BT and Wifi disabled more than BT 30 days expired now!

I have been using the Tosh BT stack for laptops not Tosh on my M51 Asus running Vista.
Last night, the 30-day time limit has expired.

I assumed I could just buy my license today and continue but my BT has been disabled as well as my Wifi. This is very worrying.

I'm happy to pay for the license, but I'm pretty upset that toshiba would disable my computer like that.

Please let me know how to solve this problem.

Check this box:

There are TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack (= "Bluetooth software + drivers")
for end users with non-TOSHIBA notebooks with Bluetooth and USB Bluetooth adapters

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  • Is it possible not to have to rent the software, especially since I've owned 4 companies 25 years and purchased Adobe products and licenses spend more than $10,000 in these years?

    MacBook Pro 17 "

    OS X Lion 10.7.5

    2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    3 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    I can't believe that Adobe would not support loyal customers who have spent thousands of dollars more than 30 years on products, including this CS5 Adobe Creative Suite and Acrobat 9 Pro.

    They must have a work around if we do not have to keep paying for what we already paid for. I know that Adobe has had a strong business ethics, just in the past and that he would not punish anyone who supported them for this long.

    I don't know that I have been misinformed. Please let me know where the company stands for customers like us.

    If CS5 works for you, stick with it.

    It was officially did not support or received any kind of update in a few years, but if it works for what you need, there is no reason to move to CS5.5, CS6 or creative cloud.

    If you use an older system, OSX 10.7 or Windows 7 (and less), you can still get the perpetual license CS6 by phone directly from Adobe. They are more sell online and will not sell it to you if you want to install it on a modern system, it is not certified to run on no more recent data. CS6 also never receive an update.

    It is more recent than what you have, but still several versions behind the 'current' offer two versions.

  • I was supposed to be able to download the program in 24 hours and it is more than 24 hours, what is the hold up


    Your subscription to cloud shows correctly on your account page?

    If you have more than one email, you will be sure that you use the right Adobe ID? for subscriptions on your page from Adobe


    If Yes

    Sign out of your account of cloud... Restart your computer... Connect to your paid account of cloud

    -Connect using




    -ID help



    If no

    This is an open forum, Adobe support... you need Adobe personnel to help

    Adobe contact information -

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific Time)<=== note="" days="" and="">

    -Select your product and what you need help with

    -Click on the blue box "still need help? Contact us. "

  • After upgrading to IOS 9.1 my iPad2 crashes constantly and Safari takes more than 30 seconds for the loading of the page.  When Apple will solve these problems, given that the downgrade isn't possible?

    After that the IOS upgraded to 9.1 on my iPad 2, the unit has switched navigation performance and each app is lagging, and then crashes the device, to be hard restarts.  Changing such settings recommended in many articles does not improve these problems of performance or speed.  Given that the downgrade is possible, when Apple will release 9.2 to solve all these problems of performance?

    These are performance problems widespread in the complaints I've seen on many articles, even in this community and discussion forums.

    Uh, no.

    iPad 2 questions are far from "widespread".

    Each user who has problems with their brand of Apple devices claimed that their problems are widespread disaster.

    users of iPad 2, 3 and 4, like me, don't post troubleshooting forums if their iOS/updates updates update succeeded.

    Here are my updated list of corrections suggested for a model slow iPad 2, 3 or 4.

    Try to reset all the settings in the settings under general app and in the right column under restore.

    Try stories reset and delete/reset the caches in all web browsers you use.
    If you use Safari, these features may be in the application settings under Safari.
    Other browsers have their settings inside the running application itself.

    If your iPad has been activated for iCloud, in the application settings under iCloud, to the right, under iCloud Drive, type in iCloud drive and make sure that Safari is off to save data from Safari to iCloud by car.

    Also, under iCloud in the application settings, in iCloud Drive, turn the feature off saving for all other desired apps DO NOT the data automatically on iCloud drive.

    If you are using Safari is always causing issues.
    Try changing / using web browser third another, different.
    I do not use iOS Safari too much more because I found it cause me headaches on some Web sites, regularly, to visit.
    I commonly use another third party browser, perfect browser (there are others that can suit your style better web browsing, so look all first to see what third-party browser may work better for you) and I have never experience many questions that Safari was originally.

    In the application settings tab general, right under the spotlight sesrch, try disable the search under the applications who really don't need a research, as some games, remote controls, apps that are really useless to be searched, etc., in order to reduce the list to Spotlight search.

    Try to turn the reduced movement.
    This is found in the application of settings in the general tab, in the left panel.
    In the right panel, look under accessibility, look to reduce the Motion and turn this feature "On".
    You should see a significant performance increase on all models of iPad 2, 3 and 4.

    In the application settings under the general tab, in the right column, search background App update and enable this setting to "off".

    Try a reset of your iPad by simultaneously pressing buttons Home and sleep/wake button until your iPad goes to the dark and restarts with the Apple logo, then release the buttons.

  • Download and download not more than 30%

    Help! I tried to download Adobe Flash player 10 times, but it stops at 30% and will download any more. I have a Mac and use safari.

    go to avast and select Preferences. Click the shields. then click on disable for each of the shields.

    just done. worked very well.

    don't forget to reactivate the shields.

  • MacPhun.  Is it viable and offers nothing more than Aperture 3

    Does anyone know if the photo editing application Macphun is a safe application and it offers no advantage over Aperture 3.  I use a macbook pro retina and Mavericks OS.

    There is no real alternative to Aperture 3.

    Why do you want to spend?

    3.5.1 opening still works under OS X Mavericks.

    Until the new application Photos include more features that are the reports of the opening, are some, but very different alternatives.

    Site is just a bunch of separate applications, bundled which may or may not open workflow approach.

    Here are some to consider.

    Adobe Lightroom

    Serif Photo of Affinity Labs (now spent $ 49.99)

    Darktable 2.0.5 (free)

    Corel Aftershot Pro Mac edition

    Capture One Pro

  • What are the registry errors and are they more than a gadget?

    I hava a 2 year, HP laptop, XP Professional.  I get the e-mail promising fix registry errors and make my computer faster and more efficiant - it seems a bit "drasggy", these products work? Is there a free source for the same thing?  Thank you very much.

    Registry cleaners fix errors without importance offering significant benefits and this can create unsolvable system, errors that cannot be solved by reinstalling Windows and all that cause.

  • Synchronized on primary and secondary, but more than one account?

    I have synced my main user account. Will it be enough for all users, or do I need to sync them all separately?

    Hello Terry,

    You are almost there, check out this article which explains how to synchronize two computers. You must take the code of one of them and stick it on the other: How can I set up Sync on my computer?

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    Does anyone know of a parental control application that not only record calls, texts (including deleted), photos/videos, but let me also put time restrictions or limits?  I can't seem to find one that will do everything, but I can not also install multiple applications to achieve. I just signed up for and has it all except for implementation of a calendar. When I tried to download another application strictly for which he said he couldn't because I already have an installed MDM.

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    Contact your carrier and see what are the options they provide for limitation of use.

    You can also return to this thread:

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    No, teenage girls is not illegal but there is useful information in the thread.

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    You may need to take possession of your records - see here:

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    Check your junk mail.


    Find your key product if your purchase of Microsoft Store:

    Contact the Microsoft store:

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    If you have not registered the product under your Adobe account, you must contact Adobe technical support and may need to provide proof of purchase.

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