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I want to know how to put audio books from itunes on my sansa fuse if its effective?

They might still have DRM, but a large part of the iTunes store is without it today. So before the conversion, you will need to strip only.

I also believe, it'll make your conversion for you. The legality is uncertain, but at least where I live, there is a decent provision for the copy of the "personal consumption" like this.

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    Thank you

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  • Book audio mp3 file unknown


    I'm new brandie mp3 players... and I must say that I learned a little

    This forum...

    I just downloaded a book audio mp3 - I dragged and bumped on my sansa fuze in audio books -.

    the files are all labelled correctly and in order. I was in MSC mode

    But the folder itself is called unknown? on my sansa player...

    but when I look at the file when I am connected to the computer - this is the name correctly

    Then... I'm confused?

    Help please...

    Thank you


    OK - I got it - I have downloaded mp3tag - changed the tags and everything is fine!

  • Import of questions book Audio CDs


    I have some old Audio books on CD that I started to import into iTunes.  I noticed that iTunes brings me multiple options for track/CD info, but basically, it was a guessing game about which are the good, because there has been no consistent naming conventions.  Thus, for example, I have an audio book that spans 22 discs.  I imported all the, but they all appear with the names of the different tracks.  Some are alpha digital and some more descriptive.  All say the # appropriate on 22, but they don't are not all part of one album or compilation.

    I would really like to know how to clean it.  Any ideas?

    Thank you

    See the audiobooks on the iPod.


  • Books audio does not appear on the clip... but they appear on my computer

    I just got the video yesterday. I love.

    I dragged a bunch of music during 'My music' to the clip and all that everything went well.

    I dragged a few books,"I had more that were stored in the 'My music' in iTunes in my iTunes library

    folder... When I display video hard drive on my computer screen to see what is stored in the Audiobook box it shows

    the books are here... When I disconnect the Clip and go to the section audio books it is said 'empty '.

    Is there a way to get the books on the clip?    (I noticed that they are mp4 in my itunes and mp3 library in 'my music')

    Thanks in advance.

    Either way, I picked up this 4gig on slickdeals.NET for 34 dollars sent.  Bargains out there.  Greg

    jeba8888 wrote:

    Thank you again...

    You know of any software to do this conversion?

    iTunes will convert.

  • problem audio iTunes 12.4

    I use iTunes with an AMD Sempron 145 2.80 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and 129 GB free on my hard drive.

    Whenever I play a song, the sound stutters. Reminds me of back in the day when I want to play the music on a PC of shit and he couldn't deal with things like the open disk drive, so the music would be kind of slow down and get all the stutter-y and jerk-y for a few seconds. But that shouldn't be the case now, and the stuttering is not match with anything else happening on my computer, which means that the problem occurs even if nothing else happens. The audio quality is almost constant. It makes my library of music essentially useless. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    You could try to set the audio bitrate.  See:

    12 iTunes for Windows: iTunes playback preferences

    The parameters must match your settings in the sound control panel in Windows.  Don't know if that's the problem.  Just a thought.

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    iBooks still displays a list of PDF files, I like to keep on my iPhone, but in iTunes, only real books are visible, when I select to display a PDF file in iTunes, the window is empty.  Notice when I opened iBooks to synchronize my phone asked if I wanted to sync via iCloud, sounded like a convenient option if connected in iCloud.  Then I opened itunes and noticed that there is not a visible PDF file.  Had previously set iTunes to sync only selection of books & PDFs on my phone.  Made some changes to my icons of the screen in order to sync the phone and all PDF files have been removed from my phone. tried to restore the backup phone, but only includes things like calendar, iBooks was not on the list. iCloud open both my phone and macbook, it's empty.  where are my PDF files and how can I get back them on my phone (and keep having to remove them from my iPad)?

    Or your books and PDFs in iBooks on your Mac is stored in a hidden in your user library folder if you have activated sync iCloud for iBooks.

    You can reveal this folder using the Terminal.  Open a Terminal and copy and paste this command in the window, exactly as written, then press return.  It will open the folder hidden on your Mac, where the iBooks are synchronized in iCloud.

    Open Documents/iCloud\ ~/Library/Mobile\ ~ com\ ~ apple\ ~ iBooks/Documents /.

    Are always there in your PDF documents?  Make the backup copies of your PDF documents, but not to change anything.

    With iCloud enabled for iBooks you download books on your iPad/iPhone iCloud.

  • Option not available in iMovie list Audio iTunes

    In iMovie ' 09, I'm trying to add audio from iTunes to a clip, but the iTunes folder is not displayed. The only categories are iMovie sound effects, sound effects, iLife, and Garage Band. Without iTunes!

    Just upgrade to iTunes 12.4 on El Capitan? There have been several reports that iMovie ' 09 show is more iTunes in the browser of the Audio.

    In this case, upgrade to iMovie 10.1.2.

  • Can not remove books Audio 5 of 8 GB internal memory... have NO books on the PC Explorer

    I have W7 64 bit Office & a Sansa Fuze 8 GB drive.   I use MTP drag & drop to transfer audio books mp3 or drag & drop ripped CD from the library in Sanza MTP file.  I don't use Media Player for nothing I.have has always dragged & dropped directly.  I delete books on my PC by going to tha Sanza MTP folder and remove the Sansa DPW record book.  Did so successfully for hundreds of audio books, BUT I have 5 books on the player, I don't SEE on the PC which take on a GB of memory on the Sansa internal memory.

    What I see on the PC, I can't delete.   How can I delete these files & folders?


    Try switching the mode USB, Meteorological Service of the Canada. Your computer cannot see files loaded in one mode at a time. Maybe at some point your player has been in mode Auto Vice that would allow him to connect to MTP or MSC without your knowledge.

    If you are not paralyzed on usiing DRM files why you use MTP mode? That's the only reason why you would need to use this mode, and MSC is much less annoying.

  • How to keep track of book audio streamed files?

    I am a new Sansa Clip + 4 GB user.  I formatted my Clip + and put into MSC mode.  I inserted a microSDHC card in the Clip +.  The microSDHC card has a folder with about 20 files that have the kind of "AudioBook".  Everything works and I am able to listen to the files, stop listening and resume listening later where I left.

    My question is what is the way to keep track of each audio file that is already registered to?  I navigate to the files by going to:

    Music > records > uSD external card > FolderName > list of all the files of audio books.

    Say that I listened to the first 4.5 files.  Next time I want to listen to audio books, I don't remember going to audiobook 4 resume listening.  How do you remember which audiobook file to resume listening?

    Thank you


    If you tag your audiobook files properly, so that all the audio files for the same book have the same name of the album and are numbered sequentially (make sure you use zeros, ie. 001, 002, oe else you could start their numbering from 101 if you want to avoid having to use zeros, and less than 900 files are in the audio book. If you have configured this way, then when you go into the menu of audio books, the player will guide you to the audiobook and file audio book that you played last.

  • Book audio downloads more drive Media Console instead of going in addition to drive Media Console goes to Open Office Writer

    Original title: I joined my library and downloaded media player console to allow me to download the library audio books.but audio books go in my Office Open writer.why is this, that I can do.v

    I joined my library-Line.and downloaded on my computer, A player more Media Console.Which allows me to download Audio books from the library... The first Audio book I download. And I could play it. Well, two days later downloaded another Audio Book and instead of going in my drive Media Console .it on my Open Office Writer, which is not good. Please you can Help.What what I need to do to put this problem Right.Thank you for reading this. Waiting for your response.

    Hi Bobdunford,

    You must check with the vendor of the application in this regard.

  • Books Audio in Windows Media Player will not be down loaded

    Bought a new laptop with Windows 7. I had planned on using it support Audio books from the public library down. I tried several times to load books down and an error message that I need to upgrade the code of security or something like that.  I have read the instructions and tried to upgrade, but nothing did.

    Can you help me?  I spent several hours on this project...


    1. What is the exact error message you get?

    2. what browser you use to download the file?

    3. this problem occurs only with the download of these audio books or with all other downloads as well?

    Respond with more information so that we can better help you.

    See the site mentioned below who has suggestions on how to see discussions in the Microsoft forums.


    Suggestions for a question on the help forums

    I would also ask you to contact the host of the site in order to get help for this issue.

  • Sansa 8 GB clip - loading music and books audio diffuculties

    Hi guys,.

    I'm under win 7 - build7100 and have problems to download the clip to the top!

    If I drag an audiobook for example, when I open it up on top of the clip, it is not in a folder, but in a lot of records, and not a folder, so that when I have 3 books out there, it all listed as discs, not individual audiobook files.

    When I drag albums mp3 music everywhere in the music folder, it shows that individual albums, but when I disconnect my clip and look in the music folder, they are listed as continuous tracks and not albums and also I cannot access some of the albums. When I plug the pc and look in my computer, all what he.

    What am I wrong?

    and my shuffle IS disabled!

    any help and advice appreciated - thank you

    a huge thank you for the tutorial, I think who will help me sort my ID3 tag since now emits a

    a very useful forum here, guys good job and soon

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