Bulkcollect restriction

Can bulcollect be limited with line number?

Yes, there a limit clause



Thank you

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  • I have FaceTime disabled through restrictions on my daughter's phone.  However, she is still able to make and receive calls FaceTime. If it is limited, how this phenomenon is happening and is there a way to prevent it from happening in the future?

    I have FaceTime disabled through restrictions on my daughter's phone.  However, she is still able to make and receive calls FaceTime. If it is limited, how this phenomenon is happening and is there a way to prevent it from happening in the future?

    How do you know that she can always use Facetime?

    Could she learned/guessed the password restriction?

  • WHY is Apple E-Mail Alias transfer - so restrictive?

    When my wife signed to Apple she used one of our gmail accounts of his Apple ID, which is great, EXCEPT that I had used this (name) @gmail for an alias iCloud email address (name) @icloud before it is signed on.  Apple does NOT allow me to transfer this alias so my wife can use it as its primary e-mail address Apple, that would be ideal because it reflects his gmail address?

    WHY Apple is so restrictive with the transfer of an e-mail address, whether it is an e-mail alias or principle?

    In the digital world of today, where Apple has made their Apple ID and email iCloud Apple so very well integrated into the overall experience iOS - it makes it incredibly frustrating that we are unable to make a simple email address switch between my wife and me that would make life easier on the whole regarding the centralization of its emails from Apple Mail account.  (Name) she uses is the one that we used it for many years and he move on to something completely different... not a very good option leaves she have to keep using Gmail as their primary e-mail account...

    Unfortunately iCloud alias cannot be used for distribution among those family.  Inform Apple - http://www.apple.com/feedback/

  • forgot my restriction code

    Hello Mr medam I forgot my restriction code how do I reset this code

    Access code cannot be reset.

    If you have forgotten your password for the restriction, you must erase your device, and then set it up as a new device remove the restriction code. Restore your device using a backup does not remove the restriction code.

  • iOS 10.0.1 "not allowed to use the restricted network port.

    I just upgraded my iPad Mini iOS 10.0.1. He is now running Safari 10. I tried to visit an internal/private IP on port 4190 using HTTP. I get an error that says:

    Safari cannot open the page.

    The error was: "not allowed to use the restricted network port.

    On iOS 9.3 using Safari 9, the same URL opens fine without this error.

    Do not know what has changed since iOS to iOS 10.0.1, 9.3 but I'm unable to visit a web site that I have visited before.

    I know that WebKit maintains a list of ports that you cannot go (e.g. 6666), 4190 is not a restricted port AFAIK. I don't know why I get this error message.

    It seems I was looking at the wrong source code.

    I finally got a clue where to look after visiting the page Web Safari Technology Preview 13.

    https://trac.WebKit.org/browser/releases/Apple/Safari%20Technology%20Preview%201 3/WebCore/platform/URL.cpp

    It seems port got 4190 recently added to the list of blockedPortList

    2306 2049, / / NFS
    220V 3659, / / apple-sasl / PasswordServer [addition of Apple]
    2308 4045, / / lockd
    2309 4190, / / ManageSieve [Apple adding]
    2310 6000, / / X 11
    2311 6665, / / alternate IRC [addition of Apple]
    2312 6666, / / alternate IRC [addition of Apple]
    2313 6667, / / standard IRC [addition of Apple]
    2314 6668, / / alternate IRC [addition of Apple]
    2315 6669, / / alternate IRC [addition of Apple]
    2316 invalidPortNumber, / / used to block all the invalid port numbers
    2317 };
    2318 const unsigned short * const blockedPortListEnd = blockedPortList + * _ARRAY_LENGTH (blockedPortList);
  • Restrictions does not not after ISO put 10.0.1 update with the new iPhone 7

    Restrictions does not after ISO put 10.0.1 update with the new iPhone 7 any which option of ranking app I don't choose no changes are made.  All the patches?

    Thank you

    Hello Launcher,

    Thank you for bringing your question about Restrictions here in Apple Support communities. My understanding of your question is that you change the Restrictions, but no change is noticed. I tried the same on my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 10 and noticed a similar situation. Please allow me the opportunity to explain how the Restrictions is designed to work. First, I put my limitations for applications, do not allow Apps and together 4 +, which basically means everything beyond 4 + will be blocked from buying. Then I went to the App Store and the first app that caught my attention was NCIS: hidden crimes. This app is rated 12 + and is definitely an application I would not want my toddler to help. It is that Restrictions come into play. When I type on NCIS: hidden Crimes, the Get option is grayed out. Restrictions does remove all apps, songs, books, etc. from view, but it will prevent the purchase, download, and install all applications rated above the setting you choose when you set up restrictions. It's the help article that discusses the Restrictions and prevent purchases: Use Restrictions in order to avoid buying on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    I checked on the restrictions help articles, and I understand where it can be a bit confusing. In the help article Use Restrictions on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it says "You can use Restrictions, also known as parental control, to block or limit specific applications and features on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch." This means in fact that apps, features or services (rated above that helped you, or if you have turned off completely) can he no longer appears on the device if the restriction is activated and starts blocking them. I also tested this by activating Restrictions and turned the cursor for Safari to off. When I went back to the home screen, Safari doesn't show any more and I could no longer use it.

    I hope this helps to clarify how the Restrictions. If my understanding of the issue was not accurate to the issue that you are experiencing, I will be happy to pursue this issue with you. Please indicate exactly what you took measures, and what expectations you had or the some restrictions, applications, features, or services you are restricted. Thanks again and have a great rest of your day!

  • IOS restrictions 10.0.1

    I updated my iPhone 6 the last iOS 10.0.1 and now I'm locked out access to my limitations in settings > general > Restrictions. Yes, I know that my password, but when I enter my password I get the message "Failed password attempts", to try again in 1 minute, then 5 minutes and so on. I've also updated my iPad Mini 2 and get this same error. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Hello tentyn,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It is my understanding that since updating to iOS 10, your iPhone 6s and mini iPad 2 no longer accept passwords restriction. I guess it would be about, especially because you are certain it is the correct password. I'm happy to help you.

    If your password does not the device should be restored and set up like new. Restoring a backup does not remove the restriction code. The following links provide information about the restriction codes as well as how to erase your device and set it up like new.

    Restrictions of use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    How to clear your iOS device and then set up as a new device or restore from backups

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Impossible to toggle restrictions

    When I go into the settings, it says that the restrictions are turned off, but when I click on the restrictions, everything is gray and I can't activate the restrictions. For this reason, I can't use the App Store.

    < image published personal information >

    You have a profile that is installed on the iPad (it's your iPad, is not, for example, iPad a school?) that block you the activation of restrictions?

    I asked guests to remove your image because it contains your iCloud id

  • iOS 10 restrictions

    My son has updated his iPod iOS 10 yesterday and now has access to images and video search bing in iMessage.  I did all the age changes in the Restrictions, but they do not limit the bing image search in iMessage.  How can we filter\restrict web content in iMessage (and all the other apps base with access to web content)?  It also doesn't seem like iMessage can be disabled.  There are younger children with ipods and ipads and we should be able to protect them.

    You can prevent the use of Messages (and FaceTime) by connecting to the settings and then set the Restriction does NOT allow changes to accounts

    For investigations yo mean that Messages contains a link to Bing research?

    You can open a site in the search

  • Why restrictions on iPhone always reset when turned on and off?

    I hoped to keep a configuration saved for the rare times where I let my child use my phone of the restrictions.  Whenever I change the restrictions to make is respectful of the child, when I turn off the restrictions that they reset to default values and I need to activate each restriction again next time, which is very time consuming.  Is it possible to save a setting of restriction?

    Parameters of restriction within the settings app is meant to be set only once and then used on an ongoing basis. There is no way to set to save the settings of the restrictions without leave it turned on.

    An element that can adapt to your usage scenario is guided access. This can be activate within accessibility and allows the phone to be locked into a single application, with various limitations on the use of the button and the screen.

  • Hey, I lost my restriction code

    Can hey someone help me? I don't remember the restriction code. How can I do?

    If you lose or forget your password restriction, you must erase your device and then put it up as a new device to remove the restriction password. Restore the device by using a backup does not delete the access code.

  • How to disable the restrictions for deleting call logs

    Y at - he on an option to put the restriction to delete call log history journal calls or stops history in I cloud.

    Not that I know unfortunately.

  • I forgot my restriction password, let it please help me solve my problem

    I forgot my restriction password, let it please help me solve my problem

    I forgot the password restriction

  • How to activate restrictions?

    I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PASSWORD RESTRICTIONS, BECAUSE I FORGOT MY PASSWORD. And now, I use new account nọ because I forgot the pssword of my old account ID and cannot reset the password of the old e-mail account, e-mail being associated with my former company, I have worked with. AND THE COMPANY IS NOW BANKRUPT. WHAT SHOULD I DO?


    Like you've lost your restriction password, you will need to erase your iPhone and then configure as new to remove or change the restriction password.

    There is no way around this feature.

    If you have a backup of your iPhone that was made before the Restrictions were turned on, you can then restore from that backup.

    More information:

    Restrictions of use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • How to disable/restrict personal hotspot without turning off the phone's data?

    Web restrictions work well for iphones for my kids.  We use the circle of disney at home, with the circle of disney GO! product to provide a filtering not at home.  (we also use restrictions to disable Safari and don't allow apps, we know to be installed, otherwise, the app store is disabled.)  We are quite draconian parents.  But it's not important right now)

    Turning on personal hotspot on a phone with the data actually bypasses * everything *.  If kid 2 has a phone with no data, but a browser.  Child 1 to an iphone that has locked the web browser of the restrictions on, and is allowed to have data that it can play Pokémon Go, read some wiki apps, and use the iMessage.

    Child 1 turn on personal hotspot, kid2 connects sound phone (or laptop or other) through it and volia! Unfettered internet access.

    IF, however, there is a way to disable the personal hotspot, the question is carefully disappears.  Yes, you can still play Pokémon Go and iMessage is always turned on, but you can't be sneaky.  (please, no comments about how I should trust my children.  I do, but I was once a male 14yo.  full stop.)

    I could disable data completely, but I want to leave some stuff.

    Web restrictions and the browser crashes are a very good start.  And I would have thought that cell parameters (with the personal hotspot OFF) lock would prevent changes.  Nope.  Allows still flipping the switch independently.

    Am I missing something stupid obvious?  (certainly wouldn't be the first time.)



    Your cell carrier allows personal hotspot for each phone number. Ask them to turn it off for the iPhone you want to not use it.

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