyone have a solution for this?

    I was able to find similar problems on other forums, but their corrections does not apply on mine. It was the first part of the file name for the current user under HKEY_USERS.

    Which edition of Windows 7 you are using?  Ultimate may be able to use Virtual PC (XP Mode).  Editions can use other Virtual Machines but require an XP version under license and unused, while which comes free with XP Mode.

    Virtual PC 2007

    Windows Virtual PC
    Download Windows XP Mode

    Windows XP Mode (Windows 7 only, but not one of the Home versions) "you are not eligible to download Windows XP Mode. You must have Windows 7 Professional, enterprise or full to run Windows XP Mode."

    This warranty covers the gambit set of VMS in the 'Home' versions if you want to have a look.  Of course you will need a licensed copy of XP to install and run in any of them.

    VirtualBox is an impressive VM competitor

    If you have XP running (almost) so maybe he can access those files once more?

  • How to get back my old programs and games after the upgrade to Windows 7?

    I just upgraded from Windows XP 32-bit to 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium and I followed the instructions on the Microsoft site. After installation, all my shortcuts were gone and the old programs and games, I had were put into a file called "windows.old". How can I get the programs and games in new windows? I don't want to download and reinstall EVERYTHING I had before.

    You need to reinstall... 32 to 64-bit is a change of platform and requires a clean installation. Data are stored in Windows.old

  • SFC scan reports sidebar.ini and source file as a corrupted file even after the installation of WIndows Vista repair.

    Hey, I'm Ryan.
    I am running windows vista 32 bit and I get 2 files corrupted when I run SFC - they relate to the windows sidebar (sidebar.ini and store source file is also corrupted). I did a repair installation, and this always happens when I run the SFC.

    1 - is this going to cause any problems to my laptop if I leave it alone?
    2 could it be related to a virus?
    I'm sorry for the questions, but I'm confused as to how this happened... Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

    1 NO.

    2 NO.

    This SFC message could be caused by the manufacturer of the computer adding gadgets to the sidebar before installation of Windows for you, or some other change to the sidebar gadgets

  • HP G4 1303 at THE: the screen is blur after the installation of Windows Vista


    Recently, I uninstalled windows 7 ultimate and installed Windows Vista (32 bit) , because my laptop was /hangig of blocking in Windows 7.Now my laptop runs smoothly, but when I play the vedios on my system through Windows media player / K-Lite player, the vedios fading little. The same problem that goes on when I watch Youtube vedios or photos even... This was not happening on my previous windows... I installed all the drivers in my Device Manager shows no warning...

    The adopter of my screen is AMD RADEON HD 6480 G and sound have been updated...

    kindly tell me what I need to do


    In the Device Manager in the category graphics cards is the AMD RADEON HD 6480 listed G graphic card, or is that just an adapter VGA Standard listed there.

    If there is an adapter VGA Standard listed there that means you need to install the graphics driver AMD for Windows Vista.

    If the graphics card Radeon HD is listed under the category of display device manager cards, then the only suggestion I can offer would be to download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and see if that helps any.

Maybe you are looking for