browser at home, print and back buttons are missing

browser buttons are missing. I have no buttons print house or back.


If the menu bar is hidden, then press the F10 key or hold down the Alt key, which should make the convening of menu bar.

Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible: "view > toolbars".

  • Is he missing elements then open the window customize via "view > toolbars > customize" or "Firefox > Options > toolbars»
  • If a missing element is located in the toolbar palette and then bring her back in the window customize the toolbar
  • If you don't see an item on a toolbar and in the toolbar palette, then click on the "Restore default" button to restore the default toolbar set up.

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    I can't find him minimize, maximize and out buttons unless I go full screen. I have all disabled add-ons.

    If you do not see the corners rounded to each corner of your window, it's probably outside the screen area, move with "Alt + SPACEBAR.

  • Logon problems: there is no option to logon administrator, folders on the desktop and start button are missing.

    Original title: logon problems

    There is option to logon to the Administrator without on my computer. There is only the option "User". My admin p/word work but there is no etc folder on the desktop, no START button, bottom left. How can I solve this problem?


    1. when the question is is produced?

    2. you remember of any change to your computer before the problem?

    Start your computer in safe mode and check if the files from office and the Start button appear.

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  • Out of reactive HTML5: missing the 'next' and 'back' buttons on the pop-up windows that have been converted into hyperlinks dishes

    I use a 30 day trial of Robohelp 2015 to test. I opened a Robohelp projected created in 10, let HR to update and generated a reactive power of HTML5. Then the output, I selected "Convert popups AutoSize and custom linking size" and 'convert popups only of the text into hyperlinks' tab optimization, everything seems to work fine, except that in the popups converted to hypertext links, the 'next' and 'back' buttons disappeared. (these buttons are present in all the other subjects) I also added bread crumbs by adding a placeholder on the main page of the project, and the breadcrumbs not appear in these subjects, either.

    Anyone know what might be happening and how to fix it? 1 million thanks!


    Hi Dawn

    The back and next buttons are normally related to a sequence to browse. As these are topics of popup, has no way for them to be part of a sequence to browse, so no buttons would be added.

    If you want the buttons, you must manually delete the links to popup, then create topics with the same content. Then ensure that they are part of the sequence to browse.

    See you soon... Rick

  • Close, minimize and resize buttons are inactive on the main window

    My email client is the beta version of 41. I just upgraded the sys op to version 10 of Windows version 7.

    The close, minimize and resize buttons are inactive on the Thunderbird main window when running on Windows version 10. These buttons are active on other windows such as the address book and new message. Ctrl W keys work on the main as Alt and then exit.

    Is there a reason that the buttons are inactive on the main window?

  • Reduce the buttons and full-screen are missing since the upgrade to Windows 10.

    Shortly after I installed Windows 10, Restore Down/Full screen minimize and close buttons are gone. I reinstalled FF, but they aren't there yet.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
  • I reciently reinstalled windows and now the fence, restore down and minimize buttons are not mixed together.

    I reciently reinstalled windows and now the fence, restore down and minimize buttons are not mixed together. they are indervidual buttons. Have all the updates and service pack installed.

    I saw the screen shot, I think that Aero is disabled, or the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager service is disabled or stopped. Try to run the troubleshooter 'display the Aero effects. " And when firstly, you had the drivers that do NOT support Aero and then updates, Windows does NOT automatically update the settings. You must recaulculate the computer for Aero Performance Index is enabled.

    Or you can see more help on this page, which contains explanations of the Aero and a link to a Web page for downlading an application which solves the problems.

    Hope that helps!

    Marko Calasan.

  • will vista ultimate upgrade to windows 7 Home premium and back up my files.

    will vista ultimate upgrade to windows 7 Home premium and back up my files.


    Loy it won't

    Vista Ultimate upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate edition

    Windows Vista (SP1, SP2) Upgrading to Windows 7


    Professional, company, full



    Home Basic

    Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate

    Home Premium

    Home Premium, ultimate edition




    and read this information, including where is the right Windows 7 Installation Forum for your questions:

    so eager to upgrade to Windows 7, it will depend on if the manufacturer of your computer/laptop has windows 7 drivers available for your computer/laptop as to whether Windows 7 will work properly on your machine

    check with them

    and read this

    Windows 7 upgrade advisor

    Windows 7 system requirements

    Windows 7 upgrade paths (WS.10) .aspx

    Compare editions of Windows 7:

    Windows 7 Compatibility Center to check software and hardware compatibility:

    Windows 7 price:


    and the link below is to an instance of installation of Windows 7 for any other questions about the installation of Windows 7

  • wireless multimedia keyboard Microsoft 1.1 on my desktop using Vista home premium and the keys are coming all wrong

    I have a multimedia keyboard 1.1 microsoft wireless on my desktop using Vista Home premium, and the keys are all coming up badly, when I type 'k' for example I get 'a' or if I type 'p' I get 'v' and give me space '9' someone can tell me how to solve this problem?

    Hi Winchesterdream,

    Welcome to the Microsoft answers community site.

    I suggest you try the following steps

    Step 1: Connect the keyboard to a different computer. If the keyboard works correctly on another computer, the port to which the keyboard was connected on the original computer may be damaged. If this is the case, contact your computer manufacturer to find out how to repair or replace the damaged port.

    Step 2: Download and install the latest keyboard software

    To download the latest drivers for the keyboard that you use, see the following Microsoft hardware Web site:

    Step 3: Press the SHIFT key to turn five times keys Stick On or Off and check if the problem persists.

    Let me know if it works. Good luck!

    Hope it will be useful.

    Thank you and best regards,

    KKS Vijay

  • HP DeskJet 3050 a"the printer and the computer are connected to different routers"

    I am trying to configure my J611 all-in-one HP DeskJet 3050 again on my wireless network and this is the message I get "the printer and the computer are connected to different routers" but I only have one router! (Netgear WNDR3400).  My operating system is Windows 7.  What I am doing wrong?

    Yes, you have a router, but there two (technically three) networks.  I guess that is your printer or your computer is connected to the Guest network.  Check that your PC is not on the network of comments.

  • Mr President, when I do some changes on a page of its buttons on the right side convert (> >) sings two more. What is that this does not happen and the buttons are always visible?

    Mr President.

    When I convert a few changes on a page of its buttons on the right side of the page (> >) sings two more.

    What is that this does not happen and the buttons are always visible?


    Did you try what I suggested?

    listed AFStretchWidth styleclass property of panelGroupLayout and remove the box toolbar tools just use inside grouplayout

    If this does not work please share your xml source

    Thank you

  • When I start thesystem I get 2 errors in netdolst.dll and qWaves32.dll are missing

    When I start thesystem I get 2 errors in netdolst.dll and qWaves32.dll are missing, how and where can I download free others these files, the computer works fine except that when I start the system is very slow, and then displays error messages I tried the system restore, but this does not seem worked either I don't think restore points do not appear to contain everything that I never really use the restore of the system but like I said system works well except that I am living in a retirement home and cannot afford these packages fantasies you can send me an email to * address email is removed from the privacy * I'd highly appreciate your help as soon as possible because I am one of those who dislikes computers I would prefer to give me error messages can you send me instructions instead of put in place on the forum you can do it too if you want to thank you for your help, I am not an expert in computers, so I need a step by step instructions

    qWAVE.dll (without the "s32") is a legitimate file for Vista and Windows 7 but not XP.

    Searches on Google for "qwaves32.dll" and "netdolst.dll" increase only highly questionable links.

    When a search in no hits or suspicious hits result, the answer is usually that the file in question is linked to the malicious software and your anti-malware application has deleted or quarantined file, but left to the Windows registry entry that tries to start the malicious software when you start your computer.  Given that you know on torrents (and downloaded them?) increases the likelihood that you had (or still have) malicious software on your computer.

    First of all, download, install, update and run both of these free analysis tools:
    MalwareBytes AntiMalware

    Do not run the scans at the same time.  They can take some time, so start an and then go for a non computer chore for awhile.

    If the scans does not solve the problem (and they can't, because the actual malware dll file has already been processed), then download and run Autoruns.  Click on the "Connection" tab and look in the column 'Image path' for the dll named in your error message.  If it is not displayed in the connection tab, click the "all" tab and use the file > search tool.  A characteristic of the search of Autoruns tool is that you must move the selection under the element line "found" before you "Find Next."

    Once you find the line with the file in question, either "delete" or (if you want to be safer) uncheck the box.  The latter prevents the line running, but you can reactivate it later by removing the check mark.

  • I upgraded to El Capitan and some apps are missing.

    MacBook Air (13 inch, mid 2011)

    MacBook Air 4,2

    Intel Core i5 at 1.7 GHz

    4 GB memory

    I upgraded to El Capitan (10.11.3) and now the calendar and Contact applications are missing. I was not iCloud used for backup or restore.

    Before the upgrade, I was running 10.6.8. I had a Time Machine backup on an external USB drive.

    I went to Time Machine to restore the applications, but they are missing in the Applications folder. Strangely, the address book more older (v9.0) and iCal (v5.0.3) apps are here. I copied them to the computer and I can run them. My contacts reappear in somehow, but not my calendars.

    I had the calendar and Contacts before the backup, and they worked normally.

    I can't find a way to download the latest calendar and contacts applications. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to reinstall OS X from your recovery disk. I do not know what effect (if any) installation of older applications will have...


  • Microsoft tools for restore the disk framentation system, and several others are missing. Is there a way to recover/reload?

    My computer crashed so I had to use my recovery disks that are about 8-10 years. When I reinstalled Windows service pack 2, the system recovery tools and several other microsoft tools not have installed on my system. Is it possible to recover these tools? The command prompt tells me that they are not on my system and get help from the Server Manager in the service (Net HelpMSG 2185) option. Can you tell me what that means and if/how I can do this?  I can't find a tab from the system restore on my computer. I guess that's because I have more access to these tools. My messages when I try to update things like Windows Media Player tells me that I can't set a date of restoration and that if I lose my installed programs that they can not be recovered. Guess that means I have to use my recovery again disks?

    <(Microsoft tools="" for="" the="" system="" restore,="" disk="" framentation,="" and="" several="" others="" are="" missing.="" is="" there="" a="" way="" to="" retreive/reload="" these="" tools?="" (assessories,="" system="" tools)="">

    Hey, take a look at the article and try the steps

    See you soon!

  • Bookmarks are missing and "back" button does not work.

    Suddenly, the back button doesn't work after upgrade to the latest version of Firefox, does not have the 'star' of the Bookmarks button and all my favorites are missing.

    This forum software that you have posted here with Firefox 12.0, not the latest version of Firefox 21.0. Another PC than the one you post on?

    If it's the same PC, see this:

Maybe you are looking for

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