By default the password field BEFSR41v3

Has been changing some settings on the same page as the password change option and settings, also save all that was default in the saved password field.
I have absolutely no idea what the password is now, and there's only one way to know without the router.

For those who have, or a similar model, can you please go to the change password page and do a right-click, view source and find the line that says something like:
input type = "password" name ='password (possibly) "value ='* I NEED TO FIND OUT *'"

Whatever it is, it has not been set by Firefox. I checked through all my Firefox saved - passwords no reference to Be terribly awesome if you could get this password for me... soon... = /.

You really A.S.A.P.

Also, I think that the model of router is correct. Its something like that anyway.

Thank you very much.


Same thing happened to me when I enabled UPnP in May. I had no idea that I had to type the password TWICE after making this change. Nasty bug that Linksy never solved. So, I could not come back in the interface, a week or two later. He said that I had the wrong password. I was quite perplexed because I knew I had the right password. I discovered the bad news in the Linksy dslreports forum. Many users Linksy got rid of the BEFSR41 because of this bug, and I have to buy another router Linksy either. All these months I was not able access the interface of the router.

I tried the password "admin". Did not work. I tried a number of other channels who worked for some to the dslr forum Linksy, but none worked for me. The only solution is a factory reset. I don't want to do this because I have to use the beta firmware because Linksy has so neglected in never update the official firmware for many years. I can't use Ping Plotter Pro on the official firmware because it is too old and Ping Plotter will not work using the TCP and WinPcap engine. Thus, the default factory reset, then I have to Flash the firmware of the beta again means. I had to look too... like I have a new hard drive and all got transferred.

So, I still don't have the reset as I did have to enter the interface. But that's because as Linksy never corrected that and I had no way of knowing that I had to type the password (twice!) after you have enabled UPnP that I buy Linksy again. I called Linksy support to ensure that the only solution is a factory reset and I was told that the router is no longer supported and Linksy would collect $50 from answering me my question. Gee... Why would I do? I can buy a new router for that! I was not unhappy with this router except how badly he manages DHCP and the fact that Linksy does not solve the problem of password or never gave us a more recent than the official firmware of 2004 and will not be replied to my question unless I have pay $50.

Try this. He did not work for me but has worked for some. d6nw5vlx2pc7st9m, 18616506? Hilite =

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    Thank you!


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    See you soon,.


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    Try to send an email with the account disabled.  A prompt should appear informing that the password is incorrect, and asking you to enter the right pair.  It is a rather messy workaround solution, but it worked for me.  See you soon.

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    Thank you

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    Thank you

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    Thank you.
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    Thank you

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    Thank you


    Try this:

    Basically, you press ctrl-alt-delete twice when you get the login screen. I hope that the administrator password has not really been defined, so you can just press ok or enter.

    This is what I found on two used PXI systems that I bought at auction.

    Because it's so simple, I highly recommend setting an admin password as soon as you can.


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    You cannot be used if the field is gone, but are you be sure that the field has disappeared? If Yes, try to send an email and see if you are prompted to enter the new password. When something similar happened to me, the password field popped up right in the mail application when I tried to send the e-mail.

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    Thanks in advance.

    I had the same problem. The solution for me was quite simple: try to resize the small window a bit bigger and your password field appears

  • After Windows Update, the user cannot access password field on the login in Windows 7 screen

    Windows 7 Home 64 bit, our machine is set with two users - two passwords.  As a result of the automatic application of some updates (a number have been applied at the same time we were absent), a user can no more connection time because:

    -the password field is hidden

    -System attempst to check with a blankc password and return an error of incorrect user or password.

    For some reason that I can't (even if logged on as administraor) remove or change the users password.

    It seems that your security database is damaged. Here are some options you can try:

    • Create new accounts. You can do this through steps 1-5 as before, then by typing these commands:
      NET user "On" xxyyzz / add
      net localgroup administrators "On" / add
    • Perform a restore of the system to a point while the problem appeared.
    • Back up your data, and then reload Windows to a freshly formatted drive.
  • Selection of the language makes the required password field


    I use jDeveloper 12.1.2

    I have a login page with name, password selection and the language of the user (component SelectOneChoice - soc1). I have a value change listener in the field of languages selectonechoice which will set the locale to the newly selected language. I put partial triggers on the name field and the password of the user for soc1. It comes to make the labels the user name and password appear in the selected language. This makes the password field if necessary even if there is value in the field. I also noticed that this occurs only when the language is other than English.

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    / >

    "< af:inputText label =" #{loginBean.passwordLabel} "id ="it2"value =" #{loginBean.password} "required ="true ".

    secret = "true" showRequired = "true" autoComplete = "off" partialTriggers = "soc1.

    / >

    < af:selectOneChoice label = 'language '.

    "value =" #{loginBean.Language} "id ="soc1"binding =" #{loginBean.soc1} "autoSubmit = 'true '.

    valueChangeListener = "#{loginBean.localeChangeListener} '"


    < af:selectItem label = 'English' value = "" id = "si1" binding = "#{loginBean.si1}" / >

    < af:selectItem label = 'French' value = 'fr' id = "si2" binding = "#{loginBean.si2}" / >

    < / af:selectOneChoice >

    The value change listener code is-

    Private Sub changeLocale (language: String) {}

    This.setLanguage (Language);

    Locale newLocale = new local (language);

    FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance ();

    context.getViewRoot () .setLocale (newLocale);


    {} public void localeChangeListener (ValueChangeEvent vce)

    changeLocale (vce.getNewValue m:System.NET.SocketAddress.ToString (()))


    I have the tag f: view with the locale defined as local = "#{loginBean.locale}". "

    Whenever I change the language other than English, the password field is back with the error required, even if there is value in the field. He can't if I choose the language than English. can anyone shed light on what I'm doing wrong here.

    Thank you



    I think you are missing immediate = "true" in the selectOneChoice.

    If this does not work, check this post; ADF and JHeadstart: skip validation on selectOneChoice selection

    Kind regards


  • password not received during the distribution field

    Hello world

    I created an evaluation form that has a password field (a field where the evaluator can enter a password without appearing on the screen). However, when I distribute the form (via my own server) information entered in the password field are collected in the _responses.pdf file. I need to be able to see what password has been entered to ensure that the evaluator is indeed one that has filled the form. (they will use public workstations, digitalID seems too much hassle for the evaluators).

    research online I found that there is a parameter "bExcludePasswd" if it is true in the custom of passwords get collected. I have no idea how where this parameter, and false.

    Is that what happens? Someone knows how to set this parameter to false? Does anyone have a better/more elegant solution?

    Thank you very much


    I didn't read your original post quite closely. When a distributed form is submitted, it is saved, and this causes password fields to be converted. The validation script then causes the hidden field to plow. If you can change the following validation script to avoid this:

    Copy the password to the hidden field, if it is not empty

    If {(event.value)

    getField("password2").value = event.value;


    Anyone who manages to get their hands on one of these forms filled in will be able to access the password in the field, so it cannot be considered secure, but it may be good enough for your application. Do not forget to reset the form using Acrobat before you go through the process to distribute the form, but it should invite you to do so.

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    Solution1: Toshiba recovery disks help reset lost password

    It only works if we have created the CD or recovery discs before that we have forgotten the password. The next appearing is the steps to reset the Toshiba Windows 7 recovery disk:
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    b. start-> Control Panel-> user accounts and of the safety of the family->-> create a user accounts password reset disk.
    c. in the Welcome screen click Next and select the inserted USB, click Next.
    d. Enter the password in the password field and click Next. When the progress indicator displays 100% complete, click Finish to exit. Remove the driver USB of PC.
    The method is similar to create a Toshiba restore CD. Now the password of Toshiba Windows 7 recovery disk is ok. Put it in a safe place for people can use to reset your password.
    Steps to recover the password with the created password reset disk Toshiba:
    e. click on reset password in Windows 7 logon window.
    f. Insert the USB Toshiba Recovery disk created in the USB driver interface, and then click Reset password' to open the password reset Wizard. Click next to continue.
    g. Choose this Toshiba USB drive recovery in the drop-down list. Click next to continue.
    h. enter a new password and re-enter a second time to confirm. Click next and finish to close the wizard.

    Option2: Reset Toshiba laptop for accounts with administrator rights

    If there is default or built-in Administrator account or other accounts with rights and administrator privileges, we can use it to Toshiba bypass password. Take example of Toshiba XP Recovery:
    System A. Boot mode safe mode by pressing F8 when PC stars.
    B. PC access by the available account with administrator rights and of privileges.
    C. start - users and groups lusrmgr.msc in the search ENTRY - local users and groups - box choose users.
    D. make a right-click the account with password unlocked, select set the password and enter and confirm the new password.

    Solution3: Toshiba Reset password with the ISO image file burn

    We can burn .iso on a bootable USB stick or a CD/DVD disc image file and reset the forgotten password quickly and easily. Take one of the most popular tool to reset the Windows Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery password as an example:
    a. download the program from an accessible PC;
    b. burn the file .iso on a blank CD/DVD or USB drive.
    c. work around the lost password of Toshiba with the CD/DVD on the PC locked.

    Things will be difficult if we know the methods of Toshiba pass reset once we forgot password for Toshiba laptop! Be sure to share them with your friends!

    Thanks for sharing this, but we always talk about password of Toshiba, it won't and I think this might be a bit confusing, it is of a workaround for the windows user account password.

    As much as I know there is no password defined by Toshiba.

    The user can define the user account password in windows if necessary so that this workaround solution describes how to remove a user account Windows password that is common to all computers with the preinstalled Windows operating system.

    However, thanks for posting ;)

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    Hi all

    I can't copy and paste text from Notepad into the password field to the UAC prompt when we try to run or install any application by using the run as option administrator, on some machines in the domain. The strange thing is that the other machines in the domain do not have this problem. I checked the setting of the UAC on both machines and they are the same. I also made sure that GPO settings under "computer configuration > windows settings > security settings > local policies > options' security are the same."

    Pourrait - what it has to do anything with MIC (message integrity check) and UIPI (user interface privilege isolation)?

    I am trying to solve this with procmon and procexp but totally lost.

    In the hope of a response.

    Kind regards


    Are all computers, the good & the bad guys, the correctly entered the Secure Desktop mode i.e. are their wallpaper gradation & obfuscation and nothing else than the Office secure allowing ['IU of altitude ','Credential UI '] to interact with [i.e., all computers, the UAC settings are to another always notify or default levels]?

Maybe you are looking for

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