Bridge problem

So I got my modem and then it connect to 2 gateways, and then one for the phone and the xbox360 and then either connects to my computer and my computer connects to another like that

and I was wondering how to fill my computer with the other
also I am using windows 7

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  • VMware player 5 - connection in bridge problem

    Hi all!

    I am writing because I have a very big problem with the network bridged in Vmware player 5.0.2. No matter what I do it just would not work. NAT and host options only work very well and there is no problem with them. My NIC has vmware bridge Protocol, 'automatic connection settings' and "virtual network editor" is set on this particular card. The only thing I can think is firewall (Norton 360) that can block the connection but all of the vmware software components are allowed to work and NAT service works, so I don't know if this could be the case. I would be very grateful for any advice.

    I have attached the PDF with screenshots showing my configuration. 

    Norton PS options are in Polish, but they essentially say that Vmware is allowed and that inbound netBIOS' / netBIOS name "communication and communication incoming/outgoing ICMP is blocked.

    P.S in case of faults of vocabulary and that I'm sorry. p

    No, NIC in the host is virtualized / ripped off by the monitor of machine virtual and presented to the customer in a standard way - always cable.  It doesn't matter if the host is using wired or wireless.  Was just letting you know that you can use specific tools wireless in your guest on a virtual NETWORK adapter in this way.  The only way to get into a wireless client is to use a USB wireless adapter and attach that to the guest.  There will of course have to then the drivers for the USB NIC you use.

  • Research of Adobe Bridge problems

    Since the last two updates my Adobe Bridge will not search by what anyone; names of files, keywords, etc.

    No matter what I search for him returns the message "No items to display."

    I've purged and rebuilt the cache, I checked all of the updates and I know that my keywords are always associated with my images.

    Bridge search any drive or any folder anywhere on my system

    Any thoughts?

    Morris Emigh

    Move on to the General bridge Discussion

  • Selection of files in Bridge problem

    When I click on a file in Bridge to see in Bridge, the file opens in Photoshop. This is just starting to happen and is a real nuisance... How to return to only open in Photoshop with a double click


    Try resetting Bridge preferences: start Adobe Bridge and immediately press Ctrl + Alt + Shift (Windows) or command + Option + shift (Mac OS) key until the dialogue box reset settings is displayed. Select all three options - reset preferences, reset Standard workspaces and purge entire thumbnail Cache - and then click OK.

  • Linux host - bridge problems

    I have a host of Linux (CentOS 5.3) running VMWare Workstation 6.5.1 and I wanted to install a bridge connection so that my comments to Server Windows 2003 is able to directly access the internet and receive queries (such as remote desktop). Now correct me if this is not possible, but I have several IP addresses on eth0 and I try to get my W2k3 guest to have a dedicated IP address located on eth0: 1 or eth0:2. Bridge work not at all it seems. I tried to use vmnet0 and W2k3 is not able to get an IP address. I also tried directly affecting the packed network adapter, and that does not work either.

    I tried to configure a network card of vmnetx with one of the public IPs that I want to use, but it does not work. NAT works fine, but I can't access the server from outside of the host, is not all that attractive to me. Here is my output of ifconfig:

    # ifconfig

    eth0 Link encap HWaddr 00:16:E6:6E:6 D: 1a

    INET addr:204.12.x.10 Bcast:204.12.x.15 mask:

    ADR inet6: fe80::216:e6ff:fe6e:6d1a / 64 Scope: link


    Dropped packets: 554522 RX errors: 0:0 overruns: 0 frame: 0

    Dropped packets: 494797 TX errors: 0:0 overruns: 0 carrier: 0

    collisions: 0 txqueuelen:1000

    RX bytes: 57861592 (55.1 MiB) TX bytes: 248902670 (237.3 MiB)

    eth0: 0 link encap HWaddr 00:16:E6:6E:6 D: 1a

    INET addr:204.12.x.11 Bcast: mask:


    eth0: 1 link encap HWaddr 00:16:E6:6E:6 D: 1a

    INET addr:204.12.x.12 Bcast: mask:


    Lo encap:Local Loopback link

    INET addr: mask:

    ADR inet6:: 1/128 Scope: host

    RACE of LOOPING 16436 Metric: 1

    Fall of RX packets: 7122 errors: 0:0 overruns: 0 frame: 0

    Dropped packets: 7122 TX errors: 0:0 overruns: 0 carrier: 0

    collisions: 0 txqueuelen:0

    RX bytes: 777624 (759.3 KiB) TX bytes: 777624 (759.3 KiB)

    VMnet1 Link encap HWaddr 00:50:56:C0:00:01

    INET addr: Bcast: mask:

    ADR inet6: fe80::250:56ff:fec0:1 / 64 Scope: link


    Fall of RX packets: 0 errors: 0:0 overruns: 0 frame: 0

    Dropped packets TX: 27 errors: 0:0 overruns: 0 carrier: 0

    collisions: 0 txqueuelen:1000

    RX bytes: 0 (0.0 b) TX bytes: 0 (0.0 b)

    VMnet8 Link encap HWaddr 00:50:56:C0:00:08

    INET addr: Bcast: mask:

    ADR inet6: fe80::250:56ff:fec0:8 / 64 Scope: link


    Fall of RX packets: 93 errors: 0:0 overruns: 0 frame: 0

    Dropped packets TX: 27 errors: 0:0 overruns: 0 carrier: 0

    collisions: 0 txqueuelen:1000

    RX bytes: 0 (0.0 b) TX bytes: 0 (0.0 b)

    If there is nothing wrong I do it please let me know because this has been driving me crazy for the last few hours.

    Have you tried simply configure connection bridged your W2003 guest with one of your public IP (static), with appropriate gateway, DNS, etc.?


  • Adobe Bridge: problema mounting

    Salve, ho downloaded adobe bridge my dell d ' sommergibili ho cliccato by wrong knew 'no', dopodichè mi è risultato "aggiornamento no riuscito". My Reed provando a non riesco ad installarlo riscaricarlo. Come faccio a resettare it tutto o comunque a fare in modo di installarlo correctly? Grazie in pre-empted, 5s risposta

    Run the Creative Suite cleanup tool, reinstall any your bridge app came with, then run the updates.


  • CS6 - bridge problems

    I just bought and downloaded CS6 in the Adobe website and download seems fine but when you try to activate it - serial number is good - but he repeats to me closing the bridge even if it is closed (checked icons on the toolbar also) and it won't let me continue past this error.  Help please!

    Its probably running as a service or a process.

    You will need either kill the process using task or monitor Manager.


  • Adobe Bridge problem, someone help?


    I'm using After Effects and want to add a text effect, I use the predefined browers option which opens Adobe Bridge.  Adobe Bridge normally allow a preview of the effect in the Preview section.  However when the preview should be an "unknown file" icon that appears with the name of file for example In.ffx of random characters.problem.jpg

    If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated.  I use CS5 on windows 7 64 bit.

    Thank you


    Thank you!!

  • Follow-up to GA bridge problem

    I followed all the steps but when I publish I get error: not found ga.js,...

    This is my setup

    to import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

    private var Tracker: AnalyticsTracker;

    Tracker = new GATracker (this, "window.pageTracker", "Bridge", false);

    When I publish the swf file, I get the following error:
    Error: not found ga.js, remember to check if
    " < script src =" "> < / script > .
    is included in the HTML code.
    to Brands / init)
    at Brands()

    This used to work before, but now I get this error

    Any help will be much appreciated

    See you soon

    do you really need to use the method of transition? I've always preferred to use the AS3 method, with her I don' t need to go by the whims of the js.

  • Network Bridge does not

    Hi, I installed VMware Player with and created a Ubuntu VM with NAT networking. It worked great, but I needed to have it filled so I changed the type of the network card and it was working fine. He was my host computer is connected via Ethernet to my router. Recently, I changed my host computer to use a USB wireless adapter, Realtek RTL8167 802. 11 b / g USB 2.0 network adapter. Since then, network bridge is no longer works.

    I extracted the VM network configuration tool and he ran. VMNet0 show still as Auto-transition. Just to be sure, I restore default which unintsalled all VMNets and reinstalled them. Same question. I also double checked that the Vmware Bridge Protocol has been enabled for my connection on the host computer wireless network.

    I run tcpdump on the Ubuntu VM, and I see some broadcast from through traffic. I also see my DHCP requests to get out, but not answers. Of course, the DHCP server on my router is configured to give IPs for anyone. It's almost as if my host, Windows 7 SP1, is not fowarding on traffic.

    Host: Windows 7 SP1 x 64

    Comments: Ubuntu 10.10

    VMware Player 3.1.3 - 324285

    Any ideas? Thank you!

    Disable the automatic bypass and assign specific VMnet0. the NIC as this feature can be buggy, if the host is multihomed. (More then having a NETWORK card).

    That said, he can not help if your router does not support or is not configured to provide more then one IP address to the same with WiFi MAC address, which is not uncommon with routers managed in commercial environments and or some SOHO routers.

    Take a look at my answer Re: Windows 7 - mode network... bridge problems for more details on the potential problem of router.

  • One has sytem errors with the new version of photoshop cc 2015.5?

    Twice I had to uninstall the latest version of photoshop cc 2015.5 and reinstall because I get this system error:

    "The program can't start because ONCoreFoundation10.dll is missing on your computer.  Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem. »

    Very frustrating!  Is it a question of photoshop?  A bridge problem?  Help!

    It is a problem with your plugins ON1. There is an update of the software to the latest version of PS on their Web site. I imagine that you copied all over the place and when it's done not all the required files are copied across, depending upon your operating system platform.

  • Save as a PNG, update changes in CC2015?

    Hi all, I've been make transparent PNG files for years and just recently things seemed to have changed.

    I saved my Photoshop file to 8-bit. It shows 8 bit in Bridge and in the image mode when it is open.

    I then save in PNG format with compression - and he is 16-bit. I've never had this happen before. I've done several times even resave Photoshop and confirm there are 8-bit.

    I tried exporting instead and it works - but now Bridge Watch is more than the number of bits and file size are and it shows the colorspace as unmarked. I use Bridge to check my file bit depth and dimensions and the color space before download it as my digital products.

    Did some research for tuts and info found on the craze for export - but it is not showing me something about the properties of the file in bridge. I would like know how to display this info in Bridge.

    So, I am able to export a png 8-bit now, but I wish that the properties of the Bridge file showed.

    Update: Okay, I discovered that the "Save As" method is still save the PNG like this, it's just that Bridge is always showing the number of bits to 16 bits. So, seems to be a bridge problem, not Photoshop. I'll have to look at why Bridge does not appear the number of correct bits on these files. (It used to be precise).

    (Sorry I'm more early - I was traveling just after that I posted).

  • Media dynamic link error

    I've never played with the import of videos, but now I have a Nikon D810, Macbook Pro and the amount of $50 per month subscription (never a year at least) I decided to take the camera for a test and shoot some videos.  Everything was going well until I tried to import into LR CC or CC PS ver 2015 and work with them.  I get media formidable mistake link that I see all over the internet.  I'm running OS X El Capitan and all updates are applied.  I tried to start same 1 quicktime to see if running can help, I restarted, purged the cache.  Heck I even uninstalled LR and reinstalled.

    I went a little further and launching the Task Manager and saw that I tried to do an import and view media server lance link, but that's all.  Look at the stats and all you see is that the number of errors is very high.

    I also loaded the image in the format Quicktime and o see if there was a problem with the video, but the video is perfect in quicktimet.  It is clearly a problem with Adobe, but you can't even call them as their telephone service is down.  I spent over an hour in the online chat and finally got a guy who wanted to take remote control, even if I said yes to do something has happened and the connection was cut off.

    Can someone tell me how to solve this problem, if I can do what I'm trying to do, I lose a lot of time.

    Thank you

    I found a solution!  I was looking for the permissions of the drive for Adobe on the web and ran into a thread

    Photoshop - permissions of the drive

    In it there are instructions

    Open Finder > (go) computer > Macintosh HD > users > click once on the icon Home > Get Info >

    Click the lock and enter the admin password > click on sprocket wheel drop-> click 'Apply' to included items > OK

    Has had a minute or so to complete.  Once done, I launched PS CC 2015, LR CC 2015, and Premier Pro are all working now, NO error link media at all.

    Seems that Adobe would have published it in a very important place, because it is definitely the solution, seems it's a bridge problem that caused the problem

  • Satellite P750 - 10 c: HARD drive slows down - Sandy Bridge Cougar problem?


    I have problem with my notebook Satellite P750 - 10 c with S/N: 4B478828K.
    When I enabled AHCI in the BIOS, computer slows diametrically, day after day was worste and worste, so I tried to change from AHCI to IDE and it helped a little, but is still not good.

    I tried to restore my system, but it did not help.
    I read that Intel has released a version tapped for Sandy Bridge chipset, I have (HM65) SATA 3Gbs problem (I just checked in HD Tune and HARD drive is connected to the port of 3Gbs), so I think I got bugged version.

    My laptop is not guaranteed, but Intel said they changed valid version, so where do I return my phone to fix.

    Kind regards

    > I read that Intel launched buggy version of the chipset for Sandy Bridge.
    The problem was a Cougar Point of Sandy Bridge chipset and not the main processor Sandy Bridge.

    In addition Intel said that this issue affected only the SATA 2 to 5 and not ports 0 and 1.
    Most laptops use only two devices SATA (HDD/SSD and ODD) using the affected ports 0 and 1.
    That is why I think that your problem could be linked to the issue of Cougar Point the Sandy Bridge chipset.

    By the way: not all Intel Sandy Bridge chipsets have been affected.

    Regarding your question:
    Usually if AHCI is enabled, the HARD drive must use the performance of SATA. If compatibility mode, the HARD drive would go at the speed of the IDE.
    I think your problem is perhaps related to the problem drive HARD and not Intel problem.



    I need someone to receive the update for my Pavilion Dv7 help 4290us part!.

    It is one of the machines involved in the problem of Sandy Bridge, I checked several times...

    I'm already registered the laptop

    Thanks in advance

    Manuel Ramirez

    The number of product of your laptop is XZ037UA #ABA (here ABA means this model has been sold in the United States only). Where was this laptop bought exactly and where are you located now?

    HP offers a comprehensive guarantee and ideally, this should be covered free of charge. You can find more info on link below

Maybe you are looking for