Boolean text disappeared after the creation of the exe


Deploy an exe of a National Instruments touch panel touch panel. The exe contains a value Boolean LED indicator which is supposed to is set to display the Boolean text (multiple string function is also checked). However this function does not work it means that boolean works properly but no text is visible. If anyone can help with this?

Thanks in advance


Good morning thorfano,

I happened to notice that none of your Boolean texts are on the indicator, while mine are.  If you move your boolean text on the indicator or simply right click the indicator and choose "Text" lock at the Center, you should be able to review your text.

A variant of this bug has been reported to R &D; I am trying to add this specific case to our documentation.  I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause you and hope that the solution to moving your boolean text is acceptable.

Tags: NI Software

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