Burned a file .img on 8 GB SD card, formatted the SD card, now showing only 950 MB SD card.

I burned a file .img on a 8 gb SD card, and because I didn't want the file, I formatted the SD card.

Now windows says that the SD card has a capacity of 950 Mo. What is the problem and how can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried to format your USB drive using the command line? A little more difficult operation with no GUI at all

Here are the codes so that you can give it a try.

  1. Click Start orb and type 'cmd '.
  2. When cmd opens, type diskpart
  3. After that, type listdisk
  4. Select the drive that is your key USB and Select disc (number of your USB drive)without the brackets of type
  5. type clean
  6. type create partition primary
  7. type format fs = fat 32 fast
  8. type exit

hope this will fix your problem,

Kind regards


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    How do I burn a file .img to a DVD and have it be an executable file?

    It seems that used to be possible using disk utility, but not more for some reason any.

    Hi Frank

    Not sure, what do you mean by executable video file, assume you mean play on a DVD player.

    You create an image file to DVD in iMovie, FCPX etc... This allows the correct coding and the structure files for DVD, s / BDs.

    Once you have the .img file, you can (control) click on the file and choose ' burn Image 'File name' disk drive...» »

    Be aware that you need a R/W drive mounted/Secretary for the contextual elements appear. If you have a Blu - ray image, you need a BD player. Your file must be less than 4.7 GB for single DVDs faces or ~8.2GB for the DVD DLs. to 100GBs for quad layer BDs.

    There are other 3rd party there as well.

    Hope this helps, Greg

  • How to force the Explorer search to show ONLY the files that match the search target?

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    At a command prompt "dir/s * (abc) *.» ' * ' usually works: the name of each file found will contain "(abc)".   (The only time that a search for the command line fails is when the version 8.3 of the name of the file matches the search target, but the name of the actual file does not work.)

    However, in Solution Explorer, look for "* (abc) *.» "*" returns all files with 'abc' in the name, and provides no way to filter the results so that I only see files with '(abc)' in the name of the file.

    This search bug means that you want "* (de) *.» ' * ' at the command prompt returns 72 hits, while searching with Explorer returns 7381 hits!

    Cancellation: Another inconvenience of Windows is when I work at a command prompt I get often unexpected results because the wildcard matching is done against both the full name of the file or folder and the name of 8.3.   Is there a way to force cmd.exe to restrict the wildcard matches only the complete names of the files and folders?  That is to say, is there a way to force cmd.exe to never, ever, use the 8.3 names?

    Hi Rob,

    In order to quickly provide a solution, please answer this question:

    Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    Follow the steps below to solve the problem:

    Method 1: If you have problems of location of the files, folders, or other items on your computer, try using the search and indexing of troubleshooting to solve the problem. It ensures that the Windows Search service is running and checks if you have the correct permissions to search all the directories on your computer.

    See the article below for additional information and steps.

    Open the troubleshooter for search and indexing



    Method 2: I also suggest you to re - index files, then check. Follow the article below for the procedure.

    Change advanced indexing options


    See also:

    Improve Windows searches using the index: frequently asked questions


    Hope this information helps. Pleave get back if you need help, will be happy to help you.

  • I backed up my playlists M3U files before setting up a new computer, but even if music files are there, the playlists now show only a part of the music that was originally in the playlists. How can I get my playlists to work properly?

    Sorry in advance for the description potentially lengthy below.

    I have the latest version of iTunes on a Windows 10 computer with a processor i5, 8 GB of RAM and a lot of storage capacity.

    I recently updated my computer to the above specifications and installed a new SSD as my main and kept my old C drive as a new drive E drive.

    I backed up all my iTunes playlists as .m3u files export.

    Now that I have set up my computer and installed the latest version of iTunes (I think that I initially ran 9? Or?), my playlists import OK, but the majority of the songs that were in each playlist are not displayed, even if they are there when I see everything in 'My music', and they are in my iTunes folder.

    The selections are saved correctly I would say. When I opened the files as text files to check .m3u, good song lists are all in tact and the songs that do not appear in iTunes imported playlists are there in the .m3u.

    I tried to re - import playlists, as well as the copy of my music files to my different readers (including the same drive as the .m3u links to and those that they do not). Nothing seems to work. I spent years of compiling playlists are now empty or almost empty, and I can't find a reasonable solution to fix it.

    Must the .m3u files be .xml files? Is this a bug between versions of iTunes?

    Not sure if it's relevant, but my iPod Touch still has playlists on it. I hesitate to plug them in and try to sync because I don't want them crushed.

    Any help would be great, if you please.

    I really want to rebuild my entire library of playlists of text files.

    Thank you

    "Backup" individual playlists is not necessary and probably will not work in all cases.  All selections are stored in the iTunes (iTunes Library.itl) database and all approaches successful transfer, reproduce or modify your library depends on manipulation of this file correctly.

    If you haven't changed anything on the E: drive, you have nothing more that hold down the SHIFT key at startup of iTunes, then when you see this message:

    Select the iTunes (the file iTunes Library.itl ) on your E: drive database - if you use default iTunes, this will be in E:\Users\username\Music\iTunes.

  • The tab 'fonts' & 'file' in the creative cloud window shows only a wheel of continuous rotation. Even after leaving the window open all night, he showed nothing. I went in the OOBE folder and tried to remove the button Delete the opm.db file, but it i

    I was never able to access these features in the window of creative cloud. I tried to access the OOBE folder to remove the file from opm.db to . There is no file opm.db. I followed the advice from another thread and delete the contents of the OOBE folder. This did not solve my problem. I left the window of creative cloud open for a whole day hoping that would solve the problem. He did not. Thanks for any help you can provide this issue.

    Thomasc11484006 have you tried to run the uninstall program Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application and then put it back?  Instructions and the uninstall program can be found at code error 2 or 50: Creative Cloud desktop application update doesn't have.  You can then reinstall the application using the steps listed in download and install Adobe Creative cloud appscreative cloud.  We invite you to update this discussion if you have any questions about the steps that are listed in each document.




    I would like to combine TWO records on ONE CD; IS IT POSSIBLE.  I want to put the file "SECONDARY" (B) first of ALL on the CD, followed by the "PRIMARY" (A) SECOND a record last on the CD. Is it possible to BURN two separate records on one CD. I tried to merge photos of the second file to the first folder, but don't think it's pbbl w/WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM. A solution, I THOUGHT, was so to two files photo just put on a CD. Since W7 don't click and drag the photo on a single file, which was my next best thought; Unless someone has a solution a little better burn two files on a cd; or, click and drag the photos to a folder to merge to another folder.


    Thank you


    Hi Lou,

    It's quite possible.  You have a few options.

    First of all, you should certainly be able to open the two files, side by side, then drag images from one into the other, so all the pictures are together in a single folder.  If this does not work, can you let me know what happens when you try?

    Second, if you want to put them both on one CD, you can of course (with or without combining them all first).  To do this, just to right click on a folder and choose "send to: CD player ' (your may be slightly different, that I've included a picture below).  Then do the same for the next CD.

    After this two files, click on the small popup you see by the clock.  It will guide you to burn your CD:

  • Can I burn on a cd/dvd burning several files (.fpbf)?  If Yes, how, because the application of each file to burn a blank cd/DVD?

    I created several burn (.fpbf) files that are sitting on my desktop.  I want to burn these file separated into one cd.  At present each file burn requires a blank cd.  Is there a way to turn it?

    Hey Bob79,

    Being able to burn a lot of files on a disk is a great feature of backup files and carry them.

    This article goes over how to burn items to a disc: OS X El Capitan: create and use a folder to burn

    The way it is configured in OS X El Capitan you can burn only 1 file to burn to a disc and not multiple.

    If you want to burn all the evidence of burning I suggest make a new folder to burn with all the elements that it.

    You should get the drive you want.

    See you soon

  • Discs CD - R burned with the Finder in Yosemite are unreadable by other players of CD despite the burned music files individual, .aif format. When it is burned with iTunes, all right. Any ideas?

    Discs CD - R burned with the Finder in Yosemite are unreadable by other players of CD despite the burned music files individual, .aif format. When it is burned with iTunes, all right. Any ideas?

    A CD to use in an Audio CD drive must be formatted as an Audio CD.

    Finder cannot create an audio CD, instead, it creates a data CD.

    Therefore, use iTunes to create create an Audio CD.

  • Burn to disc option does not appear when I select the file tab.  Can someone help me with what may be the problem.  I tried to burn a playlist on a disc.

    I used the Itunes on a Lenovo laptop

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  • I can not burn CD when I try to burn a file to a CD, the system does not recognize that I have a CD in D drive.

    Original title: I can not burn CD

    I can down load soft ware, playing CDs; s & DVD, but when I try to burn a file to a CD, the system does not recognize that I have a CD in D drive. How to fix this?


    1. have you tried using different CD and check?
    2. were you able to burn CDs without any problem earlier?
    3. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    The hotfix in the following article might help you.
    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

  • How to burn video files to DVD

    How can I burn video files to dvd via laptop?

    Created a video using a webcam and my laptop has a dvd / cd/cdr drive to play and burn. I do not know how to burn my video to dvd... any input please? In advance thank you!

    You will need a third party software that will convert and burn the video file. If you want to be able to watch the video at home or auto dvd players you will need a software who authors the file as well. I prefer Ashampoo Burning Studio 10. You can download and get a free trial from the link below. It is an excellent program and well worth the $15.00 you can buy it for after the expiration of the trial period. There may be some restrictions on the trial version but, I'm not there.


  • I need to know what I burned on a CD yesterday... The CD is now in the mail, and I want to double check the names of files that were included on the CD.

    I burned some files on a CD yesterday... Then I stuck the CD by mail and sent it back. I have several versions of one of the files I burned. My Question: I can see the file names of the files that I copied on the CD? I know normally it says: "You have files waiting to be burned to CD", so he must track/backup the files somewhere? Can someone tell me if I can find out what files have been included, and if so, where to find the file names?

    I use Windows XP Professional SP3 if that helps.
    Thanks in advance for any answers you have!

    Hey Anthony232,

    I don't think that information is kept, if you just burn through your windows Explorer, there is no file history recorded burn to return too.
    I hope that this answer was helpful.
  • Burned DVD shows only not files

    I used CDBURNERXP utility to burn the DVD + R DVD and data disk for music files in 4 sessions. Whenever I did the next session, the latest files from session disappeared. In last 4th session I finalized the disc. Now no data files are read by explorere or player or media player and visible. But the DVD shows 4.11 GB of data. What has gone wrong? My method is faulty? How the data can be seen and used


    The following thread might be useful: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-files/unable-to-see-files-on-a-burnt-dvd-r-even-though/8eddb656-87b6-4cff-be0c-065ec6410d83

    Microsoft provides no assurance or warranty, implied or otherwise and is not responsible for the download you receive from the sites of third parties or support related to the download or the downloaded technology. If you need assistance dealing with third party technology, please contact directly the manufacturer.

    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

  • Error: "Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you try to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the element can point to a file that has been moved, renamed or deleted'

    Original title: laptop won't read the music files stored on external hard drive

    I have an old Compaq laptop Windows XP, so it was out of memory I transferred everything on a Portable Seagate (500 GB) hard drive and started to access it. It's worked well for over a year, but lately, began to stop playing my music files. Absolutely everything on the hard drive opens, however, images, files and folders, but when I go into Windows Media Player, it pops up with this error message:

    Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you try to read, burn or sync an item that is in your library, the element can point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted.
    I have not modified parameters or anything that moved. I used to be just able to restart the laptop, or disconnect and reconnect the hard drive and it works again, but now it or not will be not at all, or it will cut off half way through a song and then not to play anything more.
    I can't find any support for this problem because the phone reads that the hard drive is there, and everything else works. Only the music doesn't. I tried to play music on a connected USB and it works fine. I'm so confused!
    Hi lkm0293,
  • Error: "Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or synchronize, an item that is in your library, the element can point to a file that has been moved, renamed or deleted'

    Original title: I'm trying to burn a CD and a message keeps coming up saying that Windows Media Player cannot find the file.

    I have Windows XP. I am trying to burn a CD and a message keeps coming up saying: "Windows Media Player cannot find the file.  If you are trying to play, burn, or synchronize, an elements that is in your library, the element can point to a file that has been moved, renaed, or deleted.  I clicked on opations, checked all the network boxes and everything that has been proposed. "My error code is C00D001A.  System cannot find the file specified should I upgrade or find another version of the Windows Media or what.  It's very annoying.  Thanks in advance.

    Hi reginawilson,
    Here are some articles that you might find useful:

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