Bug in LV? Confused: The property Exec.State to a closed vi?

I'm a bit confused by the Exec.State property:
Try to find out the status of a VI, I use a loop constantly running in a Spy.vi to get the FP. Open the status and the spy VI Exec.state, as shown in the example below.
Works very well.

Except during the closing of the vi spied: FP. Open indicates that the façade has been closed , but the Exec.state is always 'Run of first level' or 'Slacker' depending on the State of the VI has been closed before .

Pretty sure this is not the right answer...

Any comments?


Close a VI during its execution does not stop his execution.

Try putting a flag on the iteration of the monitored program terminal and change your Spy.vi to get the value of the iteration terminal using an invoke node and to get the value of control. (see attached image)

Close walking VI with her running and you will see the spy terminal iteration continues to increment.

The 'Bad' State indicatates a VI that may not work.

So what you see is exactly what must happen.


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