Burning HD-DVD DVD - R General version 2

In stores, I found only the DVD - R General version 2.1 16 X SPEED and not 2.0 8 X SPEED?
Is it possible to burn at high speed with the firmware...?



Your question is incomplete and I m a bit confused.
The DVD-R for general (Version 2.1/16 X-SPEED) is compatible with all common DVD - R burner and mulit recorder.

Different HD - DVD players also supports various CD and DVD and the CD/DVD can be burned with speed supported.
Mainly a burning (Nero for example) applications choose the speed and tires to get performance better combustion.

Readers portable don t support all kinds of CD or DVD. You can see the laptop user manual.
There is a whole list, the CD and the DVD is compatible.

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  • I tried to burn a DVD or a Blu - ray on Final Cut Pro 10.2.2

    I tried to burn a DVD on Final Cut Pro 10.2.2 but I find that it always stop the process of engraving in different times. I try a different project on different Macs, some works of time but most of the time stops processing in order to burn! any suggestion?

    Sometimes to replace the image of the menu with a version resized, smaller (height 480) solves this problem.


  • How can I burn a DVD than iMovie?

    It's me I'm 82, or is it my new iMac? I did a wedding clips iMovie and cannot burn it to a DVD to share with my daughter.

    Your new Mac will not have the necessary application: iDVD.

    Why are there no iDVD on my new Mac? How do I get it, and how do I install it?


    To burn a DVD with the latest version of iMovie's iDVD, you must export the movie using the export button and select 480 p as the size. Open iDVD and start a new project, and then drag this file in the sequence exported to iDVD menu window, avoiding the drop areas that see you.

    If you are using El Capitan see this thread:


  • Is it possible to burn a DVD-DL with my Satellite M30X?

    First forgive me my English because I am from the Spain and I'm not perfect in English...
    I M 30 X a I was looking for a way to burn double layer dvd (DVD9) with it without finding anything. The problem is that when I try to write one with NERO (it crashes with any burning software and I use the latest versions) it stops and says that there is an internal error target in the DVD recorder (the CARPET * a uj 831 s). And it's the only type of dvd itdoes not write because it works perfectly with the dvd - r and dvd + r
    I don't know what to do because I searched a lot and nobody has succeeded to ive me a valid solution. I have also written to support post located on this page, one they have not responded me yet.
    Can someone tell me how to burn DVD DL in this computer? Because it is not normal to buy a computer which is told which allows to burn dl DVDs and once you have it you notice it'simpossible for this.

    Please answer me!

    Thank you!!!


    Are you sure that this player supports double layer DVD?
    As far as I know this device was shipped with a super multi drive (single layer) and
    It supports CD-ROM, CD - R, CD - RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD - RW, DVD + R, DVD + RW, DVD-RAM.

    In this case, I propose to consult the user manual. You will find the CD/DVD media supported

    Good bye

  • Equium A60: Does not burn the DVD?

    Hi all

    Ive had my phone for almost a year now and for some reason any dvd drive does not burn the DVD, it burns cd perfectly but when it comes to bruning DVD it says that nothing is in the drive...

    Ive tried Philips DVD + RW and DVD + R Sony but still no luck, I know that for some DVDs, you must first delete it, but the drive is not even delete them... On the drive, his engraver of DVD multi and the rewritable clearly marked... so am confused at why his does not work... Ive also tried to use Nero to burn DVDs but no luck

    Any help appreciated thanks



    What s on DVD-R and DVD - RW?
    I also suggest trying different brands of DVD.
    Generally, you will find a list of DVDs and CDs, tested and compatible media in the user manual. Check it out.

  • Satellite Pro L450 - 13G - able to burn a DVD?

    It is clearly said DVD + rewritable outside the disc tray and CD + RW, but put an end to any attempt to burn a DVD in any burner "found." A burner is one of the main reasons I chose this model.
    Nobody really knows if he is supposed to be an engraver of DVD in the L450 - 13g?

    The MS software is there. I checked Device Manager and all I get is CDDVDW TS L633C which is not useful.

    Otherwise, it should not be printed on the Board.

    Hey Buddy,

    Exactly, what program you use for burning discs?

    As wrote Akuma that it could be linked to the high - and lowerfilters that you should remove in the Windows registry. Therefore, follow the instructions on the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

    If it doesn t work you can test another burning like CD Burner XP program. It s freeware tool compatible with all versions of Windows.

  • Burn a DVD with "disk utility".

    Before El Capitan (10.11.2), I was able to burn a DVD using "disk utility".  Here are the instructions that I used.  Disk utility has now a new version Version 15.0 (1511.3) and the statement no longer work.  Can anyone update these instructions?

    Copy DVD

    Follow these instructions to make a copy of your DVD unprotected:

    Insert your DVD into your Mac. Most Macs will automatically launch the DVD player. Once he starts, he gave up. You should see your DVD drive mounted on your desktop.

    Open disk utility (Applications > utilities). Select the DVD drive in the list on the left. You will notice that there are two DVD icons - select the one slightly indented (this is the DVD itself, while the first is the drive).

    Click on "New Image" in the main window of disk utility.

    Choose a name and a destination in the window "Save as...". ». Don't forget that your destination should have enough space to copy the whole DVD, which can be more than four concerts.

    In the window "Save as...". ', to ensure that the selection 'Format of Image' is set to ' CD/DVD Master' and the selection of "Encryption" is set to 'none '. Click Save.

    After you have copied the DVD in your destination drive, return to disk utility. Your new disk Image will appear in the list on the left side of the disk utility window. The original disc of DVD on your Mac.

    Insert a DVD disc that is accessible by writing in your Mac. Select your disk Image created in the list on the left side of the disk utility window. Click on "Burn" in the main window of disk utility. Choose your burn speed and if you want to check the data burned.

    You will receive confirmation once you the DVD are engraved with success and you are all set with a new copy of your DVD drive. Just save your new disk Image and you can make a copy whenever you may need.

    That is right. Apple has removed this feature FROM.

    You can do it from the Finder


  • How can I burn a DVD using the latest iMovie?

    I'm used to be able to export my iMovie as files DV videos.  I want to retain the original quality without compression.   This is no longer the case with the new iMovie app.  The only choice now is to 'Share' and the same year, when sharing, I always get a message of failure on the part.  I watched the video recorded in my iMovie file and saw that it was only the edited video.  Everything stops, I added was not in the video, but they were in the folder as separate items.  I used to be able to just drop the video filled in iDVD and let this app the rest.  What is the best method to use?  My iDVD crashes now.  Y at - it an application to burn DVDs either free or at a reasonable price?  It's urgent!  I have a project planned for delivery in a few days!

    To burn a DVD with the latest version of iMovie's iDVD, you must export the movie using the export button and select 480 p as the size. Open iDVD and start a new project, and then drag this file in the sequence exported to iDVD menu window, avoiding the drop areas that see you.

    If you are using El Capitan see this thread:


  • I use IMOVIE. I had to project with mini videos. I can't burn a DVD. I have DVD creator, I can't find the project. How can I do?

    I use IMOVIE. I had to project with mini videos. I can't burn a DVD. I have DVD creator during its use, I can't find the project. How can I do? I made in IMOVIE I force see where and how I can save the project

    I have an IMAC

    Hey fradel,.

    Looks like you need to export your movie, so you can burn it to a DVD using the DVD Creator Application.  Back on how to do it.

    Now I'm not sure what version of iMovie you use, but take a look at the links below for the steps to export the videos to your computer. Then you should be able to see those newly created files on your DVD Creator application.

    This first link is for the latest version of iMovie and the following link is for the previous. If you have a different version of let me know.

    iMovie (2013): export a QuickTime file

    iMovie 11: export your videos in a folder from the Finder

    Take care

  • Ability to burn a DVD with factory WIN7 Pro 64 from a USB?

    Recently bought a Compaq Elite 8200 SFF, after a few hours of use that I urged to create a WIN7 DVD factory as soon as possible. Had only DVD - RW empty records at the time (not good to burn the file WIN7), so I chose the alternative of the installfile from the factory on a USB and burn the DVD from the USB key later. My 8 GB key was little short KB of space, so I used a key to 32 GB... However, this does not work, the file WIN7 does not appear on the USB key (even if I enable hidden files). Maybe something was wrong, during the copy process because I can not boot from USB with the factory alleged WIN7 version, however, check the USB shows that about 8 GB of space (corresponding roughly to the drive WIN7 factory) is "occupied" by something. I´d like to use the 32 GB key for other purposes. However, the files on the USB factory settings are corrupt, or it is not possible to make a DVD (license problems?) once the default WIN7 was copied on the USB key? Any ideas?


    Unless your specific PC came with a bunch of software such as MS Office 2010 that you paid for a license and other software, all you really need is to be able to reinstall windows 7 on a new hard drive or your existing, correct?

    All drivers and most of the software except for CD and DVD burning programs are on the support page and driver Elite SFF 8200.

    So, all this...

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.


    You can then get a portable hard drive and after installing all of your programs and drivers, etc., you can use the windows backup tool 7 and create a system image that you store on your portable hard drive. You can update this image any time you want and if you need to reinstall the operating system for a reason, you plug your storage device USB with the backup to this topic image, you use the W7 DVD do you, boot from it, select Repair in the lower left corner of the Setup screen , select restore backup, that it points to your image on the device of portable storage and you go.

    Worst case scenario, is that you will always have your installation of W7 plain DVD you did, which will install on any size of HARD, including an SSD drive.

    You can test that the DVD you made work by starting her and just do not proceed with the installation.

    BTW, you can install up to 32 GB of memory in your PC.


  • After burning a DVD, I know sound during playback on a DVD player.

    I had a good sound when I preview my video selection before you burn it to a blank DVD. After that I burned to a disc, I got the big picture

    during a return to the TV, via, my DVD player. But when I read, I had no sound. Please help if you can!

    Hi FrankPuglisi,

    1. What is the format of the files that you burn on DVD?
    2. What is the version of Windows installed on the computer?
    3. What program did you use to burn the DVD?

    It is possible that the files on DVD are not supported by the DVD player.

    Test the DVD on another computer and check if the problem persists.

  • When I burn a dvd it plays fine on my computer, but when I put it in my Player DVD is says unknown dvd

    If anyone has any suggestions please respond


    You should ask in answers - Forum Windows for your version of Windows.

    Answers - Windows Forums


    You use the mastered Format.

    Should which CD or DVD format I use?


    Other information to help:

    Burning a CD

    Disc burning: frequently asked questions

    Format a CD or DVD

    Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Explorer

    Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player

    Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player: frequently asked questions

    Change settings for burning a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player

    Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Center

    Burn a DVD-video using Windows DVD Maker disc

    How to burn DVDs with Windows DVD Maker

    Close or finalize a CD or DVD


    Excellent Forum for help with programs and CD/DVD problems

    I hope this helps.

  • When you use Windows Movie Maker, I can only burn a CD when I want to burn a DVD, why I can't burn a DVD Slideshow?

    I have pictures saved on my hard drive and I want to burn a DVD, but Microsoft Movie Maker will only burn to a CD.  How can I burn to a DVD?  I was told that it is possible.

    The only version of Windows XP that has a DVD option in Movie Maker
    is the "Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005"...

    If you want to burn a video DVD that will play in a free-standing DVD
    Drive on an XP system, you need DVD Authoring software.

    There are many choices in retail, but to get started the following freeware
    may be worth a try:

    (FWIW) It's always a good idea to create a system
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    DVD Flick
    (the download is: "dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.7.exe")

    Save the file to your desktop or a folder on your
    hard drive and install from there.

    Be sure to read the Guide:


    Tutorial DVD Flick

    Burn any Format video DVD PC

    AVI to DVD with DVD Flick Guide

    To create a video DVD base that should play in a free
    permanent drive DVD... try the following...

    First... read the DVD Flick Guide to familiarize
    with the program.

    Open DVD Flick and insert a blank DVD in your drive.

    If the window of Autorun from your computer... just close it.

    Click the project settings button and check... Video /.
    Target format... residents United States... Choose... NTSC /.

    The title button left click Add and navigate to your
    Video clips and select the ones you want on the DVD.

    You can have by selecting one and then use
    the up and down buttons.

    Left click on the button create DVD / OK / Yes / Yes.

    Please wait while the DVD is created.

    When the text "Completed successfully" is displayed you
    DVD Flick can close. Now you can eject your DVD
    and play in your DVD player.

    At some point you might want to buy more
    Advanced Cyberlink, Nero, Roxio, software
    Ulead, etc... but at least it is a start.

    If you decide to go on the road to detail... This article may
    be useful: he compares 15 of the most popular applications.

    Best video 2011, magazine publishing and software comparisons

    Good luck.

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