Boot from an external HARD drive via USB

I have an 8200 Elite SFF and wants to start an alternative system (not Linux, but * NIX - like BONE) of a disk external DRIVE, connected via a USB port. My main operating system is WIN 7 64 bit, but for some special tasks I´d like to use the alternative OS. It worked without any problem on my two previous stand-alone - elected USB as a boot device in the BIOS boot menu and it starts fine.  However, on my Compaq 8200 there no USB option in the start menu. However, when I connect the external HARD drive to a USB port, the name of the HARD disk appears in the start menu, but again, it won't start him.  Have heard that there is a tweak to fix this, or maybe I m wrong. Alternatively, my stand-alone motherboard just can´t boot from an external hard drive via USB? Any ideas?



Unplug everything plugged to the computer except the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Then use this method to Flash the BIOS.  It's the best way to go.

USB Device Flash BIOS DOS

BACK Flash (DOSFlash.exe, FlshUefi.cpu) is the Flash BIOS DOS compatible system utility that can be used from a bootable BACK storage device (where the 'BACK' refers to a number of operating systems such as FreeDOS, DR - DOS or MS-DOS). FlshUefi.cpu is the driver required for DOSFlash.exe. To Flash the BIOS of the system to a bootable USB storage device, you'll need to copy the contents of the BACK Flash file on the USB device, start the PC from the USB device and run the DOSFlash application. To see a more complete description of the BACK flash utility, view DOSFlash.txt located in the folder BACK Flash. This folder also contains the required binary BIOS image.  The binary image file is named xxx_MMmm.bin , where "xxx" is the family of BIOS, 'MM' is the major version number and "mm" is the minor version number.  This file can be copied to the root directory of any removable media USB for use with F10 setup option «Flash system ROM»

The display of the folder BACK Flash content

The links on this post do not work. I copied the section from the BIOS flashing instructions for the specific section you need.


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    I have a 2008 Macbook Pro which is having some problems, I was able to fix them, but eventually the hard drive failed. I know that because at startup until it would have a white screen Uni (no logo) and you can hear a clicking on in the lower left corner. I thought initially it was a memory problem, but after opening and verification of memory, it's clearly the hard drive.

    I solved this problem temporarily (until I can replace the HARD disk) by installing El captain on an external HARD disc and start from that. Here's the twist, I couldn't he can begin to El captain, I tried CMD + R, CMD + OPT + R, CMD + OPT + R + P and now shift. Everything that's happened would be that clicks would cease to release the keys.

    I left the macbook on while I'm at work, when I got home it was on the screen to connect the external HARD drive.

    I accidentally closed the macbook yesterday and again once when I tried to log on, I could not and I left it on a white screen while I was sleeping. There is a possibility that he may have launched from the HARD drive when I get home, but if not, is there something that escapes me to force do this?

    See you soon

    Usually start up to a blank screen without the Apple Logo, may report one of the following:

    • Hardware failure
    • Boot drive is not recognized as valid and updated updated
    • OS X essential software is missing, hurt moved or renamed or corrupt
    • A firmware update is necessary

    No matter who, in order to boot from an external drive "bootable", you would normally hold down the Option key until you get a screen that offers a number of devices to try to boot from.

    Alternatively, you can try holding down the C key to try to boot from the external drive.

    If none of these startup options work, then the bootable disc or the USB port on your MacBook Pro can be the question.

    Since you have a Mac pre-2013, if you hold down the D key while booting, the built-in Apple Hardware Test should start up.  This can help to identify hardware problems.

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    I have a disk of Toshiba USB drive it does not recognize and I have a restore disc but I don't know how from there. Do I have to buy a CD external Toshiba and if so, which?
    Any useful suggestions?


    Boot from the external USB CD/DVD drive is not possible.
    You will also be able to boot from USB HDD!

    If you want to boot from the CD, you must use a compatible PCMCIA cards (16-bit and 32-bit Cardbus) CD/DVD drive.

    For more information, see this article from Toshiba:

    and this other thread:𗰿

    Good bye

  • XP hangs after connecting an external hard drive via USB port

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    Well - it's Windows for you, sometimes. :/

    Good luck with your new installation!

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    If I install 10.11.6 on my iMac (model identifier: iMac12, 2 name of the processor: Intel Core i5 speed processor: 3.1 GHz)

    will I be able to boot from a drive external firewire with and the older operating system? Or El Capitan will not allow this as I said can occur. Can't risk a "pourrait".

    Thank you

    There should be no problem. Your iMac is come with Snow Leopard as well as or any subsequent OS should work. Note however, that once started from SL, your interior with El Capitan would be is no longer recognized as a boot device in the preferences > startup disk because Snow Leopard does not have logical volume by car Group organization. You need to restart with the Option key pressed down, calling the Boot Manager.

    If you have problems, you might consider to make the connection via the USB port.

  • Vista boot from the external HARD drive when 7 is installed on the internal HARD disk

    I had windows Vista pre-installed on my HP laptop, now I installed the new hard drive and downloaded windows 7 on it. and I use my drive HARD back as my external storage medium and it came with vista pre-installed. is it possible to start fromUSB and use vista alternately without remove current HDD with 7 and keep their replacement on a vice versa. I already changed the boot order, but it shows the blue screen and then goes out... help me if you think you have the solution for me...


    You can not install Windows vista on a USB hard drive. The reason is that manager (Bootmgr) boot will always be on the internal hard drive and will not read the USB drive letter properly and it continues to change.
    However, you can install the two HDD internally, and then you can have a dual boot option by adding the entries in startup of the operating system Windows Vista, Startup Manager (boot mgr).
    You can check the following thread:
  • Boot from an external hard drive wireless

    Anyone know if this is possible?  I don't want to have to buy lots of usb boot flash drives too much of them.

    Hello Micro-tech,

    I'm not too familiar with the side Linux article, but should be a Windows Server installation remotely Windows as shown in the article.

    The answers community is not configured to help with PXE boot issues.  I would recommend that you contact TechNet for more information on this subject, because they are more knowledgeable in this field of technology.

    Best regards


  • Can I have macbook start up from my external hard drive instead of the internal HD of the laptop?

    I use a macbook air 2014 model and would like to know if I can boot the mac from an external hard drive rather than the inside. The reason to do this is to save space on the laptop and updates can be installed directly on the external hard drive.

    Is this possible? Forgive me, because I'm not that tech savvy. Thank you in advance!

    Yes. Install or clone of Mac OS X on it and then select it in the pane of the system preferences Startup disk.


  • I want to back up files and programs to an external 500 GB external hard drive with USB 2.0 connection. How can I do this?

    original title: Windows XP USB 2.0 HD backup

    I have a Dell Dimension 8100 2002 with 80 GB C and 200 GB drive F drive.  I want to back up files and programs to an external 500 GB external hard drive with USB 2.0 connection.  How can I do this?  Do I need special software to do this?  I have Windows XP Home Edition.  If I need additional software, what software recommend you?  Now I have My Documents, my pictures, etc. on F: and programs on C: any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Bob Morrow

    You have a few choices.  You can buy a 3rd party program to backup such as Acronis True Image or Norton Ghostor you can install the program NTBackup comes with XP Home, but is not installed by default:

    'How to install backup from the CD-ROM in Windows XP Home Edition'
      <> >


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    When I open my external hard drive via my laptop, windows Explorer restarts automatically. Why is it so? It opens perfectly well in other major tours. I use windows vista.


    ·         You receive an error message when you restart the Explorer?

    Method 1:

    You can run a scan on the hard drive to check for errors and repair if there is no performance problem.


    Check a drive for errors

    Method 2:

    Attempts to start in the State of clean boot and check if the problem persists.

    Put your boot system helps determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem. If so, you need to maybe contact the manufacturer of the program for updates or uninstall and reinstall the program.

    See the following article in the Microsoft KB for more information on how to solve a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    After troubleshooting, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

    Method 3:

    You can also perform a check and scan SFC if it helps resolve the issue.


    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7


  • I spilled coffee on my Macbook Air and does not illuminate.  How to transfer files from the external hard drive to backup my new Macbook Air?

    I spilled coffee on my Macbook Air and does not illuminate.  How to transfer files from the external hard drive to backup my new Macbook Air?

    If you had a Time Machine backup, you can use the Migration Wizard and connect your new Mac on the external drive which has the Time Machine backup: move your content to a new Mac - Apple Support

  • How can I copy music from an external hard drive in a folder of music on my Mac

    I used to have a Zune and all my music (about 5000 songs) was on my pc.  I copied all this music on a responsible and external hard drive to my iTunes library on my Mac, but I can't play unless I connect the external hard drive for Mac.  Whenever I try, I get the! and a message that the file is not found.

    Is it possible to download the songs from the external hard drive in a folder on my Mac so iTunes will be able to locate them?

    With the drive connected, open iTunes. Click the file menu and organize the library.


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    Hi mango127,

    I suggest that you give all permissions for everyone on this folder and check if it works.

    "Access denied" error message when you try to open a folder

    How to capture a file or a folder in Windows XP

    If the previous step fails then I would suggest that you take the backup of this folder on the computer you were accessing and later to format the hard drive.

    How to use disk management to configure basic disks in Windows XP

  • I can't delete some folders on my destop (copied from an external hard drive before) error: it is no longer on C/user/peter/destop.

    I can't delete some folders on my destop (copied from an external hard drive before).

    is what I do to delete the folder: right-click on the folder, confirm with Yes. then the message: this item is not found. It is no longer on C/user/peter/destop.
    Try again and again and again...

    Hi 1234mueller,

    Method 1: Run the fixit available in the links below and check if that makes a difference-Worth to try
    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically
    Difficulty of broken desktop shortcuts and common system maintenance tasks

    Fixit would attempt to recover bad sectors on the hard disk, in the course of this process there are chances of DATA loss from that particular area.

    Method 2: You can follow the steps mentioned in the link below


  • I just downloaded winows meïdia player 11 it won't import my music from my external hard drive

    Winows meïdia player 11 won't import my music from my external hard drive whenever I try to add files, it just seems threw? How can I get my music in my library?

    The instructions are for WMP 11 on XP. Here are the correct steps to WMP 11 Vista: (note the reset of the library will make you lose all the counts to play and possibly ratings too)

    -Restart the PC.
    -Click Start, type services.msc in the search field and press ENTER. In Services, locate the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service . If its status is started , double-click the service, and then click stop .
    -Click Start, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft in the search field and press ENTER. This folder opens in Windows Explorer.
    -In this folder, rename the folder Media Player as Old Media Player . If you do not see the folder, then it is probably hidden. Set Explorer to view the hidden files and folders and show protected system files.
    -Launch WMP, your library will have been reset and will be rebuilt. Check if the problem persists.

    Tim Baets

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