When I start the system, I get an error message which asks me to do a chkdsk check and refers to bootspeed.  What can I do about it?

This means that you have installed one of those dubious "SpeedUpMyPc" / programs optimizer based on CSSTidy who if you used its various utilities means he has cause damage to your installation & settings

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  • How to remove the virus boostspeed.exe

    How to remove the virus boostspeed.exe

    Hi Laurence,.

    As far as I KNOW, you're talking about Auslogics Bootspeed, and it is a program (even if some consider how he acts and what he does to be very similar to how the system will react as if he was infected).  For technical support, see:

    If it's this product, there seems to be any special product online removal process (but perhaps custom support can help). If it isn't this product or there is nothing like it on your system, then why do you assume that it is a virus - are guessing you or some AV programs, told you that (and if so, which) and how locate you the file name as being the problem?  What is the full path to the file (for example, C:\Program Auslogics... or other)?    What security software you have installed (all names and the exact version of each)?  What version of Windows are you using?  Indeed, please see for ideas on other information that will help us.  The more we know, the better we can help and the more focused we can make recommendations.

    I would try the following: start by creating a system restore point, and then back up the registry as well (just to be on the safe side).

    Download the free Revo: and use it in advanced mode to completely remove Auslogics Bootspeed.  If it does not work because it says it is running (which is possible if there is probably not), then start safe mode and try again to remove use Revo in Mode safe.  The chances of success are much higher now that it is not likely to be running in Mode safe.

    I hope this helps.  Please get back to us in all cases, and if it haunts you again, please answer these questions as well as what happened when you tried to remove it as suggested.  On this basis, we will have a better idea if we treat just a difficult program to remove or legitimate an infection of any (or possibly both) and take the necessary measures from there - but we need to learn more and to see if the simple answer works (or why it failed).  We desperately need your help here (provision of information) to be able to help (with recommendations and options and courses of action - or more questions).

    Thanks and good luck!


  • Is the registry cleaner in Auslogics BoostSpeed safe to use?

    I use Auslogics BoostSpeed, which includes a registry cleaner that finds and removes the bad entries. I want to know is if it is safe to use or not. I think it's safe - after all it next to a 5-star CNET editors' and ranking user of 4 of 5 stars (out of 606 votes.)

    What do you think guys?

    I use Auslogics BoostSpeed, which includes a registry cleaner that finds and removes the bad entries. I want to know is if it is safe to use or not. I think it's safe - after all it next to a 5-star CNET editors' and ranking user of 4 of 5 stars (out of 606 votes.)

    What do you think guys?

    I use Auslogics Registry Cleaner and like it, and it should work for you. But it COULD cause (1% chance) barely.

  • Now, my slow Firefox is fast

    Symptom: Firefox takes a while to come in Windows XP. Further, it takes awhile to load my start page.

    Symptom: Open a Google search results page, click on my first choice, it takes too much time; I close this page and select a second choice and it loads immediately. It's not serious if I chose the first choice, second or third first choice and an alternative higher or lower in the list as the second choice.

    I have been running Spybot Search and Destroy, Ccleaner and have the Essentials Microsoft anti-virus.

    I used the Auslogics DiskDefrag to optimize and defrrag.

    I have downloaded and run the scan of full file from Malwarebytes (Trial), which required a restart of the computer when it was over, having found four Trojan horses, as well as all the files quarantined, set aside by CCleaner. I deleted everything in the list and restarted Windows (first time).

    I ran another file full scan with Malwarebytes and found four files. Nothing in memory, nothing in the registry. I deleted these and restart Windows for the second time.

    Now Firefox comes right to the top, Google opens in the first tab immediately, I open the new tab and select Gmail and it comes right to the top without delay.

    My problem with slow response time Firefox was malware. One of the malware is a configuration of player I recently downloaded... can not disabled albums say which player was. He may have been infected to its source, or it may have been infected on my computer when I got here.

    I post this 'question' as a report on the solution I've found for a slow running Firefox.

    My first question with a slow Firefox came after a series of events, I'll try to recall here:

    I had a decent response from Firefox.

    I downloaded and ran Auslogics DiskDefrag, after defragmentation and optimization, I've always had good response from Firefox.

    I downloaded a dirty file, I can not say where.

    I downloaded Auslogics BoostSpeed, that scans something like five categories and allows the free cleaning of a category. Without purchasing a license, this product is limited to cleaning the first category selected from this moment for free. I chose clean wasted space.from first time several options available.

    Now, I had a slow Firefox.

    I got rid of BoostSpeed. I'm not accusing anything here, but I was looking for a cause.

    I had lance CCleaner, Spybot S & D, AdwCleaner and used the Microsoft Essentials. for the AV.

    Even a slow Firefox. I ran the two scans of complete file more restart using Maywarebytes (Trial) and Firefox is quick to come, Google loading and meet my selection in the new tab.

    A lot of people complain about Firefox is slow. I discovered the reason in my case, why it was.

    Edited to remove some typographical errors and to change the choice of wording. And thank you, SuperSluether.

    Oh. -Add-ons that I used:
    Memory Fox 7, 4 - in Options set to minimum nothing selected with a check mark and wait times

    RAMBack 1.0 (there are no options)

    1.16 - this add-on memory restart minimize Firefox memory usage when it hits a threshold of 229 MB, shows a red button if I'm on, green if I'm under.

    Original value of the threshold was 500 MB, that was too high for me.

    These three modules are really a lifesaver and prevent Firefox from locking system memory and put the computer to a crawl. With the good memory management, I'm also less problem with scripts not responding do not. In fact, I can listen to a playlist of YouTube.

    I highly recommend these three.

    Glad you figured it out! I hope this will help other users I know I did!

  • Bookmarks into folders disappeared?

    Alright. So I've had this problem for a little while now. xD and its starting to get kind of annoying. I have most of my favorites sorted in folders and others for easy access, when I need to look for some.

    For one reason or another, two weeks ago. They have all exhausted. OO as... The files are there, but they are empty. But when I open the bookmarks using CTRL-B, they are really there, inside their records. Unchanged.

    Now, I don't like using the sidebar bookmarks bar. So, I'm curious... How can I fix?
    In addition, right at that time, I downloaded and installed BoostSpeed 6. To help clean up a ton of junk on my computer. But I think that it is somehow related to problems with my favorites in general. @[email protected]


    The problem:

    Your bookmarks are damaged somewhere with a bookmark (s) that has no value 'location' (url) and all new bookmarks below than this bad bookmark will not be displayed in the Menu "Bookmarks" standard, but they have in fact always will appear in the window "show all bookmarks".


    (0) in "show all bookmarks", use the scroll bar to find all bookmarks when a url value 'rent' is obviously missing. For each folder, find you one, make sure that you move all over this bad bookmark bookmarks, so that this bad bookmark is changed (at the bottom) in this folder. Do this for all files.

    (1) export your bookmarks (keep it) somewhere on your hard drive. "Show all bookmarks"-> "Import and backup"-> "export bookmarks as HTML."

    (2) now delete us bookmarks "places.sqlite" Bank and force Firefox to do a new "places.sqlite" which is not damaged.

    (3) in Firefox click 'Help'-> "Troubleshooting Information"-> "View file" button (under the title "Basic application", next to the label "Profile folder"). This will open a new file Explorer window. Keep it open.

    (4) now close Firefox.

    (5) in the new folder Explorer window menu open, delete "places.sqlite" file and also delete all the files in the folder "bookmarkbackups".

    (6) now open Firefox back up.

    (7) Finally, "import" bookmark that you saved in step (1) to your hard disk. "Show all bookmarks"-> "Import and backup"-> "import bookmarks html."

    (8) wait for about 3 to 5 minutes for Firefox to "recreate" the structure of all the files in bookmarks and (mostly) all bookmark folders you may have created to organize your personal bookmarks (there are a lot of files and folders for Firefox re-create). It may seem like Firefox is no not another thing that set the cursor outside of Firefox and you will probably see the hourglass or image of spinning indicating the work is done. In five minutes, all bookmarks should work.

  • A few questions on Satellite P750-02

    New on the support forums, do not know how to post my system chart etc so sorry if I break all its propriety. I have a Satellite P750-02, and so far he gave me a number of questions. I am running windows 7 x 64.

    (1) on the first day, the desktop gadgets did not work. There is no sidebar that I had seen on other computers, and when I put the gadget, a second copy appears that does not move, or can be clicked. I am not able to change the settings on any gadget either.

    (2) recently I installed some updates via windows update. I was also playing with auslogics boostspeed (an optimizer pc of sorts) so I do not know who caused it. Anyway what happened was the buttons mute / without wire/play/pause and the button that enables / disables the touchpad have been disabled (physical buttons on the laptop, not the screen).

    I was able to activate the touchpad power before I connect to the computer and can also toggle with the FN key. However, when I open the Toshiba Button support, all fields are empty. I click on ' default values and I get a message "the specified button registration information has been deleted.". ". I think that this may be the root of the problem.

    I tried to use things like the system recovery and my some of the restore points, but this did not help. I tried to install all the latest drivers as well.

    (3) the webcam is aaaatrocious! I have looked everywhere only to find suggestions like 'remove the plastic', 'contrast adjustment' etc. It is much too dark and lack many settings that I thought were standard. Y at - it a patch or an update that resolves this problem of brightness? I saw the other much better webcams under the same conditions. I used to have a usb webcam, I got from aldi for $20, which had many more features and gave a clearer than this webcam image.

    Again, sorry if I write this review wrong, but useful at all would be much appreciated!

    (> 2) recently I installed some updates via windows update. I was also playing with auslogics boostspeed (an optimizer pc of sorts) so I do not know who caused it. Anyway what happened was the buttons mute / without wire/play/pause and the button that enables / disables the touchpad have been disabled (physical buttons on the laptop, not the screen).

    The FN keys are controlled by the Flash Card Support utility you will need to restart this software which is in
    All programs-> Toshiba-> Flash memory card Support utility

    (> 3) the webcam is aaaatrocious! I have looked everywhere only to find suggestions like 'remove the plastic', 'contrast adjustment' etc. It is much too dark and lack many settings that I thought were standard. Y at - it a patch or an update that resolves this problem of brightness? I saw the other much better webcams under the same conditions. I used to have a usb webcam, I got from aldi for $20, which had many more features and gave a clearer than this webcam image.

    As far as I know the internal webcam supports Pixcel (1280 x 1024) of 1.3 M resolution and needs a clear and bright lighting. The goal of these internal cams is much smaller than the lens of outdoor cams (even if you buy a webcam 20).

    The smallest lens can not detect the same amount of light as a camera with lens more you can see the webcam with cams smartphone behavior even if the webcam would support high resolution (5 M pixels and higher), the goal would be not possible to produce a good image because of the small lens.

  • Satellite C50-A133 - language bar shortcut keys keep reset automatically


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite C50-A133 with 8.1 for Windows 64-bit (the system of English UK language) of the United Kingdom. So far I have not had major problems with Windows 8.1 but an annoying problem keeps coming back.

    There are currently 12 languages/installed input methods, which some I have assigned shortcuts keyboard, Ctrl + number or Ctrl + Shift + number.

    After the system boots, they work fine, but after a while becomes disabled without me aware to have done anything to turn them off. The only thing I can do is to open the menu language preferences and assign shortcuts again.

    They disappeared in the menu language of shortcut keys, specifically each shortcut that I put has changed 'None '. This happens after a while little matter what I use the computer for.

    Restart the system always back to my settings shortcuts but working with computer for a while turns them off. I use Avast, Malwarebytes, Auslogics BoostSpeed and Windows Defender regularly, as well as CCleaner at startup. I don't think it's one of these the origin of the problem, as happens when none of them scan as well. Using the Windows key + tab bar to change the input language works very well also.

    All languages are displayed and can be activated in this way. It's just the shortcut keys that keep disappearing. It is not a huge problem but can be troublesome when needing to switch between 2 or 3 languages quickly without having to scroll through all 12 of them. If someone has had this problem and is there a way to fix it?

    I have already explained this problem to Microsoft.
    They had no solution that worked and he suggested, it was a hardware problem and I need to contact Toshiba instead.

    Thank you!

    To be honest I don't know if I understand your problem, but I know first boot after laptop computer purchase, you can set the keyboard input language and that s it Mr. of course you can also change it and add some other input languages.

    To me, it seems crazy that 12 languages are available as installed services. Who did this?

    Can you please tell us how it all started? I mean I guess you use UK layout only and English as an input language. The problem with 12 languages seems crazy to me. Have you tried to change something? Have you tried to delete all the other languages?

    Hardware problem? I don't know what think of Microsoft on this issue, but there is a simple way to check this. Reinstall the original recovery image and check how it works with the factory settings.

  • System interrupts hogging CPU at 100%

    I searched high and low for a solution to the problem plaguing my laptop.  The CPU is * always * on or close to 100% usage.  This problem came all of a sudden... I took my laptop to work to use it to listen to music.  It worked very well at this point.  I left the room for a few minutes and the computer has been restarted itself... and when it restarts it was slow slow slow!  Like a fool, I only use GoBack or system restore.  I searched "solutions".  It has been almost 3 weeks now where this machine was as slow as molasses.  I used to be able to watch DVDs and YouTube videos... now I can't because the image and the sound is so rough!  Arggh!

    They advised me to download Process Explorer... and that's where I learned the system interrupts on this system is unusually high.

    In any case, I have tried several solutions.  I defragmented almost daily (I know, exaggerated).  I ran SpyBot, Malwarebytes, Avira and Auslogics Boostspeed.  I ran the disk error checking and control.  I have updated the drivers.  I removed the programs and files to try to free more hard disk space.  One solution was to do a registry editing (the steps that follow).  I did this and then he defeated due to advice from someone on another forum.

    1. go in the Device Manager (right click on my computer > properties > Hardware tab > Device Manager).
    2. expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and click primary IDE channel;
    3. click on the properties button and select the tab advanced;
    4. If the PIO, and DMA Transfer Mode, this is your problem;
    5. let the open properties panel.

    The solution is relatively quick and painless. It requires two successive reboots. Just make sure you follow until the end, or the problem will return.

    1. open the Registry Editor (start > run > regedit > OK);
    2. expand HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Class / {4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318};
    3. Select 0001, then click Edit > New > value DWORD;
    4 Type ResetErrorCountersOnSuccess, and then press enter;
    5. click Edit > modify.
    6. type 1 in the value data, and then click OK.

    This should solve the problem with interruptions and make your system work a lot better.

    A person on a forum for tech support suggested I have a scanner with what I did... the results can be found here (if this info can help you solve my problem).  The link to my scan is here:

    I'm at a loss to know what to do.  I've lost my CD of Windows - they're 1000 miles away with my parents.  I don't even know that if I have a real installation CD - Windows XP Home Edition was preinstalled on this laptop when I bought it.  As the backup of the system CDs (1000 miles) I know for sure, I have are, I did when I first came to this system.  I don't have enough money right now to buy a new computer - especially when I know this HAS to be a way to fix - the problem came all of a sudden!  Relocation is not an option because I am away from my backups now - and can get them in the mail for over a month.

    Can anyone help? Thank you!

    Woo - hoo!  Fixed!

    This page solves the problem of system interruptions.  Apparently, my computer turned itself from DRM to PIO... Here is the solution for everyone with this issue:

  • PC turns off the conversion of video files!

    HP TouchSmart 610-1020 has

    i5 6 GB RAM 64 bit

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Lately the problems when trying to convert video files with Nero 11 or / and Xilisoft Video Converter 6 (recorded two full versions and software). Whenever I have start by converting video files, a few minutes later the computer crashes. it goes off by itself and I cannot do anything about it. I changed the Power Safe mode (computer NEVER goes to sleep or Hibernate) still having the same problem.

    Any help is more than welcome!

    Kind regards


    People, lot of your interest to try to help me thanks and I really do!

    Now, that's what I did:

    1) deleted or modified the default settings for some unused applications running in the background - the beginning of the applications running automatically whenever I start Windows EQ. Nokia Ovi, RiM BlackBerry Desktop Software, updates Java, Bluetooth adapter and etc.

    2) run a Registry Clean Fix Up\Errors - auslogics BoostSpeed

    3) run a full defragmentation - all built in readers

    4) power back to the default settings - display & hard drive settings

    5) run Windows Updates - download & install the latest updates

    And YES! My PC runs like new new! I don't hear anything, it's so QUIET I sometimes have to tap the screen to see if it is still running or switched off the COAST again.

    Oh, I've cleaned up from the PC with a very strong vacuum cleaner and wet wipes to make sure that the airflow correctly - takes your serious advice about the fan!

  • I get a "MGL FATAL ERROR 257.426" (error: open registry key) need help

    I get a "MGL FATAL ERROR 257.426" (error: open registry key) need help.

    How can I solve this problem?


    NTVDM is the program that emulates back and very old windows. There is none
    the reason that the NVidia Control Panel would need this.
    Registry programs, outside the cause of problems, often have a facility to cancel.
    Look in the program.
    Plan to run the restore of the system (type in the search on the start menu) to roll
    Back to a date that precedes ran you the program.
    "sam defcon" wrote in message news: 8c6a3fe2-af63-4 c 78-a203-b454e9a5876c...
    > I get the error message when I run GTA 1...
    > and I can't open my control panel of nividia graphics card or play tank combat
    > without Ntvdm.exe crashing.
    > Since I ran the Defrag registry BoostSpeed, the MGL error and
    > NTVDM. EXE crashes.
    > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > friends
  • Touchscreen not responding

    My touch w501p Iconia Tab no longer works after that I ran Auslogics boostspeed... No idea what happened? Get file deleted registry or driver? help please

    I would like to launch the system restore to go back to the hour or the day before where you ran the boost program.  I don't know if you have a keyboard connected or not, but you will need to do this:

    1. Click on start and RSTRUI. EXE in the search box, and then run the program.
    2. Choose the hour or the day before execution of the thrust, and then click next to restore your system at this time here.
  • Cannot get rid of the 'dll' during computer startup problem

    Whenever the computer is started, I get the following error message:

    Run DLLS

    There is a problem starting TaskSchedulerHelper.dll the specific module could not be found.

    I searched on the window support pages, articles and a few corrections.  I run disk cleaner, I run performance and maintenance patches and still nothing to get rid of this problem.

    Any suggestions? If I'm in the wrong group, please send my request to the appropriate group.

    Thank you

    Jim Yeary

    1. you have a lot of odd entries, some of which may disappear after a reboot.

    2. If you want someone to take another look at the output from Autoruns, next time, save it as "Autoruns Data (* .arn)" and it will be easier to read (it can be downloaded and opened in Autoruns).

    3. with regard to your question with TaskSchedulerHelper.dll.

    • Run Autoruns
    • Select the scheduled tasks
    • Scroll down on the 5th line, which will be probably yellow highlighted and should have the following in the left column
    • \Auslogics\BoostSpeed\Scan and repair
      and what follows in the column 'Image path '.
      File not found: TaskSchedulerHelper.dll
    • Clear the check box in the box at the left end of the line
    • Close the Autoruns and restart; You should see is no longer the message on TaskSchedulerHelper.dll

    If you have already uninstalled BoostSpeed, wait a week or so and if everything seems OK, run Autoruns, look for the same entry and delete it.

  • Localizer.dll library: Localizer.

    Hello support

    When I boot my laptop, I get an error code. I write the full error here. -.

    Error * an error has occurred loading library Localizer.dll: loc. It may have been removed. Please reinstall the application. If the problem persists contact technical support. adding - error - DLL error message could not be opened.

    I tried to do a system restore, but he said, it cannot restore the library Localizer.dll: loc

    I have windows 7 Home Premium.

    What else can I try? can you help me please.

    Thank you very much.

    Auslogic Boostspeed is installed? If it is uninstall it

  • Can you give me advice on the maintenance of windows 7 please?

    I have reset my desktop computer windows 7 64 bit to factory settings, but for the first time in 5 years I did not put any software melody in it. in the past, I got tuneup utilities, avg pc tune up, boostspeed, pc tools and norton clean (not all at the same time over the years lol). Anyway, I have been using since restored factory 3 days ago is the cleaning of windows disk 7, defragmentation and basic ccleaner (with no boxes checked only the value default ones). of course, when I uninstalled the * software preload I deleted the registry entries manually as I always do and found the left on the software manually using the Sub tools all research. After much searching around google, the reason for which I have not installed a tune up software is because they have all said that they have done more damage that good which I now believe it is true because my pc is running much better without it. BUT it is slow light, but what I'm asking, it is, is what I'm using enough or there at - it all the other tips you can give? Thank you very much

    As you've found third tune up utilities can and are causing problems.

    Do not use the module registry CCleaner

    Theres no point in removing reg entries, it does nothing for the performance

    Disk Cleanup and defrag you just use

  • Some update were not installed in windows 8

    I'm trying to update Windows 8 to 8.1 but when I try to install, showing the error.

    It is the Intel graphics driver.

    Any help please

    Properly installed Win 8.1.

    Excellent! Very nice work!

    1. is KB3100773, KB3097877, KB3101746, KB3097997, KB3098779, KB3092601, KB3102939, KB3081320, or KB3101246 listed in the installed updates (not updated story) now?

    2. what KB3102812?

    3. What number of Update Version & KB are displayed in the second line of text using IE11 | [Alt + H + A] tab. for example, Updated Version: 11.0.54 (KB1231231) ?

    Can I use Auslogic BoostSpeed?

    4 What is he Auslogic BoostSpeed that disk cleanup can't do? See

    Can I use Antivirus Kespersky?

    5. Yes, if you want & you think paying for a third-party anti-virus will provide better security than Windows Defender (free) - but please do NOT install anything else at the moment, especially if you are interested in upgrading to Win10!

    When I update win 10?

    6. is prerequisite update Win10 KB3035583, KB2976978 or KB3044374 listed in installed updates (not updated story) now?

Maybe you are looking for