Boot from the card reader

Hello, everyone!

I made bootable (1 GB) Flash drive and SDHC-card (8 GB) bootable.

In the first case, I can start but in the second, I can't.

Computer:. Presario Compaq CQ61-310ER.

BIOS is updated.

Card reader works fine (with card SDHC in Win7).

What should I do?



I looked on this topic, and here's what I discovered:

All storage devices that can be plugged into usb must meet the USB Mass Storage standard. There is a start of this section. If standard USB Mass Storage cannot apply in full (without standard boot section).

Some of the old external usb card readers have no start function. All modern readers start function (the case is not proven).

Internal drive can be connected to internal pci or usb. To start, in the first case, the bios must support 'pci boot function' (I don't know the correct name for it) and the reader must supports the start function. To begin in the second case bios must supports usb startup function and the reader must fully supports the usb mass storage standard. My player in-house to meet a basic element of the standard without start USB Mass Storage function. I found a lot of posts on this topic. If this is not a problem of my computer.

Topmahof thank you very much for your time and your answers.

I mark my problem as solved.

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    When importing, seen happen on the screen, but when I type "import" I get a message that the files cannot be read.

    When you get the message "cannot be read", it really means that the files cannot be written. Namely, the place you attempt to copy images in its permissions set so that you cannot write there. You will need to change the permissions on the destination folder. Then you will be able to import.


  • How to remove the SD of the slot of the card reader - Satellite A100?

    Is there someone to help me? I inserted a 64 MB SD card into the slot of the player card of my Toshiba A100 model. This is the first time that I inserted the card. The card is inside the slot. I can't get out! I have no idea how to remove the card from the card reader location. I can see the contents of my SD card, can open files too. But how to remove it out of the slot. Help me please give your idea to remove the card from the slot.



    To my knowledge the SD card slot doesn't have a whole extra help as the slot PCMCIA to remove the card.
    You have to remove everything simply. Try to enter the map and move it. You can try using a pair of tweezers. Maybe it helps

  • Windows 7 64 bit without recognizing an SD card or SDHC card through the bult in the card reader.

    12/15/10 my computer Desk Top read SDHC and SD cards without problems through the media built in card reader, but the small import window to the lower right of the screen wouldn't do anything, I have to disconnect & reconnect to get rid of it.
    Then, on 18/12/10 if I inserted the card SD or SDHC card & NOTHING happen on the monitor. It was as if nothing was plugged. It would appear click on the Start button > computer as a removable storage but it wouldn't ask to import the photos. No window pop up or anything.
    If I have a SD or SDHC insert card in a USB adapter so that connected on a USB Port, it works fine. I tried with four different memory cards.
    Why the computer OS does not recognize that the inserted card & even the computer itself would know that it was inserted because there is a small light that flashes when something is plugged. But he doesn't want to import and MARK photos directly from the construction in the card reader?
    I was on the phone with gateway 3 times by train to update ALL the drivers & try the system restore on the eve of thatI know it actually worked.
    I even spent an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with a Tech. Microsft via the remote control and still could not solve the problem. Everyone wants to blame others, but I see a lot of people have very similar problems.
    My computer was purchased there are 4 1/2 months. It's a gateway FX6840-03e. It is a very powerful platform but suddenly something happened and now it will not import pictures from the card reader. I have to import via USB!
    The strange thing is that my sister told me that exactly the same thing happened to his computer about a week and half ago. It is configured to download & install updates automatically. I'm set up just to be notified to download and install myself.
    Why backup restore & would still work on a date that we both knew for positive that our computers were working very well?
    So we need help! Anyone have any solutions or suggestions? The only assistance we have received so far was "Re-install the entire operating system."

    Well Finally I found the problem of not being able to import images. After so much work and all try, same re-install windows7 operating system
    It turns out this is one brass bit inside the construction tabs in the card reader was not working properly! Just a. That's all it took. It would show that the card has been installed, the light on the computer itself would show a card has been installed, but he wouldn't ask to import.
    THANK YOU ALL for your help and suggestions! It was great.
    The computer is fairly new but it had a flaw inside the card reader. So, if anyone knows the same check the connection problem.
    Once again thatnk you for your help!

  • NB510 - boot from the SD card?


    I have a question related to booting from SD cards.
    As my NB510 has no optical device, I thought to use an SD with Linux on it to boot from.

    The reason is that sometimes I need Linux and I don't wan to lose my Windows partition or another partition of my HDD with a 2nd OS.

    My experience is that more than one OS at a disk always causes unnecessary trouble.
    Unfortunately, it seems that the NB510 does not boot from the SD card.

    I created it with the Toshiba SD Memory Format Utility and "UNetbootin" to create a card with the last OpenSUSE Linux.

    When, in from the laptop and press F2 (or F12), all available drives be filed - but not my SD card (Yes, it was inserted). BIOS Insyde H2O also doesn't seem to provide the SD card as boot drive.

    So is it possible to get my NB 510 booting from SD card?

    Greetings from the Germany


    Why you boot from the USB flash key t n?
    As much as I know the NB510 support the start of disk HARD primary, Network (LAN), USB, USB HDD and USB WEIRD memory.

    If booting from USB is certainly possible.

  • Cannot remove the Photos from an SD card in the card reader in Windows 7 error "is an error error application attributes - produced - the media is write protected."

    Please check the post from Jetta48 on this article, for the workaround to resolve your concern.

    Have a nice day ahead!

    I agree with you and think it had something to do with a Windows Update. I got this computer with Windows 7 for a couple of years and it took until this month I got the problem. Cannot delete the photos when the card reader is on a Windows 10 computer either.

  • How to boot from SD card on Satellite Pro S300?

    My windows 7 32 bit based has S300 to a card reader build in SD. The Toshiba utility for making the bootable SD card comes with an error message indicating fault: 00-61-FF02-26.
    Is not see and recognize the card.
    In the BIOS version 3.00 VICTORY is also not possilility for booting from SD card.

    The SD card can be formatted and you can read and write to the card.

    Why is this not possible?

    > The Toshiba utility for making the bootable SD card...
    Now to maybe stupid question, but what is the name of this utility?

    As far as I know, computers laptop Toshiba cannot use the SD card as a bootable media and SD slot cannot be used as boot device.

  • Can not boot from the CD to recover OS - Portege M200


    I'm working on my Portege M200 friends that she bought used. Only, it came with an external USB CDROM drive and the laptop computer AC adapter. To make things better the HD is no longer recognized by the BIOS. I had a spare HD so I installed it and now the BIOS see the new HD, Yay!

    I also discovered that I could buy a replacement Toshiba system recovery CD, new Yay! But before I do that I wanted to make sure I could boot from the external CDROM drive. I plugged the CDROM drive and attempted to start on a spare windows xp CD. But it does not start on the CD. I made sure that the CD-rom drive has been first in the BIOS boot priority, but that doesn't seem to work.

    I read the other posts that mention the boot directly from the external CD-rom USB drive does not work and I have to boot to the CD-rom drive by plugging the CD-rom drive in a PCMCIA card. If I have to buy a PCMCIA card that has USB ports for connecting external USB CDROM drive in for I can boot from a CD?

    If there will be any brand/type of work? If this is not the case, what brand/type is known to work.
    Any advise will be greatly appreciated!

    BIOS of the portege recognise only a limited number of pcmcia-CD-disks

    in this thread you will find all the information you need:𑘋

    but your portege also boots most of the readers of usb_FDD; If you make a BACK-boot disk with the appropriate drivers for your CD-ROM usb drive you can use it without restrictions bios

    as you can read that this method will work only in a DOS environment, that is why it is absolutely necessary to format your hard drive to fat32, otherwise it will not be recognized

  • Satellite P100 - 277 Linux LiveCD Boot from SD card?

    Hey there, my first ever post on these forums, and I had a question.

    It is possible to unwrap a Linux live CD (like Ubuntu or Mandriva) on a 1 GB SD card (inserted in the multimedia card reader integrated course ;)) and from it?

    I tried the boot option 'Reader of floppy Boot', but it completely ignores the card reader (seems not yet-> LED is not light up at all) and one of my friend told me that this is supposed to be the boot disk... But this is no logical, portable computers first of today do not come with floppy drives, and second, all the other computers I have here call boot disks just that... Diskette or... another name clearly designating a floppy drive (something with a removable 3.5 inches)...

    So can you help me with this? I tried various Linux distributions, it does not at all.

    Well, I've never used the SD card for the start of Linux, but it s very interesting questions
    Toshiba provides a utility to clean boot on the SD card. This utility formats the SD card and copy other startup files to start the procedure.

    You can try to copy the files from linux on the SD card.
    If you want to start to the top of the SD card, you can use the F12 key immediately after the laptop boot then a start menu should appear.
    Here you can choose the SD card as a source of start-up

    But as I said I m not 100% sure if it works with the Linux files

  • X 220 - boot from the SD slot?

    I have created an agent Acronis bootable on a spare SD card and hoped I could boot from it, as you can from USB key, since, like most of the machines I guess that the SD reader is connected internally to the USB bus.

    However, when I press F12 at startup to select a different boot device, it does not recognize the inserted, but for this, a USB SD card.

    I currently 1.16 BIOS, I was wondering if those with 1.19 BIOS (which sets the startup mSATA problem) could check if they insert a SD card and press F12 during startup if its recognized as boot device.

    Thank you

    The internal SD card reader is not a boot device.
    It is connected to the PCI-E bus (for best performance, I think, it showed much higher than average external), which means the BIOS could not access it as commom internal/USB drives (mSATA is a new category but with a new interface of essentially internal training).
    Even the BIOS might recognize, the software on the card needs driver for the card reader, or they simply not load because they cannot access their own media.

    If you need to use a bootable SD card, use with a USB port card reader. Mass storage device standard devices commonly are bootable.

  • How to you turn off the card reader in the BIOS of HP on a dv6693us

    I'm trying to clean up the hard drive with Dban, it keeps hanging up on the pci sysfs that is a known issue with HP and the Ricoh card reader. All forums say to turn it off, but for the life of me I can't find it in the BIOS. I disabled the only other thing I can, the only one who has been activated was the CD-ROM drive.

    I'm not the most experienced in there, but I've never had a problem before. I just need to turn it off, otherwise I'll have to open the case and disconnect it physically... that I would prefer not to do so.

    I tried to use Secure Erase of the Center for Magnetic Recording Research, but it does not work either, looks as if it was developed for Windows up to me. I thought nothing to lose then burned the disc and it froze before you start running.

    Now after reading some of the reports I'm not if sure that any written software program is 'sunk', but I'm not too worried, I don't have that much to personal info here ever. I have other computers to it. I just want something that does a great job and works well. I lost days to try to obtain Dban to run so far.

    Thanks in advance,


    I looked in the BIOS on a DV2810us I, who is the little brother of lil 14.1 '' laptop series DV6000/DV9000. There is no place to turn off the card reader that I can find.

    Try something else like Partition Wizard, my personal recipe. Scroll down the page and get > Bootable CD ISO and > ImgBurn to burn the iso image to cd, a guide on the use of ImgBurn to write an ISO on a disc is here. Once created, boot from it. Delete hard drive partitions, create and format.

  • R100 Boot from PC CARD?


    I own a SanDisk SDP3B 1.2 GB (industrial grade) ATA PC CARD that I am trying to make it bootable in order to run another operating system on. I also plan to put a recovery image on it with the help of Acronis image, for I can just boot from the plug to restore my computer.

    This does not work well and I did not get it works. I was wondering if someone else tried to start with a pc card with of their R100?

    Thank you


    In my opinion there is not enough capacity for all of the image on this map. I have no experience but try to check all the BIOS settings. Check if there is an option called Boot from other devices.

  • Equium A100 - unable to boot from the bootable disc

    Equium A100-549

    My son s partner has a 2 year old Toshiba which has become slow over time. I had done a backup of the system with office installed etc using Acronis. Anyway, decided to rid running Acronis and recorded image. The program runs normally, and he falls down to a denial of service as the ready to restore screen. It is then with the cursor flashing as usual and then it crashes, and doesn't allow you to access the image.

    I am that it can be altered, so reinstalled Acronis. Make an Acronis boot disk to run the image, and he does not take into account the disk boots directly to the normal hard drive (IDE 0) still no joy. Then I tried the restore of laptops disc. In the BIOS, I said peripheral CD as everything first and also the restore disc says place in the drive and turn off.

    While it starts up press F12, which brings a menu allowing you to boot from the CD drive. I did, but it doesn t appear to look at the CD and just load windows from the HARD drive. I removed the CD for system devices and rebooted. He found and added the new device to herself and asked to reset. Still no joy!

    Scanned with Norton, but still not good. Norton removal. The result is the same. Able to read the CD and also write to it as well. Diagnosis Toshibas ran on the unit and everything seems ok with it.

    Tried to make a bootable flash stick on floppy, but it is ignored, well specified the amorçage using other devices.
    Basically, it seems that I can t get it to watch prior CD onto the HARD drive.

    Flashing the BIOS would heal it? -Registry error causes this?

    Y at - it everywhere where I can talk to someone from Toshiba about this?

    Any info / help much appreciated

    Hello Nick

    Put the delivered device DVD recovery DVD and turn on the laptop. Press the C button and keep it pressed for a few seconds. This will force the DVD player to read the DVD, and I hope that you will be able to use the DVD of recovery for the installation of the OS.

    If possible, test it with some other bootable CD installations. Please post the results.

  • 3490CT: is is possible to boot from the CD USB drive?

    While I read in this forum that it is not possible to start a ct 3049 since an external USB CD drive, I read elsewhere on the web (I can find is no longer the link) it is possible to boot from a USB CD drive as long as it's an Iomega brand player.

    Can anyone confirm on deny for me please?


    You can boot from the external USB CD drive, but you need a supported drive.
    Please also check this topic on the forum:

    Good bye

  • Satellite M40 - cannot boot from the recovery cd after format HARD drive


    After my Satellite M40 - 133 being affected by the virus of security internet I had to wipe my hard drive. The virus wouldn't let me do anything, boot without failure or system restore. I wiped the disk and it still wouldn't load up. That's why I had to do a full erase of the disk including the hidden partition.

    After doing his now do not let my boot from the CD of restoration as it says invalid partition as his search for files that must be on the hidden partition. What can I do to get it started. I'm not bothered about to recover anything on the disc. If I remove the hard drive and put the recovery cd in, it excludes the disc and begins to start until he fails to see the hard drive.

    Outwardly I can link the drive to another pc and he sees it as a storage device so I'm glad that there is nothing wrong with the hard ware - help please


    Can you see the HARD drive with all the details in the BIOS?
    If this isn't the case, then this means that the HARD drive is faulty or not fully compatible.
    If you can see the HARD drive in the BIOS, then this means that the HARD drive is compatible.

    But this should not affect booting from a bootable CD.
    Even if the HD would not be recognized in the BIOS, you should be able to boot from the CD. For example a live Linux CD has not only any disk HARD because the BONE would not be installed on the HARD drive, but it loads into RAM.

    The question is; Why you are unable to boot from any CD?
    Maybe the discs are scratched or the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disc more because of problems of laser lens
    If possible, try to copy/burn the Windows CD using another computer, and then try to start using the copied disc.

Maybe you are looking for

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