Boot Windows 7 "Missing Operating System" message by adding external hard 1gig on usb

Hi - I just bought a 1 GB Toshiba external hard drive.

When my PC running Windows 7 - the external hard drive is connected and works fine - but when I close and come to restart I get message "Missing Operating System". One point to mention is that I renamed E to G external drive letter. If I unplug the USB hard disk, start works fine and I can plug back into the external hard drive without any problem. Someone at - it ideas on how to fix this please? Thank you.

PS I also have a 500 meg external drive which worked well. Note the 1 gig disc problem also arises even when the 500 meg disk is removed.



Go into your BIOS and change the boot order.

It tries to Boot from your external hard drive when you receive this message.

Do the internal hard drive first in the boot order or disable USB compatible with the start (or similar words for USB devices).

See you soon.

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  • "Missing operating system" is displayed when you try to start Windows 10

    I have been using bootcamp to access the 10 Windows for quite awhile. It was working perfectly until a member of the family installed a Windows Update, but the battery is dead during the update. Following this window would charge any. A black screen with a blinking cursor. After that, I went back on fairing and wrong used the partition synchronization tool. Now, Windows is in a worse state and the "Missing operating system" message when you try to get back in. In addition, the Mac startup disk no longer allows me to reboot the laptop using the bootcamp partition, as if the partition is not more detected. Disk utility simply shows a greyed out "Disk0s4."

    I spent a lot of time looking for a solution, but without success. Here are some of the things I've tried so far:

    I don't know if its of any importance but sudo fdisk e/dev/disk0 the following message is displayed:

    #: cyl hd s - cyl hd s id [Start - size]


    1: EA 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [1-409639] < unknown ID >

    2: AF 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [409640-174722176] HFS +.

    3: AB 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 Boot Darwin [175131816-1269536]

    * 4: 0 b 1023 254 63-1023 254 63 [244256768-244140032] Win95 FAT-32

    The partition Inspector displays this:

    Report for internal hard drive *.

    Current GPT partition table:

    # Start end LBA LBA Type

    1 40 409639 system EFI (FAT)

    2 409640 175131815 mac OS X HFS +.

    3 175131816 176401351 Mac OS X startup

    4 244256768 488396799 database

    Current MBR partition table:

    # A Type starting ending LBA LBA

    1 1 409639 ee EFI protection

    2 409640 175131815 af Mac OS X HFS +.

    3 175131816 176401351 ab Mac OS X startup

    4 * 244256768 488396799 0 b FAT32 (CHS)

    MBR content:

    Bootcode: unknown, but bootable

    LBA 40 partition:

    Startup code: no (Non-system disk message)

    File system: FAT32

    Filed under GPT partition 1, type system EFI (FAT)

    LBA 409640 partition:

    Startup code: no

    File system: HFS extended (HFS +)

    Filed under GPT partition 2, type Mac OS X HFS +.

    Classified in the MBR partition 2, type af Mac OS X HFS +.

    LBA 175131816 partition:

    Startup code: no

    File system: HFS extended (HFS +)

    Filed under GPT partition 3, type Mac OS X startup

    Classified in the MBR partition 3, type ab Mac OS X startup

    LBA 244256768 partition:

    Startup code: no

    File system: unknown

    Filed under GPT partition 4, type database

    Classified in the MBR partition 4, type 0 b FAT32 (CHS), active

    I also tried to use Windows, but without success startup repair.

    If there is no solution to this problem, all least, hope to be able to back up everything that was on the Windows partition.

    Thank you very much

    What is the year/model of your Mac? Please after the release of

    sudo dd if = / dev/rdisk0s4 account = 1 2 >/dev/null | hexdump - C

    This will show the first block of the Disk0s4.

  • Error loading operating system message is displayed after the partial installation of Windows XP

    Hello all, I was doing a clean install of Windows XP from the CD on my desktop PC.  I had reached the point where I had deleted the existing system partition and created a new system partition and had begun to load data from system to system on the CD when I accidentally stop the surge protector, shutting off the power to the computer, the screen of the monitor, etc.  After that I restored power, I turned on the PC without the XP installation CD in the CD/DVD drive.  The system posted successfully and start the CD line appeared IMMEDIATELY followed by the message "error loading operating system" on a new line.  I tried to start with the installation of XP in the drive disc, as well as with the "Ultimate Boot CD" in the player - the "Error loading operating system" message appeared in both cases.  Thanks for any help you can provide!

    The desktop PC has had a full legal work Windows XP with SP3, but I chose to reinstall from scratch, because I had problems with corrupted data in the Zone Alarm and card ATI graphics card software that caused random outages, lead to situations of re - start.  I couldn't fix the files for these 2 applications that I had this desktop PC in stock for more than 18 months and I couldn't remember the administrator password I had used.

    Once more, these error messages tell me you dΘmarrez the hard disk and no CD-ROM drive.  The message "NTLDR is missing" is read the boot sector, on most of the installations of Windows, the boot sector is usually the absolute sector 63 on the disc, using DiskProbe you will see the text of the message to the given sector.

    Your drive is perhaps at fault... or it may be absolutely nothing wrong with it!  You may need to press a key to boot from the CD, often you see a message like «Press any key to boot from CD...» "or some thing in this sense, maybe you're not a touch and the BIOS ignores the boot from CD-ROM and goes to the next boot device (hard drive).


  • First time that I Boot XP I'm missing operating system, it starts and then fine the next test. MBR problem?

    Just installed a new HD, with a fresh install of XP Pro.
    Now when I start the machine says missing operating system BUT it boots OK on the retry!
    Any thoughts on how to solve this problem?

    Looks like you have a marginal place on your hard drive.

    See the following Microsoft KB article:

    ""Operating system not found"or"Missing operating system"error message when you start your Windows XP-based computer.
      <> >


  • Error - missing operating system after the upgrade to Windows XP Professional from Windows XP Home Edition.

    Original title: lack of an operating system.

    I have a Dell which had windows xp home installed on it I upgraded a while back to pro, the problem is the operating system that you are completely crushed and all I have is a cd to upgrade so it won't let me install because it said that missing operating systems... so what can I do that won't cost me a thing!

    Hi mistyblu976,

    This problem may occur if one or more of the following conditions are met:

    (a) basic input/output system (BIOS) does not detect the hard drive.

    (b) the hard disk is damaged.

    (c) sector 0 of the physical disk has an incorrect or malformed master boot (MBR) record.

    You can follow this link & check if it helps.

    "Operating system not found" or the "Missing operating system" error message when you start your Windows XP-based computer

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.
    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    You can try to download the 64-bit version.  You can download the demo version of the software through the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.

    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important Instructions in the section on the pages of this site download and have cookies turned on in your browser, otherwise the download will not work correctly.

    Photoshop/Premiere Elements 13:

  • Samsung n130 laptop - not "no operating system" message at startup

    My samsung n130 laptop would not start so I ran the program of recovery solution to address the problem, now since he performed this task, he said: no operating system. Nobody knows what has happened and how to fix it. Thank you

    Hi michaelluke,

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Disconnect all external devices, start the computer and check if the problem persists.

    Method 2: Start your computer in last known good configurations.

    How to start your computer by using last good known Windows XP Configuration

    Method 3: Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start the computer in safe mode and check if the problem persists.

    A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode

    Step 2: If the problem does not still in safe mode, perform a clean boot to see if there is no conflict of software like clean boot helps you eliminate software conflicts.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    Note: After completing the steps in the clean boot troubleshooting, follow the section How to configure Windows to use a Normal startup state of the link to return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    After the clean boot used to resolve the problem, you can follow these steps to configure Windows XP to start normally.

    (a) click Start, run.

    (b) type msconfigand click OK.

    (c) the System Configuration Utility dialog box appears.

    (d) click the general tab, click Normal startup - load all services and device drivers and then click OK.

    (e) when you are prompted, click on restart to restart the computer.

    Method 4: Follow the steps in the article.

    Advanced Troubleshooting for General startup problems in Windows XP

    For reference:

    "Operating system not found" or the "Missing operating system" error message when you start your Windows XP-based computer

    If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer for more help and information.

  • Missing operating system of DM4

    I tried to reinstall my OS (win 7 home) dm4 pavilion. I backed up personal items and then (1) rebooted and held down the ESC key, (2) chose F11 for recovery of the system and then choose to install the minimal system. The process of reformatting the drive, which was pretty quick and then took some time to install the software. At one point he finally rebooted and then I got one message at the top left of the screen - "Missing operating system". When I try again (restart, F11, Esc) system recovery I'm met with the same message - lack of OS. No help for it? Thank you!

    The first thing you should try is unplugging the hard drive sata connector and then plug it back.

    If this does not work, then boot to a Windows 7 install disc (or usb Installer) to access the Startup Repair option. If the problem is a corrupt BCD file which should deal with the issue.

    If you need to make a Windows 7 usb installer or installation disc, you can download the ISO image here. Use utility to store Microsoft Windows 7 download\USB to make the program installation from USB or disc installation DVD.

  • Error "Missing Operating System".

    Hi all. I'm trying to dual boot a 2013 end macbook pro with windows 10 and el capitan. I need to be able to run windows 10 to use some programs required by my University. I was actually able to configure my computer completely, so that it works on both partitions perfectly, but in a few days the windows partition seems to fail. This has happened three times now, and with each failure, I completely deleted the partition and started from scratch. The error I get seems to be completely random and occurs when I turned off my computer, turn it on and try to start the "Windows" partition It reads "_ Missing Operating System".

    To install Windows 10 first, I used the boot camp assistant tool to make a partition of 100 GB out of my 500 GB drive. I went through the process of boot camp and created a bootable usb key from the iso image windows 10. I booted from the USB and windows installed and everything worked perfectly. I had to delete the partition generated by the wizard boot camp and create a new space on my disk unallocated hard usb Boot because it would not me to install windows on the partition as boot camp originally created. I installed all the drivers through bootcamp tool which displayed once windows 10 has been installed and all was good. I did all the updates of Windows 10 through the parameters, and then I did all the app store updates. I installed applications base approximately 4; This includes chrome, iTunes and uTorrent.

    There seems to be no problem with my el capitan score whatsoever, and I was totally unable to find anything on the internet to help me with this problem. I chatted with support of microsoft and apple support. I was told that "it seems that the operating system on the Windows side is having a problem remaining installation and which is the origin of the problem" apple support. I was also told by microsoft that "maybe microsoft and apple cannot work together in a single machine :-) ».

    Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    Should I give up trying 10 windows and try to use something like windows 7? Sounds like a problem with Windows 10 or my Macbook? Thank you

  • Satellite C660D-14F - error "Missing operating system".

    Satellite C660D-14th, W 7.
    System froze and I had to turn off. The following happens
    1 error message "Missing operating system".

    After cutting the boot won´t system.

    I have no hot spare. I have a separate PC.

    Can I download a boot sequence to use on a USB key?


    Looks like something's happened on your HARD drive. Its defective, or maybe just the system partition is possibly corrupt.
    Well, in the best case, you will need to reinstall the system.

    If you n t have the recovery disc, you can order it here:

  • Missing operating systems after trying to install Ubuntu

    I have a dv6 7010 WE

    I used to have Windows 7 x 64. I tried to install a dual boot Ubuntu, but if it worked I would not write this.

    I tried to install Ubuntu with a live CD. I've been running Ubuntu, I thought it was over install and I restarted the computer. When he came back he said "Missing Operating System". The live CD was not in when he did this, and then I put it back on and restarted and he returned to Ubuntu and offered to install again. I didn't install it and I restarted just once again (error). Yet once he came with "Missing Operating System". I restarted again, but press the ESC key and went to the start menu. I've sailed around, trying to make a boot recovery and try to do a system restore, but none of them worked.

    Now when I put the Ubuntu CD in I don't you Ubuntu, but the same screen lack of operating system

    I tried to get a download of Windows 7 and reinstall it on another drive, but I didn't do well do things and don't want to take the risk even once.

    I cannot enter in a command window and can do stuff with it, but I have no idea what to do at this point.

    I'm stuck and I really really need help. I really really want to buy a new computer. My computer did not come with a Windows 7 installation disc.

    Help please.

    Please do not answer. I just ordered recovery through Staples discs.

    To anyone else reading this, I suggest you just buy the recovery disc for your computer.

    The recovery discs also got rid of all the stuff of Ubuntu

  • Re: Satellite A30 - missing operating system


    I have satellite A30, who, after turning on yesterday, it happens with the toshiba with F2 & F12 screen then goes black with "missing operating system" and a cursor flashing at the end.

    I have 2 product recovery discs and a disk tools and utilities

    I loaded the 1st recovery disk and it gave me 3 options

    1 recover hard whole donot disk that I want to do what I have a lot of data and images on the disc that I didn't lose.

    2. the expert recovery mode I peeked to & it looks like my data is still on the drive but not knowing how to retrieve

    or exit 9

    Please help can thank you julian

    Post edited by: julian.ward1

    > I have a lot of data and images on the disc that I didn't lose

    I have bad news boyfriend. The message missing operating system means that the laptop can not find the operating system on the HARD drive. And do you know why the laptop can not find the OS (operating system)?
    Because the HARD drive is DEAD!

    I had the same behavior, 2 years ago. My 4 year old HARD drive was dead. It was an accident of the head and I lost all my files :(

    But fortunately, I created backups on CD so I could restore my photos and my mp3.

  • Computer update crashed - error "Missing Operating System".

    Sometimes last night, my computer up to date and crashed.

    When I tried to start safe mode after running for a while, I finally got the missing operating system error message.

    Thoughts? Resolution?

    Oh, Vista o/s

    kindly call 1-800-936-5700 and assistance to resettlement or your operating system setting - ask the service customer you transfer to the Department of Vista

  • Reference data are not available in version 12.1 on Windows XP5.1 operating system distribution


    I get the error "reference data are not available for release 12.1 on the distribution of the Windows XP5.1 operating system" when the installation program runs the verification of prerequisites to install Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise on 64-bit computer. Am I missing another precondition that I'm not aware of this couldn't cause this error?

    Thank you!

    Hello world

    There is a bug in the installer. Here is the workaround:

    After checking the installation program is not running, please open that file in the staging area where you have unpacked ODAC:


    And in this file, change the CV_ASSUME_DISTID value that is there to 6.1

    Save the changes, and then rerun Setup.

    This will force the installer to requires that you have Windows 7.

    Thank you


  • Missing operating system of satellite L750 / 04 k

    Hi, well seems I'm having an affair with the toshiba.

    Had to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the touchpad on/off function - view still does not.
    TS advised necessary package - spend 2 + hours download 32 bit; When he did not TS another let me know because I had a 64-bit system, I had to source download and extract this one so 3 more hours later that she has not made.

    Need to restore laptop to factory settings. Closed TS; as part of their F questions they gave a guide how to "restore."
    -turn off the laptop.
    -turn on computer laptop while holding the key '0' (next to the key 9)
    -screen on laptop said "Missing Operating System" top left and bottom left corner "HDD Recovery *'"

    No recovery disc were in the area when buying this new laptop in June 2011.
    Seems I have ongoing issues with the functions of the key board.

    It was the same problem, I have lived 2-3 weeks ago and said it was a virus and had to correct this through the clearing system and reinstalling from a backup.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated. ... as he does this, I read the manual, haven't tried to support toshiba google on the iphone no chance and has spent the last few hours 3 defining my "old" laptop to get some internet access...

    Seems that you are referring to this topic:

    > No recovery disc were in the area when buying this new laptop in June 2011.
    The recovery CD were not part of the package, because you can create a clean recovery using the recovery disk creator.

    Here is a FAQ How to run the system on Toshiba restore Australian books:

    If the HARD drive recovery is not possible, then you will need to use a recovery disc.
    The missing restore disc can be ordered here.

Maybe you are looking for