Button works only with firefox version 41.0.1 back

I'm running my gwt application using wild-fly. When I run the app on Firefox latest version, the back button does not work. It was working fine on all earlier versions. It still works very well on all other browsers.

Is there an add-on that I need to install separately? Is there a setting that can make my application compatible with the current version?

Apparently Google updates GWT address something related to the preference of dom.url.getters_decode_hash : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32840678/gwt-in-firefox41-repetitively-encodes-token-in-url

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    Hakalo, here is another suggestion, and it's what I have on my computer. First of all, I went to the download page of Firefox and downloaded Firefox version 3.6.17 on my desk. Then I went into Control Panel (cp) (start, Control Panel, add remove programs) and deleted firefox to my computer [uter. I have then closed cp and went on the desktop and installed 3.6.17 immediately all the problems of ff, I had, went.

    In fact when you download a program my computer put on the desktop because it's where I want it to be, your situation might be different. You can check this in tools, options, general.l;


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    Hello, I found the source of my problem. This is the IBM Security Trusteer report software. It has an option to block the screen capture. This must have turned on when I upgraded to Windows 10. I have this turned off and the Snipping Tool now works with Firefox.

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  • Adobe Flash Player works only with firefox

    I downloaded the latest adobe flash player plugin, but it does not work with Firefox. It works on Internet Explorer.

    All of these problems come from the fact that Vista and Windows 7 64-bit operating systems. Internet Explorer is also 64-bit but Firefox is unfortunately not 64-bit compatible and cannot use 32-bit plug-ins.

    When upgrading Flash, it will look at your system and select the 64 bit version.  This says it contains a 32 bit version as well, but this does not seem to work on version 11x64_mssa_aih.  It will work fine on all programs except firefox.
    To make sure you have a working version on Firefox you will need to search the Flash support site for 11x32_mssa_aih which is the 32 bit upgrade package.
     Until Flash fixes their version 11 package, or Firefox supports 64 bit plug-ins, you will need to run both a 32 bit and a 64 bit Flash player.
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    Hey, I installed Norton Internet Security 2012 on my computer and the norton toolbar will no longer work I have all my connections in there and do not have backups of them. He says they are incompatible with Firefox 13.1. I also installed an update of firefox to 13.1 on my other computer running Norton Internet Security 2011 and now this toolbar is not compatible also. So if you could help me please thank you!

    Just need to run Live Update again in Norton and it fixed it! Thanks anyway!

  • Flash Player 11.3.300.262 works only with Firefox. I think I found the problem.

    * Flash Player 11.3.300.262 does not work with Firefox. I think I found the problem.*

    Millions of people got off work & turned on there computers recently to discover that Firefox isn't playing videos or flash content. Like me, millions of people are randomly searching the Internet in an attempt futile and frustrating response. Unfortunately, many of these people will simply stop using firefox & consider a browser glitch, unreliable.

    This happened to me a few days ago. I started my computer and got a pop-up from Adobe saying that I need to update my flash 11.3.300.262 drive. I always thought that Adobe as being a reliable software company, so I clicked on it with confidence that things will take care even more fluid. To my horror, I have relalized that just after the update, my main browser, firefox has been destroyed. Then I went on the frustrating process of uninstalling, reinstalling, running virus scan, search the Internet like a lost child. I thought, "this is why I hate the update of things, because the updates always seem to change things you don't want to change, and there always seems to be a problem with updates." I generally update software month after release, because microsoft & all other software vendors always seem to not test it stuff properly before releasing. We must look a glitchy computer until the next update fixes it. Well, that is my rant. Now, let me discuss the problem I found.


    What I did, go to my menu firefox extensions, I disabled the 11.3.300.262 & I have reactivated the previous flash player. After that, everything worked perfectly again. Then one today (a week later), I turned on my computer and my firefox wasn't playing videos or flash content again. I went into my menu parts of firefox again, and I discovered that my old flash drive has been removed & this 11.3.300.262 new glitch had been activated. Why adobe feel the need of in my computer & automatically delete and update my flash drive. Now, it does not work. It IS REALLY FRUSTRATING!

    The question that I discovered:

    "RealPlayer" is the most popular video show & it's installed on millions of computers. For some strange reason Firefox doesn't want its users to use Real Player. Specifically the RealPlayer Record Plugin 15.0.2. I also discovered that my Plugin 15.0.2 Record of the browser has been disabled automatically when the Adobe 11.3.300.262 is automatically updated too.

    -Maybe this could be because of some conspiracy of copyright law to stop people from downloading videos from the web.

    -Maybe firefox wants people to use it download add-on instead of RealPlayer downloader.

    I don't know what ther reason. But what I know is no one will remove it RealPlayer to computer there is just to use FireFox. We can just use Chrome or Internet explorer. I took advice of people with disabilities the Extention of RealPlayer, FireFox and Adobe. I also went in my RealPlayer preferences options, but there is no option to disable the download of FireFox for registration. BECAUSE I have ALREADY DISABLED THE add-on menu FireFoxes.


    Step 1: Adobe needs to update all computers with the previous flash player. In this way we can choose to activate the previous flash player in our FireFox. or wait for a new update fixes the problem with firefox.

    Step 2: Adobe & FireFox need to get together and go back to the drawing board. They need create an update that actually works on computers with of Real Player installed on them. I don't like that the company made the update. All I care about is if it works. Thank you.

    Oh yes, Im market FireFox 13.0.1, Windows 7, computer HP, Real Player is up-to-date.

    FirefoxAdobeNotWorking wrote:

    We all that business leaders like every penny of profit and there ready to layoff anyone to keep this benefit. Suffice to say.

    Mozilla is a not-for-profit organization, and Adobe will not loose anything if you switch to chrome or IE.

  • GoDaddy cpanel works only with firefox 41.0.2

    Recently, I was unable to reach my Godaddy cpanel using Firefox 41.0.2. I can connect to Godaddy, but when I try to go the cpanel, it stops working. I tried on the chrome and the edge and there is no problem, so there is an incompatibility between Firefox and Godaddy. Anyone have any ideas?

    Do you have an error message (page) or simply blank the page?

    You can view the journal du Net and network log in the Web Console (Firefox/tools > Web Developer) to see if the content does not load, or is perhaps blocked (the file size is zero).

    Use Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R to reload the page and bypass the cache to generate a new connection.

    You can try the following steps in case of problems with web pages:

    You can reload webpages and ignore the cache to refresh potentially stale or corrupt.

    • Hold down the SHIFT key and click the Reload button
    • Press 'Ctrl + F5' or 'Ctrl + Shift + R' (Windows, Linux)
    • Press 'Command + shift + R' (Mac)

    Clear the cache and delete cookies only from Web sites that cause problems.

    "Clear the Cache":

    • Firefox/tools > Options > advanced > network > content caching Web: 'clear now '.

    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Firefox/tools > Options > privacy > "Use the custom settings for history" > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox, Tools/menu key > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox, Tools/menu key > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
  • Banking SM@RT-Tan works only with firefox; with ok IE; How can I fix it?

    Work with PC XP system; Bank chip-tan with the window code dancing worked perfectly until about 3 weeks; Since then, the code window does not display the bars, or flicker. Similarly, for radio stations streaming no longer works. The two funktions are ok with MS Internet Explorer. Would like to make banking services and streaming as before with standard set firefox browser.

    Please update your Firefox latest version of Firefox 26 and give a try.

    If its does not work, try in safe mode

    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode, which disables most of the modules.

    (If you use it, switch to the default theme).

    • Under Windows, you can open Firefox 4.0 + in Safe Mode holding the key SHIFT key when you open the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
    • On Mac, you can open Firefox 4.0 + in Safe Mode holding the key option key when starting Firefox.
    • Under Linux, you can open Firefox 4.0 + with leaving Firefox then go to your Terminal and running Safe Mode: firefox-safe-mode (you may need to specify the installation path of Firefox for example/usr/lib/firefox)
    • Or open the Help menu and click on the restart with the disabled... modules menu item while Firefox is running.

    Once you get the pop-up, simply select "" boot mode safe. "

    If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to understand that one. To do this, please follow article Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems .

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before you open Firefox for normal use again.

    When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. It might help others who have the same problem.

    Thank you.

  • Internet Download Manager works only with firefox

    Identical to the header, last updated will not IDM work. Had to go back to an older version of firefox for IDM would work.

    1. team Mozilla updates FireFox browser every six weeks, that's why our team also updates IDM integration into FireFox so every six weeks. Team Mozilla updates FireFox browser every six weeks, that's why our team also updates IDM integration into FireFox so every six weeks. Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of IDM.

    2. Please check that the integration in FireFox is enabled in IDM "Options-> general" dialog box

  • Adobe Flash 10.3 works only with Firefox 17.0.1

    I need to use Adobe Flash 10.3 for some reason, and it was working fine until today, when my Firefox itself upgrade 17.0.1. Now, every time I visit a web site with Flash (YouTube and others) the area where the video is meant to be is blank. Any ideas?

    Permit to solve my problem. Is go to the Add-ons section and found that there were two of them for Flash, 10.x and 11.x. I disabled 11.x and things started working again.

  • Mouse buttons works only with Windows 7

    Just returned from holiday, everything worked before but I try logging on to windows, and when you are prompted to select the profile that I cannot, after a while I finally get in but can not select anything on the desktop either. After a while, I start to use my keyboard so I not found this isn't my PC that freezes or whatever it is that it works fine, I can change on my mouse to another and get the same thing. Basically, the cursor works, but when I click on open areas/icons or just click on the buttons with that I get no response, even right click, I had a few moments for a few minutes where he worked, but have really no idea of why it works and why it doesn't.

    What works changes whenever I restart apparently.  Once I have restart and the left and right click of mouse buttons were functional full on taskbar, but nothing else, right now they do not work on the bar of tasks/all programs but you can click on anything on the desktop and open

    Both have been wired mouses, I mainly use the G5 wired mouse, point updated all drivers and still have the same result

    Hi MJKR,

    Try these steps and check the result.
    Step 1: Check in safe mode
    a. see start your computer in safe mode
    b. connection to the problem user account and check if the problem persists.

    Step 2: If the problem does not persist in safe mode, then try to clean boot
    a. open the article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135
    b. Article, follow "step 1: perform a clean boot" the implementation of these measures will disable all programs not Microsoft currently running on the computer.
    c. check to see if the problem persists.
    d. If the problem does not persist in the boot, it means that some programs non-Microsoft is the source of the problem.
    e. to find the program that is causing the problem, try "step 2: enable half the services" to "step 6: resolve the problem.
    f. Once you find the culprit, check if there is any updates to update or fixes to the program. If you find, install them and check the difference or reinstall the latest program.
    g. Article, follow "step 7: reset the computer to start as usual.

    Step 3: If the problem persists, restore the computer to an earlier time
    a. Click Start, type system restore in the search box and then in the list click on the system restore program.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type your password or click on continue.
    b. in the System Restore dialog box, click on choose a different restore point and then click Next.
    c. in the list of restore points, click a restore point created before you started having the problem, and then click Next.
    d. click Finish.
    e. restart the computer and check if the problem persists.

    See What is system restore?

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Click right button works only with Windows 7

    My right click button does not work with Windows 7. I had problems with the new cases, but with the help of your part which has been resolved.

    I fixed it!

    When I went to the control panel and the mouse, instead of searching the Internet for the latest update, which it said I already had, I went to my own PC and downloaded the driver and it works now.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Dell XPS One A2010 CD eject button works only with Windows 7

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and everything seems to work fine, except the CD eject button does not work, can eject CD with Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the CD drive and select eject.

    Down loaded and installed the R168233 - Intel DELL0100 proximity sensor Driver (ACPI) driver.  Failed to install (even after the course properties of the driver compatibility Vista file and selecting run as administrator).  Interestingly, Device Manager reports that the ACPI peripheral system Dell0100 utility works properly...

    Chatted with Dell Technical Support and they said to try to install the driver of Quickset M2010 page.  Installation message: "this is not a supported system."

    At this point, I guess that there is not a driver to get the manual eject button to work with Windows 7.  Are there the same system and OS with the functioning of the eject button?

    I had the same problem for years and by trial and error solved via update drivers, it was either the driver 'Intel DELL0100 proximity sensor Driver (ACPI)' proximity in the pilot game System Utilities or the "Cypress Semiconductor media touch button panel" in the set of Chipset drivers.

    Search drivers for model 2010 in Dell support section (or enter your service Tag #)

    After I updated those drivers, touchpad for media/volume started to work fine in Win7

  • Adobe Flash 11.4.402.265 works only with Firefox Windows 7-64 bit

    I can't watch the video from nfl.com, playing a few Youtube videos, some show just a black screen. When I try right-click and disable hardware exceleration does not appear the box, it says "copy url" etc. Version 11.4.402.265 seems to work fine in IE, but Firefox 14, it did not work. I even tried the beta verision of 15. It still does not.

    What can I do to get this working? I use Firefox all the time for everything and I don't want to spend.

    I am a computer engineer and I've been on the internet for hours trying to fix this problem. Any help? I have attached a

    screenshot of what I installed. Help, please.Adobe_controle panel.JPG

    Sorry for the late reply!  You seem to have all that is necessary to run Flash Player on Firefox.

    I also have trouble understanding why you are facing this problem.  However, I have more than one idea: you can try if the 64-bit version of Firefox, Waterfox, works better?  I've been using Waterfox since it was released, and I have never opened Firefox again since.

  • Help button works only on firefox. How to fix?

    Help button does not.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe

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  • Bug: Missing TAB in standalone application

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