"BOLD" of blackBerry Smartphones crashes when BB calendar with Outlook calendar synchronization

I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem:

I receive by email from meeting requests in my BB email-> accept the meeting request so that it is added to my BB calendar-> I sync it with my MS Outlook 2007 calendar using the Desktop Manager 4.7 version = a crash.

I went to the configuration of synchronization in DM v4.7 and having my calendar configuration currently for 2-way sync-> for only future point of transfer and erase all previous calendar items.  It still crashes.

Please help if you have a solution or input to it.


Please check if you have all the attachments in calendar entries

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    The BB Desktop manager crashed during the upgrade of my BB 8820 terminal (Internet Explorer script error messages)... Now my BB is like stop and blinks RED...

    What can I do to restart?... He finally died?

    Help, please...

    Thank you...

    JL_cmder to wipe your device OS. Click this link for more details.

    Check the steps below to update OS by installing device OS in the PC-

    Step #1:

    Before you begin, make sure that BlackBerry Desktop Software is installed on the computer.

    Step #2:

    Make sure that you have installed the software for device updated on your computer. Visit this link to get the software for device update the carrier OS download site.

    Step #3:

    Users can perform a full or selective data backup using the backup and restore tool in BlackBerry Desktop Manager using the following steps:

    1. connect the BlackBerry device to the computer that is running BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    2. open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    3. double-click on Backup & Restore

    4. Select backup to perform a full backup or select Advanced to make a backup of specific databases

    5. choose a location to save the backup file, and then click Save

    Step #4:


    To perform a clean installation of the BlackBerry Device Software, do the following:

    1. connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer and open BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    2. double-click on the icon of The Application Loader

    3. click on next to start the installation

    4 type your BlackBerry smartphone password, if prompted, and then click OK

    5. click on the check boxes corresponding to the names of the applications you want to load, and then click Next

    6. click on Advancedand then click the check box next to erase all applications already installed.

    7. click Next.

    8. click on the check box next to of not automatically backup the application during the process of loading data

    9. clear the check box next to the backup and restore applications installed wireless

    10. click on Next -> Finish

    11. once the process is complete, the load succeeded message

    12. click close to return to BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

  • BlackBerry smartphones duplicate appointments and calendar synchronization problems

    I use Outlook 2003 and the Blackberry Curve with v4.2.2.180 software.  I don't use Enterprise Server.

    When I sync my BB with Outlook, he began to do some weird things.  First of all, he wants to delete my Outlook items.  Second, he changed the title of a recurring appointment for no apparent reason.  I have to fix things, tried to set the configuration so it records only deletes or moves on the BB and set the configuration in advance so that conflicts are always resolved in favor of Outlook, but when I synch, he wants to still remove 22 items in my Outlook calendar and add one bunch of others.

    How can I get to sync properly?

    Do I have to clear the calendar on the BB and then start Outlook?  How do I do that?

    Thank you

    > Do I have to clear the calendar on the BB and then start Outlook?  How do I do that?

    TODO, you want to use the Desktop Manager



    Click on calendar on ERS.

    Under the screen of the RHS, click clear.

    Now, do a synchronization, and you will receive the calendar on the BB Outlook.

  • My "BOLD" 9000 blackBerry smartphones freeze when changing clock (calendar event or the clock itself)


    I have a small problem that appeared a few weeks ago (I completely reinstalled my newer OS (available), whenever I try to change the time of an event (calendar) or if I try to change the clock (i've got sometimes large difference between the actual time and the automatic), the phone freeze (I can hear the sound of 'click' of the trackball but nothing happen... I have to 'disable' and when it is to say "app error" something)) on the "clock" Module)

    What is the problem? How to solve this problem?

    Thanks to all those who can help you

    Do you use the calendar on your device for appointments and others?

    I saw a similar question like this from another user. When he cleared his calendar data, clock and alarm options began to work properly.

    So I recommend a backup of the device and clear the calendar.

    Use Desktop Manager to save.

    Then, in the Desktop Manager > device > data delete > delete the Calendar database and complete the guests. When you are finished, remove the BlackBerry from the USB and try to use the clock in the way in which he hang himself before.

    A little luck?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bb do not sync with outlook express address book

    The Director of the office, it seems to sync properly, no error message. But nothing new appeared on the address book in Outlook Express. Should not phone numbers and etc. copy in outlook and contacts list? Help!

    That seemed to work! Thank you very much!

    Another question - I put it on my blackberry to delete messages on the box to the letters and Pocket, but it does not. I have to go and delete all messages on my pc again. A way to solve this problem?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones appointment recurring sync problem with Outlook

    Outlook 2003 SP3 has been synchronized with my curve perfectly until a few weeks ago.  Suddenly the clock wants to remove all my recurring appointments in my calendar in Outlook - hundreds of them.  I opted for no synchronization.  After reviewing the forums, I found a recommendation to delete all files from my Intellisync folder and try again.  So I did, and then resync the value upward my Desktop Manager and started around.  Amen - he wanted to remove all my recurring appointments, so I advanced and accepted the additions to my Outlook.  Now I have duplicates of all appointments on my BB!  My vision is OK, but it did not get my BB calendar additions.  Sheesh!

    Want to a * beep * (who really does not go through and remove all duplicates!), I would of course like to some lawyers!  Thank you in advance.

    hook up desktop manager backup and restore-advanced-find calendar on the right side and click on the clear button (make sure that the device is plugged)

  • E-mail synchronization to blackBerry Smartphones to bb for laptop with outlook 2007

    I'm going on a cruise and want to be able to download my emails from my BB 8900 on my computer without having to go online with my computer.  any help?

    There is unfortunately no way to do it.  The only way to download emails to your computer will be to connect via wifi.  You can check with your cruise line though, as I'm pretty sure that many offer wifi on board.

  • BlackBerry smartphones is this a problem with my Bold 9700 flash memory?

    A few annoying problems recently with my Bold 9700.

    First, my Blackberry has suddenly started to massively delete recent appointments in my calendar, which will attempt to remove them from my Outlook calendar when I synchronize the device to my laptop.  This has not happened before, and I checked to make sure that the schedule is set to never delete nominations, and it is set correctly.

    Second, my Blackberry App World application (both on the device and online) does not display one of my installed applications, except one, but they are all still on the device and working properly.  I'm 18 apps installed from BB App World, beyond the pre-installed applications on the device, which are less than 10 MB in total size.

    The reason I think that the problem could be linked to the internal flash memory is that whenever I want to install an application, I usually get a message indicating there is enough memory and I have to uninstall some other applications to free up space.  When I checked my memory earlier, he said that had less than 1 MB.  I restarted the machine and now it tells me there is 12.2 MB of available space, which always seems incredibly low for me since I installed only about 10 MB of my own applications.  So, I delete the file all attachments of the device and do not keep e-mail on the device beyond 30 days, and all media is stored on flash cards, not in the device memory.

    The most important question I have to solve is how to prevent the device to delete data from calendar (it keeps recurring appointments, but has been deleted and everything before about two weeks ago).


    It's an automatic protection mechanism with BBs. During the AppMemory (not the device, no media memory card memory) get low, the BB must start deleting things to preserve its ability to operate. Unfortunately, he really can't go after data... it can't really go after installed applications. Here are some tips to use:

    • KB02843 What is the function of low memory manager on the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB14320 How to maximize space and power battery life on the BlackBerry smartphone
      • KB14213 Call logs, SMS text and email messages are deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB10183 E-mail messages are removed from the BlackBerry device until the messages expire

    In addition, it is always important to correctly close applications when you are finished with them. Using the back or on the red button won't do that - those leave the app to decide what to do... and some let themselves memory-resident, consumes resources on your BB, slowing down the overall performance. On the contrary, to close an application, tap on and select 'Close' or 'Quit'... which force the application to be closed, freeing resources for your new use it consumed. Some applications will always be running (in general - BBMessenger, browser, homescreen, phone and Messages)... but, you should always close them properly - especially the browser... If we leave on a web page, it will not consume only additional resources, but the power of the battery as well.

    Now, AppMemory is not just for the apps... the real BB operating system is here as well. Depending on the options you have included, which might be things bloating as well.

    Good luck!

  • Z30 BB Z30 blackBerry browser crashes when you access Facebook

    Z30 BB crashes when you go to Facebook. Problem started today.  Worked fine for over 2 years.  Works well on all websites.  If this problem can be solved or is it time for a new smartphone Blackberry-no?  Please respond to the (deleted personal information)

    Hi all

    The problem is solved itself.  Nothing I did yesterday the issue resloved. I put the phone into the charger and went to bed. This morning, the consulted Facebook browser without problem.

    Thank you for your interest.


  • MY CURVE 9370 SHARING SAME EMAIL ID WITH MY BOLD 9780 blackBerry smartphones

    Dear friends,

    I need help. I discovered that my curve 9370 share the same e-mail id with my bold 9780 not allowing do not make me use of the 9370 as a different device of the bold 9780 curve.

    When I try to put in place the blackberry on curve Messenger it keeps displaying error report that the blackberry id is already associated with BBm on another device



    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    You must perform an erasure of security on one of the device and use a new ID of full BlackBerry on this particular device. It will allow you to use these two as different. So, first make a backup of your device in which you will complete these step and then follow this KB and use a new BlackBerryID:

    KB26694  :  How to change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet


    I hope this will help.

  • Manager of office blackBerry Smartphones automatically Sync'ing calendars/Emails

    Hello Forum,

    I was wondering if the Desktop Manager works the way its suppost to.

    I have a Blackberry using the Desktop Manager 4.6 "BOLD".

    Optionally sync it I "Sync automatically" checked.

    When I connect my BlackBerry "BOLD" to the PC via USB, it will update with Outlook 2003.

    When I make the changes during the day with my Blackberry, it is not up-to-date.

    Is there a way I can to put up-to-date automatically without manually telling it?

    Or else tell update every 30 minutes?

    Thank you

    The program works the way it's supposed to. With this box checked it just on the initial connection with the BlackBerry means that it syncs. If this box is unchecked, you will have to go in sync and click on the button to synchronize.

    If you have Setup personal email on the BlackBerry with a BlackBerry data plan, then that will be synchronized with the wireless device. The only way that other data (calendar, address book, etc.) would be sync if if you are on a BES or using a hosted BES. But if the email that you have configured the BlackBerry is Gmail, then you can use the Google Sync program to synchronize wireless Contacts and address book

  • BlackBerry Smartphones trying to get calendar to work on a BB 8530

    I downloaded the Desktop Manager and I try to sync my gmail on my laptop with my BB. When I try to configure synchronization preferences, it gives me the options of outlook, yahoo and ASCII importer. I use gmail, but not outlook. How can I synchronize these and the calendar as well?

    Thank you!!

    First - you set up Google Sync apps on your device?


    In addition, in case you need:

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager does not prompt the BlackBerry smartphone user during synchronization when the default calendar service has been changed


  • BlackBerry Smartphones changes to the calendar after update

    I recently did the software update proposed in consequence of which I had to re - install Facebook. Since then, I found that when I go to enter a new appointment, there are some new top that says send to help: and I choose Facebook, home, or office (the 2 is what I call my email accounts)

    I don't want this option here, especially since the default value is Facebook (he seems to be in alphabetical order)

    Is it possible to get rid of this option or at least change it so I can choose my own default?


    The BlackBerry smartphone has the ability to maintain multiple calendars. You can select your timetable and services default e-mail to the title of the default Services Options-Advanced Options.

    Send using option is there Design and cannot be deleted because it specifies which calendar you want to use for your appointment you will enter in.

    Thank you

  • Update device software BOLD 9780 blackBerry smartphone does my phone useless

    I upgraded my software for phones device yesterday after receiving a message to HIGH PRIORITY of my service provider to make a upgrade(EE/Orange). They stated that it was a mandatory update for Blackberry.

    After trying for hours to do on the network, it did not indicate "can't connect to the server upodate, please upgrade using your PC using Blackberry Desktop Manager".

    This was my next step.

    * I have backed up my device (yesterday) via BDM (desktop Manager)

    * Click on search updates

    * follow all the links on my BOLD 9780 device through blackberry Web site

    * Click on the link to check my device to update, get informed me "an update is available"

    * A method to update.

    The update returned with an error stating: "Options only 19 times out of 20 have been restored"

    Since then, my phone is unusable. The menu freezes, I can't highlight the options I get no blue outline around the menu options. my text does not work, I can not enter anything, type anything, the phone is constantly freezing and reset.

    I tried to reinstall the update that crashed the phone completely with "" "white screen of death'" ' showing error 507...  Please visit www.blackberry.com/507

    This page does not exist!

    I tried again to make an update and got my phone back, but with all the same problems of menu.

    I did restore my device from yesterday. Got my return of data personal, but phone still jumps in all directions, text messaging does not at all.

    I unplugged the battery lasts repeatedly reset and soft reset.

    I tried again to reinstall several times the device software and useless.

    I haved called my service provider and they said his broken blackberry, name of the contact.

    I contacted blackberry support pay crisis (01753 558410). They me redirected to support orange tech who were still more useless than before!

    they gave me the web address: http://uk.blackberry.com/support which was not helpful

    So I did spend the whole day. Finally, picking at the drop of water that brings me here (even tried twitter!)

    I can't do yet a security wipe because I can not enter "blackberry" because he is back with "input error, field application for closure" and even if I type, I can not see the text and continue by clicking on "wipe security."

    current software status is:


    B.O.S. 6.0 bundle 2949







    My phone worked ok before that!

    A little advice.

    Not to go near the upgrade:


    For 9780's "BOLD"



    After BBSAk to wipe your phone.

    It works it seems so far... perfectly...

    There may be bugs in rel 2949

  • Persistent BlackBerry Smartphones 2010 when unknown error uploading photos from the app Facebook of RIM

    Judging by the comments in AppWorld, it looks like last update of the Facebook #RIM for #Blackberry broken upload photo. After reading a few threads here, I tried pulling the battery, delete - reinstall the app, take smaller pictures, removing information geo-tagging and checking permissions. I always get an unknown error 2010.

    I can download to send an email and Twitter without any problem.

    I hope this gets fixed soon. It seems that there are a lot of people out there with this problem.

    Nothing here that could help you?

    Article ID: KB25378 Error codes on the set of the 2000 Facebook Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones

    Article ID: KB25889 Error "there was an error in this load a photo" when you try to upload a photo using Facebook for BlackBerry

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    Look for the BIOS to CNU0073PYB password.  Thank you

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