bug a1000 Lenovo

I have a problem with my lenovo a1000 smartphone: the brightness slider does not change the brightness of the screen. Does anyone else have this problem?

I had this problem before. You can install the battery doctor. This application installs a toolbar in the notification area. You can press the button that is called the brightness of the screen that flips drom automatic to manual, and then you can change it manually. This can solve the problem temporarily.

For me, I used this app until the problem does not yet appear. I hope this helps you.

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    Hello world

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    Thanks in advance,



    Do more research, I fount out is an old bug with Lenovo's Thinkpad laptops with this Brazilian keyboard.

    If you are facing the same problem, use this registry tweak and the problem is solved:


    (the file name indicates "win7" but it also works for Windows 10)

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    This is my new tablets...

    (Sorry for my bad engglish)

    Hi Grenven,
    Do what I say to reset (restart) your Tablet: -.
    --> Memory location opened by card (SD card).
    -> Take something thin and sharp as a safety pin or a toothpick.
    -> Now, you will see a small hole like structure near SD card slot. (In fact it looks clearly if there is something on the inside, but there are.)
    -> Spend your pointy thing in this hole up to a certain distance. (Pass slowly inside until you hear a clicking sound)
    -> Who has the reset button which will restart your tablet of any situation.
    -> Do not lose patience while finding the reset button. Do what I say and your tab will be back normal. Find it for the first time is a little more difficult but follow my steps, and you will get it.

    Good luck...!!

  • Magnetic lock Lenovo A1000

    Hello world

    How long are allowed to try out the code by scanning on smartphone Lenovo A1000 before it crashes all the time?

    Yes, I forgot my code to hit.

    Thank you very much


    I still don't know how many tests are allowed before the phone 'locks '... BUT... I tried more than 50 or 60 times and he has not yet locked.

    If Lenovo had allowed allows you to see the shot as it happens, (change from blue to red when the model is incorrect, as do many other phones), we would have had it open now.

  • Smartphone Lenovo A1000 drivers ADB

    Hello everyone

    I have the Lenovo A1000 smartphone. I am facing a problem when I connect my phone to the pc, after enabling debug mode, the pc does not recognize my phone Bad drivers. There is a mark excalamtion on ADB interface in the Device Manager.

    I need the adb drivers for my smartphone.

    Please your help

    Hi leprince2007,

    When you enable the debug mode, there should be drivers that you can install through Lenovo Suite. You can try and see if it works?

    Thank you.

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    Anyone who has a clue how to reset or enter the bios?

    Thank you.


    Please contact the service center because they will have a fix for this problem, I sent you a PM explaining more on this subject. Check your PM.


  • Lenovo Y580 Bug

    Hello world! I just bought a new laptop of Lenovo Y580 leave the Lenovo Web site. It was delivered to my house and there is no problem. I opened it to the top, and everything was great! However, when I used the card of NVIDIA GTX 660 m to play a game, I had little weird pixel of red/blue/green flashes and finally the game I'd play would break. I then received a message saying: "Display Driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 295.55 stopped responding and has successfully recovered." This product whenever I use the NVIDIA graphics and its really irritating me. Graphics Intel HD, 4000 works perfectly fine however. Please help me guys! Thank you very much!


    http://www.nvidia.com/download/find.aspx?lang=en-ustry to download the latest beta driver from the official site nvidia see if say help because your driver was 295.55


  • Lenovo K3 [K50a40] write the external SD [Bug] error

    Hi all

    I have the latest update installed on K3 note 26 purchased Aug 15.

    Firstly had will deliver the phone recognize SD card and later in formatting. I pressed the card a little slot and then it worked.

    Now the SD card is readable, but when I use ARE leading explore, it is said software of third parties not authorized to make changes. It asks me to select the SD card in the 'Document' app but when I go there it force closes. Also when you tried to find the app in galary, it is unavailable while it is said installed as an application in the list of all the app.

    I checked that my old phone was the Document app and I choose this card SD in there. But phone Lenovo that I think I have a problem as the app is not properly installed or a problem.

    Please help as I use my system to use LAN and transfer files remotely.

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