Buffering 6 with iOS 9.2 in any shots charger home Wifi

iOS 9.2 installed without me even want it. Now, when I plug in any charger lightning, it blows on any home Wifi. He unlug, it works. Plug back, disappeared. Turned off hotspot. Have to charge with wifi. It doesn't matter if it's on the computer or from the wall. That's why I wait for updates, but this one just to install. Very, very angry.

With my trendy phone and wifi off, I can flip the on and kill netflix on the tv and my computer, flip off everything works fine. My wife's same phone 9.1, childless.


Are you sure that you have not enabled the Hotspot of the person and joined other computers to it?

Or, it is possible that your iPhone uses the same IP address as your router or another computer on your network?

Try: Settings > General > reset > reset network settings

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    I have an iPhone with IOS 9.2.1 6.  It does not open the jpg files attached to an email, although it opens the jpg files before a recent update of IOS.  My wife 4 IPhone opens the jpg files attached to our email.  I never had this problem with my iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or my iPhone 6 until a recent update, but I do not know what update caused the blackout.  The mobile phone seller did a search on the web and not found any reference to it.  A hard reboot was not helpful.  Any suggestions?

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    That you synchronize your contacts with? A decision-making application supported on the computer, a Cloud Computing service?

  • VPN using hotspot with ios 10 does not

    I often work off site and use my iPhone AT & T s 6 to attach my work Windows 10 Pro (processor ASUS T300CHI) Tablet.  Although many places I work have Wifi, most only allow VPN I need to connect to my work server.  After updating ios 10 (I'm on 10.0.1), I did have problems engaging, but VPN doesn't work anymore.

    VPN integrated Windows 10 Pro on my Tablet has an automatic configuration that appears to detect the type of configuration (IKEv2/IPSec/PPTP/L2TP, etc.) and you just put in user name and password.  According to my dept IT, the VPN connection in the office not only supports PPTP (I understand has been disabled with ios 10) but also supports IKEv2 and L2TP/IPSec.  Nevertheless, I always left configuration VPN on Windows 10 in auto.  I tried selecting the connection type, but it did not work either.  Generally I get the error "failure of VPN tunnels.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated


    Please keep us informed if you were able to solve this problem.  I also have the same problem since the update iOS10.  I think it has to do with Apple, removing the IOS10 PPTP protocol... I was able to confirm the conclusion of downgrading to previous IOS 9.3 and my VPN works very well, unfortunately my users with iPHONE7 cannot sink their IOS and now can not access VPN through hotspots iOS10

  • How to configure pop3 on ipad with iOS 9.3.3 mini mail

    How to make the configuration of email pop3 on ipad with iOS 9.3.3 mini

    Try the steps in these Apple articles.

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  • What I really do is sync reminder Fox with an app on my iphone, but FF will not work with IOS... so...

    Anyone know of another way to synchronize RF with IOS... or except that IOS has participated in another calendar of good appointments office for Windows 7 can you sync?

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  • Broke up with iOS 9.2.1 contact ID

    Touch on my iPhone 6s ID broke out after I have updated to IOS 9.2.1.  I rebooted twice with no luck.

    Any ideas?

    Hello, Nealf.

    It seems that you are having problems with Touch ID recently updated to iOS 9.2.1. The following Knowledge Base article offers some great recommendations for troubleshooting:

    Use the ID button on iPhone and iPad

    Get help with Touch ID

    Sometimes, you will need to enter your access code or your Apple ID instead of using Touch ID:

    • If you have just restarted your device
    • If your fingerprint is not recognized five times in a row
    • If you have not unlocked your device to more than 48 hours
    • If you have just registered or deleted fingerprints
    • If you try to open the contact ID & password in the settings menu
    • If necessary password is defined on immediately under settings > general > Restrictions

    If you still need help, follow these steps. Try again after each step:

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of iOS.
    2. Make sure that your fingers and the Home button are clean and dry. 1 for Home button, use a clean, lint cloth to wipe off any dirt or debris.
    3. Your finger should completely cover the Home button, touch the surrounding metal ring. Contact ID is scanning, you should not press hard, tap too quickly or move your finger.
    4. If you use a case or a protective screen, make sure that it does not cover the Home button or the surrounding ring.
    5. Tap Settings > Touch ID & password. Make sure the Unlock iPhone or iTunes and App Store is on, and that you have entered one or more fingerprints.
    6. Try to register another finger.
    7. If you cannot register your finger, take your camera to a store Apple Store or Apple authorized service provideror Contact the Apple Support.

    1 moisture, sweat, lotions, oils, cuts, or dry skin may affect fingerprint recognition. Certain activities can also temporarily affect the recognition of fingerprints, including exercise, shower, swimming, cooking, or other conditions or changes that affect your fingerprints.

    Thank you for reaching out to the communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon.

  • Will there be new touch ID problems with iOS 7.1 measures?

    I have an iPhone with iOS installed 9.0.2 6. I was hesitant to go to iOS 9.1 because of problems with the Touch ID reported about 4 weeks ago. Thereafter, who had been an interim update (? iOS 9, 1.1), but I have seen no recent comments. Are there developments in this issue? I note tha iOS 9.2 beta 3 has been released; However, the overview of comments I've seen of the 'new' address for the iPhone elements, but says nothing about the contact ID. Any news?

    I used each publication IOS 9 so far. Never had a problem with TouchID. And I have not seen much on this forum about people with problems so, whatever it is, it probably wasn't terrible together.

  • iXpand Flash Drive with firmware 4.4.7 and iPhone/iPad with iOS 9.2.

    I have 5 (!) iXpand Flash Drives (all updated with latest firmware 4.4.7) and have tried on iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.2. None of them are able to find the real or videos in folders on my iPhone/iPad, just the cards where the photo files and images video.

    Also - when you try to synchronize manually or automatically, a "red band" appears and disappears quickly on top of the window, telling me there's something does not.

    Someone else with the same problems?

    Very well. Thanks again.

    For me, as a novice by using this system, I find quite confusing to find a "Red Cross" in the MUSIC folder, when this "Red Cross" just lead you to a folder that contains pictures and videos and not relatet to any music at all. In other words, I don't want it 'plug and play', or how do to save/backup of photos, videos and music and perhaps a more detailed description of what are the terms backup/backup, images, videos and music, could save other novices like me some time she discover.

    However, thanks to your help, at least I am convinced now and look forward to start using the system. Thanks a lot again!

  • Site to cause VPN - problem with IOS 12.4 of the site?

    I have a site with several VPN is configured. Sites with routers (Cisco all) running IOS 12.3 or down are fine. New routers with IOS 12.4 may establish the VPN connection and I can ping the remote networks. When I try to access the Intranet homepage from a remote site, the home page is displayed, but I am not able to access all pages. The same thing is happening with another application (SQL Server program). The clent (remote site) can connect to the SQL database and perform a task, and then get a connectivity error. Sites running IOS 12.3 not have these problems.

    ANY IDEAS please?

    Looks like an MTU problem.

    see if you can clear the df bit in the packet encrypted using the command

    Crypto ipsec df - bit clear


    On the output interface, use the ip tcp adjust-mss command 1400.

    Let me know if it helps

  • WebVPN not works of harbors (https or http) with IOS - 12, 4 (24) T5

    I have a router with IOS-12-877, 4 (24) T5

    My problem is when I try to connect to https (or http) from outside to open the web portal to connect using WebVPN (SSL VPN)

    He never answers!

    I can connect to the public IP address of the inside of LAN, instead may open the webvpn Portal download anyconnect and establishing the SSL VPN.

    I can connect to my local network using Cisco VPN Client from outside and I have a VPN from Site to Site also works.

    This is my config (without data):



    877_Feria #.

    877_Feria #show run

    Building configuration...

    Current configuration: 7756 bytes


    version 12.4

    no service button

    horodateurs service debug datetime msec

    Log service timestamps datetime msec

    no password encryption service


    hostname 877_Feria





    forest-meter operation of syslog messages

    logging buffered 52000


    AAA new-model



    AAA authentication login ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_1 local

    AAA authentication login ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_2 local

    AAA authorization ciscocp_vpn_group_ml_1 LAN



    AAA - the id of the joint session

    clock timezone Paris 1

    summer time clock Paris date March 30, 2003 02:00 October 26, 2003 03:00


    Crypto pki trustpoint SSL

    enrollment selfsigned

    full domain name no

    name of the object CN = vpnferia

    crl revocation checking

    rsakeypair SSL_FERIA



    pki encryption SSL certificate chain

    self-signed certificate 03

    3082020E 30820177 02020103 300 D 0609 2A 864886 F70D0101 04050030 A0030201

    13311130 0F060355 04031308 76706E66 65726961 31313033 31343037 301E170D

    5A170D32 33353338 30303130 31303030 3030305A 30133111 55040313 300F0603

    0876706E 66657269 300 D 0609 2A 864886 F70D0101 01050003 6130819F 818D 0030

    81009F30 81890281 1B5E0CF6 F3376884 9C8D3749 237D3F13 CB9728D1 B 0712, 635

    7293B 978 6BE81A2F 06951D 72 C30178C0 91B4786B 7E701B59 62622 HAS 31 96D023C1

    BDB82295 E4E77FC8 97BF34CA 16B03F53 5EC21F5E 88BA12E1 E5D12729 58136 HAS 53

    76E35D33 1A99EF9F E7B034D6 EB3CF17C A73ECAA1 326573DE 164BB1F3 5EA8EE17

    4AB73CD3 22950203 010001A 3 72307030 1 130101 FF040530 030101FF 0F060355

    0603 551 1104 16301482 12383737 5F466572 69612E66 65726961 301D 2E657330

    1 230418 30168014 51E4D8C7 6347B08A D3CB8F2E F4E4C400 061DB6B4 1F060355

    301D 0603 551D0E04 16041451 E4D8C763 47B08AD3 CB8F2EF4 E4C40006 1DB6B430

    010104 05000381 81008160 0AAD04E3 D247EA6C C1F6E93C 0D 864886F7 0D06092A

    5D0B4C8F 25319E30 8EBABE6F 50E53F7D 57DE0F8A 13BB3212 642C4EAC A32610A6

    75D6568E DA5CEF92 E59D511B 80186AF8 73CC11E6 F1E82065 C47E6B60 82BCA939

    9FF3F06D E3858349 3007AFC2 A2F0CE59 809FA1E1 F2B7FEA1 9B13E8AA 1FEF6AF1

    96E627FC 481642F4 A466EFE7 C 8124, 374 044F

    quit smoking

    dot11 syslog

    IP source-route

    DHCP excluded-address IP


    DHCP IP CCP-pool

    import all


    default router

    Rental 2 0



    IP cef

    IP domain name feria.net

    name of the IP-server





    username privilege 15 secret 5 user1 zMca $1$ $ 0AkwxrsfBY63XPUHxv31N0

    username userVPN secret 5 $1$ $8iKr 8WV5IhFUmI671.XGp3Gb11

    username userWebVPN secret 5 $1$ $3HPK tvFjfrQd86iAoHGsa5Uu01



    crypto ISAKMP policy 1

    BA 3des

    preshared authentication

    Group 2

    ISAKMP crypto keys interkey address


    Configuration group isakmp crypto CiscoVPN client

    key 123456

    pool ippool

    10 Max-users


    ISAKMP crypto ciscocp-ike-profile-1 profile

    identity CiscoVPN group match

    client authentication list ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_1

    ISAKMP authorization list ciscocp_vpn_group_ml_1

    client configuration address respond

    virtual-model 2



    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-SHA-ESP-3DES-3des esp-sha-hmac

    Crypto ipsec transform-set ESP-3DES-SHA1 esp-3des esp-sha-hmac


    Profile of crypto ipsec CiscoCP_Profile1

    game of transformation-ESP-3DES-SHA1

    set of isakmp - profile ciscocp-ike-profile-1



    map SDM_CMAP_1 1 ipsec-isakmp crypto

    Description Tunnel to8.2.24.3

    defined by peer

    game of transformation-ESP-3DES-SHA

    match address 101



    The config log




    property intellectual ssh source interface Vlan1




    ATM0 interface

    no ip address

    No atm ilmi-keepalive

    waiting-224 in


    point-to-point interface ATM0.1


    NAT outside IP

    IP virtual-reassembly

    PVC 8/32

    aal5snap encapsulation


    map SDM_CMAP_1 crypto

    Crypto ipsec df - bit clear


    interface FastEthernet0


    interface FastEthernet1


    interface FastEthernet2


    interface FastEthernet3


    interface virtual-Template1

    ATM0.1 IP unnumbered


    tunnel type of interface virtual-Template2

    ATM0.1 IP unnumbered

    ipv4 ipsec tunnel mode

    Tunnel CiscoCP_Profile1 ipsec protection profile


    interface Vlan1

    Description $ETH - SW - LAUNCH, INTF-INFO-HWIC $$ $4ESW


    IP nat inside

    IP virtual-reassembly

    IP tcp adjust-mss 1452


    IP local pool ippool

    no ip forward-Protocol nd

    IP route ATM0.1

    IP http server

    access-class 2 IP http

    local IP http authentication

    IP http secure server

    IP http timeout policy slowed down 60 life 86400 request 10000


    IP nat inside source map route SDM_RMAP_1 interface ATM0.1 overload


    access-list 1 permit connect

    access-list 2 allow one

    access-list 23 allow

    Note access-list 100 CCP_ACL category = 19

    Note access-list 100 IPSec rule

    access-list 100 deny ip

    access ip-list 100 permit a whole

    Note access-list 101 category CCP_ACL = 4

    Note access-list 101 IPSec rule

    access-list 101 permit ip




    allowed SDM_RMAP_1 1 route map

    corresponds to the IP 100



    control plan



    Line con 0

    no activation of the modem

    line to 0

    line vty 0 4

    access-class 100 in

    privilege level 15

    connection of authentication AutClient

    transport input telnet ssh


    max-task-time 5000 Planner


    WebVPN gateway gateway_1

    hostname 877_Feria

    IP address port 443

    redirect http port 80

    trustpoint SSL SSL



    WebVPN install svc flash:/webvpn/anyconnect-dart-win-2.5.2017-k9.pkg sequence 1


    WebVPN context VPN-Feria

    secondary-color white

    color of the title #FF9900

    text-color black

    SSL authentication check all



    policy_1 political group

    functions compatible svc

    SVC-pool of addresses "ippool.

    SVC Dungeon-client-installed

    virtual-model 1

    Group Policy - by default-policy_1

    AAA authentication list ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_2

    Gateway gateway_1 field vpnferia

    10 Max-users






    This who can miss?

    Thank you all!

    Try adding a NAT statement for outdoors.

    IP nat inside source static tcp 443 443

    assuming that is your public IP address.


  • How to make a version of Adobe Reader for an IPod touch with IOS 6.1.6

    There is no option to upgrade IOS version 7 or beyond.  Current AppStore wants IOS 7 or better to download on my IPod.

    Thanks for your help.


    Did you never properly installed an older version (not the latest version) of the Adobe Reader software for iOS on iPod Touch using your ID before Apple?  If you have never installed Adobe Reader using the particular Apple ID, he can explain why you get the dialog box with the OK button (i.e. no download button).

    Here's what you can do to experience.  (I don't know if it would work.  "But it's worth a try).

    1. On your iPod Touch, check the Apple ID you use for the App Store (settings > iTunes & App Store).
    2. On your computer, Windows or Mac, open iTunes.
    3. Connect to iTunes using the same Apple ID you use for your iPod Touch.
    4. Find Adobe Reader and download it to your computer.  Do not try to install it on your iPod Touch because the latest version is not compatible with your iPod Touch in any case.  Now, Adobe Reader is associated with your Apple ID.  It is important step to be able to download a compatible version on your iPod Touch more later.
    5. Return to your iPod Touch and repeat the steps described in my answer #1.

    Looks like you already tried iTunes on your computer.  Please go back to your iPod Touch and try to install Adobe Reader using the same Apple ID again.

    I hope this works.

    Here's the documentation from Apple that I found.

    Install the latest compatible version of an application on an earlier version of iOS or OS X - Apple support

    If a compatible version is not available, you can try to contact the developer of the app. You are looking for contact information on the product page of the app in the App Store or the Mac App Store.

    The documentation itself is not very useful.  But I can confirm that we offer Adobe Reader for iOS version 11.0.1, which is compatible with the iOS 5 in the App Store.

    You can also ask your question to Apple Support communities.

    Welcome | Apple support communities

  • Problem of gyroscope with iPhone/iPod Touch 4th generation with iOS 6

    We have built an application using AIR SDK 3.4 and are faced with questions only with this device configuration - iPhone/iPod Touch 4th generation with iOS 6

    Anyone has had similar problems. For the Gyroscope data, we use this native extension - http://www.ketzler.de/2011/11/adobe-air-gyroscope-native-extension-with-euler-angles-roll-pitch-lacet-pour-ios /

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Yes, the problem is that the Gyroscope consumes lots of CPU, if the update interval is set to a low value.

    We managed to solve this problem recently by using the extension of Gyroscope by Distriqt - http://distriqt.com/native-extensions#gyroscope and by setting the interval to update to SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL (http://extensions.distriqt.com/docs/gyroscope/docs/com/distriqt/extension/gyroscope/Gyrosc ope.html #SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL).

  • with IOS 10.0.2 - 5s iphone Bluetooth problems

    Since upgrading ISO 10.0.2 my M50 from PLT Plantronics (helmet unique headset) do not reliably connects with my iPhone 5 more. I have to go to the settings, activate bluetooth turned off/turned on, touch the device on the bluetooth page, etc. Once it connects successfully, it will reconnect (if I turn off the headset and turn it back on) for a short period. The next day he does not connect itself but I play with bluetooth on the iPhone again.

    It has always worked perfectly before the 10th of IOS.

    And, as I noticed others mentioning, the volume is much lower with IOS 10. The maximum volume is much lower. I can barely hear it now, more normal background noise, while driving.

    I did:

    Forget this device for the PLT M50 and paired again (several times)

    I did a Reset Network Settings

    I don't know what else to do - but it's a 10.0.2 IOS issue.

    Hello AppleUser2k,

    Please ask questions about your problems of connection between your iPhone and your Plantronics headset since you upgraded to iOS 10. I understand how important it is to have your Bluetooth devices connect with your iPhone with reliability. Here's what I recommend.

    The first thing we want to make sure is that all your data is safe. You can perform a backup in iCloud or iTunes using this article: backing up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Once your data is safe, try the troubleshooting steps in this article to help: get help to connect a Bluetooth accessory with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device should also check with the manufacturer that the device has all the drivers and firmware to work with the new version of iOS.

    If you have checked everything and that you have installed the latest firmware or driver and always are problems, please be aware of your surroundings when you encounter these problems. If you can isolate the time or location, you see the problems, you can isolate the cause. You can even see this help article to ensure that you are not affected by outside interference: the potential sources of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    Thanks again and have a great rest of your day.

  • AirPlay does not work on Apple TV with ios 10.  It was working before the update.  Please notify.

    AirPlay does not work on Apple TV with ios 10.  It was working before the update.  Please notify.

    Try these steps, check to see if things work after each step if necessary, before you try the next.

    1. Check AirPlay is on the Apple TV (turn market if it already is)
    2. Check that both devices are on the same network (settings > Wifi on the mobile device and the settings > general > network, on the Apple TV).
    3. Restart the Apple TV (settings > general > restart).
    4. Restart the Apple TV by removing ALL cables for 30 seconds.
    5. Restart your router. (Also try to remove the power cord for at least 30 seconds)
    6. Restart your computer or mobile device.

    If you're still having problems, try to use 802.11n for wifi if you currently use 802. 11B or 802. 11 g.

    If your problem is AirPlaying starting a computer, try turning off bluetooth

    If you're still having problems, the following article can help you.

    Troubleshooting AirPlay

    Troubleshooting connections and Wi - Fi networks

    Recommended Wi - Fi settings

    WiFi Diagnostic Software (for Mac users)

    You will also find help on this page, where I have collected some of the more unusual solutions for network problems.

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  • Update blackBerry Storm Smartphones all saved Messages deleted

    The upgrade of the storm somehow deleted all my messages I had saved on my Storm.  My laptop using Vista and Outlook 2007.  I use my Blackberry for home use / ie not BES.  Is there anyway to restore these messages?