Buy wall charger for motorcycle G

I have Moto G Google Play edition and I want to buy wall charger for this... please me gave a link for good charger of Motorola

Thank you


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  • Wall charger for Clip Zip

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a wall charger for a Clip Zip?

    Do not buy cheap generic Chargers if, especially since real Motorola, Blackberry or Nokia chargers can be purchased on Amazon for less $5. A generic charger may damage your player. Many people already have a charger with a usb microphone supplied with their cell phone tip. That would be fine also to load the Zip Clip. Just to be sure, check that it is said on the 5 volt charger. Almost all mobile phone chargers are 450ma or higher.

  • Wall charger for Sansa Fuze?

    Hello, I hope you do well.

    I'm trying to help my father to buy a wall charger for its Sansa Fuze (I gave it to him as a birthday gift, but he doesn't have a computer and needs a wall charger). What type of wall chargers should I watch? I believe that it will take a standard USB charger or a standard mini-USB charger, but I would like to know which of the two. This one or this one , or this one works?

    Thank you


    It's easy!  Nice find, incidentally.  The first link you provided is a clone of the charger folding-plug Motorola phone, with a standard USB plug which must be plugged into the cable of SanDisk Fuze.

    This is the type of desired wee beastie.  Basically, if it has a standard USB plug, it is hard to go wrong, with one exception: If the "rocket" shows "connected" while it is plugged into the wall charger, there is a link with the data pins in the charger (some readers MP3 need this, but the Sansa doesn't).

    The other two Chargers shown have what looks like a mini-B, usable for Sansa Clip USB connector.

    In addition, avoid Chargers with the connector 30 spare pins which do not expressly assert that this is a cable compatible SanDisk Sansa, there are has many iPod Chargers offering a Connector 30 end pins which resembles that of SanDisk, but they're going to FRY the Sansa.  IPod connections are distinguished by the Sansa ones.


  • Need to buy the charger for HP Envy 13-2001TU Ultrabook spectrum XT

    I need to buy an extra charger for my HP Envy 13-2001TU Ultrabook spectrum XT. There are a few options at my disposal in my city. I was not able to get the original until now.

    I have 2 questions:

    1 would be HP KG298AA, ED494AA Chargers work with my spectrum XT envy?

    2. What are the criteria for the purchase of chargers for my spectrum XT want? As the small connector, 65W?


    You can go through the HP AC adapter Finder. Please find the link given below:

    HP AC adapter Finder

    And it is a 65w AC adapter



  • CAUTION: Do not use generic wall charger for Verizon with DROID *.

    The generic wall charger that verizon sells for the DROID will be electrically interference and make your phone panic.  I had it happen with 2 different cables in front of the verizon rep.

    This could be the problem that meet other people.

  • What should I know about buying a charger for my iPhone 5? Thank you!

    I'm going on vacation, so I want to have a portable battery bank. I found several choices for a charger for my iPhone 5. The tension by urban Beatz with 2200 mAh, iHome with 2200 mAh and Samsonite with 4400 mAh. One of them would be too powerful? Thank you!

    voltage is measured in volts anything higher then 5 volts which is volt usb std will damage the devices

    mAh is mili ampere hour

    Ampere is up-to-date and is not pushed but drawn it may be M (EGA) has (mpere) Y (ears) and it will be too powerful because a device

    which draw 1 milliamps will do even if the thing to which it is connected can provide a level of Giga

  • where to buy the charger for Samsung model no. SGPT1211?

    I would really like to get sony xperia charger...

    pls. Help me to find where to buy it.

    Thank you


    You can buy one at the service of the Sony parts @ 800-488-7669.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution.

  • Battery not charging after buying new charger for Qosmio X 300

    Hi all

    My problem started when my computer charger laptop toshiba qosmio x 300-130 has made a strange noise stoped working. laptop computer stayed on and worked perfectly that the battery was full.

    I cloused pc and opened again the next day to check my mails and then cloused again.
    the charger is absent, so I ordered a new charger of the company that support computers laptop toshiba in Greece.

    After 5 days I received the new charger respective offices. running at home and pluged, but something was wrong. the battery is not charging! Windows gives me the message that battery exists but does not charge!

    The battery light lighting of the computer when I put the power but after a few seconds will begin to Flash and then it turns off.

    Also when I work with battery on this pc it start making the noice that the battery is low and then it goes off even that he is running with the charger.

    I returned to the company and they couse tald me that the charger is fine and that the battery just died, that it was his time to die! can someone help me?

    > I went back to the company and they couse tald me that the charger is fine and that the battery just died, that it was his time to die!

    Well, you can use the laptop without the battery, but only with the power adapter?
    If so, the adapter is OK and completely compatible.

    The AC adapter should support the 19V and 9, 5A
    The value of the ampere (A) could be a little different. It is important, but the Volt (V) value should be the same 19V

    In your case, the battery may be defective or there is a problem of electronic power supply on the motherboard.
    But I think that the battery needs to be checked first

  • Wall charger for e270


    But NEVER use for Ipod that does not use the Sansa cord.

    The connectors will be fit, but ipood stuff will fry the Sansa. (and vice versa).

    In this case ANY good USB power works perfectly w / your cord.

  • Omni 10 Tablet: AC charger for omni 10 Tablet have can buy a

    Hi all

    Anyone know where to buy a charger for 10 to an Omni 10 Tablet x 64 window.

    I live in Perth Western australia.

    Hi there @justlewis,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand you are looking for assistance with the purchase of a replacement charger for your Tablet 10 Omni. I'm happy to help you with this.

    HP Pro Tablet 610 HP Omni10 Maintenance and Service of Guide, here is a list of the different power adapters and the numbers for different countries and models of Tablet.

    Sector 18 W adapter:
    To be used on the models of Tablet HP Pro Tablet 610 in Australia 741855-002
    For use on all models of tablet in Europe and Korea South 741855-009
    To be used on the models of Tablet HP Pro Tablet 610 in India 741855-005
    For use on all models of tablet in 741855-008 North America
    For use on all models of tablet in the United Kingdom 741855-003

    You can try the HP parts store, just make sure that you are in the country / the correct region. You can do so by clicking on the little flag at the top right of the page next to the sign in link.  Or you can try to contact support, using the following and create a case for your question and contact HP. If you do not live in the United States / Canada, please click on the link below to get contact information for your region.

    Please let me know how it works for you and if it does not solve your problem, please mark this message as a solution. Bravo would be appreciated as well.

  • Need charger for my Satellite L500-1TE

    I want to buy a charger for my toshiba laptop.

    19 VDC and 3.4 a.

    What is the size of correct connector for this laptop?

    To be honest I don't understand your question. You have an old AC adapter or you bought the laptop used without AC adapter?
    If you have an old but original please order the same thing with the same part number.
    Compatible 19V DC 3. 42 a. PA3396E-1ACA, PA3396E-1ACA part number

    Check it out.

  • Wall charger lost

    I lost my wall charger for my Palm Z22, but I have the usb cable so I can charge it by plugging it into the usb port on my computer.

    I have a Belkin charger I bought to load our Ipods.   It has a usb port to plug the Ipod usb sync cable supplied with the Ipod.  It would be safe to use to load my Palm Z22 when a computer is not available for me to load?  It recharges on the computer or the Belkin charger will cause problems with the battery life?  Another words is charger Palm the best medium to load the Z22 or y at - it of these correct?

    You can use the USB for the Z22 loader. USB specifications are universal and could use any USB port for charging.

    If you want to replace the AC power charger, do a Google search for the power supply. There are many different sites that carry Palm accessories.

    For reference purposes, click the following link to the support page for your device on the Web page.

    There are links on the page the user Troubleshooting Guide, how to, downloads, etc.

  • I was charged for an application that was not mean to buy how I get my money back?

    I was charged for an application that was not mean to buy how I get my money back?

    Purchases are considered final, but you can try the page 'report a problem' to contact iTunes Support and see if they will refund or credit you:

    Or you can try to contact iTunes Support via: or

  • Need to buy 19V 4. 7 a charger for the Satellite L300D

    I would be delighted if someone could help me.

    My charger for my toshiba satellite L300D broke recently I bought a 19V 4. 74 a charger and it blow my battery even though I was told it was only a little more powerful and would not effect the laptop!

    I have searched a 19v 4. 7A charger but can not find on the internet or anything!
    Can someone please help me if I can't find one I'll have to buy a new laptop.


    I suppose you might find at the bottom of the old power adapter part number.
    The easiest procedure would search internet this partnumber to find an online retailer.

    As the last option, you can order the part of Toshiba ASP in your country.
    Guys can always provide the laptop parts compatible.

    Good luck

  • I was charged for something I did not buy what can that do?

    Cosmo app body charged for a subscription that I did not buy. Help!

    Follow the instructions in this article to support: report a problem with an item purchased on the iTunes Store or App Store, Mac App Store and iBooks Store - Apple supported

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