Bronx Emoji - Suggestion

New York City Emoji: Emoji listed for NYC are the Statue of liberty, you have a few buildings for Midtown and a building of Brooklyn (BK) - is it possible to add the Bronx as an emoji? For example: you can use Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo and The New York Botanical Garden as a background image for the emoji...

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  • Appreciate direction correct forum, as if to suggest an emoji Aladdin Sane if necessary

    I would suggest the creation of an emoji Aladdin Sane, if appropriate?

    Tintinrocks wrote:

    I would suggest the creation of an emoji Aladdin Sane, if appropriate?

    Sorry, apple is not responsible for the manufacturing of emoji.

    Using google and you will know that, then you can let them know.

  • How to disable 10 IOS predictive emoji

    After the update to IOS 10 text predictive suggestions seem not to be as relevant as in 9 IOS, and a suggestion slot is taken up with an emoji. How to I disable this inept - I'm not a child of five and I text adults who can read without needing photos to help! It's really annoying and I want to turn it off.

    Thanks for all the suggestions - and no, I don't want to turn off the predictive text, only to stop the emoji characters to appear in a "predictive text" bar - they are not text they are pictures. Grrrr!

    Settings > general > keyboard > keyboards > edit > delete the Emoji.


  • Predictive Emoji does not work

    I have a s 6 +.

    I have installed IOS 10.0.1 with the first backup of my 9.3.5 existing phone.  Then, I used the function "update and restore ' in iTunes to clear my phone and have a clean installation of 10.0.1.  Then I restored my 9.3.5 backup on my phone that works now 10.0.1.

    Everything works beautifully.  Except, the predictive function "emoji."   I should be able to type in something like "lets get beers for the party" and it should show the beers and the part emoji in above the keyboard auto-correction suggestions as I type each of these words.  Mine is not that.  TI just poster automatically corrects the normal which is always done if my message happen me to typo.

    I have only the Emoji keyboard English and active.  I have reset the keyboard dictionary. I tried enabling/disabling/off predictive function within the parameters of keyboard.   I have removed/added Emoji keyboard back in.  I force-restarted my phone in each handset the above.  I tried all the "fixes" that have been published, but nothing has worked.

    I get the Emoji keyboard manually and it analyze my text I typed and propose to change the words corresponding emoji - that works.

    But I'm looking for a fix to the predictive emoji bug.

    Try sending yourself a bunch of emoticons by text by opening your emoji keyboard and only randomly by tapping on them. Send you a couple of them. Worked for me.

  • Predictive emoji does not

    I've recently updated to ios10 on my iphone6. After doing so, I was check for changes and searched the Internet for changes. I saw was predictive emoticons. Unfortunately, I can't get to work. I did all of the suggestions I found; Toggle the predictive keyboard, reset the keyboard, deletion/addition of keyboards, but none who has solved my problem.

    I can get emoji to highlight the words if I type the emoji icon, but the words do appear the emoji in the predictive text bar.

    Has anyone found an answer to this? I know that it isn't just me that I did a search and found others with the problem. Most of them have failed to get the legal solutions to work with them.

    I have exactly the same problem - im on a 6s and updated yesterday.

    My wife who also has 6 s set day and its predictive emojis are working perfectly.

    I tried to reset the phone, removing the emoji reset as suggested online dictionaries but did not make a difference.

    Seems like a lot of people have the question, a response from Apple would be appreciated

  • iMessage suggestions does not

    The suggestion box does not come to the top. The small white bar is missing from my screen. I checked all the settings. Works great on iPad 3. I have iPhone6

    On the keyboard, did you try now click the emoji bit next to the Mic icon and drag your finger up to predictive > on?

  • Message suggestions

    How to launch Word suggestions contained in Messages?

    You can turn on suggestions of power by going to settings > general > keyboards and predictive shooting at you. If already market, try to turn off and back on.

    Another method is to press and hold the button on the keyboard switch (key of emoji, etc.).

    If there is a gray bar thin with a white line in the middle of it immediately above the keyboard, you can reopen the suggestions by dragging it upward with a finger on the white dashboard. May take a few tries so he can reopen.

  • Emoji/fonts on Windows 7 color support.

    It is a question that I asked after doing some research on the web.

    I noticed a lack of information about installing and using emoji and color fonts

    on Windows 7. Only be able to use the emoji and monochromatic fonts, I had to ask this question to you all.

    Is it possible to put the color of police emoji support for Windows 7?

    I tried to install fonts of Noto from Google and was able to install everything

    but one of their policies, their fonts ttf "NotoColorEmoji." (Who, after a few)

    research, found the reason it did not install it because google uses another

    format then usual.)

    I just need to ask this question because it has been bothering me not having is not a way to use it.

    If there is there a possible way to get the help of fonts/emoji in color on Windows 7, I would

    I would certainly like to know!

    That's all I want to ask.

    Thank you for having read this far and take the time to answer my question.

    I understand that if there is no support atm or such support may come in the future.


    According to the description of the problem, you are ready to use the emoji on Windows 7. Microsoft added monochrome Unicode emoji coverage to police Segoe UI symbol of the system in Windows 8 and color emoji in point 8.1 of Windows through the police Segoe UI Emoji.

    I suggest you to install the update that is described in the article mentioned below and see if it helps you use the emoji on Windows 7. This article describes an update to the symbol font Segoe UI in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. This update adds support for emoji characters and some control glyphs that are included in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

    An update to the symbol font Segoe UI in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is available

    Hope that the information provided is useful. Let us know if you have any concerns related to Windows. We will be more than happy to help you.

    Kind regards

  • Emojis showing is not in color

    I recently tried to open which shows to copy and paste the emoji, but they don't display it in color. I did some research on emoji black and white, and it is only available in Windows 7 +. Given that this device is running Windows 8.0, I don't know why I see emoji black and white.

    Anyone have a suggestion? Is there an OS to get the emoji color?

    Thank you

    Original title: color emoji?


    Thank you for your response.

    Please provide the information below.

    1. is that your problem is solved?

    2. When you tried to update Windows 8.1 and IE11, that help to solve the problem?

    Please write us back with the up-to-date report of the question, we will be happy to help you.

    And now, with the update Windows 8.1 for my new camera, I now color emoji on!

  • I have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.  I went to special characters from the Edit menu and choose some emoji as Favorites, but I can't understand how to insert in the document.  How can I insert special characters into a document?

    How can I insert emoji or other special characters in a document using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI?  I went to special characters from the Edit menu and may not understand how to insert the special character in the document.

    He's not that kind of editor. You can use the characters in a font. If you can select a font with the emoji, which fits into the case, and then enter the characters, it can work.

    This suggests that you try to do TOO MUCH with a PDF file. It is a common thing, but the message should be: everything simply because you can edit a PDF file, does not mean that it is the most effective way for you to do your job.

  • Cannot share contacts via SMS after update to IOS 10.0.2. Can only share w contact email. Any suggestions for a fix so I can share contacts via text msg?  Have 6SPlus

    uogradee iOS 10.0.2. The new 6SPlus. Cannot use "share contact" w. "Share contact" text works only E-mail w. Any suggestions on how to get "share contact" "I work text msg w? Worked before detected to 10.0.2 last week great.

    Hi gpp123,

    I understand that you are not able to select the 'Message' option after choosing the option of 'Sharing of Contact' in the Contacts application. I'm more than happy to help.

    If you haven't done so already, please restart your iPhone and this new test to see if you are still unable to choose the option of sharing via a message. You can find more information on it here:

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Once you have finished, try to test with other contacts to see if you can reproduce the problem. It can also help to try to create a new contact to test with. Once you're done, let us know the outcome of the tests.

    See you soon!

  • How can I add emoji to my iOS agenda?

    I want to add emoticons in my calendar subscribed basketball similar to how my calendars of football and the moon have an emoji icon in the name. I tried to add manually by changing the name and adding the emoji in basketball, but he does not appear in the calendar. Football schedules have been subscribed on my iMac but the basketball on my iPad, but I do not understand why it would make a difference. All are ESPN.

    Hello Jarom Ellsworth,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see you are trying to add an emoji to basketball to your subscribed calendar. I use emoji on some of my calendars and to track certain events.

    You can add emoticons in the calendars that you create, but if it is a calendar published by a third party, you will not be able to change the content of the calendar without editing privileges granted by the creator/editor of the calendar.

    Best regards.

  • Activate the new app emoji on iPhone 10.0.2.

    How do activate you the new iOS emoji 10.0.2 application?  It's created a problem by not allowing to see the keyboard button in the Messages at the bottom of my phone?

    Hi BrettH1,

    I understand that you are looking for information on emoji usage with your iPhone. I'm happy to help you!

    Take a look at the following site for more information on this topic:

    Use the emoji on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    To answer your second question, please try restarting your iPhone and open your Messages to see if the same behavior persists. If so, capture a screenshot of the problem and post it in your answer. This will help us to better identify the problem. Take a look at this article which goes over how to take a screenshot of your device:
    How to take a screenshot on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    All the best!

  • Emoji on 10.0.2?

    How do activate you the new iOS emoji 10.0.2 application?  It's created a problem by not allowing to see the keyboard button in the Messages at the bottom of my phone?

    Hi BrettH1,

    I understand that you are missing the emoji keyboard button in the Messages application. I use the emoji keyboard all the time and I count on the possibility of having access to it whenever I need it. I'll be happy to help you with this.

    Don't see the emoji keyboard?

    If you do not see the emoji keyboard, make sure that the emoji keyboard is turned on.

    1. Tap Settings > general > keyboard.
    2. Tap on the keyboards.
    3. Tap Add a new keyboard.
    4. Tap Emoji.

    Use the emoji on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Here is another useful article happening on a few new features to the application Messages in iOS 10

    Learn how to use the Messages

  • whenever I try to, the open, Tunes, I have, get, message:, the file, "Ditties", is, on, to, locke d, drive, or you do not, write, permissions, for, this, file., Suggestions, to get on the past, this?

    whenever I, try to open it, Tunes, I have, get, the, message:, the folder, "Ditties", is, on, to, locke d, drive, or you do not, write, permissions, for, this, file., Suggestions, to get over the past, this??

    How about you post that again without commas and maybe then I'll read it?

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