BSOD when opening a specific game

Opening of a game that I played a lot now causes a blue screen of death. The game is early access and is not optimized, so I frequent crashes due to lag, even if my rig perfectly manages AAA games. Here's my DMP files. Please help me solve this and maybe some tips on how to run this game without the crashes. (I have the settings at the bottom)                    DMP:

In addition, there may be a conflict between an Avast and EasyAntiCheat driver.

If any question in the future consider a BEI to Avast:


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  • InDesign crashes when opening a specific .indd file


    This morning, I added some finishing touches to a little book. Then I split the file into the cover and the inside of the book. Suddenly, InDesign crashed and maintains the plant after that I open the file with the content inside. Also, it crashes in InCopy. I tried several suggested solutions on the internet as the deletion of fonts the user, start in safe mode, but none of them worked.

    I pasted the file of report here:
    Process: Adobe InDesign CC 2014 [1451] path: / AP -

    Thank you

    The script here can help: community Adobe: InDesign 6 crashes when you try to open a specific document. All others are open OK.

  • BSOD when opening photoshop cc 2015 (Windows 10)

    I tried to solve the problem for three days, what photoshop cc 2015 opening. I do not know if theres something wrong with photoshop cc 2015 or workstation or windows. But AFAIK is that happens when I open photoshop cc 2015 BSOD occurs (not any other application installed on my computer the fact). Photoshop CC 2015 is updated, update Windows and my computer is updated but still I get BSOD. I don't know what to do now. Please help me!

    Its rare to get a BSOD these days.  The information contained in the BSOD gives you no idea.   Make Sure your Windows system 10 is up to date. I mean, you went on the web site of all manufacturers of hardware in your PC and install the latest drivers from device for their products.  Starting with your display adapter Photoshop deploys more GPU uses these days.  AMD/ATI, Nvidia and Intel all new facts device drivers for Windows 10 for their cards.  You have a Tablet, fancy mice, Bluetooth etc. Make sure you have the latest device drivers.

  • Re: Satellite M45-S359 shows BSOD when you play a game

    I get a blue screen of death when crashing a game called Combat arms.
    Some days it never works and no problem. Other days I can hardly play for 5 minutes then crashing.

    Screen reads,

    0 X 00000050 (C0XE68EB104, 0X00000000, 0XB35CE85, 0X00000001

    45a 92607 DATESTAMP

    I am operating Windows XP SP3
    Version of DirectX - compatible DirectX 9 .0c (4.09.0000.0904

    Somedays like today I want to smash the laptop and im a decline very person, he is becoming this frustrating. Any help would be grateful to determine why sometimes I can play, but other times, I just can't.

    Thanks in advance,


    I don't know m but AFAIK the IGPXPXD32. DLL is part of the Intel display driver. This suggests that there may be something wrong with this driver.

    In your case I would remove the old driver, restart the computer and install the latest version from the Toshiba site: > download

    Good luck!

  • BSOD when printing a specific program

    Just got a P1102w (personal laser wireless).  Works fine except when I print something from MS Money.  Next, I get the blue screen of death.

    Tried to update to the latest drivers available on the web

    Happens on two different machines, one with Win 7 64 - bit and the other with 32 bit Windows 7

    Him did not happen in any other program

    The error is the error Page in space unpaginated involving involving the win32k.sys with the same memory address driver every time

    Does anyone have ideas for a workaround on this sort of thing?  A kind of an impression that could proceed with the operation to a different memory address or something?

    The thread here has a discussion of the BSOD errors when printing from Microsoft Money.  It seems that there are problems of interaction between money and IE9.

  • When opening a specific project: error


    I use first Pro CC on Windows.

    But with a project, I have a problem. I can not open it when I start PP CC. First of all, I need to create a new project and then I click on 'File' then 'new project '.

    Then I can open it.

    But now I have the problem that even when I do that with the new project... I get the following error: - 44ncr78i.jpg

    (It's the same error message as when I want to open my project without him 'first create a new project')

    I already reinstalled Adobe PP CC, but it's the same problem.

    Can someone help me, because I spent a lot of time into it!

    Thx for the answers

    You probably hit the same issue covered in this thread: f:\mightysilt_win64\shared\adobe\mediacore\mediafoundation\api\inc\keyframe debug event

  • Installed Windows 7 - Message When opening Freecell or games-"the game is running in software rendering mode.

    Please help with suggestion on what video card serveral level too.  I have MSI 865PE mobo and graphics NVIDIA 5500.  6 years old.  2.8 ghz CPU and memory upgraded to 2.5 intell Crucial GIG DDF 3200 memory...

    acceleration of message is disabled or not supported by the video card... OK... I got is... Need a new video card.

    Please make some suggestions... under $ 100 please and no video game... is not necessary for the games.

    Thank you,.


    Yes, I have in my Dell Dimension, mine said THE well, but its AGP and works very well with Windows 7 Ultimate. Releasing it's easy: with Windows | ActiveWin | Laptops | Microsoft MVP

  • Video driver causes BSOD when I play video games

    It occurs when the video driver is stressed, especially when I play Dota 2 (which is a set of resources).
    This is one of the reports that i've got:! 164 & authkey =! AFO07LHT1OvtLEc

    Peace and love

    Thank you for your help, but I solved it. The problem was the virtual memory pool is too small; I just changed 3500 MB 8000.

  • WIndows 7 Home Premium BSOD when you play the game

    Dump file

    I got this while playing for ArmA 2

    BCCode: 50
    BCP1: FFFFF6840003D858
    BCP2: 0000000000000000
    BCP3: FFFFF80002CB431B
    BCP4: 0000000000000005
    OS version: 6_1_7601
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 768_1

    On Edit, just OneDrive. File is attached.

    Driver verifier does not appear to be activated, but this was related to the nVidia Display Driver nvlddmkm.sys.

    Remove the driver current completely and install the latest driver available.  For instructions on how to do read everything to update the drivers of my partner JMH3143 here
  • BSOD when running games and windows experience index


    AMD phenom 2 x 6

    2 GB ram EVM

    local power 450w

    card Gigabyte mother

    synergy gta 610 2 GB NVIDIA Edition

    I get bsod when running WEI and games

    I have no idea why its happening

    using archer gamma deeepcool for cooling the processor and have a firm of 80 mm fan

    Minidump files - (OneDrive)

    Help, please


    Memtest for the utility of manufacturers of RAM and HD, and CHKDSK for HD.  You did everything

    These accidents were related to the corruption of memory (probably caused by a driver).

    Please run these tests to check your memory and find which driver is causing the problem.

    If you're overclocking (pushing components beyond their design) return you to default at least until the crash is resolved. If you don't know what it is that you're probably not overclocking.

    1-Driver Verifier (for full instructions, see our wiki here)

    If the auditor does not have the issue we move to it.

    2-Memtest. (You can learn more about running memtest here)

    If you cannot start after you have enabled the auditor reboot in safe mode
    In Vista & win 7 (F8)

    Co-written by JMH3143


    CHKDSK WARNING: while running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found all the data available in this area could be lost so as always back up your data.
    Run CHKDSK /R from a high command (run as administrator).
    Do this for each hard drive on your system.
    When he tells you, he cannot do at the moment – and ask you if you do not want to do it at the next reset - answer Y (for Yes) and press ENTER.

    Then restart and let the test to run.
    It may take some time for him to run, but keep an occasional eye on it to see if it generates errors.

    See "CHKDSK LogFile' below to verify the test results.

    CHKDSK LogFile:
    Click Start and type "eventvwr.msc" (without the quotes) and press enter
    Expand the topic the Windows logs, and then select the Application log file entry.
    Double-click the Source column heading.
    Scroll down the list until you find the entrance to Chkdsk (wininit for Win7) (winlogon for XP).
    Copy / paste the results in your next post.

  • Get an access violation when trying to open a download game

    I get an access violation message when I try to open a downloaded game.  I was told that I need to download the latest update for my video card driver.  How?


    ·         What is the accurate and complete error message you get?

    I suggest you follow the steps in the link below to update the driver: ' t-work correctly

  • Director opened with specific panel game


    It is possible to set the default configuration of the Director?

    In other words, it's possible Director opened with specific Board play?

    If yes how?

    Thank you.

    1. first, download the presentation you want.

    2. go in
    Edit > Preferences > General...

    3. click on the Savecheck box - window Positions when leaving.

    4. master output.

    5. open Director and going back in General Preferences and uncheck the property register the Position of Windows .

    Now when you close the Director, it won't save the positions and will be used to the last saved configuration.


  • Firfox crashing when you run a game with original by Tridef 3d application

    I have a LG D2342 screen. This screen has 3d Support. I play Battlefield 3. The 3d is running through an application called Tridef 3d. When I start the game with the Tridef he begins to open Firefox, then the firefox would just stop responding and hangs. I love using firefox but currently I can't set it as my default because of this problem.

    Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration.

    • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.
  • When I put the games the reader, they do not play

    When I put the games the reader, they don't play, how can I fix what they worked before?

    Hi Ria,

    When you insert a game CD, click on "my computer" then right click on the CD icon and open the tab AUTOMATIC execution. Here you can specify whether you want that the CD player to the content of the CD opens automatically, and also together what application you want to open based on the content of the CD.

    Kind regards

  • I need to have a Windows to FF shortcut that opens a specific site

    Is it possible to put in place a shortcut in Windows that run Firefox and open a specific Web page, bypassing the home page existing in FF?

    You will need to add a command line for the shortcut option when launching Firefox.

    Firefox.exe - url

    See command line options

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