Built-in color profile is not current RGB working space... someone knows why this appears when I try to open the picture?

Built-in color profile is not current RGB working space... someone knows why this appears when I try to open the picture?

He does not appear for all the photos; However, I use two photos of the same photo shoot and it will show the error message, we won't.

It has nothing to do with the shooting or shooting is not in raw?

Or opening in the bridge?

I need someone to break the basics of what I am under the age of two years, if you please.

Greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

It will happen when your Photoshop color settings (image 1) does not match your files.  The first thing to do is to check your color settings (Edit > parameters of color or shift-command-K).  You will see that mine is set to ProPhoto RGB.  When you use RAW files, you can set the desired picture profile by clicking on the link at the bottom of the window of Camera RAW, which will bring up the workflow Options (image 2).  Here, you can see that mine is set to ProPhoto RGB, which means I'm not all conflicts.  You will have the profile matches no window, when these are different.

Most cameras have the possibility of sRGB and Adobe RGB for RAW files no, and when the RAW capture ignores this parameter allows to set in the workflow window.  I hope this helps.

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