Bubble ID calling of Windows and scan fax said ring, but phone number does not appear

I have a dual-boot machine. Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. The modem I (Agere Systems PCI - SV92PP Soft Modem) works with both versions of Windows. Under XP, when the phone rings, Windows fax service appears a bubble of info with the number of the caller in it as it should. In Windows 7, the same pop bubble, but it just says: 'ringing '.  How can I fix this problem so that the phone number is displayed in Windows 7, as if it were in XP? I found some info on it somewhere (sorry, I can't find it now) that said to send a command to a modem, and then restart Windows and watch log file of the modem to see if the caller ID information are recorded in the log and it is, but the number is not displayed in the information bubble.


I have yet to hear anything of LSI, but a few days ago, I thought about giving up everything on this and tried to install some programs to free caller id to see if they had a job. I didn't like any of them, but one of them did something to the modem or the driver when I installed it because now the caller ID bubble works as it should, with the number of the person calling. I uninstalled the free program that has fixed this, but I'll save it in case I ever have this problem again and I can use the program to fix it again.

Tags: Windows

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