BOUNCING VISA Write error - hair pulling

Running an application that uses some standard features.  Lies in stepper motor which is controlled by simply sending chains of command to the inverter via a serial connection.

Update for Windows 7 (from XP) and thus to level to 2013 LV.    Now all of a sudden I get errors of the vi that writes to the port series. He'll sometimes for a few hours before appearing, sometimes 15 minutes.  There is not much consistency as to which iteration of the vi pops up the error.  I added delays here and there, put a delay in writing vi (attached), added a clear before writing pad, etc, etc.  This bug won't go away.  This is the error that appears...

I have attached the vi.  It is about as simple as they come that's why I'm pulling what little hair I have left.  Two changes in this version of the original that ran forver on XP, the delay of 150ms between writing and close System (since door to 400) and I also changed the time-out on the configuration of ms 10000 to 5000 ms (10s and 5s).

Once this happens then all series the connection with the computer is watered and I have to restart the system to get there again.  The computer, a relatively new dell, has a port built series ini and I use an expansion card StarTech for two additional ports. (2-port PCIe RS232 w / UART 16550)

ANY help is very appreciated on what having to reset the system 10 - 15 times a day is killing me.

Tags: NI Software

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    I'm not familiar with the mbed, so I tried to do a few led flashing with labview.

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    I tried hunting VISA and VISA defined I/O as recommended messages previous but has not solved my problem.

    Can you help me please?

    Hi mejrissi.chiheb,

    Have you seen our paper that deals with this error?  I think he should provide more details on why you see this behavior.

    Best regards,

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    You cannot use the low-level GPIB functions because you are an Agilent controller. The low-level functions are only for the OR.

    Visa application, use the trigger to make visa.

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    You provide details on your computer. I'm guessing that it is 5 + years old, which means that you could easily be in place for a replacement drive (or buy an external one).

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    Need help to install the management software Application computer Device Manager 4.6 HP Thinclient

    While doing the custom Setup, I got an error for the language setting. The Error Message says "local write error - access denied.

    How to solve the problem... Please help as soon as possible

    More details if you need:

    I use Windows 2008 R2 Server Operating System - 64 bit [VM]

    I use IIS 6.0 to create FTP Site


    I tried to install on another Virtual Machine with same Windows 2008 R2 Server Operating System - 64 Bit

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    Kind regards

    K N R K


    Please find the fix for the problems

    1 Please download and install HPDM 4.5 and 4.5 SP5

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    hours of service under start PXE when the gateway, select No and then click Next.

    i. click on run

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    Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP. ===

    * Click on the star of CONGRATULATIONS on the left say "thank you."

  • Toshiba 55VL963 - TV USB function reports write errors


    I have 55vl963 TV with latest firmware 6.9.MD.1

    I'm trying to get lists of channels and other settings using the function of the cloning Hotel.

    However, it seems the TV to USB function often reports write errors (or sometimes ends successfully, but generates corrupted files).

    I tried different media USB, formatted in FAT16 or FAT32.

    Thanks for any help to solve this.

    > I'm trying to get lists of channels and other settings using the function of the cloning Hotel.
    The TV seems to support two USB 2.0 ports.
    Have you checked this Clone Mode using different USB ports?

    However, I guess that data write the problem could be related to the used USB flash memory key.
    Even if you have tested some different USB media, I guess that there are no other possibilities as to test another stick of memory.

  • SanDisk Ultra II - write errors

    I recently bought 2 240 gb Ultra II.  My intention is to use for the image of my C disk cloning.

    I use one

    Upgrade of the SATA Apricorn EZ Upgrade Kit with USB 3.0 portable hard drive connection and box EZ - UP3

    Link to the device google foregoing and check on Amazon

    I used this camera for about three years now, once a week to make backups of the system.

    After I clone a drive, I start since it to check that it has been cloned successfully.

    I used this camera to try to clone both Ultra II and during the cloning process, I received more 20 000 clerical errors.

    Since I had that much erors he didn't continue the clone so I abandoned the operation.

    When I go in to Win 8.1 disk management, the drive is marked as offline and I can't reformat the hard disk.

    The two drives have the same problem.

    I contacted Sandisk for an RMA for the two days of readers 3 or 4 number and their response so far has been for me

    to run their SSD Sandisk dashboard.  The dashboard shows readers as well without error.  I sent the

    results of Sandisk and have done a few more tests.

    It seems that if the SSD is in an external case connected to the USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port

    the cloning process gets thousands of clerical errors.  If I put the same SSD in a drive removable bay that

    connects directly to the motherboard I can clone the drive with Acronis True Image Home.

    The SSD should be able tobe used external fences to run a cloning process.

    I use the exact same system and closing to clone of OCZ, Crucial, Kingston, Intel, and Samsung

    SSD with absolutely no write errors.

    Is that what anyone has experienced this type of behavior when cloning the device above.

    I spent several hours working on this issue and I'm about to return the SSD to the seller

    I bought source and buy 2 Samsung SSD

    Thioughts and suggestion please.

    I just finished an operation clone with the new USB 3.0 controller.

    The clone operation completed without error.

    I didn't test with a SanDisk Ultra II SSD since RMA I got them to the seller to purchase.

    I have test it with a SanDisk Ultra flash drive, that would give me a "failed to start' in any USB 3.0 port.

    Now, however, with the new controller, flash drives are recognized and insert correctly.

    I guess that the controller card is outdated since it was 5 years or more and who

    the new controller card will work correctly with the SanDisk Ultra II SSD.

    I will consdier this thread resolved.  If no new problems with the new controller I will present.

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    At least the problem wasn't my hard drive... I actually downloaded some drivers on the HP site which does not on my knees, that's why I fell into errors, and also some Windows updates are not workin on that... My only solution is to find a backup image (which I can't write it myself) for my knees (Pavilion G6 2321el) and use it for a perfect restoration...

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    Error 16: Creative Suite help / Error Configuration 16 | CC, CS:

  • ORA-19502: write error on file ' / db01/backup/df_680613030_3_1 ', blockno 131

    No matter what work-around to the level of rman?

    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-03009: failure of the backup command on the channel ORA_DISK_1 at 2009-03-04 11:11:07
    ORA-19502: write error on file ' / db01/backup/df_680613030_3_1 ', blockno 131201 (blocksize = 8192)
    ORA-27063: number of bytes read or written is incorrect
    IBM AIX RISC System/6000 error: 27: file too large
    Additional information:-1
    Additional information: 1048576
    ORA-19502: write error on file ' / db01/backup/df_680613030_3_1 ', blockno 131073 (blocksize = 8192)
    ORA-27063: number of bytes read or written is incorrect
    IBM AIX RISC System/6000 error: 27: file too large

    Apparently, your file/db01/oradata system supports large files - that's how you happen to have a big current data files. But/db01/backup is a system of different files NOT created and mounted with largefile support.

    Talk to your administrator to AIX to know the difference between the systems/db01/oradata and/db01/backup.

  • Write error in scan-1073807339 voltage Keithley 2400 to VISA, GPIB

    I'm working on a VI that sweeps the voltage across multiple PV devices, all in two States (light and dark). I use the SCPI and a GPIB commands to send scan to the Keithely and store it in a memory slot. So I ask this field using a sub - VI for each device in the two States.  The first State (light) still works fine.  VISA writing successfully sends the script to the Keithly and VISA read records of information successfully. But when the VI tries to run the same Subvi in the 2nd State (dark), I get the error of delay of 1073807339 waiting.

    Ways, I tried to solve this problem:

    -adjustment of the byte for VISA read rate (at one point given, I was getting the error on VISA read, not write)

    -adjust the setting of time-out of VISA by the suggestion of Web site of nor

    -loading of the script on the keithley each time for each scan

    In addition,

    I collect 100 points of data with each scan-05V to 2V.

    Whenever I get this error in order to get anything to connect once again, I have to close out of labview and could power off, power and reconnect the keithly

    Help, please. This could be a problem with my GPIB device? or my Keithley 2400?

    Thank you

    I tried all the solutions, but none of them helped. However, I have finally solved the problem on my own. The issue was that the VISA session was not properly closed / emptied after each scan.  To resolve this issue, I added VISA close at the end of each scan and clear VISA before each scan.

  • VISA Write / read error


    From what I saw this was not posted before.

    It seems that the error of read/write VISA is quite common and after reading through a few posts and try as proposed solutions, I find that nothing works. I am trying to contact my motor controller. I have implemented the correct COM port and the interface parameters (such as baud rate, parity, etc.). In the terminal program, termites and the measurement and Automation Explorer I can access and send commands to the controller and it works (the read buffer returns an error but always returns the correct answer).

    The format of the command is EN1\r 1 where 1 is the header and address, EN1 allows the disc and \r is the carriage return. Send orders in this format works. BUT in the program I wrote that I get error infamous timeout as in the attached photo. I tried to remove playback VI but nothing works.

    Please any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards


    I'm quite sure your error (-1073807339, timeout) was published thousands of times before.  So if you haven't seen, you may not have tried.

    The constant string in your diagram, what is the display for this mode?  Is this normal mode or \codes?  A common error is to have it in the normal display and you send a backslash followed by an 'r', rather than send a carriage return character who presents himself as '\r' when the string constant is displayed using the backslash.

  • 1073807346 error occurred at the VISA write to

    Possible reasons:

    VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF000E) the given reference of session or the object is not valid.

    I use a USB port for connection of GPIB to a Rohde Schwarz FSV30 of Windows 7 spectrum Analizer.

    My program works 100% in LabView, but the problem comes when I compiled the program into an executable.

    I have already installed runtime NI VISA 5.0.1 and it still does not work.

    I also installed the drivers of 2.73 OR-488. 2 for the GPIB unit.

    Any ideas?

    I thought about what it (finally), it works now!

    After adding the screws needed for the project you should also go to the executable properties-> Source files and then select all the files to be "Always included" on the right side.

    Thanks for you help Jürgen

  • For the Driver NI-VISA Wizard error


    I'm getting a "ERROR-1073807175: field of bLength is incorrect for USB_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR type" this error shows immediately after I click Next on the first screen of the wizard of the Driver NI-VISA.  I see no errors after the wizard creates the USB driver.  In fact, I write for the endpoint device USB 4 using this driver for NI-VISA.  My problem is that I can't read of 3 endpoint.  I don't know if this error has something to do with my problem.

    Is there a way can I fix?

    The version of the Driver NI-VISA is:

    Fixed a problem.  Disconnect the USB hub that is built on my Dell Monitor Help.

    Thank you


  • How to use visa write in loop for


    I'm developing a measurement with labview system. I need to write the entry within the loop and then out of the loop he supposed to read the voltage level of the analog input pin. But the problem is, out of loop is 1 table D, so when I put the entry visa within the loop, exit loop wire VISA is also table 1 d. Please help me. Should I supposed to do?

    Change of your loops of connections to register and you don't build a table or errors or resources from visa.


Maybe you are looking for

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