Burning an iso file in Windows 7

I'm trying to burn an iso file with my 6 month old Windows 7 HP Office.  I googled how to make and I shoule be able to right click on the file and in the menu that appears have the ability to burn to disc.  But for some reason any my copy of Windows 7 doesn't have this option.  Why is this?  Also, I read on the site Web of Micorsofts that I should be able to double-click the iso file and it asks where I want to burn to a disc.  But instead he said: he can't open the file.  What is the problem with my Windows 7?  Or am I missing something?

Jim Allen


My Windows 7 shows that when a right click an ISO file:

Now please, try:

Right click an ISO file.

Select "properties."

Select 'change '.

Select "Windows Image Burner Dics;

If it is not in the list, click Browse and select C:\Windows\System32\isoburn.exe.

Press 'OK '.

I hope this helps.

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    I like ImgBurn.

  • Iso file of windows xp can directly be installed USB on a formatted hard drive?

    Iso file of windows xp can directly be installed USB on a formatted hard drive?

    Not directly.

    There is a SMALL chance that if your hardware supports it (unfortunately never say you anything on your PC or BIOS), you can boot from a USB stick or an optical drive and install Windows XP like this.
    But it is unlikely.
    In addition, tell us what you mean by 'windows xp iso file. This is very vague, and we do not know what you are talking about.
    Finally, if you want to ask questions here, really read the answers and recognize them in some way. Here is a link to your other thread:
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    This should help you.

    How to create an Installation USB Flash Drive with an ISO file:


    See you soon.

  • I'm trying to burn a (iso file), but keep a "transcoding error".  I downloand and install the latest updates.  Can anyone help?

    I'm trying to burn a (iso file), but keep a "transcoding error".  I downloand and install the latest updates.  Can anyone help?

    Hi Slim,

    First of all thank you very much for your help.

    I now sort the problem using the AVCHD tab.  I can't that assume that because the original video is of high quality in the program would not burn an iso file to DVD to address normal.  I also had to change the setting from 'Type' to "ISO Image (8.5 GB)" because it would not 4.7 GB.

    Kind regards


  • How can I mount an ISO file in Windows 7?

    Do I have to install a third-party to mount the .iso file or is software Windows 7 has a feature for this?

    Thank you

    You need ISO to burn the ISO to the disk of the order of the burning software

    There are a lot of those that are free if you do not have these

  • Download iso file of windows 7 does not give me the iso file. Help, please!

    so I bought windows 7 Home premium on discount for students. I received a confirmation email telling me to download either an EXE or ISO file. I decided to download iso, however, after I finished downloading and extracting the zip file, I got a folder (name X 15 65733) and inside does not contain an Iso file. Instead, it has a bunch of folders and files, one of them is called setup.exe. I click on the file setup.exe, which explain that the setup.exe is not a valid win32 application.

    so I can not upgrade my windows xp to windows 7 right now, let alone burn it to a dvd. can someone please? Thank you!

    The X 15 65733 file is the file .iso Windows 7 Home Premium image. You have to burn to a dvd as a bootable disk to install Windows 7.

  • How can I create an iso file for windows 8.1 in Acer E5-511-p25j

    Please help me to create an iso file for the windows 8.1 oem pre installed on my laptop for future reference, Yourhelp will be appreciated.


    the Windows logo key + s


    Acer erecovery

    Click the Acer erecovery

    follow the instructions on the screen to create a recovery media

  • How to read an .iso file in Windows Vista?

    I downloaded an .iso extension online game and I am not being able to play. Help, please

    The free VLC Media Player can read a. ISO file.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    VLC Media Player
    (works on XP/Vista/7)

    Open VLC and go to... Media / open file / browse to
    the. Double and left click the ISO file.

    Or you can use the following freeware to burn
    one. ISO on a DVD file...

    FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Download ImgBurn:
    (The download is: SetupImgBurn_2.5.5.0.exe)

    (During the installation there will be an option to install
    Shortcuts of UniBlue and the "Ask Toolbar"... you can
    you want to deselect those)

    The following tutorials may be worth a visit:

    How to write an image file to a disc with ImgBurn

    How to create an image file of a disc with ImgBurn

  • Cannot download the English version of the iso file of windows 7...

    I have a legal product key... Attempt to download iso file but only a language in the drop-down list is Korean... I need the English version

    How to: What are my options for Windows 7 reinstall media?

    Make sure you scroll down and read the section:

    What to do if you cannot get your manufacturer recovery media, refuse to use or to buy it or the Microsoft Software Recovery Website does not work?

    Its a question that has been noted but Microsoft did nothing on the language options so far.

  • Where can I get the iso file of windows 8?

    I bought a cd of Windows 8, I have the product key, but I don't have the cd anymore. I tried to use the installer of windows 8 on the website, but it keeps saying that he could not tell if my pc is ready to install windows 8. where can I get the iso file?

    Who does not work even when the online version and commercial version are somewhat different and your retail key are except in the download web site. You will need to either borrow a DVD of 8 Windows or contact Microsoft support and get a replacement.  Hope this helps and if you need another post to help and we will be happy to help you.

    The above opinion is mine and mine nothing and does not necessarily reflect that of Microsoft, it's employees, or any other Member of this forum.

    "When we try to take anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." -John Muir

  • Cannot read the CD in the CD/DVD drive after having burned the audio files in Windows Media Player

    I burned an audio cd with windows media player, it works on my computer but not on a cd player (I tried several players). Any ideas what I could do wrong?

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    Please check the format to which the disk was burned. If the drive is made to a data disc format, several readers of cd or dvd will not be able to read its contents. In order for a disc in a cd player, it must be created in a format supporting by the player, which varies according to different manufacturers.

    Please see the following link

    Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player


  • Need iso file of windows 7 to my dell laptop


    I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 17R N7110. NOTE to ADMIN- Express service code: kidnapped by the Express service code privacy policy >. HARD drive broke down and I want to restore the operating system on another drive. Please tell me how to get the ISO standard.

    Thank you!

    You can not download a Windows 7 OEM .iso that Microsoft has removed the links for download in February. However, you can download a Windows 10 TH2 .iso and clean install Windows 10 using your Windows 7 OEM product key. See here for more details:


  • Where to find the iso file of windows 8 for OEM?

    I recently brought HP e001AX that came with 8 windows pre installed with key integrated in the bios but for some reason I erase my hard drive and windows got lost so now I tried to install windows 8 the wizard upgrade for windows 8 with the oem key, but the key gets rejected by saying that u can not use oem keys for the retail version of windows that should I do when I get the iso to work with my keys?

    I tried other forums as they say that the MSDN windows version 8 accepts the key OEM is true ths?

    A copy of the retail of Windows 8 (MSDN) will not activate on your CV, as retail versions are not recognized by the key embedded in the firmware of your machine. Your best option is to use the official manufacturers recovery media:




  • How I would get the iso file of windows vista

    I want to up grade to windows vista


    Microsoft sells more Vista amd that Vista has not come for free.

    They now sell Windows 7 and soon will offer Windows 8 for sale.

    You can try for copies, or eBay computer repair shops, etc.

    But with online sales, be very careful to buy a pirated copy.

    See you soon.

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