BSOD on Equium M50-244 - error caused by ati2dvag.dll

Operating system Windows XP SP2, view ATI Radeon xpress 200 m series.

Hi have an Equium M50-244 with a problem. Seems to work very well, but suddenly goes to a blue screen with the message:
A problem has been detected, has been shut down to prevent damage.
The problem seems to be caused by following file ati2dvag.dll
If this is the first time you've seen this stop screen restart your computer if this screen appears again these steps
The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop, it usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the incorrect programming hardware device driver.
Please check with your hardware device vendor updates the driver.
STOP: 0X000000EA, 0 84190600, 0XF7983CB4, 0 X 1 0000000 X

beginning physical memory dump

Have tried to update the drivers of Toshiba, ATI and omega, it makes no difference.
Of course, there might be a flaw with chipset but diagnosis identifies any problems. If I run windows in safe mode display is ok.

Other forums seem to report a similar problem with this model and the ATI chipset, but no one seems to have a solution. Can anyone help?



Check this thread

By the way: the Internet is full of these discussions, but the fact is that to happen on different desktops and laptops. It has nothing to do with the model of YOUR laptop directly.

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  • Equium M50-244: loop problem internal ati2dvag.dll

    I had a M50-244 XP Home Edition (sp2) who have ATI onboard until I uninstalled it completely. The laptop has become totally useless vomit ati2dvag.dll inner loop problem and nothing seemed to heal so I decided to completely get rid of ATI.

    It started with VGASAVE which, with a few adjustments, work is fine and so my machine now. I disabled the video as controller he kept coming up with "new hardware found" and I didn't load the drivers more who would do what he started crashing again.

    Currently its on 'test' and I'm doing everything possible to see if it will crash once again, I hope not.

    Maybe I need another driver and activate the video controller, but I am hated for doing anything more now that his works normally, finally!

    Some said the installation of the graphics driver on the site and improves the performance of the graphics card.
    Maybe an installation of the driver from the site could be useful.

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  • Utility Toshiba HWSetup on my Equium M50-244


    I would like to run Toshiba HWSetup utility on my Equium M50-244, but it doesn't recognize anything - bios version, or anything else.

    How can I proceed to run?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards


    I m wondering what system do you use?
    The Toshiba UE driver page provides tools Equium M50 BOF Win XP only
    The hardware configuration of v1.35.0.4C for Win XP is available on the page, and I assume you are talking about this software? Right?

  • Equium M50-244 has bluescreens and password requested

    Hi all
    I need your help here please, my wife Equium M50-244 just froze after 15 min. I thought out the battery could solve the problem, only now when you turn on the laptop I get blue screen and a request for password that was not supplied with the computer.

    Can anyone help before she beat the life out of me (great she´s).

    Hi friend

    I hope that you´re still alive and your wife didn t just have you beat :)

    Please give more information about your problem. It seemed the first time? And what operating system you have? Have you recently updated some drivers or installed new hardware?

    And no matter what, with this password? I mean that a password does not seem fair to nowhere! Where is this password? BIOS or Windows?

    Man, give a few specific questions with plenty of information, so people here can help you.

    Welcome them

  • WEP encryption key do not forget when you restart the Equium M50-244

    I use a laptop Equium M50-244, with a BT Home Hub 7838 wireless router. Almost everytime I turn on the laptop it has no wireless connection. So I have to go to control panel, network connections and that he can find a new connection.

    I would then type the key to encryption WEP number twice to get a new connection.
    This is obviously a long procedure, so I need to get the laptop to recognize the encryption key and save it for the next time I turn on.

    I am running Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 and a Norton Anti Virus and Firewall.

    Any help would be appreciated



    I agree with Louis. Your WLAN cards support WPA encryption and, if possible, you should use it.

    Anyway: try to Setup WLAN to use Windows settings and set WEP password we remind for your WLAN. I have the set up on a lot of laptops different and after choosing the publicly traded WLAN password has already been set and the only thing that must be done is to click on the Connect button.

  • Equium M50-244 does not not to wake up on LAN

    A notebook Equium M50-244 does not meet the magic packet WOL.

    The BIOS settings are correct and show adapter LAN ENABLED, Wake on LAN: ENABLED.

    The sticker on the laptop and the original box gives a different MAC address to know what the device itself (ifconfig or lshw). No matter, the laptop does not account the magic packets for two MAC addresses.

    Using Wireshark, I see that the WOL packets are certainly diffuse with properly formatted MAC addresses.

    My thought is now that it is a BIOS problem but I can't find the right bios for this machine.

    What would be the best bios match? Keep in mind this box is Linux.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    See you soon



    Have you checked if the WOL is enabled in the network card settings?
    Do you know how to check this?

    Go to the Device Manager, expand network adapter s and mark LAN card.
    Then, go to the properties of the network adapter and check the Advanced tab.

    There are a lot of different settings and a configuration option must refer to the WOL.

  • Is it possible to upgrade a processor on an Equium M50-244/CM336DC14/512/40?

    Hi all

    Is it possible to upgrade a processor on an Equium M50-244/CM336DC14/512/40? It has an Intel Celeron M 1.4 GHz processor

    Cheers, Lee


    Just for info -

    Good bye

  • Equium M50-244: Question about upgrade memory and Wlan card

    I have a model Equium M50-244. What type of network adapter I need to fit a Wi - Fi connection on my hub (BT)?
    Also, I currently have 512 MB of ram installed. Can I increase this?

    Hi cora,

    Of course, you can improve the memory to a higher value.
    This book must support 2 slots of memory and it should be possible to increase memory for max 2048 MB. In this case, you can use 2 x 1024Mo module.

    I also found information that this laptop will accept this module:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    I put t know if you've experienced the site options & Accessories Toshiba, but if not then visit this:

    You will find more compatible parts.

  • Equium M50-244 - SM Bus controller - all drivers available?

    Laptop bought with XP Home, but has been modified to work with XP Professional.
    Pulled the bottom of all the drivers, I could find on the site Tosh, but in the Device Manager in the section other devices SM Bus controller is marked with a? and an exclamation point.
    Any suggestion where I could find this driver (s).

    This part of the chipset? or is it another device?


    Equium M50-244 has a part number PSM59E-xxx.
    In this case you must use the correct driver.
    On the Toshiba page you will also find a statement of installation how to install the drivers.
    You must follow this guideline.

    PS: Just FYI XP pro uses the same drivers as XP home

  • Equium M50-244: what improvements are possible and the value to do?

    Hi all, I just got an EQUIUM M50-244, I got it yesterday from pc world and im well please with it!
    but I was wondering if there is any update worth it? is it possible the cpu clock? I'm looking for more memory, is there a limit to what I can adapt? is also a bigger hard drive possible? anything else that is worth please let me know

    Thank you, your friendly local snake


    General it s not possible to upgrade the processor or the graphics card, but you can upgrade the memory and the HARD drive on this laptop.
    You can upgrade the maximum memory 2048 MB of memory (2x1024Mo) and you can use a with the 80 GB HARD drive may also 100 GB.

    Support memory modules are:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    Hope I could help.

  • Equium A60-157: error caused by device driver

    Hi all

    I try to write my thesis at the moment and am hampered by my laptop! It keeps randomly, which brings to the top of the blue screen of death, then by restarting; When everything is loaded to the top, I get a "serious error" message that says "error caused by the device driver. As far as I know, all the programs I have are compatible... I was advised to restore the factory settings, which I did a few months ago. And I got the BIOS update for my computer. But it is always the case!

    If it helps, the programs I use daily are Microsoft Word, Access, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger. I do not run any games high spec (only Minesweeper occasionally!)

    What can I do? Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice would be much appreciated, because these accidents do not help us to my work!

    Thank you...


    It's not easy to tell which device is causing the error.
    What you can do is to check the device drivers. Visit the page of the Toshiba driver and check if there is a new version of driver for example graphic driver.

    Also sometimes this error message appears if the module of memory is faulty.

    What you can do is to use the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis.
    Maybe if you can identify this evil s.

    Good luck

  • Equium M50-244 cannot be started!


    My boyfriend's son recently received a toshiba satellite m50-244, we will get into trouble this weekend. The main problem is that it's very picky... it starts for a while, then it's going to and then the screen does not display anything, or it will appear, then plant and turn off again through a blue screen.

    I found a thread in the knowledge base on the bios update I put on a USB flash drive and use it as soon as I can get the miserable thing to stay long enough. Is there anything else we could do, or should we just give up and take it back to the shop of Toshiba?

    Thanks in advance, hanrg.

    Hi Hannah

    Seems the laptop is not old and the warranty is valid.
    Please contact the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country!
    Guys have more experience than the common laptop computer user like me and you.

    PS: One of my friends had a similar problem and it was related to the CPU socket.

  • Need Driver USB for Equium M50-244

    I installed Win XP Pro on my M50-244, but whenever I plug a data stick in the USB port, I get a message about the connection USB could be faster with USB 2 blah blah.
    Under the control panel the controller USB has a yellow question mark on it. Can someone tell me please where to find the USB driver that is appropriate for it?

    See you soon

    The laptop uses the standard Microsoft Windows USB driver. On the Toshiba page you will find all the special USB drivers for WinXP.
    Have you used the recovery CD or did you install the OS of Microsoft CD?
    Possibly, you have not installed the chipset driver?

  • Equium M50-244 run the Stop error after DVD playback

    If anyone can help with tips here. All watching my laptop DVD crashes with a runtime stop error which forces a closing down of the system. It's then a capricious beast in reverse that the screen remains blank and does not start start. When it decides to launch it is slow at the start and has on occasion crashed again. Report error screen Windows indicating that this is a MISTAKE STOP RUN is launched. On the game, the system slows down considerably, which means that next time I want to spend on the laptop should I go through t - he or she does not start into a nightmare. This is starting to get a little boring


    With RUN the STOP ERROR do you mean the blue screen of death (BSOD) or what?
    What DVD player program did you use?
    Have you tried using different applications such as WinDVD or PowerDVD?

    However, I think that we should focus on the system slow downs.
    This could be caused by the high temperature if the temperature rises to a higher level, the system attempts to limit the performance of the processor.
    This reduced heat production, but slows down the performance of the laptop

    Overheating pourrait causes that the shut downs as s possible BSOD checks then perhaps you should try the cooling modules if they work at full capacity.
    Cleaning of the fan could probably contributes to

  • Equium M50-244 blocks black screen then restart

    I am currently in a laptop for a friend he pays a month of repair of malfunctions on his laptop, world pc so he sent 2 times back and the above error is still there

    the laptop started to hang and make the mistake of ati bsod

    now, I tried to clean the system and reinstall xp, I'm so far through the installation and then it crashes

    then when I try to reboot the screen is all black and if I try a monitor is just the same

    also crashes for the memtest86 + after that about an hour from cold start or 10 minutes of a boot hot and the laptop does not warm start

    What is CPU or gfx questions?

    can someone please tell me what to do


    This problem may be related to different hardware parts
    You said col didn t of memtest86 + test correctly although this means there could be a RAM problem.
    You said that the screen becomes black and a BSOD with ATI error appears also that this would mean that the graphics chip is not ok

    It would also be possible that the temperature high inside the cell affects mobile functionality eventually the graphics chip becomes hot and that is why temperature affects the RAM and the laptop freezes.

    What to say if the graphics chip is the reason for this while the whole motherboard must be replaced and a motherboard is not cheap

    Maybe you need to find a second hand M50 and could replace the motherboard in order to test it

Maybe you are looking for

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