BSOD during the update of xp 64 pro to vista ultimate 64

work on the platform of my boyfriend, trying to get vista 64 to install.  computer ran fine under vista 32, updated map ram & video added an another disk drive hard and comic book.  Vista 32 always worked well, reformatted the hard drive and loaded xp64 without problems.  tried the upgrade to vista 64 and one of many reboots, I get this bsod message: stop IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL: 0x0000000a (0xFFFFFA99C3B6001A, 0xFFFFF800105E251, 0 x 0000000000000002, 0 x 0000000000000000).  updated all drivers XP 64 before upgrade, installed all updates for xp 64.  also tried to remove all the drivers before upgrading.  I thought back to his original material config and try to install xp 32 before moving to vista 64 and then installing the new gear.  I know that this computer can handle vista.  Relax on the tech side, I don't know that much, but I can understand everything that was explained to me.

AMD athlon 64 x 2 3800

MSI k9n sli platinum

4 GB 800 mHz (initially 1 gb 533 mHz) RAM

250 GB wd blue caviar wd2500ks

1.5 to wd caviar green wd15ears (new)

EVGA gt220 (original ati x 1350)

Player HP dvd1270

Samsung bdrom (new)

I have all the drivers on cd/dvd, but the problem occurs during the process of update/install for an automatic restart.  I have no way to load the drivers that xp has been removed and vista does not start.


You must do a clean install of vista

Take a look at the link below microsoft

XP to Windows Vista">

Windows Vista Home Basic

Clean install

Windows Vista Edition Home Premium

Clean install

Windows Vista Business

Clean install

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

Clean install

Windows Vista (64-bit versions)

Clean install

Upgrading to a 64-bit version of Windows XP Professional to a version 64-bit Windows Vista

You can use a copy upgrade to a 64 bit version of Windows Vista. To do this, however, you must perform a new installation.

For instructions on performing a new installation, see installing and reinstalling Windows.

For more information about installation and upgrade 64-bit Windows versions go to toVista (64-bit) "" href = "" > choice of Installation for Windows Vista (64-bit) "


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    Hi Richard

    Seems not good buddy from your description, that something went wrong during the update procedure and now the ROM module has been flashed properly.

    Maybe you area lucky man and the motherboard isn't too bad, but only the Rom module must be flashed again.

    Unfortunately, this must be done by the technician of the ASP. You will need to contact the ASP in your country for assistance.

    Good luck and have a nice day

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    According to the description of the problem, your computer is stuck in blue screen loop. So, I suggest you to create installation media by following the steps described in the article mentioned below and after that try to run automatic reapir.

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    • When the message press any key to start from the CD or DVD is displayed, press a key.
    • If your PC does not automatically detect the media
    • When the computer reboots, read on screen for instructions that explain how to interrupt normal startup and access the basic input/output system (BIOS) configuration utility. Most PCs use the F2, F10, ESC or del key to start the configuration of the BIOS.
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  • ENVY 100 printer D410 - screen says "Do not, power down during the update" permanently.

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    (Or something close to that.)

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    There is a fix to resolve the specific problem, but I'm afraid it is only available for earlier operating systems under OS X 10.5 and 10.6, Windows XP, Vista or 7.

    I you suggest to get a computer with any operating system supported, install the latest version of the software on the HP site using a USB and then follow the steps.

    The latest version of the software can be found below (the basic software should be sufficient):

    Make sure that you carefully go through the procedure to the installation section in the patch download page.

    Hope that helps,


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    Hey there smbirchler,

    Congratulations on your new iPad! Looks like you were updating the iOS version, the device froze, and now you can't pass the white Apple logo screen, even after you try to restore in iTunes. I know how happy I am when I get a new camera, so we'll work together on that, so you are able to enjoy your iPad mini.

    We will have you try to use the device in Recovery Mode. Take a look at this article for how to do this:

    If you are unable to update or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Thanks for being a part of the communities of Apple Support!

  • An error occurred during the update the firmware. -16

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    Your airport is now not working? That is, the reset did not work.


    It doesn't have to be upgraded after several attempts?

    The airport is connected to the network as usual? You have full internet access through the airport?

    What model is the most convenient airport?

    The real model number could be a help. A1xxx of the base except the newest one... Suffice to say a grand.

    What is the current firmware?

    If it is a very old model, they can sometimes give wrong if it has never been updated.

  • Re: Restoration of windows after abrupt during the update

    Hello world

    Last night I was updating my windows on my Toshiba laptop, however, my laptop suddenly shut down during the update process.
    Now, when I start my laptop, I am invited as a system error and I have to put my windows CD to continue. I've never had a CD of windows, and nor have I made a disc of recovery yet, so is it possible possible for me to connect to windows again? I use windows Vista.

    Any suggestions would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance

    You can enter advanced with F8 at startup startup options?
    You can get Vista in safe mode?
    Repair my computer option is available there?

    Try to use this option and you will enter the system recovery options. One of the options it is start repair or system restore.
    Try to fix the system or roll back the OS to an earlier time using System Restore.

  • What can I do about 48 error during the update of the iphone 4S?

    What can I do about 48 error during the update of the iphone 4S?

    Hello! Try the procedure described in section of the Apple Support below:

    Solve the iOS update and restore error in iTunes - Apple Support

  • Equium A60 crashed during the update of the Bios

    Hello, can someone tell me if this can be repaired. IHAVE an A60 Equium that crashed during the update of the BIOS, now he died nothing lights up.
    Thanks in advance

    I presume that the BIOS chip is damaged. In this case, you can do anything to make it work again. Just approved can help.

    The problem is that the repair can be quite expensive. Check it out. If selling Yes the laptop on eBay and... you know what I mean. :(

  • Should I keep plugging my iphone to the computer during the update download process? especially the download will take too long because it is more than 2 GB and my internet speed is not fast, I can unplug my iphone until the full download?

    I am a new user of Iphone, I must he keep plugging my Iphone to the computer during the update download process? especially the download will take too long because it is more than 2 GB and my internet speed is not fast, I can unplug my Iphone until the full download?

    Without doubt, but why not just make the day downloading overnight?

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    I think you need to contact Microsoft.

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    I tried to update the BIOS and it did not work so he blocked. After that a few minutes, I tried to restart and it didn't worked so I unplugged the AC cable. After that, he did not answer. Black screen, no sign.

    Help, please


    I think that, in this case, you can do nothing because the ROM module has to be reflashed and in the worst case the whole mainboard needs to be replaced.

    These freezes during the update of the BIOS can cause such problems as the laptop doesn't start over.

    Moreover, on the Web from Toshiba site you can find an authorized service provider: > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    Welcome them

  • An error occurred during the update error checking new Code 80072EFE

    An error occurred during the update error checking new Code 80072EFE

    error 80072EFE infected by a root

    Launch tdsskiller to find any rootkids, download and run from here

    your computer will restart automatelly and start up. Then run the updates.

  • 1130us Envy4 crashed during the update of the BIOS


    I just killed my laptop Envy4-1130us favorite.

    I decided to update the BIOS of v.13 to v.25

    During the update process, mogen of BONE (Win8.1) upwards. No error has been shown. After restarting laptop for a few hours, and now it is not working. Supply duct is turned on, the system fan works at full load, but the screen is black, and system does not (OS not start and does not not the power button).

    Community can help me? An it's the BIOS of the laptop recovery console?

    PS: Excuse my English.


    When the laptop was completely unloaded, I plugged in the AC adapter.

    It powers on and then the bios recovery procedure has been started.

    So now I have a BIOS v.10

    Thank you HP Bot now my desire to NEVER been updated bios

  • Computer is turned off during the update of game time.

    Windows Update (set to auto) works if your computer is turned off during the update set time?

    I ask this for XP and Win 7.

    Thank you

    N °

    Assuming you want to say in fact 'off' and not 'sleep,""standby","hibernate"by 'off', or another version of not-really-off.

Maybe you are looking for