brightness of the screen for photo printing

HI, I you send some photos to a lab and need to adjust the brightness of the screen between 60 and 120 candela, edit images in Aperture, so do not come out too dark prints. I read that the iMac screen does not go down that low?

If Yes, where about 60-120 candela brightness slider would be?

Candela 90 so fundamentally.



To open a can big o ' to hate, but you will probably need a Spyder or ColorMunki hardware calibration.

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    For further reading: tml

    You must also set the quality of the print with the printer driver to set the ouput dpi

  • Satellite A300 - 21 c - impossible to adjust the brightness of the screen


    I am not able to adjust the brightness of my screen on my Satellite A300 - 21 c - control panel-> the menu options of power does not give me the opportunity to do, and my Fn keys do not work either (can't adjust the brightness).

    The operating system is Win. XP Pro - SP2

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


    You can adjust the brightness of the screen using Toshiba Power Saver? With this tool, I can set the brightness of the screen for Macintosh (AC adapter) and normal (battery). I like it a lot because I can also put more options and you can download it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    For the FN keys on your laptop, you need the tools Toshiba you can find on the site of Toshiba, too.

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  • Looking for shourtcut keyboard for the brightness of the screen (office 220-1128hk)

    Dear experts,

    I use a desktop model, HP all-in-1: 220-1128hk

    Although I can use the supplied software 'HP My Display' or Windows "Power Options" change my screen brightness (old one can change the screen contrast too), I always wish it could be done via the keyboard alone.

    I remember that many laptops will have a keyboard shortcut to adjust the screen brightness / contrast, for example Fn + F10 / F11.  I really wish if I can use the Fn + up / down / left / right arrows to change the screen brightness / contrast.  It would be really useful for me that I regularly need to change the setting on the day and night.  Because we have so many assigned to the function keys, it would be wonderful if the same weight is given to the screen settings.

    Are there HP (or third party) tools that can allow me to use the keyboard shortcut to change the screen brightness / contrast?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Best regards


    Hello Sam_Hui. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. I understand that you are looking for methods set the brightness of the screen. I will do my best to help you in this business! I can suggest methods that you already know, but I'll post them anyway for the sake of my methods of organization.

    First of all, I will include the product manual:

    Directly from the manual, I quote two possible options to adjust brightness:

    "Press the menu button on the right side of the computer.
    Opens the on-screen display menu, allowing to select the display mode (by default, movie, text, or)
    (Games), adjust the brightness and contrast and other display and sound adjustments. »

    «HP My display TouchSmart Edition allows you to adjust the screen by using the tactile feature.»
    ● You can adjust the sound, the brightness and contrast.
    ● display mode you can set the default value of the plant, or optimized for film, text, games.
    ● Status indicators let you know if the keyboard on the screen, scroll, num lock CAPS LOCK or number are defined.
    ● A settings screen allows you to set the color with the touch of a button.
    ● An options screen allows you to set display options set transparency and updates.
    HP My Display TouchSmart Edition are available from the bar of tasks, or by right clicking on the desktop, or
    on the Start Menu, tap all programs, click HP, and then click HP My Display TouchSmart Edition. Online help
    for HP My Display TouchSmart Edition is available by typing the? button in the upper right corner of the
    application screen. »

    Now, only some keyboards theoretically allow you to adjust the brightness. The standard keyboard for some of the HP Omni Touchsmarts does not do. However, HP has keyboards that have this feature and thus from other manufacturers.

    For more options, I'll give you this Microsoft Web site for your greater pleasure: adjust your screen brightness and contrast

    Please note that the site is intended for Windows 7 and Vista. However, certain information suggested applies on Windows 8 (if the computer uses Windows 8, if not, disregard this comment).

    I will propose an alternative method to close this note. However, I will not provide a lot of details. What I propose is not tolerated by HP and is a little risky If you are unsure of what you are doing 100%. This is the idea:

    You can try to apply the driver of a keyboard which contains functions of light for the keyboard you are currently using. Theoretically, if this is done correctly, you pourriez be able to configure your keyboard to adjust the brightness. There is information on the Internet about how to do it.

    I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I'm only here to help!


  • Questions about the scale of the DPI and the brightness of the screen on Satellite L350-145

    I'm trying to customize a L350-145 (screen 17 ") to a user who has some problems of Visual discomfort (difficulty with bright screens and small print).

    (1) ease of access of Vista, control panel DPI scale offers two resolutions, 96, and 120. Even the 120 is a bit small for this user, so I put a custom DPI to 144 (150%). However, I anticipate that some applications could not deal with this font size, so I intend to create a second user that the user could switch to which still had the standard DPI setting. However, to try this I find that change the DPI for one user affect the users of the computer. The DPI is implemented by not part of the user profile?

    (2) I set the brightness level to 1 (through power settings). However, even if this is a little live sometimes. Is there another way to lower the brightness of the screen further away?

    Thank you

    2. do you can not go lower. I guess you could buy a filter sieve that filters glare.

  • Cannot adjust the brightness of the screen after Windows 8.1 update


    After you have installed Windows 8.1, I can't adjust the brightness of the screen more.  I checked and updated all the drivers and nothing helped.  There used to be a brightness slider in the control panel in the power settings.  It's over now.  I've looked everywhere for a solution, but I can't seem to find it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are the specs of my computer:

    HP Pavilion 23-F213W Smart Touch

    Windows 8.1

    Thank you

    Many All in One computers are able to use HP MyDisplay in this  There is a list of maps videos supported on this page and should help to restore the video controls setting.

  • Not ' on' button pressed, then press on + or - keys to adjust the brightness of the screen on HP10BII +?

    Not ' on' button pressed, then press on + or - keys to adjust the brightness of the screen on HP10BII +?

    Just got a new unit, and one of the first things after how to turn it on, in the getting started manual, it's that if we push the button 'On' and then hit the + or - less buttons, it adjusts the brightness of the screen. On my 10BII + does nothing... so I wonder if I have a defective new out of the box. So far, all the rest, seems to work.

    Thanks in advance for everyone would be can confirm it should work.

    I can confirm that the 10BII + adjusting the contrast has very little effect.

    When you look at the screen at a low angle, the number "off" and the lights can be seen to slightly increase & decrease the contrast.

    For normal use, the contrast setting has no useful effect.


  • Pavilion dv6-1334us: how to change the brightness of the screen?

    Hi all:

    I used the HP Pavilion dv6-1334us and wXP for 7 years.

    Recently, I think that the brightness of the screen is a little too low/dark.

    I wish to address to the top/more brighter, but can not find the key/path!

    Could you please tell me?        -Zhao


    Try to use the Fn F8.


  • Impossible to add an external monitor or adjust the brightness of the screen: Pavilion dv7-4031TX (Windows 7)


    I recently replaced both hard drives of HDD2K12, which meant I had to re-enstall Windows 7. Since that time, I have no options more in using an external monitor or even the brightness of the screen. The computer does not recognize the monitor when I Plug and all my drivers are up to date.

    Can you make suggestions that could help to solve these two problems?

    Kind regards


    Thanks to find the links but I could not find the drivers I need for a Pavilion dv7-4031TX.

    However I finally managed to fix the problem. Let me summarize what has been my problem.

    (1) I could not adjust the brightness of the screen by using the function keys f2 and f3.

    (2) I couldn't find the brightness slider if it was generally... i.e. (control Panel\Hardware and Options of Sound\Power)

    (3) my laptop would not recognize an external monitor.

    How I solved the problem:

    1 > pass. & CC = in the & DLC = in & LC = on & os = 4063 & Product = 4253423 & sw_lang =

    and go to the graphics driver and download the graphics driver and follow the directions. At the end of the installation you will be asked to restart the computer.

    0nce you have restarted your computer, you should be able to adjust the brightness of the screen using the fn keys or the brightness slider in the window 'power Option '.

    2 > Activting 2nd monitor

    Click on Device Manager... At start-> right click on 'Computer' and click 'properties '. Click on "Device Manager". Now click on "monitors".

    Now connect the exernal monitor to your laptop while watching where the monitor icon appears under "monitors". It should appear as 'Generic PNP monitor'.

    Now, right-click on it and select "update driver software... "then search automatically for updated drivers. Install the new drivers. You should see the generic 'PNP monitor' name change to another name.

    3 > restart your computer. You should find that after doing all this, you should be back to normal.



  • Tecra A2 - view the FN keys to adjust brightness of the screen don't work

    Hello everyone,

    I've just set up my old laptop TECRA A2 with a newer version of Windows XP (including SP3).
    Everything works fine. The only problem is that I can't access my FN keys to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen.

    I installed all the drivers and I recognized that the problem is a not good installed saver, although I downloaded the 'new' Power Saver for the TECRA A2.

    After installation it still appears the message; "You have no access rights to access energy savings." Now, it's strange that I have logged in as administrator of the A2.

    As I'm still struggeling with this problem I ask really help and support.
    Everything else works fine and well, it's just this question that I am not able to adjust the brightness of the display.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

    Best regards


    You need to install the common Module first.
    This module is an essential component of Windows systems.
    He will perform the other original programming from TOSHIBA to work properly.

    Then, you must install that many energy-saving he managed the brightness of the display.

    Welcome them

  • Tecra 8200: flicker of brightness of the screen on the use of the battery

    I have a Tecra 8200 running Windows 2000 Pro. The problem is with the brightness of the screen flashes intermittently, all a few minutes when it's on battery. The Toshiba power saver utility seems to work OK. his answer seems to depend on remaining battery life, that is to say less than 50% there is no difference between 'normal' and 'long life' with regard to the brightness of the screen.
    Superior to 50% there is no difference between 'normal' and 'high power '. There is no problem at all when running on the current.

    Recently, I changed the battery; the original was a PA3062U-1 bar, but the news is a PA3062U-1BAT. Can that be a problem?


    The new battery is the right specification for this model of computer Tecra laptop and on I think that the battery cannot be responsible for this.

    If you try what Tom suggested it please let us know about the results.

  • Satellite P855: cannot change the brightness of the screen under Linux

    Hello, guys... and girls :)...

    I bought my PC Toshiba laptop fourth - P855, there windows 7 pre-installed, but I'm a fan of Linux, so I installed Kubuntu 12.04 on it and have the dual boot menu at startup...

    And I have a very annoying problem - I can not change the brightness of the screen somehow, so keep it up... for the brightness function keys do not work, and the slider for brightness change anything...
    It works on windows, so I guess that's not the hardware problem...

    So, can you help me? ... I tried many things, tried different distributions also, but on none of them, I am able to change the brightness. And also - I tried the same distribution on the different laptops, and it works great, even from Live CD, no installation...

    I was able to change the brightness on previous phones I had... so why is this one so well done for Windows? ...

    > It works on windows, so I guess that's not the hardware problem.

    It's okay is not hardware problem, it looks like a bug in the Linux kernel or driver problem.

    Given that Linux is not officially supported on Toshiba laptops, I would recommend checking the support forum for the Linux distribution you use check also system Linux bugs for a possible solution on some linux support pages.

  • NB100 - how to adjust the brightness of the screen?

    Hi all.

    You just bought a NB100 - overall very very happy with it. Well built, good screen and very compact, etc.

    You have some questions? The brightness of the screen is controlled by the Fn + F9/F10. I love that she's set on ' to Midway ' or less - in part to preserve the battery - but also because I find max brightness is actually TOO bright for me! But the reboot of the machine always seems to start up. Is there a way around this? There may be a firmware update (my machine seems to run version 1.90 which I believe is the most recent)?

    I noticed other referring Fn + F8 discussions as a way to select Bluetooth/WiFi etc.? Mine seems to just control the setting of the fan and processor - fan speed "gray" setting gives clocked at 1.6 ghz and fan lights - while Fn + F8 activates / deactivates an icon fan 'white' - where the processor strangling up to 800/900 ish and the slows / stops (?) fan. [by the way I noticed some videos become "jerky" If you choose the lower setting]

    I'm not 100% sure what Fn key + "pipe" (to the left of the formula 1)? The Fn + F1 turns on without wireless/wifi I know - but the key of "pipe" seems to be a symbol of Wlan (or is it the key to use for Bluetooth or GPS or other)? Sorry to sound so ignorant - but the user guide does not in this detail. I'm pretty sure that the machine, I have bought - that was one handed to new/refurbished Toshiba NB100 - model PLL10E - did not all BT/GPS etc - just the basic wifi which F1 comes on and goes off.

    Last comment - and others have said - the main peaks are very difficult to see in the dark! The 'gray' color was definitely a design error! But I can live with that - either a usb light? or a few letters of stickon (white)?

    Greetings to all.

    Hi, I think the best way to adjust the brightness is in the options of the properties of the energy available in the system tray icon. I don't know about the activation of bt and wlan, it seems that bt and WiFi devices are on the same circuit power, so not adjustable. Nb100 is a good inexspansive machine :)

  • Brightness of the screen Satellite A200 - 1 H 2

    Last week, I bought a new A200 with Vista on it. Under Vista, I use the Fn + F6/F7 shortcut keys to change the brightness of the screen, and one night, I put the brightness to the lowest. Then I restarted the system with a Windows XP installation cd, and the brightness stayed with the smaller settings.
    In Windows XP, I have install Toshiba Power Saver and I can adjust the brightness of the screen again, but I suspect that I can't do it as bright as before again.

    So my question is, don't the A200 screens have fixed brightness settings (1 to 8) or are they related?
    example, if you set the brightness to 1 using the hardware keys and you install a new OS, then the Toshiba Power Saver will recognize fixing 1-8, so in fact your new maximum brightness becomes 1. This would mean that the brightness is relative, or is that not the case?

    As far as I know the last option will be saved in the BIOS and after installing the new OS, the OS take this option in the BIOS. I noticed the same thing on my Satellite P200.

    I think the best option is to have BIOS updated to version 5. XX (version supported WXP) installed WXP, all the drivers, tools and utilities for you and everything will be OK.

  • Dysfunction of the brightness of the screen - Satellite M100


    I have a strange problem with my Toshiba m-100.
    The brightness of the screen seems to not work in reverse. So when windows starts even if the computer is configured for the brightness of the full screen, it shows also very dark. When to use the keyboard function keys to lower the brightness, the brightness of the screen actually increases.

    Because I can't dim the brightness of the screen completely, and because the settings seem to work on the other hand, I can't the computer screen to display its maximum intensity.

    Sorry if this is confusing!

    Has anyone ever encountered this problem and someone has any advice on how I can solve this problem. I hope to be able to fix it without having to reinstall windows and software from toshiba.

    Thanks for your help, it would be much appreciated.

    > The brightness of the screen seems to not work in reverse. So when windows starts even if the computer is configured for the brightness of the full screen, it shows also very dark. When to use the keyboard function keys to lower the brightness, the brightness of the screen actually increases.

    I'm not sure if I understand this correctly. you mean that your screen brightness decreases when you use FN + F7 and increases if you use FN + F6. Is this good?

    Usually the FN + F6 decrease display brightness and FN + F7 increases the brightness.

    I have no idea why this work the other way around, but I think you should check the configuration of the profile of Toshiba Power Saver. Usually each profile supports different screen brightness settings. You can set it to max level and may assign this profile standard profile.

    I; m, I was wondering if this would solve your problem

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